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Aug. 28th, 2010 10:53 pm
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For [ profile] lalita_b, top favorite female characters in books.

My god, it's full of plot fetishes )
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Guess who read House of Many Ways! I really enjoyed it. I loved the references to Castle in the Air and the few cameos. I love how the characters from Howl's Moving Castle managed to be more epically involved in this one. I digged Charmain, perhaps because as a sheltered, rude, useless nerd I can identify with her. The plot wasn't that extraordinary or anything, and I would've liked more exploration of the title house and Peter and his mom and wizard Norland, but it was a nice read.

And jeez, LOLWHUT at Howl's disguise! Keep on trolling, stupid wizard! ♥ How can he manage to be more annoying and somehow sparklier in every book? In here the Pendragon family were pretty much transparent in contrast to the previous book, and seeing them around -although I'm a bit sadface at the lack of shippy scenes (at the end, I mean, otherwise it would've been eew)- pretty much sold the book for me.

Then again, I don't expect the books in the Howl series to be real sequels of HMC, so that might help a lot. This is why I take what I get and I'm not disappointed by new protagonists taking the spotlight of Sophie and Howl and Calcifer, plus those three are badass regardless.

I want my own Waif to adopt me. Socute.

Meanwhile, there are two novels I want to read but right now I shouldn't import anything. I've been trying to hunt for the illegal downloads to no avail. Does anyone know of a good place to get ebooks besides generic torrent sites?
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Interesting crossovers to do with Howl's Moving Castle:

- Sullivan from Monsters, inc. I blame [ profile] fujurpreux. It's all about entering the wrong doors.

- Fujimoto from Ponyo on the Cliff. They were ttly interdimensional BFF before this guy moved out to the sea in disgust to his own species.

- Just Discworld. You know Howl can also move through L-space. Let's argue with the Librarian and fellow coward Rincewind!
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BECAUSE MAMORU MIYANO IS LING. I can't get over that.

Okay, right, I've been saving up words from that "comment and I'll give you words to ramble about" meme like a squirrel. So it's time to gush.

[ profile] colonize gave me The Legend of Zelda, Peony/Jade, Good Omens, Raine Sage, and Howl/Sophie )

[ profile] telrunya gave me web pages, Ling, Tales of the Abyss, CLAMP, caparashon )

[ profile] sha_chan gave me turtles, baddass colonels, Ace Attorney, sparkly blonds, snarky pairings )

I still have two sets to do. Will go with that tonight or tomorrow.
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Guess who was finally able to reinstall Photoshop! ♥ The first thing I did was to fix my layout header which had been done with Gimp (which I barely understand) and looked like crap. The second was to make some icons to practice and remember how to use it. The bad news is that my copy is in Spanish and I'm not used to translated terms.

Anyway, GIP. If you get this icon, you're pretty cool by default

I'm also almost done with that rants meme I hadn't finished. Here are the links:
→ Character: Touya Kinomoto
→ Theory: Before 1999, Kotobuki and Erii leave Earth, take their friends with them, and all four of them have adventures IN SPACE and away from Kamui and all those angsty crazies
→ Character: Tamaki Suoh
→ Pairing: Ling Yao/Lan Fan
&rarr: Opinion: Pongamos que acaba el manga de FMA, y Greed sigue dentro de Ling. (It's in Spanish; she asked me about my thoughts on Greed still being within Ling by the end of the manga, and tl;dr I said it's going to depend on how it's executed, but I do hope that subplot gets a resolution.)
→ Opinion: TRC: the good crack or the bad crack?

And now a similar meme.

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

kirarakim's picks: Okami, Xing, CLAMP, Terry Pratchett, Howl/Sophie )
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the disney meme

I really SHOULD study today, be productive. It's not like I can play videogames or anything, unless it's that game with the anorexic asshole and the looks-like-an-ugly-Kaworu godmode creep. I could make icons, but I'm lazy.

On the other hand, rereading Rurouni Kenshin up to the end of the fight with Sano awakened my love for the series and the titular character ♥ It's fucking expensive (10 euros, 22 volumes), but the books are huge and pretty and it was the first manga ever I read. Besides, I never owned the whole thing. The random color pages are nothing spectacular, especially compared to manga coloring you see in fandoms, and they only used like five colors and shit to paint everything. Yet for some stupid reason seeing his hair red makes me giddy like I was fifteen again. Maybe it's because it's Rurouni-fucking-Kenshin.

Also, because of Laurus I want to rewatch The Sword in the Stone. And I'm convinced this had to be Howl Jenkins' favorite movie when he was a little kid, and the reason he became a wizard AND a closet Arthurian geek later in life. Turning into animals is fun~~
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Much better now. Had an awful week helping my mom and brothers with schoolwork. It was quite stressful.

Either way, fanart rec: Howl's Moving Castle (movie) Tarot. I know some of you might like it~

ETA2: Already got an answer on comments so I deleted the rant.

ETA: A couple of memes. Trendy personality quiz:

My personality type: the analytical thinker

Honestly, it's not entirely faithful even if it IS quite similar to INTP. In most of the questions I swinged to both options, so I think I'm a kind of hybrid. I'm not sure of what, though.

Taken from [ profile] abarero.

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:

1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

Weapon can be real or fictional, you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

1. Can it be Clow's magic staff? Even if I couldn't do magic, a hit with those spikes must hurt a lot. Otherwise, a flamethrower.
2. Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting", for the win and the lulz. Ooooooooh~ Huah!
3. Any of the Elric brothers, because they could use alchemy to transmute weapons in the spot. Or probably Sokka because even if we get our ass kicked it'd be epically original.
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I think I know what I'm getting myself for my birthday already. These two babies, God bless the month of June:

I've been waiting for AGES for that artbook to come out. If they postpone that date once more, I'll be so pissed. I'm not in such a hurry for the DWJ book, but dammit, I so want to read it as soon as possible because it's set in the HOWLVERSE. How awesome is that? Even if the book isn't that good, I still get tiny cameos from characters I love, so yeah.

Now to find a credit card from a relative to borrow...

On the meantime, I'm still finishing my report on the lab assignment, due Tuesday. I must finish it tonight because tomorrow I'll be tutoring my brother on Math AGAIN. Incidentally, their next exam is on the 3rd or something, so I'll have to tutor the two of them ONCE AGAIN on the weekend or something. Ugh ugh ugh.

So, tomorrow I won't be online that much. Curses.

/back to stressful state now
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Um, Lexicon wank just broke Insanejournal's bandwidth. Therefore, Steve Vanderarc or whatever his name is indirectly hindering with our RP shenanigans. Good Lord, and I wanted to catch up during lab hours.

Nope, IJ's host sucks and they might've lost like a month of database. Noooooo eso es todo el jueguito y 3/5 4 de mis personajes ;____;

So on the meantime, I'll go with the headcanon meme to procrastinate.

Howl Jenkins )

Ah meh

Dec. 5th, 2007 04:52 pm
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1. New header! @ [ profile] amewarashi. But in some screens it looks so sucky... I blame it on my laptop's excess of light, and the original image for having such thin lines (I swear I didn't sharpen). And I should crop it a bit since it's slightly large. But this image of Aika is so cute and fits my journal title so well. I really like to use water themes in my LJ layouts XD

2. Note to self: Having plotbunnies for practically every fandom BUT your assigned Yuletide ones? BAD THING. Please to return to that shit after December 19, kthxbye.

3. Bought me some Howl's Moving Castle in Spanish. The book is thick and hardcover, but short in height. The editor actually did let slide crap like an "halla" instead of an "haya". I also think the translator abused the verb "hacer". And also, doesn't it happen to you that if you've read a book a couple of times in the original, and then go to the local translation, you're rolling your eyes over some choices or how the idea didn't go through? Well... But it's still fun to read it in Spanish, and it's still better than Salamandra's HP translations. Nnnnng.
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Atención gente, que esto es digno de mención:

"El Castillo Ambulante" de Diana Wynne Jones, por editorial Berenice

POR FIN, HOWL EN ESPAÑOL. Un poco cariñoso, pero es lo que hay. No sé, puede que me lo compre para que vean que la Jones tiene mercado acá, y reediten los de Chrestomanci y el Castle in the Air de la misma saga. Con suerte llegarán a distribuir a Latinoamérica algún día, no? Más les vale.


Enough with the public announcement in Spanish. My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, if an iPod or a Wii. Honestly, right now? ...Neither. Sure, I wanted an iPod some months ago, but I just bought my 2GB Kimihiro a while back, and I feel bad about replacing it while it still works. And the Wii, well, I do want one but not right now. It's just that there's nothing in the current game catalog that calls me. I have Twilight Princess for GC, Mario games in 3D aren't my thing, Smash Bros Brawl is still developing -my brothers will get that one anyway-, and I'm still debating whether I'll get the Okami port or not when it's out. Also, the only Wii pack available is the one with that generic Sports game that's boring for single playing, and that sucks balls.

It was easier when they just gave me money. Except they noticed I spend almost all of it in books and manga and stuff related to manga, and they hate that. Nnnng.
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I think I made a choice. I'll be leaving [ profile] retrograde_moon alone. Kind of, at least. If I want to plug a website or a fanlisting, I'll do it here, since it's not frequent enough to be qualified at spam and my friends-of list in that account is a subset of mine already.

But I AM keeping the journal alive, even though not in the same way, because it has a special filter I find useful and I watch syndications (webcomics, fanlisting networks updates) from its flist.

Así que bueno, la gente fanlistera que aguanta mis rants y quejidos en locked, no me defriendeen [ profile] retrograde_moon. Seguiré haciéndolo ahí XD Lo que no haré son los plugs y preguntas sobre layouts, pero los posts privados para bitchear son para siempre.


And so it won't be so random, I was just attacked by some plotbunnies, but the least obscure that bit me would be one of fill-the-blanks precanon Howl's Moving Castle, about that infamous first time Howl went to Ingary. For some reason I feel like writing Mrs. Pentstemmon examining and nagging a younger, dark-haired, confused-as-hell Howell.

I wonder if there's a way to put Okami characters in the HOLiC universe without time-space traveling. I read a good Spirited Away/Okami crossover that managed that, but the worlds' perceptions of time is too incompatible for me to feel comfortable making them the same 'verse. Mmmmmm. It's just that the sparrows' inn at Sasa Sanctuary is so, so HOLiC material. And hell, Ammy going to the 1000 spirits procession once or twice to get some mana from that tree would be great. And I want Waka to be friends with Yuuko.

...Okay, it's still random.
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1. No llevo ni la cuarta parte de mi tabla Touya/Yukito para 30 Vicios, y ya me pedí un segundo claim. Así que apuré mi quinto fic para poder optar por otra tabla. (La segunda, que la de las leyes de Murphy la veo muy cruda para cualquier personaje o pairing que me gusta a no ser que fuese Watanuki, porque jo-der, no pega ni una!) Supongo que necesito un respiro del azúcar que supone el pairing, y así ir alternando. Y claro, qué es lo contrario a fluffy gay? Snarky het! Por ende, me pedí a estos dos *señala icon* Claro, los del libro. No faltaba más.

2. This week's HOLiC in one word: AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. And it goes on hiatus T______T Splash page is hawt and Eriol-Clow-esque, so I approve (and want to icon it) TRC in general right now in one word: Uh? I think I'll wait for this arc to be over, and then read the whole thing in retrospective, because I understand shit of this shitty plot. If someone dies or loses more limbs before they leave this boring world, let me know.

3. I'm watching what I have left of Mushishi, because I'm in the mood. Woot!

4. [ profile] hamsterfactor wrote the Tamaki/Haruhi manifesto ♥ Yeah, that deserves its own bullet.

5. The RP I'm in rocks. Eriol got a beer for White Day~~
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Help, help! The kingdom of Alabasta is eating my brain and rotting my heart! ;_____;

I don't know what the FUCK is with me and minor desert kingdoms in my fandoms. I don't even like deserts that much. Sand hates me and my toes. I see Sir Crocodile's attacks and dispair...

But I promise I'll make a long Alabasta post in the future. In which I'll fangirl practically every character, regardless of gender, age, species, and prettiness.

But anyway...

Gee, mom, I think the electronic sudoku is really cool, but batteries are not included; it's a pair of AAA, and I'm too lazy to buy alkaline packs or use the rechargable ones I have for the mp3 player for that shit, when I can get sudokus online.

I've been working a bit harder but not hard enough on Object-oriented Programming practices, so it's almost like I'm productive. Also, there's a rather discriminating exercise on the second sheet:
a) a person may have an ID number or not, but when the number is set, it cannot be changed <- uh, you know, *I* changed my ID number when I got the citizenship, so it's possible in Spain... not if you're a Spaniard, but immigrants are a whole new deal...
b) a person must have a sex, it's either masculine or feminine, and it cannot be changed <- OMG oppression! what about asexuals and transexuals? and Mr. 2, Bon Clay??!!
c) a person may have a mother and/or a father; also, a man can't be somebody's mother and viceversa <- OMG oppression again! and what about the persons adopted by gay couples? what about Akira Ijuin, who has two mothers and one father?!
Yeah, I know it's for simplifying things on a rather easy exercise, but it's still kinda a medieval approach for these times. Damn you abstraction.

Also no, mom, I don't want to watch Scary Movie 4 no matter what my brothers say. Just by watching two of those movies I've had enough bad pot and penis jokes for a lifetime.

ETA: Check this fancomic about movie!Howl/Sophie. Saw it already? Not dead from sugar? Fine, now see the CRACKTACULAR book version and die from laughter XDDDDDDD
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Today it was a card-y day. I tried to work on the OOP practice I have to hand over on the 19th, because I'm really behind, but in the end I got distracted by shiny Internets. Again.

The point is, I made one exercise, and it was one about creating a deck of baraja (una baraja española, para aclarar). It was kind of weird because my knowledge of it comes from the Minor Arcana (BTW, I never mentioned I bought myself a beginner's Tarot deck last month), and the Spanish cards in a Tarot are different than the ones on a Baraja in two things: a) barajas have no Queens, and b) the wand suit are different in Spanish depending of the deck -they're "bastos" (think of trollish clubs) in playing cards, and "varas" (wooden sticks, proper wands) in Tarot.

I learned this today, by homework. Most people learn by card games. I clearly suck at life. Incidentally, popular card games here are, obviously, played with barajas and not the usual French decks. Which is so bizarre for me because I'm used to them and not the Spanish decks. You can find barajas everywhere and not the hearts-diamonds-clubs-spades darlings.

Another thing: Go and catch a falling star, get with child a mandrake root... )

Offtopic: Anyone knows of good fic authors who write about Alabasta characters? I'm thinking genfic and/or Kohza/Vivi. I just don't know where to start, and I don't dare poking around.
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I don't know if I said it, but we're moving out in, like, 10 days or something. So I have to put stuff aside and arrange my computer files for backup. 80% of my mangas are in the new house already ;_;

Anyway, I went to Youtube, searching for a Howl AMV I downloaded once to share it with you guys, but I couldn't find it in there. So I uploaded it. The song is one of my favorites ever: The Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, Tonight. It's a really nice ballad, and it fits the movie leik whoa.

And since I was at Youtube, I found some clips of Spanish dubs. Now compare, if you will, the same scene in the same language (...sort of), but dubbed by different people with different accents.

Spain dub

Mexico dub

It's going to sound so weiiiiird to you guys >D *is used to both accents in dubs so... blah*
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[ profile] icondork has an Ouran-themed layout now. Woot.


1 Grab the nearest book
2 Open the book to page 123
3 Find the fifth sentence.
4 Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions
5 Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

"When you get to my age, my lad," she said, "you lose count. They all look so alike. Those two Letties could be twins, to my mind."

'Twas from Howl's Moving Castle.

[ profile] inouekun, la feria del comic empieza mañana. Quieres que quedemos un día para cotillear? ^_^ Si no, no importa; no quiero presionarte/aburrirte, y me da como vergüenza llamarte por teléfono ^^UUUUU

Back to reading One Piece.
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Okay, this post has a teeny weeny spoiler of something happening between Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air, but it's not fundamentally important except for one or two minor characters and I'm not even mentioning them. I swear.

About the wars )
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From the creator of the faking your own death video, A beginner's guide to the British. Hyaaaaatt, when Vicki LJ-friends Megan, we HAVE to do something with this video! *puppy eyes*

Also: as the original canon whore I am, I'm amazed I can still enjoy the Howl's movie after reading the books. Of course, I have to forget for half of it the main girl has something to do with Jones' Sophie Hatter, and I have to forget for 1/4 of it that guy was supposed to be Jones' Howell Jenkins, but it's still fun to watch if you pretend it's an original Ghibli movie plagiarizing instead of adapting a book.

But still, it's fun and pretty to watch.

Otra cosa es que le hice una reestructuración a mi site de CCS. Por más viejo que sea y más harta que esté de mis visitantes, me siento incapaz de cerrarlo. Así que en vez de que sea un fansite baboso y biased más del montón, lo estoy orientando más hacia la información y no a la interactividad. Ya estoy muy, eh, adulta? vieja? para eso.
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I can't go to the department store without buying some shit for me. I got a paperback book and Howl's Moving Castle (cheapskate version) on DVD.

The older I am, more money I spend.

Then again, when I was young(er), I lived in a country with no manga, good books, or DVDs.

Man, is the cheap HMC version ugly. The box is RED. What were they thinking?

ETA: There's a Polish site with Dukylon scanlations. However, as you might've guessed... they're in Polish.


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