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Kiri ☂ ([personal profile] taotrooper) wrote2013-01-20 08:37 pm

But here's my ass so bite it maybe

Excuse the Spanish for a sec. Quería decir hola a la gente del friending meme de [livejournal.com profile] masquefandom, hola! Me llamo Christel pero también pueden llamarme Kiri, espero que nos llevemos bien.

I'm trying to be more productive this year, with miscellaneous results. I can't say it's working but at least I'm routing myself towards it? I don't even know.

α. I started rereading Lord of the Rings today. I'm getting ready to skip the forest descriptions. I've only read every book and watched every movie like once, so my mini-failgoal this year is going through them in both mediums. I dunno, Tumblr has been reblogging a lot of Tolkien stuff and I feel like doing it.

β. I finished the original novel of Seirei no Moribito. It's not bad at all, but I actually like the anime's pacing and changes better. The race/culture meta in it was interesting, though. I have the second book which wasn't adapted, let's see if with unknown material I can have wiser expectations.

γ. It's not like Pokémon X/Y isn't shiny, but I haven't played Black/White 2 yet so my body is not ready. In a "lol okay" sort of way instead of excitement, I mean.

δ. I came around to play the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss. I haven't touched the damn console since I got Kid Icarus and sucked enormously at it. And I'm in the mood for RPG yet not for a new game, so it's cool.
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[personal profile] dratinis 2013-01-21 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
Ahhh I was so excited about joining a Spanish-speaking fandom comm, then I saw it was on LJ and I flipped some tables. I'd probably just end up lurking, but it'd have been nice to get exposure that isn't just going to class. T__T

ANYWAY, I wish you luck on slogging through LOTR! I adored The Hobbit, but I gave up reading the main series. Me and the writing style didn't get along too well.