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Okay, so I got my Pottermore mail last night. I'm RainSilver82 in case someone wants to add me there. The important part about this thing is the wand and house, so let's go with that. My wand is cypress, 10 inches, phoenix feather core, slightly springy. Sounds neat. I got sorted to Honey Badger House! I like to think of myself as a Ravenpuff mix TBH, but a good amount of quizzes and LJ sorting comms have seen the Hufflepuff sometimes, so I was well prepared for this result. Recently I've felt that I've lost most of my Puff due to depression and being a selfish lazyass in my adult years, but okay. It's still cool. *insert Hufflepuff gif with that dancing guy with the chicken legs here*

The site itself... I did everything last night and now I don't know what else to do? I absolutely detest potions, only managed to brew 2 out of 5 -I've even lost a cauldron thanks to bottles being glitchy-, and I don't really want to experiment while there aren't means to gain new money. Duels are down right now, so fuck this shit. I feel kinda awful because we're last place, but I doubt 1pt per cooking disaster will help that much.

McGonagall's backstory is awesome. Sad, but awesome to know.

Ah, before I forget, [livejournal.com profile] insanepurin gave me 5 things to rant about like a week ago.

Magic Knight Rayearth, Thundercats, Pokemon, Who, and Princess Tutu )


Jan. 7th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Oh CLAMP. You're forgetting how to finish a manga, aren't you?


Ah, there are news about the way they localized Kurou in Okamiden. So, how is it gonna be? Kurou? Kuro? Crow? Clow?


Also, like, no fanboy French. Dude, he has a surfer from the 90's vibe. Yo, he talks like this, boy.

SHOULD I BE DISAPPOINTED OR MOCK THE KID? I DON'T EVEN. On the other hand, it helps to draw differences with Waka. This is good. Even if I miss the gratuitous French.


...I really like the oni/raijin hybrid race of thunder gods, though.
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SO YOU KEEP ON TROLLING, CLAMP. Let's talk a bit about Gate 7 and pretend I'm still in this fandom. Dibs on the "megane guy is a Clow descendant" theo-- oh wait, he totally is, this is not 2004 anymore. Nevermind then |D Of course, by the looks of it, there's no way in hell this could ever be a one-shot like they originally said. They either planned to serialize it from the beginning, or they changed their minds and redid it from scratch. I lean to the latter: by that time XXXHOLiC or Kobato might be ending, so they need a new cash cow to milk. So when I heard this thing was going to continue, I just grinned, shook my head, and thought "oh you!" And of course the characters look really cute so far, but the X vibes of whatever the premise is don't bode well for them. My favorite character design is the light-haired Kurogane lookalike but I love megane boy's ;o; faces. But yeah, I don't want to get attached because it is CLAMP and I have moved on and I know better. Or so I hope.

INCIDENTALLY, MORE OKAMIDEN BULLSHIT. I don't know, guys. I'm both fascinated and terrified by this stupid game. I even check the Pixiv tag. Either way, the second weirdest WTF ever in an interview is that in here, Eshiro said that the plot is sort of inspired by the film Stand By Me. Yeah... I don't even. Ah, another thing is that the American cover is out, and probably the Konohana cherry tree in the background of the Japanese cover isn't badass and manly enough to make it. Image comparison under cut. ) I think, though, it could be a lot worse and it sort of looks like Okami's Western cover for the PS2 anyway. (For the record, I also think the Western cover is an improvement from the Japanese which is not a common occurrence in video games.) Oh well... Stand By Me, really? Yeah, so compatible with the "ancient faux!Japan with magical godmode wolves" setting.

But let's talk about shinier things that perhaps don't kick me in the ovaries! My current anime/manga obsession is Kuragehime. I don't even like josei! But I really like everyone a lot and I can't wait until more of gets released. I'll probably do a lengthier post when the next episode is out all my impressions until now.
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When I say I'm done with CLAMP, I try to mean it. But then, I still like some manga they've done, and I still ended up watching the first episode of Kobato because I wanted to see Ioryogi setting shit on fire in motion. I mean, it's hard! It was my first fandom and it seems I cannot drop every part of it since it's so extensive and not all of it was sucked by angst and/or crazy twists.

So for my own reference, a color-coded table of series and whether I still give a damn or not.

Or maybe it's an excuse to practice the html table tag, now that it's a dead art )
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Awright! Twistasa Retconvoir Chronicle is OVER! Let's have a party! Let's point out the million plotholes, or wank, or squee, or whatever! Doesn't matter if you hate it or love it, let's just celebrate they got on with it.

So, play them off, keyboard cat.

((♪ BGM ♫))

Me, I'm just. Surprised they decided to make everything I used to dig about the series pop out in the epilogue, like saying "hey, remember when you gave a fuck about this country? and there was few angst? and you shipped this? and you shipped that? and you didn't roll your eyes with this guy? yeah, for old times' sake, have them all, sort of there".

CLAMP? A little too late for my brand of fanservice, but I kinda find the irony amusing so. You get a funny fail gif with a kitten intead of a fail macro, for the effort.

I wanted a wankier ending, though. I even bought microwave popcorn, man. Then again, the lack of twists might be a twist itself.
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You know, I'll be frank. I left the TRC/HOLiC fandom several months ago (I wish I could say the CLAMP fandom overall, but they might do an actual good manga one day). Why? Because it's not of my taste anymore and I slowly stopped caring about characters and pairings I liked, just like that. I never said it explicitly on LJ, because I'm not an attention whore and I don't announce it when I drop a series. Not even when it was the fandom I was the most active in the past few years. Several of you still like one or both of those series, and I want to respect that even when I strongly disagree right now about the quality of these manga.

I still used to read spoilers. After all these years, and following it from their very beginning, I was slightly curious about the closure despite of my now indifference.

But you know, guys? Enough is enough. When it comes to Tsubasa, I will follow the spoilers because it's practically done and they can't ruin it more for me. And if the ending sucks, I want to read any possible wank.

When it comes to XXXHOLiC? After how much #186 physically repulsed me? THAT MANGA DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE. I will definitely stop. Cut for angry rant, vague spoilers, and unpopular opinion )

Why am I posting this, then? I needed to let it go, I suppose. And well, I know some of you friended me back from when I was in this fandom, and you might be bearing with my other posts for that. So if you want to defriend me after all this vitriol, or because you don't care about my posts for other fandoms, go ahead 'cuz I'm fine with it ^_^

PS: If CLAMP fuck up with someone related to Clow again, especially CCS characters, let me know anyway.
PS2: Tiny spoiler )
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So, I hope the one who had the brilliant idea to put a demo of the avatar function on the CLAMP website gets a rash on their hand. I spent like an hour last night doing shananigans. This shit was somehow lots more entertaining than all candymaker doll generators put together. So since CLAMP is making me lose my religion (*plays a tiny mandolin*), somehow I don't feel ashamed to dress up favorite characters in somebody else's clothes. If anything, this was bizarrely cathargic.

Mostly Clow, a couple of Watanukis, and of course some Amewarashi )
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Or they were nine years ago. Durrrrrr.

Do you remember the part in Cardcaptor Sakura where Clow Reed dies and reincarnates as other people? They only repeat it, oh, through the whole last arc.

So, when Yuuko dies, she's not going to rejoin Clow in the afterlife and un-live together happily ever after, you know? He's not there! He's in Japan, being Fujitaka Kinomoto and Eriol Hiiragizawa. And even if they meet each other in a next life, he's only going to be half Clow, thus a completely different person. Unless Ohkawa retcons the whole argument to Yue, that is.

In short, they don't get a "happy ending".

Well, not quite; at least not a romantic, shippy one: Yuuko spoilers to latest Tsubasa chapters ), and Clow finally isn't mortified by his powers and their repercutions. They got what they wanted, as characters, and the kids they loved and protected will (probably) live well; that's their happy ending. But no, no fairy tale romance ending for them, dumbasses. Then again, that's a logical conclusion since Clow has been truly dead from years now.

And even if I'm disenchanted with TRC and HOLiC from a while ago, I'm glad they will get to rest from all that shit and move on. They're free now. I'm fine with the way Clow/Yuuko turned out. I didn't need the kind of ending the fans are imagining now.

...All this unless CLAMP retcons something again, that is.

And I want to pretend Yuuko said that line because either she's hallucinating from her state, or the translation in English is vague.
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...but today, with all the Internet exploding (okay, not really) and stuff, I ship it.

Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP) x Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid). Theirs would be a eye-gouging, dismembering love that would troll the shit out of their fanbase!

Oh, come on, it makes sense! It's fucking scary and full of doom and milking series dry, but it's not as cracky as it should be!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] daniela_lynx wrote fanfic. It's in Spanish, though.
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Agsadfghsfh. In three days I've managed to get to the part I was in Persona 4, when I played the NTSC burned version. Maybe it's the fact I paid to own that game what made me so determined. I still suck enormously, of course, and Shadow Kanji beat the crap out of me. My main issue in dungeons is how I run out of SP so fast and the items to replenish are hard to get or made of fail -there must be something other than TaP cans. Fuck you, kitsune, with that price you could fill up my HP as well.

My head hurts, so... I'll take a break with that. I should play a Tales tomorrow instead, to relax.

[livejournal.com profile] kirarakim tagged me a while ago for these memes.

Character thing: Tamaki Suoh )

The other meme: I was given these fandoms. See tags for it )


Mar. 26th, 2009 07:52 am
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- I think I forgot to mention I made an icon post a week ago. Oh, and also, I have this concrit/suggestion thingie going on just in case you wish to say something about my shitty stuff.

- New Zelda game for the DS! I bet I'll buy it and never finish it *glances at Phantom Hourglass, and Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess, and...*

- Tales of Vesperia comes to Europe on June! ...Oh, right, I won't have a 360 by the time. It's still good to know it'll be out, though.

- My package is already in Spain *rubs hands*

- I wonder if CLAMP's mangette will be art-wise like XXXHOLiC, judging from that cover. They've managed to have me intrigued by having lotus blossoms and a creepy lamb-goat thing on it. *pokes the lamb-goat*

Oh yeah!

Mar. 3rd, 2009 08:00 pm
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...So, CLAMP, I see you keep adding Clow to the mess. And even Clow/Yuuko to the mess, to top that. Okay. Um. Fine. While my brain went "pppppppsh lolwhut" at the whole thing, I went to take it on Mr. Grants since I can't kick FWR in the balls. That's fine, still cloning-happy villain!

Meaning of this?

I just passed Tales of the Abyss, guys!

I've already given my thoughts on the ending the day I finished watching the game on Youtube. Anyway, compared to that bitch of Nebilim replica, this guy was sort of easy on level 80.

Now to spend my grade for the second playthrough.

ETA: Oh! I almost forgot. I was such a dork, I dressed the party for the final battle with the costumes on the second anime ending. Luke looked like ass in Berseker because you couldn't see his mouth at all!
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Guess who was finally able to reinstall Photoshop! ♥ The first thing I did was to fix my layout header which had been done with Gimp (which I barely understand) and looked like crap. The second was to make some icons to practice and remember how to use it. The bad news is that my copy is in Spanish and I'm not used to translated terms.

Anyway, GIP. If you get this icon, you're pretty cool by default

I'm also almost done with that rants meme I hadn't finished. Here are the links:
→ Character: Touya Kinomoto
→ Theory: Before 1999, Kotobuki and Erii leave Earth, take their friends with them, and all four of them have adventures IN SPACE and away from Kamui and all those angsty crazies
→ Character: Tamaki Suoh
→ Pairing: Ling Yao/Lan Fan
&rarr: Opinion: Pongamos que acaba el manga de FMA, y Greed sigue dentro de Ling. (It's in Spanish; she asked me about my thoughts on Greed still being within Ling by the end of the manga, and tl;dr I said it's going to depend on how it's executed, but I do hope that subplot gets a resolution.)
→ Opinion: TRC: the good crack or the bad crack?

And now a similar meme.

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

kirarakim's picks: Okami, Xing, CLAMP, Terry Pratchett, Howl/Sophie )
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But if Soel is the chick AND a purty princess, does that mean she (?) is the healer of the party? Also, what class is Watanuki, a paladin or what? Is Larg the same one? Isn't a spiky mace kind of an awkward weapon for someone with Kimihiro's body weight?


Now back to study.

ETA: larger size
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Images seen in Twitter and LJ flists:

1. Cute LEGO Stormtrooper is cute. I awww'd, even if it should be sort of funny/sad.

2. I see the Dragonball live action movie looks as LOLastic as usual, but why am I not surprised Piccolo isn't even green? He looks like a, um, a vampire! *rimshot and joke about Spike goes here*

Other strange flist alignments relevant to my interests happening in the last 24 hours:

3. A couple of CLAMP fans remembering Shin Shunkaden (Legend of Chun Hyang) existed and complaining about never knowing who her father was in the end. And still, we're the weird ones because the whine du jour was supposed to be about X and Lawful Drug or something.

4. Two friends getting into Apollo Justice at the same time. And both of them nodding in favor of my ship. Makes me feel somehow vindicated! :D Yesssss, more sane people! And yes, I might be a horrible person for introducing others to Ace Attorney through AJ, who at the same time introduce others through AJ. But hey, that way it's less painful, if you still haven't met Maya and the Edgers, and they'll avoid the usual comparisons between generations. Besides, most of these friends do it in order to understand our RP's AA cast (I'm to blame we even have one), and they're all post-timeskip so far.

Either way, yesterday made me feel less of an oddball.
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No, really, it's not epic. It's fucking boring.


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