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Okay, so I got my Pottermore mail last night. I'm RainSilver82 in case someone wants to add me there. The important part about this thing is the wand and house, so let's go with that. My wand is cypress, 10 inches, phoenix feather core, slightly springy. Sounds neat. I got sorted to Honey Badger House! I like to think of myself as a Ravenpuff mix TBH, but a good amount of quizzes and LJ sorting comms have seen the Hufflepuff sometimes, so I was well prepared for this result. Recently I've felt that I've lost most of my Puff due to depression and being a selfish lazyass in my adult years, but okay. It's still cool. *insert Hufflepuff gif with that dancing guy with the chicken legs here*

The site itself... I did everything last night and now I don't know what else to do? I absolutely detest potions, only managed to brew 2 out of 5 -I've even lost a cauldron thanks to bottles being glitchy-, and I don't really want to experiment while there aren't means to gain new money. Duels are down right now, so fuck this shit. I feel kinda awful because we're last place, but I doubt 1pt per cooking disaster will help that much.

McGonagall's backstory is awesome. Sad, but awesome to know.

Ah, before I forget, [livejournal.com profile] insanepurin gave me 5 things to rant about like a week ago.

Magic Knight Rayearth, Thundercats, Pokemon, Who, and Princess Tutu )
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→ Randomly signed in for Pottermore this morning. I picked as username RainSilver82, and I'm forever amused that it follows my "theme" in nicknames related to raining.

→ I also "finished" Pokémon Black as I sat on my ass lately to grind, and I beat the Elite Four post-plot today. My E4 party was Krookodile, Swanna, Volcarona, Lilligant, Musharna, and Zebstrika.

I don't know, it's been quite the bizarre day. I should wrap it up by watching surreal Britcom or something.

Also, I'm testing the Dreamwidth crossoposting thing, as I'll try to make it a habit now.
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It's been ages since I did this one.

Name an anime/manga/video game, and I'll tell you the following:
1. The first character I fell in love with.
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now.
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't.
4. The character I love that everyone else hates.
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer.
6. The character I would shag anytime.
7. The character I'd want to be like.
8. The character I'd slap.
9. A pairing that I love.
10. A pairing that I hate.

Ooh, looks like they'll be making a NDS version of Chrono Trigger! OMG Chrono Trigger. If it does come out in English I'm so buying this one. CT is the only RPG I haven't dropped out of boredom (it was because, uh, of major causes the ROM was buggy and it'd freeze in the same spot). So I want to give it a try again. It's even better timing because I've wanted to get an RPG for the DS and none would convince me. This one, however, I already know I was able to play, which is surprising for a Square game. OMG LUCCA AND THE FROG AND ROBO AND MARLE.

I... heard it was never released on Europe, not even for SNES. Jesus, so this placed always sucked at videogames? It's not a modern issue? MY GOD. IT'S A CLASSIC.

Also, This HP fanart. You don't have to be in the fandom to get it, just be familiar with this brand of batshit.

Oh jolly

Oct. 20th, 2007 01:49 pm
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I go to sleep and Jo Rowling gives an interview? Damn, the things I miss D: My flist exploded and there are 5 pages of post already on Journalfen. It's like waking up to a whole new world in which mentors in children's books can be canonically gay. It's bizarre feeling. Also, quite fabulous. And I'm so, so, so not surprised! XPPPPP

Go Rowling go! The wank and the awesomeness of gaydore kind of makes it up for you sinking Neville/Luna further in the same breath. But hey, Hannah is a cutie and I like her. A part of my mind still goes all "wrong blonde!", but I'm warming up to the idea of that marriage with her description of it. How about a threesome? Interhouse smexxors FTW! Luna's hubby can come too, whatever.

Meanwhile, a part of me is all "awww" because my gay British magical mentor figure in my original fiction isn't that original anymore. Still, my Randall Jenkins and his boytoy husband secretary approve of gaydore wholeheartedly.

And since I'm not contributing to the spam in YOUR flists, I'll end the interest/icons memes I have pending.

It's long, so I'll cut )
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1. Respect for "old schold"... whatever that is:

You know, random graffiti person, your message about how artistic said hobby is would be more valid without the horrible misspelling of English worlds. You can't be possibly respecting the "ghetto" movement that much if you can't spell it well... *pet peeve*

I understand ghetto is tricky, but misspelling school is just SAD, kids.

2. Sucking too hard on your lollipop:

Every time I go to Alcampo (think of it as a mix between a supermarket and a Walmart), I shudder when I see these posters with pictures of lollipops and assorted candy. Below there's this text that goes like this:

There are alternatives. Please do not smoke inside the store.

...And I have flashbacks to the awful American dub stories, and come to the conclusion that message was brought to you by 4kids instead x____x

3. Can you say obsolete?

While my uncle was buying pots at El Corte Inglés, I was fooling around on the DVD and books section. And then I see in the young literature section there was that Mugglenet prediction book. Which made me go:

a) They translated THAT into Spanish?! WTFFFFFF.
b) I still can't believe they tried to make money out of fan essays and epileptic trees.
c) Er too late, LOL.

Mind you, I don't know how long that one's been around. Still, only impatient fools who can't read English would waste their bucks on that. And if they were that keen, it's cheaper to go to a cybercafe and poke the Intarwebz for spoilers, or use school computers, or their own home connection. Or ask a friend who does know who died and hooked up with who.

And Emerson's name on the cover would scare the potential H/Hr buyers, if they existed.
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Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully, there'll be AUs and pre-or-post-marriage fics around. I still found the chat nice enough, since it validated some guesses I had made about plotholes, and solved a couple of doubts I and other people had.

Still, goddammit! Why do you go and admit N/L was cute and made sense, and then you give Luna a random future husband?! That's toying with my feelings, Jo. And on Neville's birthday, too.

Anyway! Even if I'm not talking about Avatar in this post, I wanted to GIP this Teo-in-a-tank icon :D Because I can't wait till September.

And a last fandom thing to discuss today: HOLiC 141 spoilers )

ETA: I give up on you, TFL.
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Randomness. Deathly Hallows spoilers ahead )

Hopefully, next post won't be about HP. If anything it'll be about the dentist tomorrow DDDD:


Jul. 23rd, 2007 11:46 pm
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Actually, I finished the book yesterday, at noon. I've been reading all the flist posts, all the wank posts (dammit, the Potterdammerung hasn't happened yet!), and checking the spoilerrific icon posts (without snatching any, because I don't want to annoy you guys). I still have to catch up with RP and fanlisting business. But I've been feeling so hyped and tired from the whole experience than I couldn't do anything coherent. Including, of course, writing a review.

Anyway, comments are set back to normal :D I'm happy to report that I wasn't spoiled in the least.

On my first years in college, I read the books 1-4 as my guilty pleasure, I suppose, and I'm afraid they became trendy in Venezuela just some time before the first movie. It was interesting to find friends of mine and former classmates to admit to me they liked the series, and exciting to say "ME TOO!" because that was too geeky. The books were magical to me because they were the kind of stuff I would've liked to read as a child. I also remember the time I looked for Internet shit, and did the sorting at the WB page, and was all SWEET, I'M A RAVENCLAW even if I was pushing as a Gryffindor LOL.

I've never been too much into the HP fandom, and it wasn't even the one that introduced me to Intahwebz communities. However, during my animanga message board days, I'd hang at the HP subforums and do stupid shit like pretending I was a Hogwarts student, and read crack posts by 13 year-olds and find it amusing. I made good friends at the board by writing collective crossover crack badfic with explicit self-insertion, including the dear [livejournal.com profile] threeleaf. A horrible past, but I had FUN and that's what matters. More on the dark past was when I was on my HP fandom phase at LJ, and joined sorting communities. I even was a Ravenclaw at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite until it wore me out. After HBP, I felt the magic was a bit gone, and shrugged out of it.

I'm happy it's over. Not because it's been a bad trip -bumpy, yes, but there's nothing wrong with it, at least to me-, but because we finally got a conclusion. Is it sad? Sure it is, but I don't feel like that. I feel this rush of happiness and euphoria inside. With all the apathy I had, it's surpising the book had me in such a state of joy for a couple of days. I couldn't even shed tears for the dead. It's a strange thing.

Continuing the tl;dr, but now with SPOILERS. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. )
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Now that I've called your attention with the most adequate LOLcat macro I could find, let's talk about the Deathly Hallows, as it'll come out in three days.

To everyone:

I'll be able to find the book this Saturday. However, I won't be spoiling outside an LJ-cut or labeled posts, nor will be using quote icons. I can't guarantee the comments here made by other people will be spoiler-free, though. So please, be considerate and don't leave spoilers in comments! And I don't mean for a couple of days, mind you. Some of my friends won't be able to buy the book in months, because not all of us live in English-speaking countries, or Europe, or capital cities. Imported books can be a bitch to get in, for instance, Latin America. So don't be a prick and think about my friends and lurkers.

For the record: I'm a slow reader in English. The book's gonna take me from two to four days to read. Consider that for the next two points.

To the nice people who comments here but I've never added back:

Sorry guys. I love talking with you, but I'm a paranoid penguin at the moment and I'm afraid I could leave a spoiler troll unbanned. Therefore, I temporarily set the default comments to "friends-only". That doesn't mean I made the journal F/O, mind you. It just means you can't comment in any post at the moment. I'll change the settings as soon as I've finished the book, and we'll be back with the schedule. I apologize to the ones who don't even like or care about HP. Kisses, I'll see you soon!

To the flist:

Since I can read you easily, I'm most concerned about you guys. I have no way to filter which ones from you are Potterfen and which aren't (I can pickhand some if I've seen you ranting about teh pottah), since I don't know some of you enough, and interest lists aren't good indicatives for fandoms. So, I'm not doing a filter for the ones who might spoil me, because I have no idea who would (again, I can identify some who wouldn't, but that's not enough).

Like I said, I'm a slow reader, and I'm not looking for spoilers for this one this time. I might not be that into HP anymore, but I still want to know the ending the way it's intending: reading the goddamned book!

The point here is:

For the love of whatever you believe in. Use LJ-cuts for your spoilers, be them fake or real!

I mean it. Please do. Please, please, please with cherry on top. If you have the need to fuck people up, don't count with me. You don't want to make a despairing woman with toothache and a bloated face more angry that she already is angry.

Also, I'll be avoiding my MSN IM account. Sorry guys.

To myself:

To-not-do list until you read the book:
a) Don't read the friendsfriends list, you oaf
b) Don't read labeled Journalfen posts, you oaf
c) Don't read comments in random websites or blogs, you oaf
d) Don't go to message boards of any kind, you oaf
e) Don't read fandomsecrets or multifandom, non-manganime comms for a week, you oaf
f) Don't enter to IM accounts other than Y!IM, you oaf

To-do list after reading the book:
Change default commenting back, you oaf

* * * * * *

Thank you for your attention :D Have a nice apocalypse wank weekend!
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OK, I've returned from downtown. And, to my relief, I found out that buying DH in FNAC was a Very Good Idea because

a) price was one euro and so cheaper (what? with that euro I could buy mini Chips Ahoy to chug this afternoon)

b) they had the Adult edition as well to choose from (I normally don't give a damn, but God, is the Children UK cover for this one fugly!)

So, the result of the carnage, as I took a chance to get some manga:

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows LOL
- Mushishi #2
- Fullmetal Alchemist #5
- Matantei Loki Ragnarok #1

I was tempted to get Elite Beat Agents, but thought it was the wrong weekend for a new videogame.

Anyway, off to spend a weekend full of cheesy magic and shuddering bad romance. Yay!
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Of course, CLAMP does fanservice *I* can fangirl at.

King Clow, bitches. On the cover. Hot stuff.

Because it's KING Clow. I'm getting all peeved because people are going all "OMG CLOW REED"(*), when his clothes are so painfully, obviously Clowian. Don't you see the neck pattern? And the gypsy coins? Sure, the cloak has a sun and shit, but it doesn't look like the one on the Reed robes.

Anyway, I could tell you I've been kind of absent because I've been at my mom's, and I was too lazy to comment on stuff or make posts, and how my face is a horrible zone of pain again thanks to The Right-sided Molar (which will be removed when I've taken enough antibiotics, that being several days after the Potterdammerung).

Speaking of the Potterdammerung, these two posts seem useful for the battle against spoiling jerks:

- Because you CAN prevent forest fires
- Troll protection!

Have I told you I'll maim you if ANY OF YOU posts spoilers outside LJ-cuts or in my journal? I WILL. I promise.

And this is what I did while I had no Internet:

Revamped the Spirited Away fanlisting and redid all the 50x50 codes! I particularly like the hover thing at the menu. The top image looks kind of LQ, though.

(*) And unless you subscribe to the King Clow = Clow Reed theory (**), he's not. Trufax.

(**) I dislike that theory a LOT because I believe it cheapens the plot, leaves plotholes in the other mangas Clow appears in, and every possibility for a Clow country version of a CCS adult woman as the queen of Clow becomes creepy by default (***). And I'll kick puppies (****) if CLAMP makes it canon.

(***) "My beloved queen, if We was born again, We'd fall in love with you again... And actually, guess what: We will!! :DDDD" (<- Also known as "I'd hit that... again, in my next reincarnation, yay!")

(****) Preferably, cousin Merce's Scottish terrier. He isn't a puppy, but I'd kick him.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] nyaabo!
I hope it's a good one. And thank you for making me feel I'm not talking to myself like a loon whenever I rant about Okami.


I know what the problem with notifications was. This time it wasn't LJ acting up, it was Yahoo. After I temporarily switched my address to a Gmail one, I started getting my emails right off. Well fuck.

I shouldn't get excited about HP anymore, especially one of the movies, but I found myself watching this without cringing that much; quite the contrary. I think kids are learning the Patronus charm WAAAAAY too early. I wonder if the Patronus shown in the clip were backed up by Rowling or they're random animal picking by the screenwriters (because dude, a rabbit for Luna is puntastic XDDDD) Speaking of which, I'm loving Evanna's Luna! ♥ I think I might watch this movie early, unlike GOF, just for her. Oh, and another nitpicking: Neville doesn't seem like he can see the thestrals D: I hope it wasn't really changed and it's just an illusion by the clip cut, because I liked that half of the six kids who went to the Ministry could see them.

Another fic. For [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis, Avatar: Sokka (plus Hakoda). This one was fun. Again, first time writing for that fandom.

LOL covers

Mar. 28th, 2007 02:48 pm
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The countdown to Potterdammerung, or the wank to rule them all that will kill the Internets, is still on. So exciting!

Yeah, Harry Potter has been a great ride for me, even though my fanatism has wore down with time a bit. So I'm glad we're getting to see the end of the journey, adult!Harry will be hot, and hoping the answers will be managed either here or at JKR.com. But incidentally, I'm not in a squeeeeee mode, and I'm being more enthusiastic to the fandom reactions and the jokes spawning from the wanks.

One thing I learned from last books was not to steal a big poster from a department store if you're not going to hang it afterwards assume things from cover art.Because most of the times, you really can't tell anything from it. What did we have last year? A pensieve, a boat near a sink, a potions book, Harry's friends staring at a dark mark, two fingers joined by a ring of fire, a redneck shack with a dead snake as decoration, and Harry and Dumbledore all LOL FIRE WTF.

My point: HP cover art is random sometimes. Occasionally it does address important plot points, places, and people. But while you can make theories about the art, and it's much fun to do such, most of the time the predictions are off. Because "you can't judge a book from its cover" and shit, so trying to come up with the plot in a flawless way just by staring at the pretty official art.

That said, I know we'll be sick of seeing speculation and thoughts on H/Hr vs. R/Hr yaoi over the cover art released today. So I'm not going to bother and go "OMG snakes on a plane cover, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!" I just look at the art, say things like "mmmmm..." or "uh..." to myself, and continue. Maybe in self-preservation to the DRAMA today's TRC chapter will bring.

I will, however, say one thing:

Children's UK cover? You look like a Discworld novel. I feel the need to 'shop the Luggage and a couple of wizards and barbarians and night guards in there.
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Apparently, XXXHOLiC TV is a worse anime adaptation than Tsubasa Chronicle (link in Spanish). To that I say, WHAT?! dsfj,hjsdhfjksh

Why do I laugh my ass out when Lulu pwns people and then kills them at Code Gayass? I don't get it, I hated when Light/Raito Yagami did that. Ah, of course, it's because I watch this anime for the lulz spoiler for episode 15 )

CC, don't deny your love for your boyfriend, the pizza delivery guy~~~~ you kept clutching to the Cheese-kun plushie for comfort~~~

ETA: Yay, last Harry Potter book -and the advent of the Wankapocalypse coming with it- on July 21st.
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I know I said HP movies are on notice, and I think OotP will be butchered leik whoa, but dude. Eeeeeeeeeeeh Lunaaaaaaaaaa ♥

Thank you, movie makers, for not messing up with my favorite character's appearance. Or at least not this time.

ETA: also, am I the only person in fandom who thinks the Ouran anime finale makes, like, no sense at all? Meh, good I stopped caring and stuff. Eeeeeeeee Luna!
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In case you haven't seen it, the Saturday Night Live HP parody with summer-makeover!curves-in-all-right-places!Hermione XD
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The irony of Harmonians. LMAO.

Ha, found more subtext while rereading the second arc of CCS. But the translations are not always the same...

So, help me out to collect different translations from different sources!

Volume 9, first part, page 42. What Fujitaka says.

Scanlations: Touya-kun stopped over at Tsukishiro-kun's.

Text fan translations #1: Touya-kun said he was staying at Tsukishiro-kun's place.

Text fan translation #2: Touya-kun stopped over at Tsukishiro-kun's.

Spanish (Spain) translation: Touya dijo que hoy se quedaría a dormir en casa de Tsukishiro. (Touya said he was staying tonight to sleep at Tsukishiro's place.)

Spanish (Argentina) translation: Touya dijo que hoy se va a quedar en lo de Tsukishiro. (Touya said he was staying today at Tsukishiro's.)

Tokyopop translation: Don't worry, Touya said he was spending the night at Yukito's.

Portuguese (Brazilian) translation: O Touya avisou que vai passar a noite na casa do Yukito (Touya said he would spend the night at Yukito's house.)

So far, Norma Editorial's (Spain translation) wins as the gayest.

ETA: Tokyopop's wins.
ETA2: Tied with JBC (Brazilian)
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I'm broke.

No, really. When I say "I'm broke, I have no money," it's likely I'll have it in minimal quantity. But today? If I have one USdollar in my wallet that's too much.

I can't borrow my brothers' PS1, because it's American and you can't connect it without a special adapter for electricity. They do have one, but my mom needs it for the blender.

Anyway, my grandma is buying me a PS2 for Christmas in advance. I won one at eBay with a fair price. I bought a memory card today with all the money I had.

Random stupidity some of you have seen already: Webcomic strip. Harry Potter vs. Edward Elric XD When wanky fandoms collide!
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I spent the last days stalking eBay, looking for a Final Fantasy VII game for PSX. No, I don't have any Playstation console. Yes, I have lost my mind.

I blame it on Square Enix and making Reno so cute and arrogantly dork on Advent Children. Bastards. Now I need to play the game.

I'll borrow my brother's PSone on the meantime, I think. I'll perhaps need a memory card...

But it's not the only good thing sucking my money right now. I'm getting the XXXHOLiC Movie Fanbook. Wee! if the stupid seller sends me his Paypal email so Setsuka can pay it ¬¬...

Another interest meme )

By the way, those who haven't seen my previous post, please proceed to look for it at my journal and reply it.


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