Apr. 17th, 2012

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Don't get scared, I'll try not to only make that kind of posts!

So. I tried anime of genres I usually don't care for. Except zombies. Fuck overrated rotting zombies, especially with moe bishoujo plots.

Jormungand (1 episode)
Come on, with that title! So this is about a gun dealer lady who has a little army of bodyguards, and how she avoids getting killed off. The other main character is a former child-soldier boy from Africa (except he looks 100% like a Ishvalan from Fullmetal Alchemist...) who hates guns, just hired by said dealer. I'm not really into pew-pew-pew kind of mafia-like stories, but Coco -the dealer- is kinda delightful (half badass, half dork) so I'll try to give one or two more episodes a go. Even if it's just to add more cool females in my watch list like a boss.

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (2 episodes)
I've watched loose Lupin III episodes of a couple of series, and I like the fun cheese it is. So a prequel series about the only recurrent female character, having sexy thief adventures, should be fun, right? Yeaaaaah, I didn't took into count that she's the femme fatale type, and they play it a little heavier than I expected. I was hoping for a more empowering kind of seduction, but it all comes off a bit skeevy male gaze as she's half naked a la sexism is over!1! for most screentime. A real pity. Also, the entirety of the opening is so NSFW it's pretty much soft porn, so don't watch this anime on the bus or near anyone else.

Sakamichi no Apollon (1 episode)
This season's cool josei with the cool music. I liked the three characters and all (yes, including the sweet class rep, who gets ignored because girly bits), but I can never get into this particular kind of series and... I really should get into it because everyone loves it, but if I couldn't get attached to others in the genre (Nodame, Honey and Clover, etc) I doubt this one will do the trick. It is very cute, though. I'd also feel out of place because instead of seeing Teh Gay, I just see a goddamn threesome. Megane is clearly "doki doki" at both Class Rep and Jazzy Thug, and viceversa. And mind you, I normally don't get OT3, but this time... just share the pretty prissy transfer student, kids.

Uchuu Kyoudai (2 episodes)
Two brothers saw an UFO once and decided to become astronauts when they grew up. While the little brother makes it and is about to be on the moon, the big brother was fired from his successful job designing cars for punching his boss. Then Hirota reminds Muuta of their promise, so now big bro is studying to become an astronaut too. This one should be really boring and yet, I suddenly had the need to know if Muuta will pass his exams. I think it's because he's a well written character and it's easy to root for him. So far I'm following it although I'm still baffled.

Tsuritama (1 episode)
I watched on a whim because I couldn't make tails of the summary (is it high school slice of life? is it sports shounen? is it sci-fi action?) And you know what, I still can't. I have no idea what's gonna be. But the intro! They gave me a random legend in cute quirky art and that's something I ADORE seeing in my video games. So I had to keep watching after that. And then they gave me a spazzy sparkly blond alien boy. Well shit, my weakness. Plus the art is looking nice in a slightly Mamoru Hosoda-movie kind of way. So yeah, I'm intrigued as fucked and enjoying the visuals and the characters so far, so this might be my favorite "watched randomly" one this season.


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