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100 things mythology [005/100]

Oh man, my paid LJ account is expiring soon!

Also, I promise I'll reply to your comments in other posts soon. I've been really lazy...

Not a lot to say, besides that I watched The Avengers the other day and had a blast! I'm not sure if I'll make a post about it, but it's really hard to move on with this movie because Tumblr won't shut up about it. And I don't even follow Avengers-centric blogs! This fandom is eating everything up, even the mythology tag. Which brings us to today's post, kinda.

Because I realized that if I start talking about Norse myths now, people who have no idea but watched Avengers and/or Thor will be confused as fuck. So I'm not going to make a long list of differences between mythology and Marvel movies, as you can google it if you want. But I'm bringing a graphic of relationship differences that will be useful.

This is the real deal, guys. We'll be working with this in the next Norse-related posts.

Quick note:
→ Obviously myth!Odin has a lot of sons, but it's debatable which of them besides Balder are Frigga's too.

Please compare with what's been in the movies:

Quick note:
→ This is obviously more based in the comicverse (see mess below) than in the actual myths. I think that whining because Loki is now Odin's son and not his former BFF is a bit pointless, as the original source wasn't the mythology. Same with hair colors, people! Keep whining about Sif's black hair, but shrug for Thor's golden locks. Comic book designs!
→ Balder hasn't appeared in movieverse, so he's not in that particular diagram. However, he's major enough in comicverse to get shown in the others.

Aaaaaand to be even more pedant and nerdy, here's a more confusing diagram for the soap opera that are the Marvel comics (you can ignore if you like) in case you want the real movie inspiration.

I have geek notes for that too, like the confusion with Freya and Frigga in recent comics, or how I skipped Odin's generation (LOL recently retconned brother) and his other sons -as I also skipped in the myth diagram- for clarity. But that's just too nerdy to annoy you guys...