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Even if I'm out of the Bleach fandom, and I stopped caring about the anime from before the fillers, I was recently disgusted and mind-boggled by this poster.



Okay, since when Ishida had that... anatomically incorrect body? What's with the monstrous six-pack?! Who the fuck draw that, an American superhero comic book artist?

The reason I'd do Ishida is because he's all dorky and sort of skinny. That image... not canon, and not hot AT ALL. Eww.

And now, an almost relevant meme... Superpowers, and remembering my original fiction )
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Leer entrevistas a mangakas sobrevaluados a veces trae consigo los lulz.

Q: ¿Qué es lo primero, la historia o el dibujo?
A: Por supuesto, los dibujos, o los personajes –algunas veces tengo ideas sobre el aspecto de los personajes, a veces sobre sus personalidades. Una vez que ya tienes a los personajes, entonces la historia de alguna manera sale sola. La clave es que yo he llegado a querer a mis personajes, como si fueran reales.

Por supuesto. Y es POR ESO, Kubito de Caldo de Pollo, que la trama de Bleach es una mierda no tiene pies ni cabeza. (Ah, y digo que la última frase es un mojón)



For the letter meme, [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis gave me a P. And I'm afraid I couldn't think of enough things I like starting with P for days D:

1. Pizza: Favorite food. What can I say, I'm a junk food enthusiast.
2. Penguins: I think some species are really cute.
3. Polar bears: Might be white godless killing machines, but they're so cuddly.
4. Pratchett, Terry: His books are funny and witty.
5. Python, Monty: [livejournal.com profile] sheepplusharmy's fault. I must be the only roleplayer in the world suffering from inverse pepper-jack cheese.
6. Pandas: Cute!
7. Potter, Harry: My interest in the series has diminished, but I still have good memories of it.
8. Petit Prince, Le: It's one of the books I've loved the most in my life.
9. Piano: Favorite instrument. Can't play it, though.
10. Personal computers: Yeah...

The lack of fandom is appalling. Or something.

I'll do the other pending letter another day.


Comment here and I will pick three interests of yours listed on your user-info and three icons of yours. Make a post explaining them and asking others to comment for their own.

[livejournal.com profile] the_great_elk gave me this:

astrology: When I was little, I actually memorized the zodiac signs in order. I don't believe in horoscopes, because they're either too generic or too made-up. Still, I do think planet alignments do alter the way our (basic) personality and future should be like. That, and I love how they try to rationalize something that's not even a science. It's all about symbols and angles.

dolphins: I like dolphins because they're not only cute but smart and interesting. It's one of my favorite animals. I wonder sometimes, half joking and half seriously, if it won't end up some day like that The Simpsons episode and they'll kick our asses. Or if they do have better ways to get out of this planet like in the Douglas Adams books.

mahjong solitaire: Images. It's a puzzle kind of videogame in which you have to clear a board with aligned Mahjong tiles, by pairs. It's extremely addictive, and you normally can choose from several kinds of arrangements. Also, Laurus and I used to joke that it should be Clow/Yuuko's silly shipname, but the idea never sank.

This is Sheik from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She's a crossdresser ninja Sheikah who normally shows up, gives you hints with riddles, teaches you a warp song with her lyre, and then gets the crap out of there. Also, she's Zelda's alterego (OMG SPOILERS). I always pick Zelda up in Smash Bros Melee so I can play with Sheik.

I like seagulls (seen from afar, that is, because I don't trust medium-sized birds). I liked the sea and the ship behind it. So I liked the icon's concept.

That's a scene from Fantasia, with mushrooms dancing (video?) That's one of my favorite parts, the whole Nutcracker Suite series of clips.
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Awesome! I think I finally found the exact place in Howlcanon I can write the impending crossover of doom in.

And speaking of crossovers and impending doom, you know what I also want to write for the lulz? A Slayers/XXXHOLiC crossover. I have no idea what kind of plot device I can come up with so they can go to Yuuko's shop, but it shouldn't be that hard as there's magic to use. Zelgadis would be able to enter the shop, because he does have a strong wish. But the other bunch? Naaaaaah. At most, finding a substitute for the [insert Slayers Try spoiler here], but I'm not sure that's strong enough. Which sucks a lot, because I so want to submit Watanuki to the torture of feeding the Lina-tachi! XD

Really. This fandom can be crossed over with almost everything.

Here is a Bleach parody by VGCats. In case you're wondering, the rat thing comes from this.

Woot, a new Yumekui Kenbun manga chapter ♥ That manga is so fucked up, and I love it.

I went mad and posted in a friending meme. I don't know why, since you guys know I'm a shy, antisocial git. But just in case someone from that meme stopped by, *waves*.
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O cómo [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor y yo compatimos pensamientos profundos sobre Code Gay & Ass Geass. Porque la estamos viendo por aburrimiento. (Voy por el episodio 10)

Es como largo, pero chorras )

Y unas de Bleach )
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Hablando de las respuestas a fanmail de Oda:

sirius_licker: And Carne is taken directly from the Spanish word for meat. <- y asi es como se utiliza un diccionario japones-español lalalala
Kirisame: MUAJAJA
Kirisame: pues no, tía, lo hace mal! debía ser El Carne Jugosa
sirius_licker: es solo un nombre y quedas bien
sirius_licker: LOLZ
Kirisame: a que no imaginas a alguien en Bleach llamado El Carne Jugosa?
sirius_licker: XDDDDDDDDDD
Kirisame: que es parte de un nuevo grupo de Gary Stus llamados Parrilla
sirius_licker: omg xDDD
Kirisame: y la gente lo shippea con alguien llamado Guakamore


Kirisame: sí hay una tía en los Parrilla. se llama Pechuga y tiene tetas copa E
sirius_licker: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
sirius_licker: no puede ser mejor "La Pechuga"?
sirius_licker: queda mas...... cool
Kirisame: no. Pechuga de Polla

[inserte chiste verde aquí]
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First off, something nice. And cheesy. Snakes on a plane/badgers parodies. Comic strip, trailer. I know, too many SoaP jokes, but these ones are badger style!

The LotR badger trailer is still better, though.

Meanwhile, I'm SO happy I stopped reading Bleach, because er, spoilers and stuff ).

It's amazing. Not even Ishida's sexiness can make me read this crap again.
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After a sleepless night with the laptop being a bitch, and doing a fifth attempt this morning, now Soel has been upgraded to Ubuntu 6.06! Hey, look, and I had no need to twist things up for the graphics card to work!

So Dapper Drake has been pwned... sort of. I still can't get Linux to do things like I'd like it to since all the software and codecs and stuff can only be gotten from repositories. And since there's no wi-fi connection here, I don't even know if the laptop can even access the Internet, let along downloading upgrades.

Same old same old. Let us play mahjong solitaire, then.

Meanwhile, considering the manga keeps it going about characters I don't give a fuck about, and the anime fillers seem to be too cracktacular for me, I'm pulling the plug for Bleach. Well, not *entirely*, but I've defriended all Bleach comms and took my Bleach icons off. The series is boring me too much right now.


May. 27th, 2006 01:41 am
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Okay, every CCS fan who reads me HAS to watch this video, especially if they've seen Bleach. This is a parody of Asterisk, the first Bleach opening, but instead of using the Bleach characters they used the CCS ones.

And it looks almost exactly the same! It's not really a pastede-on-yay thing. It actually WORKS. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. Now THESE are l337 graphic/video skillz!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 08:50 am
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ETA: http://bleachforums.com/showthread.php?t=14272

The crack...!! as soon as there's a version that fits inside a CD, I'm so downloading it! Silly costumes and human outfits = teh win! Dude, the ladies have less tackier taste than the guys... except Yachiru. And Rangiku. But that's sort of expected.

HOLiC spoilers )

Bleach spam

Feb. 9th, 2006 01:19 pm
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The Ishidas are back, bitches!

That's it, move along.

Ugh stress

Jan. 22nd, 2006 03:02 pm
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So, don't expect me around until the 31st. I have
- one assignment due Thursday
- one final on Monday
so I shouldn't even touch IM software at all.

I will be checking the flist now and then, though. And the email.

For [livejournal.com profile] elihice, Top five things you would love to see in a fandom.
Okay, I'm going to be random fandom specific here. Again, no order whatsoever.
1. Clow & Yuuko flashbacks, IN XXXHOLiC.
2. Yuuko insinuating she had/has a crush on Clow. Not likely, though.
3. More Clow country scenes that WON'T be Sakura-Syaoran centric. Touya, Yukito, Touya/Yukito, the King, Fujitaka... and the fucking ruins, of course.
4. Following characters crossovering in Tsubasa: ERIOL, Subaru, Hokuto, ERIOL, Kamui, ERIOL, CCS guardians... did I mention Eriol?
5. Crap, I spent 4/5 on CLAMP? >o< Uh, okay. It's a tie between Roy somehow pwning Bradley and escaping with Riza and all his group (and the Elric brothers, of course), suddenly Ling being the one controlling Greed and not the other way around, Mei being inside Al's armor because they need someone who can do alchemy, Lan Fan period. And in Bleach, I just want Ishida back and the DBZesque battles to be fewer, dammit.

Oh, and some thought for you, spoilerrific. If the Empress dies with no heirs since she's a lesbian and is doing Souma, would Tomoyo have to seize the throne, or is she stuck as the miko princess forever? Can she be Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi simultaneously?

Because the trend of kings and queens being teh ghey and having their little sisters as heirs... gosh, CLAMP.

(This question has been brought you by annoying Tomoyo/Kurogane fanbrats who don't bother reading the canon spoilers, and yet write stuff about a "King of Japan" and how Tomoyo becomes "Queen" after he dies [with Kurogane as his king, of course *gags*]. Dude, don't bother writing fanfic without being up to date with Japanese releases! There's a reason I don't dare making so many assumptions on Clow country fic: CLAMP is bound to contradict them!)
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You know you're totally bored over the current Bleach plothole when you check the newest scans at a board and go:

"So... Tousen returned... Tatsuki peeks... Ichigo kicks ass... Hitsugaya is in trouble... aha, that's so---


Needless to say, I don't give a damn when the full scans of the chapters will be released. But I want an HQ scan of the Female Shinigami omake, like, ASAP!


Jan. 13th, 2006 02:19 pm
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You know you're a geek when you buy yourself an USB key drive, and you want to exclaim the following whenever you plug it:

Oh key that holds the power of USB.
Reveal your true files to me.
I, Christel, commands thee under the bus protocol.

I occasionally do the same thing with the elevator key, by the way.

Oh, and I finally got March of the Penguins on DVD! ^____^

ETA: I just noticed something. In my icon list, so far, the Hanatarou icon is precisely above the Isane icon. OMG theirloveisnexttotheotheronmyicondropdow.
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Happy New Year!

ETA: Glancing at Bleach comms make me feel like my crack pairing is almost normal. I mean, it still makes more sense than most people's crack pairings.
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So, let me get this straight. If you're a vicecaptain, and you feel a high admiration to your captain, he/she is your idol, and you're happy you get along (or seem to get along) with him/her, that can always mean one thing: LOVE!

Bitch, please. Get a different argument.

Because you know, it's possible to admire a teacher, a mentor, a boss, a friend with higher rank, and yet having platonic feelings for him/her. Really, it is. And if the captain is a lot older (in Soul Society standards, I mean,) the character might see him/her as a parental figure or an uncle/aunt.

And I think the only cases of possible -canon- hinting of those kind of feelings are Shunsui/Nanao and Yoruichi/Soi Fong. And it's not vocal yet whether Ise Nanao fancies her captain in secret or not. Could be, could be not.

So really, how the FUCK did they interpret that scene of Unohana with Isane after the latter had a nightmare as lesbian subtext? *headdesk* Dude, maybe that's just me, but I saw it as a warm, fuzzy mother-daughter moment, just chilling there.

Unohana is a mother-like person for her division after all. Moreover, maybe she's GOTEI 13's mother, in a way, Even KON calls her "mommy" in the shinigami guide. She's not the kind of person to go and try to seduce her vicecaptain. Or anyone in her division, actually. She knows the way they work, so she could guess Isane had a weird dream and that's why she's up in the middle of the night. Maybe it has happened a lot of times.

Meanwhile, Isane respects Unohana very much. They all do, but as the second in charge is natural to have her in a pedestal. But she's not by any means like Soi Fong. Unohana is like a mom or an aunt for her. I bet she wants to be like her when she gets older. But then, the blushing? Man, haven't they noticed Isane just blushes a lot in general? She blushes when she presents her cellphone idea at the Shinigami Women Association. She blushes in the fanservice bathing suit illustration. She blushes every time she feels either shyness or embarrassment. So blushing when she talks to her captain? Nope, not necessarily a sign of a crush.

There are several kinds of love. That's why it pisses me off when they just classify Isane as an obvious lesbian. There is no canon proof she is, there no canon proof she isn't!

Christ. Ship them if you want, but don't say it's there. What are you, Harmonians?

And don't get me started on Aizen/Hinamori. More of the same, but with less fluff and more homicidal attempts.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 04:36 pm
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I was stamped as Uryuu Ishida at [livejournal.com profile] bleach_rating. It's amusing, though, I got almost half of the votes as Nanao Ise. XDDDDDDD

Fic meme )
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Hearing Hanatarou's single, sang by Kouki Miyata, while having the Touya/Yukito skin set on the Winamp?

BAD idea! I just entered a gigglefit XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I can't match that voice coming out of Yukito's mouth, you know... seiyuu-sharing oddness. It's the whole "Urahara/Hanatarou?!" thing all over again. I do want this song's lyrics translated, because they're bound to be cracktacular, in a Fourth Division fashion.
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I started reading The Sandman the other day at the public library. The comics/manga section (more or less seven bookshelves in chaos) is a bit weird, so I could only see two or three Gaiman comic books. I went there to look for a book that could help me for today's pop quiz (it didn't, new prefessor is an ass) and I glanced around.

I only read the first book. It was intriguing. So I downloaded the whole series in a torrent and I'll check it this weekend. [Insert pirate song here]

Hmm, anyway. Big things in my fandoms to be concerned and squee about!

- FMA volume 12 has teh OTP on the cover! <3
- XXXHOLiC will have its own TV series. Join in my "not Bee Train!" prayers.
- We see some of Yuuko's shop nature. And that might make my "Fence" C/Y one-shot a bit on the obsolete side. Might have to add a couple of lines later.
- Silver Dragon WAS Kuro-papa's. TOLD YOU.

Now I'll leave you with some image details.

FMA: Volume 12 and the mask of doom )

Tsubasa: some foreshadowing of Kurogane's story on volume 7? )

Edit: Bleach fans, particularly Shunsui/Nanao shippers. You MUST download this XDDDD It's lovely, lovely!


Oct. 4th, 2005 10:24 pm
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I bought Final Fantasy VIII today, instead of paying up LJ. I'll do that next week. Guess how much I paid. Give up? 20 euros!

I downloaded the new Bleach OP and ED videos right now.


I think I liked this opening more than the previous one. Serious Shinigami love! <3 Seeing characters like Shunsui, Ukitate, Byakuya or Yoruichi posing and/or fighting was so awesome in so many levels. And the first half minute! ALL the important shinigami, dude, (vice)captains or not.

I'm so dorky because I was excited because my crack OTP was one after the other... Which is logical, as they're in the same division and all... But still! The music made a long pause of at least half a second on the transition from Isane to Hanatarou. Color me nuts.

Apart from the rocking hollow!Ichigo thing, has anyone noticed that Aizen's face was more on the shadows than it should be? Dun dun dun!

Oh, and, deus ex machina!Ishida in the OP was teh smex!!! <3

The ending was cool, even if the song is meh, because they didn't forget the family (poor Isshin, they threw Kon at his face), classmates (wee, Keigo and Mizuiro!) and the Urahara-tachi. Chad and Ishida got cool screentime (not as much as Orihime, but they don't mind at all). But the best thing was Urahara and Yoruichi POSING TOGETHER! They're SO fucking each other CANON!


Sep. 28th, 2005 10:48 am
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Considering the regulars at [livejournal.com profile] tsukimineshrine won't help me with my problem with manga canon, would you guys from my flist who are familiar with CCS and its manga at least try to give me a hand with this? Or are you too good for that as well?

I'm getting desperate. I so need to write this bunny, but I have to fill a period of time without knowing how long will it take first.

Please! Help me! Do I have to beg to get some opinions?

Bleach fandom questionaire )


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