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100 things mythology [003/100]

Nope, I haven't forgotten! I've just been sick lately and I wasn't feeling geeky enough to do it. I was going to make more graphics too, but in the end I thought it was too bleagh of an idea. So anyway, here's the disgusting conclusion to the Norse creation myth.

Warnings: bit of gore again, dwarf bashing, lack of cheerful LEGO

So like I was telling you, Odin and his brodins killed the ice giant Ymir, and his blood caused an Universal Flood where only two frost giants survived. And Odin and company decided to create the world with the body parts of Ymir because... recycling? Here is a handy table.

I totally can't get over the dwarves :'( Haters gonna hate.

So yeah, that's how shit got done, literally under the corpses of their ancestors. So next time you're looking at the photo of a beautiful Scandinavian fjord and marvel at the breathtaking beauty of nature...

For instance.

...just try not to think what the vikings who sailed on those waters believed they were made of.

No wonder they have reputation of hardcore, but. MAN.

Iiiiiiiiiiiinstant moodkiller! :(

The sun, moon, and stars are made of embers from the fire land I told you before. And thankfully, humanity wasn't made of Ymir directly. The Norse Adam and Eve, Ask and Embla, were carved out of an ash and an elm Odin found on a beach.

So yeah, we're made of wood in this mythology.

Odin was with two other gods when he created us, but the sources aren't very clear on that. Some say it was his two brothers. Others say it was two obscure gods called Hoenir and Lodurr. Either way, they were our three godly godfathers who, like in The Sleeping Beauty, gave a gift to us. In the non-brothers version, it was:

Odin: soul
Hoenir: sense
Lodurr: heat/blood/color

In the brothers version, it was:

First: Breath of life
Second: Movement and Intelligence
Third: Shape, speech, hearing and sight

And they put them in a world they had made for them called Midgard (meaning middle yard, not eyebrows). Which brings us to the Worlds!

There are more than one world in this cosmos, all attached to the branches and roots of a bigass ash tree called Yggdrasil.

Wrong Yggdrasil! Unrelated flashbacks to Tales of Symphonia in 3, 2, 1...

Yeah, that's the one.

Here are the worlds:
  1. Asgard: The Penthouse of the worlds, belongs to Odin and his family. There are two kinds of gods in Norse myths, and here mostly the Aesir group lives (there are a few Vanir, but as a war exchange.) Also in this world we have Valhalla, the paradise for elite dead warriors.
  2. Vanaheim: Where the other group of gods, the Vanir, lives.
  3. Alfheim: Where the light elves live.
  4. Midgard: Home! It's flat, and surrounded by an ocean of water which has a huge snake around it. It's connected to Asgard by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.
  5. Jotunheim: Where the frost giants (Jotunn) live. Odin feels really generous for giving them lands, but then again his eldest son keeps going there to kick their asses. So yeah, IDK either.
  6. Svartalfheim: Where the dwarves live. In some places they say it's where dark elves live, so I guess that's another way to say dwarf. RACISTS.
  7. Muspellsheim: Remember it from last post? The world of fire! The king there is a dude called Surtur there who will burn the crap out of everything when during the apocalypse.
  8. Niflheim: Remember it from last post? The world of ice!
  9. Hel: The dull, cold underworld, ruled by the half-zombie lady of the same name. Unless you died in battle like a boss, prepare to go down here when you die.

Let's count them. It's nine worlds, ah, ah, ah!

Get used to that number if you're getting into Norse mythology. It pops up once in a while.

So anyway, welcome to anyone who came here to read this posts. I hope you enjoy them or learn something from this mess :D

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