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Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate it. Happy Winter Solstice in advance :P

→ I feel a little too excited for finishing Ocarina of Time... AGAIN. Now to try the Master Quest (I almost type sword, LOL) mode. And man, the ending has some plotholes that make me wonder... and I don't mean the timelines and time travel shenanigans. I mean, how the fuck are the Kokiris partying at Lon Lon without turning into Skull Kids?! Makes no sense whatsoever.

→ Why the fuck are Hollywood making a sequel for the Clash of the Titans remake? That movie was SO SHITTY, I had to watch it with Rifftrax and it was still dull despite of the memetic one-liners and the MST crew mocking. It's THAT awful. Look, I don't care that you have actual titans now. This is an abomination.

Persona 4 anime, I'm just on the wagon still because anime!Teddie is so precious. No idea if Kappei helps with the squeaky moe voice or what. You know, I think I'm going to write a giant post about Teddie because he is my favorite P4 character and he needs more love. And stupid theories. And long eyelashes, apparently! Meanwhile, I shall ignore that guy with the gray hair for my own sanity.
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I'm sorry if you saw that and I apologize for the damage in your flist. I thought that crossposting plugin was turned off.

In case you missed it: I'm trying to resurrect the mythology blog in my domain, now with reviews. I posted one for Okami today because area of expertise and stuff. But yeah, technical difficulties and that bullshit got accidentally crossposted without LJ-cut.

Man, I didn't want to plug it like this...
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First things first. I revamped my domain despite the fact I haven't worked in any sites forever. Mostly because it had been so long with the same layout and most images were broken and that's sad. So here it is, a little dull but at least it's clean and a fairly good practice to some CSS3.


If I ever get less lazier, I'll make the avatar-ish image in the sidebar a random image of fandoms I like. And maybe make skins in different colors. But so far it's enough as it is.

Fandom-wise, I haven't been up to a lot of stuff. I've kind of been really active on plurk but mostly because a lot of friends from the RP are over there. I've been limiting my time on Tumblr because it's a fucking black hole for visual magpies, but I still check the dash and update my blogs at least twice a day.

New anime season, other shit I've watched, me failing as gamer forever )

ETA: I did buy a HDD in the end. It's a 1TB electric blue WD which I named TARDIS.
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In my eternal search for well-written mythology butchery fiction, I might have stumbled into what might possibly become this subgenre's very own Twilight. Just the description really, really, REALLY annoys me in several areas.

→ They paid HOW MUCH for this?! To a newbie, no less. Man, either this woman writes like a god, or it's very Meyer-esque with Romeo-and-Juliet shit they recognize it's automatic cash cow. I lean to the latter, knowing the YA industry.

→ The Iliad in High School. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN.

→ Making a novel about a reincarnation of Paris/Helen, which is just terrible in general.

This then begs the unfortunate question: should she be with the boy she loves even if it means endangering the rest of the world? LET ME GUESS, IT'S GOING TO BE THE CLAMP WAY, ISN'T IT? Instant resolve not to read this ever.

pitched it as "a Percy Jackson for teenage girls"

...........................there is SO much wrong in this sentence.

Noonononono. No, dammit. You know what is Percy Jackson for teenage girls? IT'S PERCY JACKSON ITSELF, YOU ASSHATS!! Titular boy aside, this series is filled with amazing and BAMF teen girls to look upon! And there's a balanced male-female hero ratio, so there are many to choose from. And even more amazing? Many of them get love lives too! So being in wars and dating isn't mutually exclusive, and they don't get to risk the world for Soulmate Hottie like this Helen chick who just sounds kinda psychotic if you ask me.
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So Madoka Magica ended. Spoilers ) In short, I didn't get attached like everyone else, but it was, uh, an interesting thing to watch overall.

I... have been watching some anime of this season, but while some are entertaining or intriguing, there isn't a show that really grabbed me and made me think "I'm so watching this till the end!" I should probably finish second seasons of shows I liked, like Sengoku Basara and Arakawa Under the Bridge.

In non-anime news, I also started watching The Almighty Johnsons because I'm still in my Norse mythology butchery kick, and I'll gladly read/watch/play almost anything with references to that pantheon. The first episode was okay. The torrents are pretty slow, though. And I have to get used to the Kiwi accent.

Yaaaaaay, tomorrow Doctor Who!
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I bought Eight Days of Luke by DWJ, online. I'm still bummed over the lack of ebook for this one, but this is likely a good inversion because this book has Loki as main character. Nnnng have done want for such a long time. I also added a Norse mythology book to the basket.

After struggling with the brothers' Wii for 20 minutes -batteries, firmware updates, software updates, etc.- I downloaded the Okamiden demo from the Nintendo Channel. I can honestly say this was not worth it and I don't recommend it. It's not the game what was bad, no. It's the fact that instead of a demo with the first 15 minutes of the game, or maybe a piece of a dungeon + boss fight, or some running around Shinshuu field, or something cool? No, it was the fucking tutorial part! Remember the part of the original game, at the River of the Heavens, with Issun info-dumping you the basic controls so you could go on? IT WAS FIVE (OR LESS, IF YOU SKIP KUNI'S BLAHBLAH) MINUTES OF THAT WHAT THE FUCK I ONLY FOUGHT MONSTERS ONCE. That's no demo, that's a cocktease.

...Brush techniques with the stylus are sweet nonetheless. Still not worth your time, though.

Ahem. Less angry now. I'm crossposting an 30 Days Okami meme I'm doing on Tumblr. I saw a Percy Jackson one but half of the questions were movie and whatever dude.

30 days Okami: list of questions )

Day 01: Why the hell are you so fucking obsessed? )
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Quick list:

α The tabs I have left open for research for original fic or blog posts I want to write get weirder and weirder, including Wikipedia links about tricksters and troubadours. Not for the same thing, sadly. I think this is why I rarely write: MY IMAGINATION IS TOO RANDOM.

β I'm getting used to reading in my silly gadget. My main issue is focusing in one book at the time.

γ The first finished thing this year was Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman. Even if it's a short story aimed at children, this might be my favorite mythology-based thing from everything he's written. I thought the main character was going to be like Hiccup, and in the end he was That Kid In Animanga Who Always Grins To Creep You Out ^_^ Trufax.

δ And because some of you were talking about it, I tried 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors(aka 999) yesterday. No$GBA wasn't saving well, so I used DeSmuME to play the ROM instead. I got to the Safe ending, I'll do the True ending later, then maybe the rest of the bad ends. The game is pretty good, some sort of ungodly hybrid between Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright gameplay wise, but very Agatha Christie meets any horror film with people trapped in a twisted game of sorts. It's pretty good if you like those two genres. Also, is it just me or the corpse descriptions are gross? I know that death by explosion is hella awful, but maaaaaan, TMI.

ε Read more of The Iliad, self!
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Okay, hi to everyone from the Okami friending meme! Nice to meet you. I swear I'm not as scary/dull as I may seem. And despite of listing many pairings, I'm pretty much vanilla. But yeah, favorite video game of all time for me is that one.

Meh, I wanted to peek over the Yuletide fics despite of not participating this year, but it won't open at all. Buuuuuummer.

Hmmm, what else? Ah, yes! I should start responding old memes, so if anyone wants a free icon from me, please go here. Maybe I'll begin before January 6th, hopefully :D /lazy bastard

And you know what I want to revive? My blog, Nectarade. And the Iliad reading. I actually had the next chapter half done since forever, but it was a good one and I wanted to make it justice with decent jokes, so I had a writer's block. Then my hard drive DIED. But yeah, I'll retake it. Gotta take advantage of my new reader coming with copies of The Iliad and The Odyssey (using Greek names and not Roman, thanks.) It also brought Virgil's Aeneid and Hesiod's Theogony, but the latter has a really lousy translation (Gaea gave birth to the GIANT OREOS?! I don't even XDDD)


Sep. 15th, 2010 04:59 pm
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So, watching Xena 1x06 (I know, shut up), and this jewel of a conversation comes out. It was more or less...

Xena: I'm going to need a new army.
Ares: Whoever you want. The most legendary warriors in history, even.
Xena: Hector? Achilles? Agamemnon? They're long gone...
Ares: I'm the god of war, bb. I'd ttly bring them back for you.

Ah phooey, my suspension of disbelief went down the drain.

Because you know, Ares? I really, really, really, really don't think it's a good idea to put Hector in the same army as those two. You should know, you were there, for fuck's sake!

It's amazing how even when they make him lots cooler and smarter than he really was in myths, he's still dumb as a brick. Fail, Ares.

(yeah, I've been quite lazy, but I do plan to retake my Iliad summaries)

ETA: Wait a minute, how the hell can he bring back people from the dead?! That's not a part of his domains. Doesn't uncle Hades have something to say to this? What is Ares going to tell him, "I need this favor, because I have to bang this really hawt woman, so pleaaaaase"?
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Today it's Lapras day because I caught one and I'm happy. I really like Lapras, they're so cute! You know what else? It's Iliad day. I really mock The Iliad, it's stupid!

It's just a flesh wound )


Jun. 24th, 2010 01:04 am
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You know what, I change my mind. If you've noticed and have been wondering why crossposted entries have been appearing and disappearing? Well, the LJ crossposted plugin in Wordpress is made of suck. So I'm going to go with just leaving links to the posts in the blog instead. You can comment here if you want!

Five easy to misunderstand gods (1/5): Hades

I'm really sorry for killing your flist, guys :( I had it set for private at first, but for some reason it didn't work.
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Top 3 of things I had never thought I'd be saying, but have actually come out of my mouth in the last seven days:

a) I really need Alphonse/Mei fanfic and fanart like burning.
Any recs, guys? And BTW... GDI Pixiv, you disappoint.

b) Dude, Wonder Woman's run in the 80's was so moe.
Yeah, I started reading the post-Crisis stuff. Seriously, she's so adorable! Also: where has this comic and its awesome females and its cool Greek mythology butchery been all my life? *_*

I was so underwhelmed by this console until half an hour ago, when they threw motherfucking Kid Icarus on my face. OMG Brawl!Piiiiiiiiit~
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So, I finally finished Percy Jackson and the Flashback Fest. Er, I mean, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. I shall describe it as


I've really enjoyed this book series, and the last installment was satisfying. Lots of action, lots of sadness, lots of win. I spoiled myself about the twist in the prophecy, but I liked how it went. The only thing is, I could do without all that Achilles emulation, but then again this book's theme sort of was LOL TROY.

One day I'll make a larger post about the series itself.
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So the director of the remake of Clash of the Titans is a Saint Seiya fan.

Let's repeat that again!


..............Should I laugh until my sides hurt or be very terrified he might've been influenced by it? I MEAN, it's not like the original movie is that faithful or anything, but Saint Seiya takes the cake in waitwhut.

But the point of making this post isn't talking about a bad movie based on a so-bad-it's-good cheesy cult movie from 1986. It's showing that they got Kurumada to make manga posters for the film in Japan! Scans here.

...Dude, that guy doesn't look like Sam Worthington at all XDDDDDD This is like being asked to draw a space marine in a Greek armor, and instead you give them a JRPG shounentard. If anything, the stuck-in-the-80's hairdo makes me think this is fanart for the original and not this one.

*aaaaaaand insert several jokes about pegasus and Andromeda and Hades (!?) here, of course*

ETA: From Misión Tokyo: "Last week, during the premiere of the remake of Clash of the Titans, director Louis Letterrier declared he did a tribute to Saint Seiya in the film, having the Olympians to wear armors like in the original story of Masami Kurumada." Well, that's CotT's excuse, but what's Percy Jackson's?
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→ Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] outou! Hope you're having a good time.

→ Well, the first episode of Arakawa Under the Bridge was funny. I went to check the manga later and thankfully it was scanlated until 75% of this episode. I prefer to watch a comedy anime not knowing the jokes in advance. So far the anime is funnier, which is odd considering how much the mangaka makes me laugh with Saint Young Men, his other manga.

→ Speaking of which, I stumbled into the fact there's a Danish comic series a la Asterix art-wise called Valhalla, based strongly in Norse myths and it's mostly about Thor and Loki's bro adventures. Man, do want to read this so much, but it's not in any language I can understand. Bummer.

→ Does anyone know any good pages about Norse mythology, by the way? Greek-Roman has even entire domains dedicated to it, but I have yet to see that level of dedication with other pantheons. The more detailed, the better. Oh, and same with Celtic and Egyptian, for that matter.

→ Some quizzes. Dungeons and Dragons character and hero archetype )
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I hadn't heard that Sean Bean (aka Boromir) did Zeus in the Percy Jackson movie until I watched it last night!

So it begged for this...

...I want a pair of Converse talaria. So cute.
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Happy birthday, Laurus! I ♥ you and I've been owing you presents for years, but have a good day!

1. I'm still deciding on whether I should sign up for Yuletide or not. On one hand, there are fandoms this year that aren't really small, WTF, but I'm not complaining I really want to write (Persona 4! Tales of the Abyss!), so this could give me an excuse to sit on my ass and do so. On the other, will I have the time, and more importantly, will I have the disposition? Real life is incredibly uninspiring in general right now, to the point it's even cockblocking my capacity to do school work. How can I, when I can here someone sobbing next door every half an hour?

2. However, lately I've been writing Gaimanesque Greek-Roman mythology fanfic in Spanish. What's this I don't even... Should I cross-post it to my fic journal?

3. News like the bird dropping bread over the LHC are justifying why I keep saying that the great force moving the universe is randomness.

4. Am I the only one who thinks, regarding this, that Kojima is not only trolling his fans but also the Twilight ones? Oh, and LOL Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

5. I've been watching more real-action TV lately than anime. I don't know either.


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