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Welp, in the end I'm not doing Yuletide this year. With my laptop woes I wasn't in the mood to go through the sign-ups or picking fandoms and characters anyway. Oh well, less stress to deal with.

Speaking of laptop, the old one from my brother, which is the one borrowing? The F key loosens up once in a while. Bleh. I'd say that I can't wait to have my baby back, but I'll have to install and download EVERYTHING EVER and I'm so not looking forward to that D:

But anyway. Have Photoshop'd Okami/Ghibli crossovers (you need a pixiv account) and a meme.


And I have nothing cooler to say. Between a shitty weekend, tutoring my brothers in maths, and the fact so many of my friends are miserable with a reason, I'm feeling so down right now.


Aug. 25th, 2010 02:30 am
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As a lot of you know, Satoshi Kon passed away suddenly. It's pretty lame that such a bizarre, ground-breaking anime director leaves so young! I can't say I'm a fan because I've only watched two movies of his. But damn, Paprika was a blast to watch and it's one of my favorites. I think I'll download his filmography and finally get to check his more batshit cult movies out. Shine on as a legend, you crazy diamond.

Ah, there's pretty fanart going on for some comms in my flist! There's this piece of the Medicine Seller in a Mushishi-esque background, and this piece of cute Ling/Lan Fan fluff.

Afternoon seinen is sucking so much recently, uuuuuugh. And I need my Ouran chapter now.

ETA: Incidentally, guys, what are your favorite anime movies?
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So, out of boredom I signed up for Pixiv, just to check things out. And being predictable as I am, just guess which tag I checked on first. (Hint: ICON)

Then I see something GENIUS like this in the very first page.


Artist's profile. They also made endgame!Ammy, Shiranui, Issun, Ushiwaka, and Okikurmi!
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→ You know, I had completely forgotten that I had unreplied memes. I... wow. I suck. And I've been sucking at commenting in other journals, so I'm really sorry about that. I've read all posts, really.

You know what else I forgot? I had a hatchling. And it dies today D: Done, it's an adult now. His name shall be Keterburg.

→ Oh, and the other day I watched some animated movies, the most important being WALL·E for the first time (yeah, I know, shut up). Oh, man. It brought me such joy and sadness at the same time.

→ I have to wait for the Ainex subs for Natsume since I can't watch BSS' mkv files in my laptop or my DVD player, incidentally. All the snow bunny posts at the comm killed me with cute, and I still don't know the damn thing.

→ And for the most creative fanart media ever: this dad draws characters on his kids' brown paper lunch bags. Check it out! The bags are just gorgeous. The fact this family is into Okami makes them even cooler in my book.

→ Oh, and one thing I've noticed. Doesn't Apollo Justice's mom, in this photo (warning: fat case 4 spoilers), look like she has a large forehead? Either it's the hairstyle or we know already what he got from her besides her jewelry XD (hint: not her voice, obviously)
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First of all, some fanart recs, mostly funny comic strips. None of them have finale spoilers!

Aang and Zuko ended up in the wrong ruins. Guys, hilarious crossover.

Mike and Bryan get bodyguards against fanbrats

Pretty season 2 Zuko and Iroh

Speaking of Zuko and Iroh... (slight spoilers) )
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My thoughts on yesterday and today's Avatar episodes tomorrow. Some quickies:

1. Bought The World Ends With You on second hand at Game. And as long as the autoplay for the top screen is on, I'm doing fine -about to start day three. Not taking this game seriously, however, since it's Squeenix and Nomura. Besides, Neku and Shiki's character designs are just painful to look at. It's fun to poke and slash at shit with the stylus, so I'll just ignore it. But dayum, and you thought CLAMP characters were anorexic-skinny!

2. Slayers Revolution #3 in two words: LOL JELLYFISH.

3. Suddenly, this week I'm seeing Neil Patrick Harris everywhere. Well, no, only I started How I Met Your Mother and I keep hearing about this Doctor Horrible stuff. But still, weird universe is weird.

4. How did I not see this piece of pure awesomeness before? *_* Apollo Justice characters... wait for it... drawn as Okami characters! ♥ I'm mesmerized by Trucy's hat (so fitting!) and Ema's big drawer of medicines chemicals. ...Thank God Klavier doesn't look that much like Ushiwaka, or I would've needed years of therapy.
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It's been ages since I did this one.

Name an anime/manga/video game, and I'll tell you the following:
1. The first character I fell in love with.
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now.
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't.
4. The character I love that everyone else hates.
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer.
6. The character I would shag anytime.
7. The character I'd want to be like.
8. The character I'd slap.
9. A pairing that I love.
10. A pairing that I hate.

Ooh, looks like they'll be making a NDS version of Chrono Trigger! OMG Chrono Trigger. If it does come out in English I'm so buying this one. CT is the only RPG I haven't dropped out of boredom (it was because, uh, of major causes the ROM was buggy and it'd freeze in the same spot). So I want to give it a try again. It's even better timing because I've wanted to get an RPG for the DS and none would convince me. This one, however, I already know I was able to play, which is surprising for a Square game. OMG LUCCA AND THE FROG AND ROBO AND MARLE.

I... heard it was never released on Europe, not even for SNES. Jesus, so this placed always sucked at videogames? It's not a modern issue? MY GOD. IT'S A CLASSIC.

Also, This HP fanart. You don't have to be in the fandom to get it, just be familiar with this brand of batshit.
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Much better now. Had an awful week helping my mom and brothers with schoolwork. It was quite stressful.

Either way, fanart rec: Howl's Moving Castle (movie) Tarot. I know some of you might like it~

ETA2: Already got an answer on comments so I deleted the rant.

ETA: A couple of memes. Trendy personality quiz:

My personality type: the analytical thinker

Honestly, it's not entirely faithful even if it IS quite similar to INTP. In most of the questions I swinged to both options, so I think I'm a kind of hybrid. I'm not sure of what, though.

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] abarero.

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:

1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

Weapon can be real or fictional, you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

1. Can it be Clow's magic staff? Even if I couldn't do magic, a hit with those spikes must hurt a lot. Otherwise, a flamethrower.
2. Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting", for the win and the lulz. Ooooooooh~ Huah!
3. Any of the Elric brothers, because they could use alchemy to transmute weapons in the spot. Or probably Sokka because even if we get our ass kicked it'd be epically original.
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So anyway, the pairing poll might still be running, but the results are so amusing I felt like doodling. Please note that I can't draw for shit, and I did this directly in sharpie. And I didn't do details.

So far, the third place is a tie!

See the other runner-ups )

[livejournal.com profile] abarero asked me five questions in that question meme.

1- What's your favorite type of canned beverage?
Lemon soda (7-up, Sprite, that kind of thing). But I also used to drink a lot of non-alcohol malt in cans when I was in my previous college (particularly Maltín Polar). However, imported Venezuelan malt is kinda expensive here.

2- If you had to pick one book to teach to a literature class (of any reading level) which book would it be and why?
Probably The Little Prince or The Neverending Story. It's good for children, and adults could get a couple of ideas out of them.

3- Which would you rather have: skills with swords/other weaponry or sorcery/magic?
MAGIC *____* Besides, I don't have the body build or aim for any weapon.

4- What's your favorite song not sung in English? Why?
Mmmm, I don't know, it's been ages since I last heard music in other languages, apart from anime music and J-music. In Spanish, I'd have to say it must be something from the first Shakira records (...before you scream? I swear she used to be GOOD). In Japanese, probably something from The Pillows, X Japan, or Shiina Ringo.
...I have a hard time deciding songs, let me be D:

5- If you could pick one series that you could be the director of an anime/animated version of it- what series would it be and why? (it can be a series that has already been animated, but you feel it was poorly done)
I'd love to direct an anime based in Okami, just 26 episodes. Even if they're too many to cover the plot, we could have fillers to develop minor characters or slip new Japanese myths on their universe. Also, we could have precanon flashbacks! Of course, I'd ask Hideki Kamiya to tell me everything he thought of that the game couldn't cover, including backstory stuff. The only problem would be the original chara design: it works well in the game, but would it work in animation? Or should we anime-ized the humanoid characters? But anyway, it could be awesome.

Fanart yay

Jan. 31st, 2008 04:21 pm
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By chance I stumbled into [livejournal.com profile] yuletart, and I peeked at the submissions that seemed more interesting or funny. So I guess these are recs of sorts, but it would be wise to check by yourself anyway. These were the ones that cheered me up anyway.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar in snow
Good Omens: The Them + Dog
Spirited Away: Haku
Odin Sphere: sexy Velvet
Ouran: Remember when Tamaki used to be like this?
Avatar: Remember when Zuko used to be like this? o_oU
The Sandman: stylized Dream
Discworld: Rincewind facial expressions
Lord of the Rings: Elanor Gamgee reading
Final Fantasy XII: taking the Star Wars jokes to another level? (I barely know the fandom, but LOL chocobo stormtroopers)
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1. And I keep finding Okami/Mononoke crossovers when I least expect them. Oh lawlz, I'm not even looking for it.

2. Sprite gaming art in Lego. It's... God, my inner child squees so much ♥

3. LOL audiciones de extras para Dragon Ball. Por si algún mexicano quiere ir y trabajar en el pedazo de bodrio éste.

Back to study ;____;
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I meant to make this silly post days ago, and I kept hinting about it too. I think the title says it all. Crazy theories of how would some of my pairings' offspring would look/act like, taking existing characters from another fandom.

I said before that I was beginning to mix my fanons for Mononoke and Okami as it were the same world. The Japanese fandom won't help with the crossovers and AMVs. And it makes so much sense in my head! Particularly if I make the medicine seller the son of these two:

This is the part the flist starts to go "...bzuh", whether they don't know any fandom, just one, or both of them. I-I swear it makes sense. And mind you, I'm not the only one who thought about it. There's a drabble. And while it's not a crossover per se, there's this kusuri-uri as an animal god fanart that fits lots.

Also, did I mention that Medicine Seller and Ushiwaka, dreadful sense of fashion and mysterious dorkness aside, share a meme? The Let's go! Onmyouji thing, that is. Here & there.

Incidentally, I have a plotbunny -about Waka giving his son a peptalk and checking on him- that's chewing me all week. It'll be the most unread crossover fanfiction ever XD

And so you guys won't stare in horror at my obscure obsessions of choice you don't get, here's another unholy lovechild theory, this time with CLAMP characters. Guys, I KNOW there's an alternative Tsubasa universe in which this happened SOMEHOW:

YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE. Touki is totally like this pocket Yue, so if angels weren't asexual and shit, he and Ranshou would so breed Yue.
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Okay, so I was checking Okami fanart out, and what do I see?


Which is already awesome because it has Tama, but look at Amaterasu at the background. She's buying Holy Bones. And who's the merchant selling it?


Even if it's so insignificant, Okami/Mononoke crossover FTW ♥!
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I can't believe how unproductive I've been during this year's summer vacation. The websites I could've finished/updated! The fanfics I could've written! The icons I could've made! Meanwhile, I just stared at the screen, with null motivation -do not confuse with inspiration: I had plenty of that-, and only watching stuff in a lethargic state. And sometimes playing games or reading books.

What happened to me? When I'm in classes I'm too depressed or busy to work on my Internet hobbies. When I'm free or happy, I don't feel like doing anything. Am I getting old?

I watched Denno Coil 14-16 today, and I'm pleased to see plot going on. I called 4423's identity, but not... his current state, you know. Damn.

I also watched Mononoke 8, and I'm liking this arc. Looking forward to see the conclusion.

Now I'll leave you with fanart recs. rufftoon @ dA was the one who drew the Bosco comic at Nick Magazine. Her gallery, mostly Avatar-centric, is pretty neat, and her comic strips are quite funny. There's also a HP/Garfield crossover going on that made me choke on laughter XD

And now I'll try to work on a website update. Or I hope so...

ETA: I should comment about the Ouran spoilers for chapter 55, but it can basically be summed up as OMGSQUEEEE. Anything coherent I could say would sound obnoxious. So for your comodity, I went fanbrat-mode on [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor's journal instead.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 06:42 pm
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] zauberer_sirin! I hope you're feeling any better.

Okay, I'm done with the scanner! There it is!

Soel to Larg: Mokona Modoki no bouken (Japanese, scans for the text part, no color illustrations)

I can't believe I scanned almost 50 pages today! Then again, scanning just text is pretty much easy.

And so this doesn't look entirely pointless:

a) The Cardigans' I need some fine wine reminds me of Clow/Yuuko in some parts.

b) I've found a second Japanese fanartist who does Clow/Yuuko O_O (but beware! some older fanarts are Yuuko/Watanuki)
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First, Japanese fanart rec: Kazami Aki's. She does original art and CLAMP. It's gorgeous. The CLAMP stuff is mostly TRC, HOLiC, and X, but there's a few RGV and Clover. Still, I like this because she did Kuro-parents and Kakyou/Hokuto she also draws females and not only teh buttsecks it's the kind of IC-esque fanart style I dig, without the artist throwing her kinks at you all the time all the kinks in this are CLAMP's latest gothic lolita bondage stuff, really or the usual rape!seme/blush!uke crap.

The original sections are also very pretty to look at. And there are more images at the diary section.

Second, I fell hard for Mushishi. I finally got to finish it, and it's just one of the most amazing things I've ever watched. And I'm so glad the manga will be released here, nyah even if it's fucking Norma again.

Oh, Ginko ♥ I so have a crush on him. But don't we all?

Also, I just noticed that if I try to describe Ginko's looks, he seriously sounds like a CLAMP rejectee O_o Like, white hair, one (one!) green eye, and he smokes, and sees/attracts stuff most people can't. I wouldn't be surprised if the mangaka was a CLAMP fangirl at one point. Except Mushishi kinda is what something like HOLiC or Tokyo Babylon would be without relying on gay and fate for plot, which makes it more awesome than the two mentioned. *dodges tomatoes* But I mean it, Mushishi's storytelling is just exquisite, as Kino no Tabi's.

ETA: Third, MY ADOLESCENCE! Will be raped by high school AU chibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis x______x But SD!Shinji is so cute... NO, IT'S EVIL, DO NOT WANT.
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Help, help! The kingdom of Alabasta is eating my brain and rotting my heart! ;_____;

I don't know what the FUCK is with me and minor desert kingdoms in my fandoms. I don't even like deserts that much. Sand hates me and my toes. I see Sir Crocodile's attacks and dispair...

But I promise I'll make a long Alabasta post in the future. In which I'll fangirl practically every character, regardless of gender, age, species, and prettiness.

But anyway...

Gee, mom, I think the electronic sudoku is really cool, but batteries are not included; it's a pair of AAA, and I'm too lazy to buy alkaline packs or use the rechargable ones I have for the mp3 player for that shit, when I can get sudokus online.

I've been working a bit harder but not hard enough on Object-oriented Programming practices, so it's almost like I'm productive. Also, there's a rather discriminating exercise on the second sheet:
a) a person may have an ID number or not, but when the number is set, it cannot be changed <- uh, you know, *I* changed my ID number when I got the citizenship, so it's possible in Spain... not if you're a Spaniard, but immigrants are a whole new deal...
b) a person must have a sex, it's either masculine or feminine, and it cannot be changed <- OMG oppression! what about asexuals and transexuals? and Mr. 2, Bon Clay??!!
c) a person may have a mother and/or a father; also, a man can't be somebody's mother and viceversa <- OMG oppression again! and what about the persons adopted by gay couples? what about Akira Ijuin, who has two mothers and one father?!
Yeah, I know it's for simplifying things on a rather easy exercise, but it's still kinda a medieval approach for these times. Damn you abstraction.

Also no, mom, I don't want to watch Scary Movie 4 no matter what my brothers say. Just by watching two of those movies I've had enough bad pot and penis jokes for a lifetime.

ETA: Check this fancomic about movie!Howl/Sophie. Saw it already? Not dead from sugar? Fine, now see the CRACKTACULAR book version and die from laughter XDDDDDDD
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I was telling [livejournal.com profile] ayasugi_san the other day how a canon Zelda couple was sort of like Eriol/Kaho: Kafei and Anju from Majora's Mask. At least aesthetically speaking (hair colors, he had the Sun's mask while she had the Moon's mask, she doesn't mind he's stuck as a boy without being a pedophile...) Although the reason Kafei is little is more similar to Shinichi/Conan from Detective Conan, and it's not voluntary at all.

Then I wondered what do anti-E/K fans who are also into Zelda think about Kafei/Anju. If someone can be moved by Anju's love while bashing Kaho because she gets in the way of whatever they ship involving Eriol, I call hypocrit. Then again, K/A's romance is all over the place, and the end of the Couple's mask sidequest is so sad and awww D: But that's what happens when there's a stupid moon falling over your town in a minute...

So, some interesting links about Kafei/Anju:
- Wiki entry.
- Video of the whole sidequest: part one, part two. In case you're wondering, Link got the Kafei mask from Kafei's mom.
- Majora's Mask ending. Skip to 4:25 for the GOOD Kafei/Anju outcome: the wedding! Game programmers are evil and don't show Kafei's face, so supposedly we don't know if he turned back to an adult. I call bullshit: he HAS to be an adult, because their families and friends, who are there, don't look disgusted or shocked or anything. Still, so much hate for not showing the probable hotness of adult!Kafei! Grrr.
- Kafei's fanlisting. Also a tiny shrine for him.

And for more randomness, yet another Deviantart gallery with pretty Zelda fanarts here.
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Al final decidí que no tenía ni paciencia ni ganas de supervisar ese antro de estupidez, así que renuncié al cargo de moderadora del subforo de CLAMP de Dz (del cual algunos de ustedes me han ya oído gimotear). Creo que estoy mejor en mi rinconcito del elyay y ya me estoy haciendo vieja para los foros.


And now for some real-life stuff. It's been a couple of weeks since I got the Spanish nationality/citizenship (I have dual now, Venezuelan and Spanish, as none of both countries require me to forfeit on the other). But today I got my ID card. And man, is it ugly. I celebrate it by eating Ferrero Rocher.

FMA #65 is out ♥ But I'll wait for the translations before ranting about it. Yikes cliffhanger!

What else...? Oh, a troll just posted a "leaked spoiler" on several Zelda comms about Twilight Princess, in h1 font and uncut. Whether it's true or not, it gave me major déjà-vus of "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE PAGE 606 TOTALLY TRUE". Except, you know, Snape is Ganondorf.

But for something nicer and Zelda-related, I love this person's Zelda fanart series. It fills me with fuzzy nostalgia~

And still about Nintendo, but extremely wrong, my brothers pointed me to Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario Bros version (and some Resident Evil).


Jul. 16th, 2006 08:51 pm
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I'm terrible. Something worst than a reader who's reading several books at the same time is someone who's working on several websites at the same time. Why the hell am I building such an ego corner instead of updating Kimihiro.net or, you know, starting the Eriol shrine all over again?

But hey, speaking of Eriol, I finally found someone to sell me CCS volumes #10 and 11 in Japanese ~~<3 It's rather sad how both volumes, shipping included, are still cheaper than buying two CCS volumes in Spanish!

I think I'll go buy my CLAMP no Kiseki #10 (squee) and this month's Sandman tomorrow.

To finish off with some shareable crack:

- [livejournal.com profile] elihice and I were talking about the plotbunny-esque possibility of Eriol teaching Watanuki how to turn the ayakashi into sheep plushies, and then he'd get chasen by evil sheeps. Suddenly, it spawned fanart! ♥

- A Beginner's Guide to Faking your Death on the Internet. I CRIED out of laughter!


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