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Rite, I need icons of these things

SO, LEGEND OF KORRA! I'll get this one first so you can skip the spoilers and read the other nonsense if you want.

The feeling is quite different to ATLA, but I'm digging it. Probably not in the same way than the first series, but the scenery porn and the characters and the gorgeous animation are all amazing. I like almost everyone so far.

I really like Korra. Even if she's Brash Action Grrl with an attitude, she has a lot of heart and even naivety. And it's interesting that her sheltered life and her own nature brought her a privileged mentality that's criticized by revolutionary characters. There's a lot of stupid whining about it (including people saying she sounds white, WTF there are more ways to be privileged than skin colors -especially in a Magical POC Land!-), but I liked that she was giving this character flaw. I'm looking forward to see how this will play out, if she will check her privilege, and if Amon has a more extreme approach than the street protesters. But enough about the unfunny business! She's fun, she's dorky sometimes, she's passionately stubborn... you know, in pure Water Tribe fashion.

Besides Korra, I can't decide who I like better, if Tenzin or Bolin. They're both awesome and an infinite supply of amazing faces. It's funny because in the rpevious show, my favorites were also a brash prodigy girl (Toph), a comedy lady's men bro (Sokka), and a mentor figure adult man (Iroh). But of course, they're also very different, I just mean the role. I understand why people want to see Zuko and Sokka reflected in the brothers, but after we met them I'm not seeing it at all. Sokka was goofier and more analytical, while Zuko had A Lot of Feelings and can't keep a poker face for five minutes. So all the fangirls going "OMG MAKO IS MY FAVORITE JUST LIKE ZUKO OMG I LOVE BROODING FIREBENDER HOTTIES" are really confusing me. The funnier part is how I see more of Toph (in spirit) in Korra than Katara, so I wonder if Zutarians who shipped Makorra before this episode will notice that. Hell, if someone has some of Katara's personality, that's Tenzin! But let's not bring his mother into this, LOL.

In compulsive buying news, I have acquired Kid Icarus: Uprising. I've only played the first level a few times because I think my consoles give me the flu as soon as I touch them :[ I watched the anime clips and dude, they're really amping the Palutena-is-moe and it's not just SHAFT. So as annoying as the VAs are, I like her and Pit so far. They're big dorks. About the gameplay, it's confusing at first but maybe I'll get the hang of it. I'm feeling some anxiety over weapon fusion like I always have when I have to fuse shit up in games (I didn't dare to screw with Personas for half of my first P4 playthrough)

I don't really get why the OMG MUST GET THEM ALL around the AR cards. Is it a collector TCG thing or do they actually affect the game experience in a relevant way? Honest question here.

I also bought Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files which isn't that interesting besides the short stories. I already had html versions of them, but it's Festus' intro and I have a lot of feelings over a bronze mecha dragon. Shuddup.

I couldn't find the Moribito books in Spanish and I've been looking for them for months. In the end I bought them off Amazon.es. Last copy they had. Dammit, I'm in no economical shape to spend all this money.

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