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Kiri ☂ ([personal profile] taotrooper) wrote2012-12-12 05:14 pm

Happy 12/12/12!

holiday love meme 2012
my thread here

I did take a screencap at 12:12, but I liked my 11/11/11 geekery better. I was out this morning so this was my best attempt.

Brrrr. it's getting so fucking cold. Speaking of which, I watched Rise of the Guardians and I wasn't expecting a deep plot so I enjoyed it a fucking lot. Too bad the books are expensive here and I can't find illegal copies, since they look pretty cool.

And so this doesn't look too empty and depressing, I'll take the chance to make a list of stuff I want/need to buy this holiday season or next year.

→ some boots so mom shuts up DONE
→ OTG (microUSB) cable
→ HDMI (miniUSB) cable
→ a tablet case, that fits a 205x155x11 mm 8"
→ Siegfried #3
→ Saint Young Men #3-4
→ Rurouni Kenshin kanzenban #19-22
→ Pokémon White 2
→ I'm sure I had seen more games I wanted to play, but I can't recall now
→ The Avengers (although I can't afford a Bluray player and the extras are only in the BD version so it's not like it matters much to own it on regular DVD)
→ Journey into Mystery #2 (but that's out next January and I am a masochist)

I also should go to my uncle's place to get my LOTR books (I remember shit from The Hobbit) and my manga. I really wanted to reread/rewatch the Matantei Loki series... Incidentally, it's weird that my reaction to what's happening at the sequel is all "but I wanted the adult Loki for a but longer!!1" when in Marvel is the total opposite. The status quo in both fandoms with kid Lokis is always against what I want, LOL. Meanwhile, I'm rewatching Princess Tutu for a third time and I'll probably read the original short story of The Nutcracker around Christmas time. I planned that last year and then I forgot, so I have it ready.

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