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Uuuuuuh, hey! How's it going?

Nothing much around here. It's freaking cold. My laptop overheats. I bought a second-hand iPod Touch to use iOS-only apps. I keep importing new Okami merchandising because I have a fucking collection. I continued with my German course. I'm also going to Madrid for a few days, in two weeks! Things I should be doing more of? Working on my final college project. Oops. Playing the games/apps I keep buying on Humble Bundle. Reading more stuff, watching more stuff. Obviously updating DW/LJ.

Okay, so, what should I talk about...

Playing )

Reading paragraphs )

Watching )

Reading panels )

I think that's about all I'm up to. Yeah.
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Excuse the Spanish for a sec. Quería decir hola a la gente del friending meme de [livejournal.com profile] masquefandom, hola! Me llamo Christel pero también pueden llamarme Kiri, espero que nos llevemos bien.

I'm trying to be more productive this year, with miscellaneous results. I can't say it's working but at least I'm routing myself towards it? I don't even know.

α. I started rereading Lord of the Rings today. I'm getting ready to skip the forest descriptions. I've only read every book and watched every movie like once, so my mini-failgoal this year is going through them in both mediums. I dunno, Tumblr has been reblogging a lot of Tolkien stuff and I feel like doing it.

β. I finished the original novel of Seirei no Moribito. It's not bad at all, but I actually like the anime's pacing and changes better. The race/culture meta in it was interesting, though. I have the second book which wasn't adapted, let's see if with unknown material I can have wiser expectations.

γ. It's not like Pokémon X/Y isn't shiny, but I haven't played Black/White 2 yet so my body is not ready. In a "lol okay" sort of way instead of excitement, I mean.

δ. I came around to play the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss. I haven't touched the damn console since I got Kid Icarus and sucked enormously at it. And I'm in the mood for RPG yet not for a new game, so it's cool.
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soy sauce

Happy belated new year? Welp, there are still 360 days left counting today, so it's not like I'm too late. LJ wouldn't open to me on the 31st and 1st, and I didn't want to post without a crosspost.

Two things, then. I've seen people still doing yearly scrapbooks and lists to keep track of what they'll check on 2013. I always do that kind of post and I forget to edit them later, and then at end of year memes I'm like WAIT WHAT BUT I WATCHED MORE SHIT so I'll do a new approach this year. I'm keeping track of progress on shows and books and stuff with cloud apps. And since it's easier to make it look pretty there, I'm making a log of finished stuff in a sideblog :D

The other one is the yeeeeeeear in reviewwwwwww meeeeeeeeme.

It's full of pain )

What am I looking forward to for 2013? Fuck if I know. There's Marvel stuff I'm interested in (and fearing it, in Young Avengers' case). Maybe I'll finish a video game or get a console; I think my brother is eying the Vita and P4G. There's a lot of stuff to catch up in my HDD and DVD collection too. So I have more to bite that I can chew, so it's just a matter of what and when to jump into. I need new fandoms urgently because I miss having an OTP.
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holiday love meme 2012
my thread here

I did take a screencap at 12:12, but I liked my 11/11/11 geekery better. I was out this morning so this was my best attempt.

Brrrr. it's getting so fucking cold. Speaking of which, I watched Rise of the Guardians and I wasn't expecting a deep plot so I enjoyed it a fucking lot. Too bad the books are expensive here and I can't find illegal copies, since they look pretty cool.

And so this doesn't look too empty and depressing, I'll take the chance to make a list of stuff I want/need to buy this holiday season or next year.

Falalalalalalalala )

I also should go to my uncle's place to get my LOTR books (I remember shit from The Hobbit) and my manga. I really wanted to reread/rewatch the Matantei Loki series... Incidentally, it's weird that my reaction to what's happening at the sequel is all "but I wanted the adult Loki for a but longer!!1" when in Marvel is the total opposite. The status quo in both fandoms with kid Lokis is always against what I want, LOL. Meanwhile, I'm rewatching Princess Tutu for a third time and I'll probably read the original short story of The Nutcracker around Christmas time. I planned that last year and then I forgot, so I have it ready.


Nov. 30th, 2012 06:34 pm
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It's been a while... ahem.

I think I've been more active in Plurk and Tumblr than here in the journals out of laziness. Plus, this month was a total festival of spammers in almost every post in every LJ community I've ever made, so that really threw me off.

I'll try to be more active. However, I'm going to try to think of the DW mirror as the main one from now on. Because of how gross LJ is (and will be) right now, I'll still crosspost and read my flist because of the comms and few people who aren't on DW; other than that, it's really hard for me to keep thinking about Livejournal as something serious anymore.

Anyway, I'm also:
taotrooper @ Plurk (there are a lot of Spanish posts because most of my friends there are my RP buddies.)
taotrooper @ Tumblr. That's the main one. I also have two fandom-centric blogs:
→→ celestialbrush (Okami)
→→ journey-into-mystery (Thor comics but mostly -obviously- Journey into Mystery)

I got really into the JiM fandom this year, which hangs out mostly at Tumblr. Hell, even the writer got really into the Tumblr JiM fandom and makes our lives miserable out of the pages. It's curious that there are fandoms now where the main thing is happening over there, while there's little to no presence on LJ/DW or AO3/FFnet/dA/Pixiv. Ghost Trick fandom was also like that, a lot of anime series and games and cartoons too. It seems, for obscure stories or little fandoms/subfandoms, it's just easier to hang around the tags and find coherent people there. Meanwhile, the huge fandoms are usually stupider on Tumblr. Just to keep in-topic, the comic!Loki fans (in either reincarnation, although I mostly chilled with the Kid Loki peeps) are most times much cooler than the majority of Hiddleston!Loki fanbrats on Tumblr (which tend to be noisy and sometimes cray-cray.) And you can say that about most fandoms that are big on Tumblr. And then there's the Percy Jackson fandom who isn't that huge but it's just mostly repulsive. So yeah... I think Tumblr fandoms works better, weirdly, with little stuff. I wish this wasn't the case because it's almost impossible to befriend and talk to these people normally in that site.

Anyway, some short reviews of stuff I've read and watched this Autumn.

Journey into Mystery, Doctor Who, The Mark of Athena, Wreck-it Ralph, Brave )
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Let's see, what did I have to tell? Not much, except for uncomfortable family stuff I don't really feel like mentioning. I've been just roleplaying on our cozy panfandom game in my free time, mostly, and involving our growing Marvel (I accidentally typed CLAMP, LOL subconscious) Cinematic Universe cast, with some 616 folks around.

Yesterday was the comic book fair in my city. This was the loot:
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #17-18
→ Saint Young Men #2
→ Siegfrid #1-2
→ a Doctor Who mug

Other stuff I bought this past month:
→ Journey into Mystery (Spanish trade #1)
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #15-16

Welp, time to start suffering over Everything Burns, the crossover mini-event that ends Journey into Mystery (or at least Gillen's run) and The Mighty Thor. I was reading Isaac's interview about Thor: God of Thunder and I felt so underwhelmed. It's not like it's bad, but he's putting aside everything I like about modern Thor series (supporting cast, Asgard as almost her own character, interactions of Asgardians with humans, etc.) So IDK, I should take this as a sign to maaaaybe read Simonson stuff and leave current Thor alone for the rest of this year after EB ends.

By The way, [livejournal.com profile] etrangere (can't remember your DW username right now), I have to eat my own hat because I read The Incredible Hercules and I really, really enjoyed it!

Oh, and I also found Gravity Falls so adorable and fun! It's like a mix of Eerie, Indiana with Courage the Cowardly Dog.
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So I was thinking about a post regarding a couple of Epic Mythology Romances~ where the man really pisses me off, but then I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] lepluvium and got a better idea.

Let's go Japanese today, and we're particularly going to talk about youkai. Yup, the folklore monsters on crack!

They did the monster mash! )
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Some series have ended! So let's do this.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Everyone and their mom has already ranted about LoK, so I'll try to make it quick. I did enjoy some episodes, mostly the early ones. It had a really interesting setting and premise, including the contrast of Korra (or more like the idea of her) compared to Aang. But as a whole, it's been underwhelming. Most of the characters I started loving at the beginning aren't the same I still liked in the end, either struck by lack of screentime (Bolin) or just being written in a way that wasn't to me so good (Korra herself). Meanwhile, others I didn't give too much thought at first called my attention more and I was rooting for them (like Lin and Asami). The pacing was awful, Korra's character development kept backtracking, and all the important issues are either ignored or left for next season. So I don't know, I have mixed feelings about this and most aren't too positive. But I don't want to dwell much on this, as I don't know how much the essays I've read from other people have influenced my thoughts.

At this point, I'm mostly reblogging Amon jokes and photosets of cool adult characters.


Also known as the series that made me scream "THAT WAS SO DIRTY!" almost every weekend. I kept myself unspoiled, and yet I could call the winning team like a month ago, by just logic and knowing whose wishes couldn't be granted or the sequel(s) can't exist. That result killed some of my enthusiasm (I hate those two), and as a lot of my favorites died it got worse. I think I was just watching the ending for closure as I wasn't really looking forward to more awfulness. But I knew this would happen from the beginning, with a Battle Royale With Cheese canon with powerful magnificent bastards. I celebrate your evil genius, UFOTABLE, and Gen Urobuchi's writing of feels, but I'm still too raw and uncomfortable to remember it fondly.

Despite this, it was a pretty good series. And some of the remaining characters were left with some comfort and consolation, so it's not as horrible as I say it is.


Dude. DUDE. This was so fucking cute! And let me tell you how strange it is when I tried to decide what character was my favorite and I couldn't. All the four main boys were so nice and had this growth, and I absolutely liked them all! I can't believe that this one was better written than Korra, but it was! An anime whose premise was FISHING WITH ALIENS LOL. Maybe the ending was too sweet, but after last Saturday I really needed one of those. The only thing that would've made it perfect would be if the female cast had a more prominent role. Grandma Kate was terrific, but Coco was just there and I'm not even sure she had much of a personality. Such a shame, because she was in a position where she could be active in the plot, unlike the other background ladies. Even "JFX" was more rounded than her, and he only talked like twice and we don't even get to know his motivations. Tiny spoiler )

I still liked everyone and everything a lot!
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In the end, I'm too much of a coward to post any of this on Tumblr. The Hiddleston fangirls would eat me alive! Plus it's awful etiquette to tag stuff that is not entirely positive/fannish.

So here we go.

About movie Loki, assume there are spoilers of Thor and The Avengers )

Hey, hey

Jun. 3rd, 2012 02:46 pm
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First of all, saying hi to people from [community profile] fandomsecrets! I hope you don't get bored. I tend to forget to check my DW flist, but I'll try my best to fix that.

α About the 100 post challenge and Marvelesque feels

I was gonna do a follow-up of last time's graphic by explaining myth!Thor, but it might be too advanced for my chronic laziness. It always happens when my Marvel/Marvel!movies feels get in the way. Maybe I should pour that shit on Tumblr and spam any Loki tag like the HiddLoki fanbrats spam the ones I follow.

Speaking of which, I watched the Captain America film and enjoyed it. I also rewatched Thor. Couldn't find the Iron Man ones on my stepdad's drives.

Anyway, will try to post something else soon.

β Welcome to the 21st century, idiot

We got ourselves a cheap tablet (when I say cheap, I mean "bought with newspaper coupons and will likely break and become paperweight soon" cheap) about a month ago. I could upgrade it to Android 4.0.ish when the maker released the update. So yeah, now I'm familiar with Ice Cream Sandwich! :D

I also bought a new cellphone, it's a white Samsung Galaxy Ace which is pretty much an iPhone cosplay. But it's neat to have a smartphone anyway, as the tablet is family's and I can't really customize it that much. This one is on Gingerbread IIRC. But for extensive reading and multimedia, yeah, let's go with Mrs. Tablet. I need a nickname for the phone...

γ Conventions and local nerds

Last weekend, there was an anime con in our city, probably the last one this year. My brothers went as Gintoki and Kondo from Gintama. It wasn't as fun and well organized as last year's, but there was a really kickass Star Wars area with adult people cosplaying stormtroopers and jedis and other stuff (it's an association from Santiago de Compostela). Same overload of Shounen Jump fandoms as usual, when it comes to merchandising, but I saw some elusive fandoms. Let me tell you how surreal it is to see plushies of Kyuubey next to Kero-chan! There were also these huge Nyanko-sensei plushies but I didn't even ask the price as they were likely not cheap.

Here is the booty:
→ Strap for said phone (turtle plushie ;A;)
→ Mandatory geeky pins (Doctor Who logo, Finn from Adventure Time, comic!Thor)
→ Manga (all of Ribon no Kishi, Saint Young Men #1)
→ T-shirt of Okami
→ Baseball cap of Pokémon
→ Plushie of Dragonite! ;3;
→ All of Twelve Kingdoms anime on DVD. It was really cheap.
→ Also won a poster of the golden saints from Saint Seiya drawn chibi in a lottery (...lol)

So yeah, this was my past two weeks.
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Oh man, my paid LJ account is expiring soon!

Also, I promise I'll reply to your comments in other posts soon. I've been really lazy...

Not a lot to say, besides that I watched The Avengers the other day and had a blast! I'm not sure if I'll make a post about it, but it's really hard to move on with this movie because Tumblr won't shut up about it. And I don't even follow Avengers-centric blogs! This fandom is eating everything up, even the mythology tag. Which brings us to today's post, kinda.

Because I realized that if I start talking about Norse myths now, people who have no idea but watched Avengers and/or Thor will be confused as fuck. So I'm not going to make a long list of differences between mythology and Marvel movies, as you can google it if you want. But I'm bringing a graphic of relationship differences that will be useful.

Not exactly family trees; you can google for those too )
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Okay, okay, I swear that this time I'll make a post about something nicer. Here is a story that has a happy ending or at least it's happy if you're not the random old guy who saw it all. This is one of my favorite myths because the main character not only is a trickster, he actually gets away with it without a scratch and gets his life made because of his trolling. If you've read tales with more traditional tricksters (Loki, Coyote, Anansi, etc.) you'll be aware that it's a rare occurrence. Even Bugs Bunny loses sometimes. This awesome dude only loses when he lets you win.

This is the only story where Hermes of the Greco-Roman pantheon gets the leading role. They probably were too scared to let him be main character again when he got older, so from now on he's only the best support character. But that's a topic for another day, how Hermes is such a strange trickster. For now, let's go on with the story.

Turnabout Cattle )
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Actual mythology post later today. I just have a lot of feels that Tumblr and Plurk aren't good for.

Here's the thing. The only ongoing American comics I'm following right -thanks to DC- now are the Marvel Thorverse. I know, I know. I had this on-and-off fling with the current continuity that has nothing to do with the movieverse and more with me considering Asgard(ia) a character of her own. Plus mythology bitchery, you know how I am. The interesting thing about the Thor comics is them tending to be more fantasy action than superhero action most of the times, in later decades having more inner supernatural baddies and cosmic menaces than rich men with a lot of power -except when Doctor Doom comes to troll.

I started with the JMS run, and I'm still reading the two ongoing series (Journey Into Mystery is my favorite thing ever, adorbs baby trickster ♥) So I slowly want to read the old stuff, and I wanted to start from the very Silver Age beginning. It was... very different, a little hard to swallow too, and the original myth butchery by Stan Lee was very painful. So after a few issues (as in comic issues, not mental issues), I decided to jump into the Walterson run because it's universally accepted as the best. But then suddenly Balder had just recovered from ded and was white-haired, and I hadn't seen Sif becoming an actual character; I wanted more context here, so I guess I'll be back to it afterwards. So I haven't taken Simonson yet.

BUT I'M MISSING THE POINT WITH BACKSTORY HERE. Since the modern Thor comics mention the last Ragnarok a lot, I decided to read the Thor: Disassembled/Ragnarok arc to understand exactly how it happened.


I mean. I know it is Ragnarok, and I knew that rocks fell and everyone died, and I knew it was really tragic. I just didn't expect it to be written by Nanase Ohkawa!! I don't know how to feel! Because the thing was well-written but it was so frustrating and CLAMPish it felt like a kick on the stomach.

Hnnnnnngggggg. When I said that Marvel is the CLAMP of superhero fandoms, I didn't mean it so literally :(((((( TWO LOST EYEBALLS.
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Nope, I haven't forgotten! I've just been sick lately and I wasn't feeling geeky enough to do it. I was going to make more graphics too, but in the end I thought it was too bleagh of an idea. So anyway, here's the disgusting conclusion to the Norse creation myth.

Warnings: bit of gore again, dwarf bashing, lack of cheerful LEGO

More Ymir products and the Nine Worlds )

So anyway, welcome to anyone who came here to read this posts. I hope you enjoy them or learn something from this mess :D
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Don't get scared, I'll try not to only make that kind of posts!

So. I tried anime of genres I usually don't care for. Except zombies. Fuck overrated rotting zombies, especially with moe bishoujo plots.

Jormungand (1 episode)
Come on, with that title! So this is about a gun dealer lady who has a little army of bodyguards, and how she avoids getting killed off. The other main character is a former child-soldier boy from Africa (except he looks 100% like a Ishvalan from Fullmetal Alchemist...) who hates guns, just hired by said dealer. I'm not really into pew-pew-pew kind of mafia-like stories, but Coco -the dealer- is kinda delightful (half badass, half dork) so I'll try to give one or two more episodes a go. Even if it's just to add more cool females in my watch list like a boss.

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (2 episodes)
I've watched loose Lupin III episodes of a couple of series, and I like the fun cheese it is. So a prequel series about the only recurrent female character, having sexy thief adventures, should be fun, right? Yeaaaaah, I didn't took into count that she's the femme fatale type, and they play it a little heavier than I expected. I was hoping for a more empowering kind of seduction, but it all comes off a bit skeevy male gaze as she's half naked a la sexism is over!1! for most screentime. A real pity. Also, the entirety of the opening is so NSFW it's pretty much soft porn, so don't watch this anime on the bus or near anyone else.

Sakamichi no Apollon (1 episode)
This season's cool josei with the cool music. I liked the three characters and all (yes, including the sweet class rep, who gets ignored because girly bits), but I can never get into this particular kind of series and... I really should get into it because everyone loves it, but if I couldn't get attached to others in the genre (Nodame, Honey and Clover, etc) I doubt this one will do the trick. It is very cute, though. I'd also feel out of place because instead of seeing Teh Gay, I just see a goddamn threesome. Megane is clearly "doki doki" at both Class Rep and Jazzy Thug, and viceversa. And mind you, I normally don't get OT3, but this time... just share the pretty prissy transfer student, kids.

Uchuu Kyoudai (2 episodes)
Two brothers saw an UFO once and decided to become astronauts when they grew up. While the little brother makes it and is about to be on the moon, the big brother was fired from his successful job designing cars for punching his boss. Then Hirota reminds Muuta of their promise, so now big bro is studying to become an astronaut too. This one should be really boring and yet, I suddenly had the need to know if Muuta will pass his exams. I think it's because he's a well written character and it's easy to root for him. So far I'm following it although I'm still baffled.

Tsuritama (1 episode)
I watched on a whim because I couldn't make tails of the summary (is it high school slice of life? is it sports shounen? is it sci-fi action?) And you know what, I still can't. I have no idea what's gonna be. But the intro! They gave me a random legend in cute quirky art and that's something I ADORE seeing in my video games. So I had to keep watching after that. And then they gave me a spazzy sparkly blond alien boy. Well shit, my weakness. Plus the art is looking nice in a slightly Mamoru Hosoda-movie kind of way. So yeah, I'm intrigued as fucked and enjoying the visuals and the characters so far, so this might be my favorite "watched randomly" one this season.
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Since you guys seemed more interested in learning Norse, we'll go focus on a bit of Norse too. So let's go with the beginning, literally the beginning. Creation myth!

Warnings and triggers: A bit of gore and gratuitous violence, sweaty armpits, and cows with a licking fetish.

The original Song of Ice and Fire )
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Okay, since this is pretty much dead and I miss having something to say, I'll emulate [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 and do this challenge.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

My theme will be 100 curious things about mythology because I'm a nerd.

Next post will be the start.
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Yeah, so I still haven't a clue of what shows I'll even try this season except for a couple that are a MUST. Which ones? You'll see below, although this is mostly a GIF review of things from last season (or a previous season, period).

- Oh right, Persona 4: The Animation ended... kinda.
- Polar bears, pandas, and penguins! Oh my!
- And a lot of baths were given that da-- I mean, century.
- My lesbian crush on King Arthur, in the middle of political magic duels.

I question my anime taste sometimes, but not today )
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SO, LEGEND OF KORRA! I'll get this one first so you can skip the spoilers and read the other nonsense if you want. You gotta deal with it )

In compulsive buying news, I have acquired Kid Icarus: Uprising. I've only played the first level a few times because I think my consoles give me the flu as soon as I touch them :[ I watched the anime clips and dude, they're really amping the Palutena-is-moe and it's not just SHAFT. So as annoying as the VAs are, I like her and Pit so far. They're big dorks. About the gameplay, it's confusing at first but maybe I'll get the hang of it. I'm feeling some anxiety over weapon fusion like I always have when I have to fuse shit up in games (I didn't dare to screw with Personas for half of my first P4 playthrough)

I don't really get why the OMG MUST GET THEM ALL around the AR cards. Is it a collector TCG thing or do they actually affect the game experience in a relevant way? Honest question here.

I also bought Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files which isn't that interesting besides the short stories. I already had html versions of them, but it's Festus' intro and I have a lot of feelings over a bronze mecha dragon. Shuddup.

I couldn't find the Moribito books in Spanish and I've been looking for them for months. In the end I bought them off Amazon.es. Last copy they had. Dammit, I'm in no economical shape to spend all this money.


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