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Act I: In which there are rumors about Amaterasu in MvC3.
Kiri: *mindboggles*
Kiri: *doesn't believe it*
Kiri: *is not sure if want*
Kiri: Well, she'd kick Thor's ass, I guess.
Act II: In which it is announce that both gods are in.
Kiri: *fumes*
Kiri: *fumes some more*
Kiri: She made more sense in Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM! You guys suck!
Kiri: *looks at screencaps* Oh look, Ammy is totally kicking Thor's ass |D
Act III: In which a gameplay trailer comes out.
Kiri: *stares in awe*
Inner 11-year-old Kiri: OMG SHE'S POSING WITH CHUN-LI
Kiri: I-it looks badass...
Kiri: ......O-okay, I still resent she's not in TvC but. I'm not mad anymore.

Too bad the Marvel side of this game is such a sausage fest.


Do you recall [livejournal.com profile] reflections_2? It was like [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto, but to make essays about animangame characters you love. The place is dead now, and the non-Japanese-fandom mirror comm is not that active, and it makes me sad because I feel like rambling about how a character I really like. I suppose I could go to [livejournal.com profile] hated_character, since this was inspired by an opinion on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets -that wretched hive of scum and villainy- but I'm not sure if he's as hated as I think he is.

It's funny that I'm so used to hear that Klavier Gavin is a flat character that I don't retort anymore. Haters gonna hate. We agree to disagree. I was more boggled at how I keep seeing people making his brother issues a whole lot worse than I believe they are. And a lot of RP versions of Klavier I've seen in LJ do seem to take some fanon dependency on Kristoph thing at heart. WTF, where is that dependency in the canon? I'd rather see people calling him flat.

Eh, I should replay the last case and pay special attention at those scenes. And whatever I do, I shouldn't make a list of PW characters who I consider to be flatter than Klavier.
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It's *NOT* going to be the end for FMA.

I will bet to you that Hollywood producers are in negotiations for the rights to adapt the Manga and i'll bet we will get at least a live action big budget trilogy before there will be no more of FMA. And you know what? I have nothing against it. I actually think they could take the story to some interesting places. And beside, it will introduce FMA to most of the mainstream American audience..

Also.. The setting of the show/Manga is an alternative Germany, so that mean no race problem if they won't cast Asians for the roles..

...Stupid "alternative Germany" thing aside?


But mostly, I'd be more scared about them casting Scar as a white guy than the Xinguese. After racebending fail, I wouldn't be surprised if they would completely miss the point of the Ishval war by getting some tanned action actor. Gag!

ETA: not getting notifications *pokes eljay*
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Or they were nine years ago. Durrrrrr.

Do you remember the part in Cardcaptor Sakura where Clow Reed dies and reincarnates as other people? They only repeat it, oh, through the whole last arc.

So, when Yuuko dies, she's not going to rejoin Clow in the afterlife and un-live together happily ever after, you know? He's not there! He's in Japan, being Fujitaka Kinomoto and Eriol Hiiragizawa. And even if they meet each other in a next life, he's only going to be half Clow, thus a completely different person. Unless Ohkawa retcons the whole argument to Yue, that is.

In short, they don't get a "happy ending".

Well, not quite; at least not a romantic, shippy one: Yuuko spoilers to latest Tsubasa chapters ), and Clow finally isn't mortified by his powers and their repercutions. They got what they wanted, as characters, and the kids they loved and protected will (probably) live well; that's their happy ending. But no, no fairy tale romance ending for them, dumbasses. Then again, that's a logical conclusion since Clow has been truly dead from years now.

And even if I'm disenchanted with TRC and HOLiC from a while ago, I'm glad they will get to rest from all that shit and move on. They're free now. I'm fine with the way Clow/Yuuko turned out. I didn't need the kind of ending the fans are imagining now.

...All this unless CLAMP retcons something again, that is.

And I want to pretend Yuuko said that line because either she's hallucinating from her state, or the translation in English is vague.
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Yosh, I finished everything it had to be done for the weekend! In the end I DID apply for XXXHOLiC, by the way, yesterday afternoon.

Is it me, or this kind of comment is incredibly rude? OMG NO DOUJIN FOR MY NEEDS! )

Anyway, I still have 36263767 characters to comment on the past meme, plus a crossover drabble, but I'll do this one I snatched from [livejournal.com profile] kirarakim:

Fill in the names of anyone you know from numbers one to twelve without looking at the questions. They can be real people, fictional characters, friends, family, lovers – anyone. When you finish, click the cut and answer, then tag three people.

1. Yuuko Ichihara (XXXHOLiC)
2. Edward Elric (FMA)
3. Ushiwaka (Okami)
4. Lina Inverse (Slayers)
5. Sophie Hatter (Howl series)
6. Klavier Gavin (Ace Attorney series)
7. Sanji (One Piece)
8. Toph (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
9. The medicine seller (Mononoke)
10. Hokuto Sumeragi (Tokyo Babylon/X)
11. Kurogane (Tsubasa)
12. Clow Reed (Card Captor Sakura)

...aren't half these people blond? )


Aug. 6th, 2007 02:37 am
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A sorting quiz I haven't done yet? )

And now.

Dear person who joined a fanlisting I run,

Why on bloody Earth did you label the Soel & Larg (as in Mokona Modoki's relationship, guys, yeah) code under "Relationships: yaoi"?

I... um... no, I got nothing. I think I don't want to know how that works.

Utterly confused, and appalled your clasification system for relationships has to fall into "het, yaoi, yuri, or threesomes" (platonic? familiar? asexual? what's that?),

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Oh, qué idea más revolucionaria! Y si Watanuki fuese reencarnación de Clow?! OMG NO WAI!!!


Todavía con otros argumentos, pero con ESAS palabras textuales de la traducción que sigue tomadas de los pelos? Va a ser que no. Mala elección de escenas, baby.

Todo lo que quería decir ya lo posteé allá. Siento un déjà-vu pero impresionante, y algunos de ustedes saben por qué. *pets old posts and Laurus' meiosis jokes*
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Got this email last night from this Corey person:


I'm a HUGE fan of Ling Yao from the Fullmetal Alchemist series, and I was just wondering...can you get all of your members from the fanlisting to e-mail as many fan request as they can to BONES so they can make an anime or an OVA of Ling Yao and the Xing characters? ^_^


Should I email him back with a snarky/rude remark, or just pretend I never read this missive?

Anyway. Because you don't care about what I've been doing this afternoon (really, you don't, it involves watching videos of Okami and taking notes) here are the icons and interests [livejournal.com profile] abarero asked me.

emperor penguins: Yet another of my favorite animals. They're not only pretty, but also have a pretty much hardcore life in which they could just die any minute just for their reproduction's sake. It sucks to be then, but they stick togather and hang on. That's remarkable.

kujaku: My favorite character from RG Veda. Anything I could say about him is a huge fat spoiler, so I'll just say he's extremely awesome and the kind of character I love to pieces. Think of a fortune-telling Xelloss but with GOOD intentions. Visual aid.

ten-oh: I'm the only one who spells the name like this. Tenoh is also from RG Veda and a very minor character who's the main character's twin brother and the main antagonist's son. Besides being raised as a prince and related to three psychopaths, he turned out to be pretty much normal and a sweety so I like him very much. Visual aid.

This is an in-joke XD Basically, you have to know who Clow Reed is to get it. In Card Captor Sakura, he died by splitting himself and reincarnating in two guys. The thing is, only one reincarnation was labeled as such in the anime, so most people don't think of the other guy as a Clow half. But there are some traits in metacanon!Clow that remind you of guy #2 a lot, and in one post I commented that he was like Diet Clow. The joke went downhill, to comparing most Clow descendants and creations with Coca-cola products. So yeah, crack stuff.

This is my OTP in The Last Unicorn: Schmendrick the magician and Molly Grue. I like them better in the novel, because they're totally canon and Schmendrick is and looks cooler, but for icons you have to settle with the movie.

The T-shirt he's wearing amused me XD But anyway, this is my Discworld series icon, and the character on it (Ponder) is a wizard working at the Unseen University. He's, ironically, the biggest science and computer nerd I've seen in a fantasy book ever.
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True, I've only read RG Veda twice, but I really, really, REALLY don't recall seeing any Karura/Karyoubinga subtext. Like, ever.

I don't know, man. If you're not romantically involved with anyone, it's possible the most important person in your life (note: not in the CLAMP "my most important person ♥" shippy sense, but literally speaking, as in the person you care about the most in general) could be a close relative or a best friend you're not attracted to or even a pet.

This is not an anti-incest rant. Hell, that fandom in particular has CANON sibling incest (see icon for proof). It's just that I find extreme to say the couple said above is "canon" in a romantic sense, because I really can't see it. Not everybody is Setsuka Sakurazuka or "A" the psycho triplet. I mean, if you want to interpret that Karura loves her little sis that way, be my guest. But saying it's canon? Why?

I don't know, maybe it's a revolutionary idea, now that incest shipping is so trendy, that people can actually put relatives (as relatives I'll say parent-child, siblings, and uncle/aunt-nephew-niece dynamics; cousins and step-relatives and creator-creature are something else) above anyone and anything else without wanting to bang them or seeing them as their twu wub. I see Karura/Karyou as something like Ed/Al: their main goal in life is the other one's restoration. Karura fights for Karyou's welfare and happiness. But it's also that she gives me the vibe of loving her little sis also like a daughter. Single moms pour all of them into their kids. Have you seen how mothers in general, even animals, usually are when you mess with their baby? Yup, that's Karura. Karura for me is even worse than Touya's sis complex because she's raising her by herself. She's her baby.

So, you can interpret that as a Setsuka kind of motherly love or your average mom/older sister love, sure. But since when that's *canon* incest?! Did I miss something, or is fandom seeing shit that's not there?

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor, ya pagué mi deuda contigo :D o sea que ya eres rica lol
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Woot for my fandoms! Of course, I'm really mad at the Bleach fanits voting like sheep at that and outnumbering good stuff like Hagaren and HOLiC (ahahahaha, TRC isn't even on the list) and H&C. Hell, I think FMA > Furuba, but I let that slide because it's its last year and all, and Arakawa scored first at one-shots for that ninja girl story, and it's still better than fucking Bleach.

In anime, I think SuzuHaru should've done better than Code Gayass, especially; WTF at DN and BLEACH ANIMES beating Haruhi!. Oh well, at least Saiunkoku Monogatari (I'm behind in that one, actually) did well.

I was planning to rant about this week's Heroes, but I'm, mentally, too tired today. I'll just say the cliffhanger was PURE EVIL, all poor Petrellis are *screwed* right now, and I'm never taking ANYONE's parent for granted again. EVER. Oh, and I'm liking Hiro/Ando more.
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I'm sick of reviewing. Now I have an hour and a quarter to waste. Graaaaaaaah. I want to get on with this and be FREE!

1. My layout's CSS looks a bit wonky on Internet Explorer. The sidebar is like 5 extra pixels to the left. Nnnnng.

2. Suppi aka Spinel Sun from Card Captor Sakura

I don't know if it's because I've RPed too much as Eriol, or I'm just a purist, but when I saw that I was all "bitch, no".

It's Spinel Sun aka Suppi. Not the other way around, k? That's the way his goddamned creator named him, therefore that's so not an alias.
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Apparently, XXXHOLiC TV is a worse anime adaptation than Tsubasa Chronicle (link in Spanish). To that I say, WHAT?! dsfj,hjsdhfjksh

Why do I laugh my ass out when Lulu pwns people and then kills them at Code Gayass? I don't get it, I hated when Light/Raito Yagami did that. Ah, of course, it's because I watch this anime for the lulz spoiler for episode 15 )

CC, don't deny your love for your boyfriend, the pizza delivery guy~~~~ you kept clutching to the Cheese-kun plushie for comfort~~~

ETA: Yay, last Harry Potter book -and the advent of the Wankapocalypse coming with it- on July 21st.
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HOLiC, I missed you ;________;

Mr. Haruka definitely increases his level of awesomeness. I'm so relieved he doesn't creep me out anymore.

Attention to this, er, anonymous comment that made me, if possible, more stressed out.

Looks like Syaoran and kuro-sama are the male and fai and sakura are female its seems like a cute kawaii yaoi love history, so cool the color paper is the proof, so cute and in XXXHOLiC domi's grandpa was so yaoi with watanuki love it

damn clamp girls hate them always make out of myself!!!! so much suspense

Domi X Wata Kuro X Fai soooo cuteee sooo fluffy

................what. There are NO words for the first paragraph. (Also how is touching -metaphorically- your grandson's love interest's cheek "being so yaoi"?!) And the fact someone is "reading" the raws of TRC up to date and thinks KuroFai are, from all things, fluffy right now, gives me a headache.

Back to the OOP practice.
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Horrible, horrible, horrible. Poor and wooden exposition for *three*
chapters? I realise one can't avoid placing down a little groundwork
but for God's sake, this is ridiculous. If nothing else, Clow is such a
person to wish for Kaho to discover certain things for herself. It
would have been better to have him set her tasks of a sort, so that she
learns that she herself holds the answers already.

Nice premise, shitty execution.


People who have read my E/K fic up to chapter 3, does this person actually have a point? I'm trying to think about it, but I'm fearing I might stick to my subjective logic and disagree with it forever.

Because, you know. I'm trying to think any moment Clow (as in Clow, not Eriol; maybe the reviewer confuses them?) wanted anyone to figure things out by his/herself. Let's see, uh... Sakura? Got her important explanations from Kero, Syaoran, Yue, Kaho, the Eriol-tachi. Clow always provided explanations to Sakura through people. The only person related to Clow who figures a big part of the picture, although not with the whole details, by his own was Touya, and Clow never had that much of a plan for him -or at least beyond giving Yue his magic, if Clow had known that.

Kero and Yue never figured things by themselves, would always find out about Clow's true schemes through the Eriol-tachi, and their memories were altered -more than once, in Yue's case- so they could never.

This is the people Clow loved and trusted. If he never wanted them to come up with answers on their own with no external help, why would he give a damn about bell-bearer Kaho, future reincarnation-girlfriend or not? He and Eriol can't figure out hearts for shit, so would they know she's capable of coming up with the answers on her own?

Also, we don't know how strong Kaho's clairvoyance is. I've thought long about it before writing this fic, and considering Kaho has sported a WTF face more than once during the Final Judgment, I doubt she could be able to figure everything by herself (with or without Eriol's explanations.)

And also, I find know-it-all!Kaho so boring and Sue-like. The Clow affair is messy, and most of the involved people could only understand the big plan after everything is done and you've heard everyone's story. If not even Clow Reed knew how everything would out to be... why would random shrine maiden Kaho Mizuki, who's described as much as an absent-minded person as she's insightful?

Dunno, that's the logic I used for my plotbunny. Obviously, if the reader's interpretation of the characters involved in my Eriol/Kaho is strongly against it, it might look "shitty", "ridiculous", and "horrible", I guess.

...That's what I'm trying to tell myself, but now I'm wondering if this person's not-flame part of her review does have a point, and my fic's exposition is truly that horrible and OOC for Kaho and Clow/Eriol. What do you, two people in my flist who read this fic and some other CCS fans, think? I need some outside perspective on how to take this. Be honest.

So random

Dec. 16th, 2006 06:30 pm
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Karma hates me right now. Aruba.it hates me. Nintendo distribuitors hate me. Norma Editorial hates me. With my luck, I wonder if I'll be able to find torrents for Hogfather any time soon.

But hey, cool links for you. If you can stand to read e-books on your computer, there's the very illegal /bookchan/. Which is like 4chan, but with literature instead of porn! OMG!

[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor, have you noticed Arlongpark.net HAS text translations of the SBS sections of One Piece here? I was reading up until the volume I'm in, and LMAO! It's sometimes interesting and meta, sometimes crack, and sometimes just stupid. I wish now all mangakas had fanmail replies in volumes like Odacchi. That's so unique~

And now the moment of stupidity sponsored by The Pit. Hey, my Eriol/Kaho got my first retarded review! Not a flame, though, but this fanbrat so obviously didn't read my fic.

"N after a few more days of talking they fell in love n so on n so
forth...typical...anyway hurry up n update! I can't wait 2 read ur nx


Let's go in parts, "SnowCharms":

a) And after a few more days of talking they fall in love? NO. No. Actually, no. I love how she makes conclusions from thin air. The fic is pairing-labeled, but it's going to be mostly genfic, probably with some usual tension. But NO, Kaho won't fall in love after meeting him a couple of times. That's boring. I write canon, so she just got out of a relationship and won't even notice she likes Eriol as a man until... months later, actually. Hell, it'll come as a surprise to her as well; so far she has no idea that's the guy she's supposed to meet in England. But really, it's going to take her a long time, and so far he's just exchanging information with her and earning her trust, and later they'll become friends. Most of the future chapter ideas are of the gen variety, some with sillyness and some with tl;dr conversations. But I'm not going to have Kaho drooling over Eriol's awesomeness that blatantly. She may think "hee, he's so strange/wise/kind/crazy" but not "OMG HAWT I WUB HIM SO MUCH! PLZ LOVE ME BACK and not Tomoyo WOE ANGST *emo lyrics go here*".
The whole point is: just because 95% of the Pit authors are predictable it doesn't mean all of them are going to do things the easy way. My story is slow, my story will end as soon as I feel the canon timeline should start (so no cheesy dates and snogging would happen because duh), and the fact you assume I'll have her after his pants two weeks after he meets him offends me a lot.

b) I'm not accepting a "typical" label from someone with this crap in her favorite list of fics. Excuse me if I take "typical" from you as a compliment, because you sure like OOC/AU pieces of garbage in your reads. So yes, I'd prefer boring and IC before "atypical" and "...wait, who are these people again?"
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Attention to this guestbook entry for Kimihiro.net!

It has to be a troll. Either way, it's so damn funny. She even has a 666 part in her email address, lawl.

Name: [protected for privacy]
Country: USofA!!
E-mail address: [protected for privacy]
Homepage URL: http://yahoo.com
Ko-ni-chi-wa!! i luv xxxholic so much that, i don't know but it's
AWSOME!!! i almost have every book but i'm goin' 2 get the rest when
they come out so....yeah! i hope the last book is the best one. i want
watinuki 2 tell his seceret cruch how he feels in the last book!! i don't
know if watinuki is goin' 2 be w/ his crush or that girl that likes
him. i can't really remember their names right now so...yeah. I WANT THE
all the people that read xxxholic r FU**N" AWSOME YEAH!!!


Piece of advice, troll-chan: choose AOL instead of Yahoo as homepage next time. It gives you more cred. And sayounara to you too.
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[livejournal.com profile] amewarashi: http://www.forosdz.com/foro/showthread.php?t=151931

[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor: yo espero incluso que cuando kuronin vuelva junto a tomoyo se casen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wuiiiii boda !!!!!
[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor: ldfhsjk XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

[livejournal.com profile] amewarashi: y tendrán 7 bebés hermosos de cabello de azabache que podrán hacer magia *Y* usar espadas!

[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor: ninjawizards!

[livejournal.com profile] amewarashi: no, mujer, ésos son los assbabies que Kurogane tuvo con Fye
[livejournal.com profile] amewarashi: éstos son ninjamikos!

[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

[livejournal.com profile] amewarashi: y sus ojos serán: las niñas de brillante ametista que con su belleza conquistarán el corazón de todos las mujeres los hombres de Japón; y los niños rubíes de fuego ardiente que harán que los hombres las mujeres se cremen la entrepierna de los kimonos

[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor: me parto
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Well, after the fluff of Ouran, the weirdness of XXXHOLiC, and the utter awesomeness of Fullmetal Alchemist (I'll make a post about the rest of it later, because it's that awesome)... I really didn't care a lot about TRC 128 O_o It's like... Fuuma, Kamui, Subaru, Seishirou. Okay. Good for you. I'm really indifferent about the lot of them in TRC so... yeah, I basically got bored. The only thing I sort of fangirled was the splash cover, and that was more going "aawwwww ;_;" than anything.

And I didn't believe I'd say what I'm about to. Yes, you know me, I dislike TRC!Sakura a lot. My dislike for her is only surpassed by TC!Sakura. But the Sakura bashers are getting on my nerves, okay? If she doesn't do anything, she's an useless prissy princess who sleeps all day. If she goes and do something to help, then she's a frigging Mary Sue. Just STFU. So you don't like her and you don't want to see pages of her stealing the spotlight of your bishies and the subtext. Big deal. Christ on a plane.

Can't you just ignore her for some weeks, like I did in the Piffle arc? This can't get any worse than Piffle.

(Speaking of that, my 12 year-old brother was extremely bored by the Piffle world, even with all the eternal non-stop action and velocity. And he's a pseudo-Narutard. Just saying.)

Or maybe I'm just bitter about this attitude because
a) I read shounen manga, and I'm used to see a character I love disappear for months of releases. And I don't only talk about the minor guys, but also the big fishes. So not seeing Kurogane and "improved"!Fye for months is piece of cake for a FMA fan.
b) I understand you're happy to see the X bishies characters and stuff, but this is not the last time you'll see them. When Sakura returns, they'll still be there. And bitches, my favorite TRC gay pairing is MIA since volume fucking 5. If I can survive, so can you.

Back to coding HTML.
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Visto en un foro:

Tomoyo!!! Es preciosisisisisma con su pelo laaargo y tan dulcee ^o^

...¿Y cómo saben que su pelo sabe dulce? *inserte risas enlatadas y doble sentidos acá*


This week is the comic fair in my city. Think of it as a sort of convention, but really small and held outdoors. In the middle of the street. Yeah, weird. [livejournal.com profile] inouekun and I went yesterday, but the stands weren't done in the morning, so we came back today and had fun.

My boughts:
- CLAMP no Kiseki #5 (and with this, I fill my gap). No #10 yet for me D:
- Duklyon #2 (I MUST make a separate post about it!)
- Fruits Basket #11 (and with this, I'm up to date)

We saw a huge anime!white Mokona plush in one of the stands (the velvet one I find ugly and creepy; Smurfs-like creepy). They also had some plushie keyrings for TRC characters. I craved the Kurogane plushie, but I couldn't afford it. Woe is me ;_;

This year it was all about Bleach. We were not surprised at ALL. Actually, we were betting on it.
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I'm personally tired of the fanbrats who try to send me emails concerning my old CCS page (which has been dead for TWO YEARS). But it's not the mails themselves. It's how they refuse to search for my email or the contact form in the site section, but they all follow this pattern:

a) Her nickname is kirisame
b) Gmail accounts are hot

Therefore, she must use kirisame at gmail dot com! :DDDDD Let's send her our lousy fanfics over there! It totally isn't going to be received by a wrong person who picked that username before and perhaps can't speak Spanish!

Which is just bizarre because I never mention I own that fucking email address ANYWHERE in the site (actually, I got the gmail account AFTER I abandoned the damned site.) My yahoo account is the one listed there, and I still use it (even with more frequency than the bloody google mail; actually, I don't even use my gmail for almost anything.)


Anyway, I got a better email than fics in which Sakura is a waiter (WTF!)

For those who read Jamie's journal and/or her translations on Mokona Modoki, she emailed me last Friday. She told me she has Internet issues and her connection sucks, so she can't get online. This is why she's disappeared.

However, she sent me the translation for the Soel to Larg pages I passed on her ♥ I asked her for permission to put them here right now and I still haven't heard back, but I'll take them off if she asks me to.

A couple of Mokona stories )
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An asshat talking about Tomoyo-shipping:

o, and another thing ....why so many comments about Sakura...i know she's in love with her and i won't deny it TOT....but...my opinion is that Tomoyo is too delicate and and gentle and feminine to be with another woman ....i mean

Emphasis is NOT mine, actually.

Can I recluit Michiru from Sailor Moon to kick this guy's ass? Good LORD.


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