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Or they were nine years ago. Durrrrrr.

Do you remember the part in Cardcaptor Sakura where Clow Reed dies and reincarnates as other people? They only repeat it, oh, through the whole last arc.

So, when Yuuko dies, she's not going to rejoin Clow in the afterlife and un-live together happily ever after, you know? He's not there! He's in Japan, being Fujitaka Kinomoto and Eriol Hiiragizawa. And even if they meet each other in a next life, he's only going to be half Clow, thus a completely different person. Unless Ohkawa retcons the whole argument to Yue, that is.

In short, they don't get a "happy ending".

Well, not quite; at least not a romantic, shippy one: Yuuko spoilers to latest Tsubasa chapters ), and Clow finally isn't mortified by his powers and their repercutions. They got what they wanted, as characters, and the kids they loved and protected will (probably) live well; that's their happy ending. But no, no fairy tale romance ending for them, dumbasses. Then again, that's a logical conclusion since Clow has been truly dead from years now.

And even if I'm disenchanted with TRC and HOLiC from a while ago, I'm glad they will get to rest from all that shit and move on. They're free now. I'm fine with the way Clow/Yuuko turned out. I didn't need the kind of ending the fans are imagining now.

...All this unless CLAMP retcons something again, that is.

And I want to pretend Yuuko said that line because either she's hallucinating from her state, or the translation in English is vague.
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I finished compiling my Holidays wishlist, now with fandoms and suggestions. Over here

Now to other business.

YES, KOBATO ANIME BY MADHOUSE :D YES YES! Even if it's so going to be filler-tastic, it'll be fun because it's Madhouse.

Also, can we have the background crossover cameos? I mean, you were all over them in CCS, and Ohkawa is also working with the staff!

In case you can't remember the fine crossover examples in CCS anime that weren't in the manga: random Wish references with Kero, plushies in the Christmas episode, and who can forget Touya's job in the 2nd movie. Speaking of the latter, it actually happened in Kobato, and with Touya fucking Kinomoto to top that! So, you know, IT MUST BE DONE. AGAIN.
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→ A N O N _ M E M E

I wish I could comment on your threads, but I doubt I can find the time because...

Now I count with the marvelous limit of ONE HOUR OF INTERNET A DAY. Not even voluntary.

Why yes, I'm climbing on the walls over here. Ahasjagsdhgjhasgjas.


.........*dies* *dies, I tell you*

From all people to be good to me and give me gorgeous things that doesn't hurt my brain, and it's CLAMP. And it's been twice this week.

Fanservice? That I like?! ;_____; Srsly?!

*wants to oogle at it all day, doesn't even care about reading the rest of the chapter*

TRC 201

Oct. 4th, 2008 03:58 pm
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Let the plotholes and the retcon begin?

ETA: Wait a second. spoilers, obviously )

ETA2: Natsume 05. OMG A CAPYBARA YOUKAI SO CUTE! ♥ /easily distracted
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As much as I want to play Tales of Symphonia, no. I'm NOT bidding over 40€ (shipping included) over eBay for a goddamn Gamecube game. Ninety-something US dollars or more for an old videogame is RIDICULOUS.

One note: Project Rub is the most annoying DS game I have ever played. Those minigames are hella hard. I have no idea how my brother finished that crap.

Either way, something I noticed right now. Remember the first chapter of XXXHOLiC?

By giving out your birthday, you have given over the control of your whole life.

...Remember that the guardian's birthdates in Cardcaptor Sakura are kept a secret? It makes a lot of sense. Imagine if someone could control a magician's guardian. Clow (and later on Eriol) is not one to leave an opening like that for a rival. Controlling a guardian for them to pull something on their master would be very low. So even if it were CLAMP being too lazy to come up with their birthdays, or they had seen it in advance, it doesn't clash at all with HOLiC's magic system.
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I go to bed early one night (STFU, 1:30 a.m. is early), and what do I find? CCS WANK, IN LJ. Am I glad I never poked the first post, and I'm not poking the follow-ups. I still want to say a couple of things:

tl;dr, and the rant has some general points )

Okay, too much wankiness. Let's have some wackiness. You know, I think the Caramelldansen meme is pure distillated faggotry. But this one is the best I've seen:
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Fruity quiz )

Same story as usual. I feel like throwing a hissy fit whenever I see icons, youtube/niconico comments, whatever stating than one of my favorite characters is teh ebol or that they should return to [insert place of origin here], regardless of the fact they're essential to the fucking plot and they help the main character like whoa.

Let's take the following kind of character, shall we? Let's say it's a he for simplification, but could also be a female or asexual. From practically his first appearance, it's not a secret he's shady with an agenda yet to be revealed. The sidekick or the love interest might distrust him, giving the audience a reason to hate him: such a good friend of the main character can't be wrong! He might have a creepy smile or secret face when the regular cast isn't looking. And he actually happens to be an antagonist force for either a short time or most of the canon. He even challenges main character to fight him without holding back, once or twice, and may even tease the main character's abilities on their face to push them further.

Now, let's take some subcategories of this archetype. Okay, there are the ones who ARE evil and are either opposing the main character or using them (Xelloss from Slayers comes to mind, I guess). Then we have the neutral ones who aren't good or evil, but just there to watch and see what side to root for. And then the redeeming type, who after fighting the protagonist he realizes he was wrong, or he actually grew fond of one of the main characters (Tao Ren from Shaman King, Ken from Digimon 2, in some degree Ishida from Bleach).

But see, there's another subcategory, the one I love the most. It's the kind of pseudo-antagonist who turns out he was supporting the main character from the beginning. He's actually either a nice guy, or at least considers himself one of the good guys. His actions look extremely jerky and contrasting, but he has justified reasons to be so rude and crude to the naive main character. As a matter of fact, his whole raison d'être is helping the main character from the shadows, pushing them to their fate/the right direction, even risking to be hated by them. So in reality, he loves and admires and trusts the main character so much; he believes the character will win and have their happy ending, and his own happy ending depends on that by extension. Probably the reason he smirks that way when they fight him is because it makes him feel alive, or it's surprising to him, or he can see they're improving so much. But truly, his love -platonic, romantic, whatever- is just amazing. He's not a saint -hell, he even might be a complete asshole sometimes- but he's far from being the devil. And if the main character gets to acknowledge that, why can't the fandom?

This message is sponsored by my two main RP/fanfic muses. If I got a dollar every time I see an Eriol icon with the word evil on it, or a niconico comment saying "月へ帰れ" when Ushiwaka pops in a video... Siiiiiiigh.
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Today's events can be described as "asahdghsagdjhg". Words can't express how exhausting shopping for shoes is. I really needed some boots, and they were my belated Christmas present from my mom (it was one of the few options that didn't make me look like a geek OR like I was wasting her money in Japanese drawing shit). Of course, shopping with my mom, no matter what it is, is just exhausting in nature, and with tons of stops. But it wasn't as bad as other times, and I went out of it with three pairs of comfortable boots plus one optical mouse plus a free lunch. I did buy her a belated birthday (it was last Wednesday) present now that we were at it, so I paid for one of the handbags she was eying. Probably the easiest yet better gift I've given her in years.

...And now she wants to get me pants/jeans to go with the new boots. Oh God no sdjhfjdshf.

I wonder who feels worse, her for having such a simple, non-coquette daughter, or me for having such a fashion-pushing, trend-whore of a mother.

CLAMP theory/rant: spoilers for CCS, hints of spoilers for TRC )
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So I was casually going through volume 5. And you know how Fujitaka couldn't go to the play, and Yukito and Touya were thinking it's a pity... It was a good thing he didn't go, looking back. Because if the Clow cards were powered by what they had left of Clow's magic, Dark probably wouldn't be able to swallow him. Of course, the characters could keep it quiet and his presence in the dark would remain a technical limbo, sort of like Touya (who most likely wasn't eaten by Dark... at least not from the beginning).

However, imagine it from the characters POV!

Yukito: How odd. The lights went out ^_^
Fujitaka: And it's awfully silent ^_^;
Touya: ...WTF *facepalm*

Oh, and little tidbit from the Spain translation.

Li: Lo sabía... Te dije que [Mizuki-sensei] no era una cualquiera.

Now, heh. The translation of what they tried to say would be "I knew it... I told you Mizuki-sensei wasn't normal/a nobody/your average Jane". However, it might also mean: "I told you Mizuki-sensei wasn't a whore". Cualquiera means any/anything/anyone. When talking about a female, saying she's "una cualquiera" in slang is saying she sleeps around with anyone.

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You can ignore this post. It's some lolmeta info I found that might be in handy for CCS fanfic or roleplay.

I just learned through [livejournal.com profile] ic_secrets that the long dress-like Chinese tunic Clow/Eriol wears is called cheongsam.

Also, the weird knots substituting buttons with a loop to fasten you see in Mandarin-styled clothes? They're called frog.

One thing leads to another, and then I'm staring at online store catalogs for Chinese/Mandarin clothes, particularly male. Yeah, I know. I've been back to RPing Eriol for not even a week, and I'm already doing this kind of crap.
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I meant to make this silly post days ago, and I kept hinting about it too. I think the title says it all. Crazy theories of how would some of my pairings' offspring would look/act like, taking existing characters from another fandom.

I said before that I was beginning to mix my fanons for Mononoke and Okami as it were the same world. The Japanese fandom won't help with the crossovers and AMVs. And it makes so much sense in my head! Particularly if I make the medicine seller the son of these two:

This is the part the flist starts to go "...bzuh", whether they don't know any fandom, just one, or both of them. I-I swear it makes sense. And mind you, I'm not the only one who thought about it. There's a drabble. And while it's not a crossover per se, there's this kusuri-uri as an animal god fanart that fits lots.

Also, did I mention that Medicine Seller and Ushiwaka, dreadful sense of fashion and mysterious dorkness aside, share a meme? The Let's go! Onmyouji thing, that is. Here & there.

Incidentally, I have a plotbunny -about Waka giving his son a peptalk and checking on him- that's chewing me all week. It'll be the most unread crossover fanfiction ever XD

And so you guys won't stare in horror at my obscure obsessions of choice you don't get, here's another unholy lovechild theory, this time with CLAMP characters. Guys, I KNOW there's an alternative Tsubasa universe in which this happened SOMEHOW:

YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE. Touki is totally like this pocket Yue, so if angels weren't asexual and shit, he and Ranshou would so breed Yue.
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I've been pondering a bit about the CCS fandom these days, and I think I figured out why, besides the visual squick, why there are so little Eriol/Kaho shippers. It all comes down to most Eriol fans disliking Kaho, and most Kaho fans disliking Eriol. So in the end, we have a tiny intersection of mutual fans. And yet, not everybody in the set likes the ship anyway. So it's not only that the ship is hard to swallow, but that both characters also are, and are commonly labeled wrong by other fans (EVIL!) (WHORE!) (EVIL AND WHORE!). And even the fans who live either of them sometimes aren't even into the character in canon or understand them: they only serve to make a hawt pairing with their character of choice.

Personally, it's not so rare in the fandom and it's not restricted to Eriol. Take Tomoyo fans: some love her for being pretty and perfect, caring little for her sexuality; some love her because they're Eriol or Touya fanbrats and want a pairing for them that isn't slash or "slutty" or "pedo"; some love her because she's a lesbian and that's hawt. Now, I gave a damn about her in canon and think she's overrated and all, but I pity her for having such a batshit fanbase. You can count her real fans with an abacus.

Funny fact I just remembered: I met a dude once in my message board days, years ago, who said to be an Eriol fan. He admitted several times it was because he had the hots for Kaho, so he merely admired him for scoring with such a babe. That was... different. At least he liked the couple, I guess?

So, back to subject, we're only left with people who don't hate either Eriol or Kaho, and who have really read the manga, and who aren't a rabid alt shipper, and who aren't squicked by the physical "age difference". The figures are low. Not abacus-counted: FINGER-counted. ETA: Yeah, Laurus reminded me there are some who like the characters but aren't interested in the pairing, and some people who don't care about neither character. Still... I'm not sure what my point was when I wrote that, anymore.

But anyway... I'll leave you with something less monofandom. I saw this video the other day, and it's so surreal and amusing XD I'm not sure who was more stoned, the boy at the fishtank or the one who came up with the video concept. But it's still very well animated and shiny, and you can always trust The Chemical Brothers to pull some refreshing WTFness. So here's The Salmon Dance!

It kind of reminds me of the Donkey Kong rap. Anyway, wish me luck today: I have to give Math lessons to my brothers T__T
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Last day of vacation, and I did nothing. I mean nothing. My plans for tonight are downloading The IT Crowd 2x06 and Mononoke 9, and maybe rolling some Katamari. Seriously.

I miss writing fic. I only wrote two pieces this summer. There was one day I was actually plotting for the WIP, but when I got home I couldn't type a word of it and I lost it. It's gonna be a year... Sigh. I should retake the prompts you guys gave me on July and try to work on something that isn't Okami. And I should be less shy and post the Sokka+Hakoda ficlet on an Avatar community.

New pet peeve to rant about, guys:

The guardians in Cardcaptor Sakura? They're GUARDIANS. Not FAMILIARS.

Familiar =/= guardian.

A guardian is a human-created sentient being with a personality who is under a master's service, yes, but with the mission to protect something. A familiar is just a creature a witch or wizard use to do their bidding, normally shaped as an animal. A familiar in CLAMPverse would be something like Subaru's three-headed shikigami or Seishirou's invisible hawk, and Yuzuriha's inugami Inuki. There's nothing in this entry that reminds me of guardians. At all.
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And now it begins a week of catsitting at my mom's while they go on vacation trip (here, to be more exact). So basically, I'm staying on my own -or almost- taking care of the place alone until Friday.

Of course, I say catsitting because that's the main job, but it's more like watching over the whole ecosystem. Responsibilities also include stuff such as feeding the chipmunk and watering the garden and pot plants. Poor chipmunk, nobody thinks of you D:

And so the post looks even more random, some facts:

1. I'm on episode 5 of Escaflowne. Too early to say anything. Except telling myself NOT to crush on Allen until knowing him better, that is (WTF me).

2. The IT Crowd is one brilliant sitcom. Season 2 started great and random and I love it. Everyone should be watching/downloading this.

3. You know guys... I had forgotten how episode 40 of Card Captor Sakura is totally on acid until I checked the screencaps. I might elaborate more today, after rewatching that episode for the lulz, but I'm sleepy and will snooze some more.
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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5.When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on...

I can't ask you stuff right now, sorry. After finals I'll get to it.

[livejournal.com profile] nyaabo's questions:

1. Favorite CCS card!?
...One? I like the elementals, although especially The Watery and The Firey because they're like pissed off fairies. I like The Light and The Dark, but they have so many fans it turns me off. For the anime-only, I loved The Create.

2. How'd you come up with your username?
I actually didn't :P Ame warashi is a character from XXXHOLiC, the rain spirit (see icon). I wanted to rename a while ago, so I thought of cool fandom names, and I remembered her. She's my kind of character. Besides, my nickname is written with the kanji of rain and means drizzle. It was adequate.

3. Favorite Mushishi story?
That's a mean question D: I love several. Like the traveling swamp, the guy who chased rainbows, the bamboo family, the one with the boy who slept through winters, the painter who moved to the city, the blind girl, Tanyuu's story... but I like most of them.

4. If you were to be turned into a stuffed animal, what kind would you want to be?
The first gut reaction is being my penguin plushie. He's all velveteen and soft :3

5. Would you rather have a mohawk, pompadour, or afro?
O_o Honestly, none. They all need awful amounts of hair gel, and I loathe using that shit. I'm too low maintenance when it comes to hair. I procrastinate over combing. Besides, they'd look awful on me.

* * *

Now [livejournal.com profile] haruhara's:

1. Favorite CLAMP series?
XXXHOLiC, actually XD I've been here in the fandom right since the series started in Japan. I've been here before the crossovers. I've been here before there was buttsecks subfandom. I'm like the fandom's cockroach. But regardless of the fandom, I love the series' premise and the paranormality of it all.
I'm pretty attached to CCS because it was my first CLAMP fandom, and I'm still writing for it. But since it's in HOLiCverse, sometimes I can get away with it and say they're the same canon :D ILU crossover precanon metastories~

2. What kind of music do you like?
I guess you could say I'm into rock, because that's what I listen to the most. I don't like a particular subgenre of it: a little bit of everything, including oldies and new stuff. I like some pop, but not the moronic mainstream kind. Still, I probably like loose songs in other genres, unless I really loathe it.
I listen more to music in English. Most music in Spanish, my native language, is boring pop and/or Latin-styled (I hate salsa and reggaeton), do it's not my kind of thing.

3. Describe yourself with images. Not feelings. ("I'm like a feather in the wind" instead of "I'm a pretty energetic person")
I'm the old, smelly Reader's Digest magazine you found at a waiting room, and you stole it when nobody else was looking, because you wanted to keep reading that article about the man who survived an attack of club-wielding baby seals at the Arctic, and try the lemon cake recipe. LET'S GET DANGEROUS! XD
.......................... ¬¬U
(sorry for the bad metaphor, and for the childhood impulse to quote Darkwing Duck)
How about "I'm like a flipping coin, as uncertain about the statistic outcome as Schrodinger's cat"?

4. Are you fond of sweets?
Sometimes. One day I'm in the mood for chocolates or cookies, the next I want chips or Doritos or anything salty. I don't like cake that much, though.

5. What's something that'll make you smile like a loon?
Buying a new manga of a series I adore, or watching/reading/hearing something funny, or a package of something I imported or bought online arriving, or raw scans of mangas (especially FMA) getting out. Some cute animals. Dunno, lots of weird stuff. I think this shows I have no life.

* * *

ETA: In one of those TDT channels, Clan TVE, they're broadcasting dubbed Doctor Who! O_O And it's the first episode of the first season! Nine!!
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Meanwhile, I could make a quick post before studying about something that's been on my mind for some months now. A part of my personal fanon is that Eriol Hiiragizawa (in any canon) is into Monty Python. In the beginning it was a random choice, as I thought "well, he's a smart person residing in England, who has a bizarre sense of humor... of course he must like MP!" But then I got to actually WATCH Monty Python sketches and episodes and movies, because I must be one of the few roleplayers who suffer from inverse "pepper jack cheese". And suddenly, a couple of CCS scenes seemed funnier compared to some sketches.

See juxtapositions under this cut )

I honestly DOUBT that CLAMP got inspired by Monty Python for some of their crack although that might explain a lot of the Duklyon randomness. But I still reread these scenes and think about CCS. And how probably Yamazaki got for his twelfth birthday the whole collection of Flying Circus on VHS from England, to Chiharu's dismay. *kills plotbunny with a Holy Hand Grenade*
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Oh, qué idea más revolucionaria! Y si Watanuki fuese reencarnación de Clow?! OMG NO WAI!!!


Todavía con otros argumentos, pero con ESAS palabras textuales de la traducción que sigue tomadas de los pelos? Va a ser que no. Mala elección de escenas, baby.

Todo lo que quería decir ya lo posteé allá. Siento un déjà-vu pero impresionante, y algunos de ustedes saben por qué. *pets old posts and Laurus' meiosis jokes*


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