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Kiri ☂ ([personal profile] taotrooper) wrote2012-11-30 06:34 pm


It's been a while... ahem.

I think I've been more active in Plurk and Tumblr than here in the journals out of laziness. Plus, this month was a total festival of spammers in almost every post in every LJ community I've ever made, so that really threw me off.

I'll try to be more active. However, I'm going to try to think of the DW mirror as the main one from now on. Because of how gross LJ is (and will be) right now, I'll still crosspost and read my flist because of the comms and few people who aren't on DW; other than that, it's really hard for me to keep thinking about Livejournal as something serious anymore.

Anyway, I'm also:
taotrooper @ Plurk (there are a lot of Spanish posts because most of my friends there are my RP buddies.)
taotrooper @ Tumblr. That's the main one. I also have two fandom-centric blogs:
→→ celestialbrush (Okami)
→→ journey-into-mystery (Thor comics but mostly -obviously- Journey into Mystery)

I got really into the JiM fandom this year, which hangs out mostly at Tumblr. Hell, even the writer got really into the Tumblr JiM fandom and makes our lives miserable out of the pages. It's curious that there are fandoms now where the main thing is happening over there, while there's little to no presence on LJ/DW or AO3/FFnet/dA/Pixiv. Ghost Trick fandom was also like that, a lot of anime series and games and cartoons too. It seems, for obscure stories or little fandoms/subfandoms, it's just easier to hang around the tags and find coherent people there. Meanwhile, the huge fandoms are usually stupider on Tumblr. Just to keep in-topic, the comic!Loki fans (in either reincarnation, although I mostly chilled with the Kid Loki peeps) are most times much cooler than the majority of Hiddleston!Loki fanbrats on Tumblr (which tend to be noisy and sometimes cray-cray.) And you can say that about most fandoms that are big on Tumblr. And then there's the Percy Jackson fandom who isn't that huge but it's just mostly repulsive. So yeah... I think Tumblr fandoms works better, weirdly, with little stuff. I wish this wasn't the case because it's almost impossible to befriend and talk to these people normally in that site.

Anyway, some short reviews of stuff I've read and watched this Autumn.

Doctor Who: I liked the finale, but there are a few things I'm expecting:
a) that this REALLY, REALLY is the ending for the Ponds, because God help me if Moffat keeps bringing them for cameos forever a la Rose
b) from the Christmas special trailer, I do hope than the I'M RETIRED!1 is just a phase he needs to be bitchslapped out of it, and not hints of him becoming a mop for this season because Amy isn't around and bullshit. There's a fucking reason why I skipped Ten's seasons FFS
c) I'm aaaaaall for meeting the new companion, and hope she really isn't 20th-21st Century Human Chick Stuck on Victorian England For Timey-Wimey. CLARA, TAKE THE (TARDIS?) WHEEL

The Mark of Athena: I don't know what to say because the book was pretty good and full of feels and the action scenes were amazing, but it's my least favorite Heroes of Olympus book so far. I feel like the character development and character interactions (that weren't Percy/Annabeth) were entirely on the sucky side. I wanted to see more nakama, so I was disappointed by the wasted bonding potential. Also, I want to hug Leo forever.

Brave: It was okay. I liked it and thought it was fine, but I didn't love it as much as...

Wreck-it Ralph: I watched it yesterday and sdfjsdgfj it's so amazing! It's kind of the unholy child of Toy Story and Megamind, and it was quite delightful.

Journey into Mystery: I've talked a lot about it and I still will over Tumblr, so I'll make this quick and unspoilerish. This is also stuff I don't say on Tumblr because Gillen is following my fandom blog there and I don't want to be rude to him.

I'm not over the ending yet. I got really involved in the story -it contains a lot of plot fetishes of mine and Kid Loki ended up my favorite character in Marvel- but I think it's not entirely my fault for dropping my guard. I actually DID expect this kind of downer ending from the beginning and I picked up a lot of the foreshadowing hints, but the fault lies on Marvel's publicity of other titles and Gillen's master troll skills. They gave me hope for the story to be different, and then it wasn't. So I think I'm less mad at Loki trolling us/himself in the story (that was 200% expected) and more at Gillen (and myself). For letting us believe Young Avengers would be something else. For taking the chance and cheapen a valid bad end to criticize the Marvel system with the meta bullshit. For expecting that every Tumblr!fan would be totally okay with this and still support his other comics. For being as cynical as I am about North American comics and getting me to agree with Kid Loki's words to Old Loki. I'm still really depressed about it, but annoyed that this is still my favorite comic run in anything ever despite the horrible finale. So I drown my sorrows in playing Kid Loki in panfandom RP, and try not to prejudge YA vol 2 or post-645!Loki but it's so hard rite nao.

The other comics I'm reading right now are the new JiM run and Hawkeye. I do follow God of Thunder but it's boring me so much that not even Aaron's Gary Stu villain being Flying Voldemort in a Thong can faze me. Next year I'll check YA (grumbling all the way tho), that all-girl comic with Valkyrie, and that Thor Year One thing.