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Actual mythology post later today. I just have a lot of feels that Tumblr and Plurk aren't good for.

Here's the thing. The only ongoing American comics I'm following right -thanks to DC- now are the Marvel Thorverse. I know, I know. I had this on-and-off fling with the current continuity that has nothing to do with the movieverse and more with me considering Asgard(ia) a character of her own. Plus mythology bitchery, you know how I am. The interesting thing about the Thor comics is them tending to be more fantasy action than superhero action most of the times, in later decades having more inner supernatural baddies and cosmic menaces than rich men with a lot of power -except when Doctor Doom comes to troll.

I started with the JMS run, and I'm still reading the two ongoing series (Journey Into Mystery is my favorite thing ever, adorbs baby trickster ♥) So I slowly want to read the old stuff, and I wanted to start from the very Silver Age beginning. It was... very different, a little hard to swallow too, and the original myth butchery by Stan Lee was very painful. So after a few issues (as in comic issues, not mental issues), I decided to jump into the Walterson run because it's universally accepted as the best. But then suddenly Balder had just recovered from ded and was white-haired, and I hadn't seen Sif becoming an actual character; I wanted more context here, so I guess I'll be back to it afterwards. So I haven't taken Simonson yet.

BUT I'M MISSING THE POINT WITH BACKSTORY HERE. Since the modern Thor comics mention the last Ragnarok a lot, I decided to read the Thor: Disassembled/Ragnarok arc to understand exactly how it happened.


I mean. I know it is Ragnarok, and I knew that rocks fell and everyone died, and I knew it was really tragic. I just didn't expect it to be written by Nanase Ohkawa!! I don't know how to feel! Because the thing was well-written but it was so frustrating and CLAMPish it felt like a kick on the stomach.

Hnnnnnngggggg. When I said that Marvel is the CLAMP of superhero fandoms, I didn't mean it so literally :(((((( TWO LOST EYEBALLS.
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So Madoka Magica ended. Spoilers ) In short, I didn't get attached like everyone else, but it was, uh, an interesting thing to watch overall.

I... have been watching some anime of this season, but while some are entertaining or intriguing, there isn't a show that really grabbed me and made me think "I'm so watching this till the end!" I should probably finish second seasons of shows I liked, like Sengoku Basara and Arakawa Under the Bridge.

In non-anime news, I also started watching The Almighty Johnsons because I'm still in my Norse mythology butchery kick, and I'll gladly read/watch/play almost anything with references to that pantheon. The first episode was okay. The torrents are pretty slow, though. And I have to get used to the Kiwi accent.

Yaaaaaay, tomorrow Doctor Who!
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Seems like LJ is well today. Give me more characters?

→ So the Level E anime ended, and I have no idea about anyone else (haters gonna hate gif goes here just in case) but regardless I LIKED IT. Spoilers )

→ Watched what's released of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica like 90% of anime fandom. FELT LIKE CLAMP ON (MORE?) DEPRESSING CRACK BUT WITH MOE ART. I don't even. But it was worth it because I've seen some photoshopped parodies everywhere and now I can understand them! Yeah, guess I'm watching this for the lulzy factors, which is doing it completely wrong. I mean, I do feel so sorry for the girls but if I get focused on the plot I'd die inside.

→ I'm really excited about Doctor Who because of the trailers.

→ Wow, the Thundercats remake is going to be a lot more epic than the original series. I'm honestly looking forward to it!

→ Okay, we're going to Madrid in the end, from the 12th to the 15th. We won't be able to go to a lot of places because of time + money, but it's something anyway. I feel bad about this but... ) But eh, at least I'll see baby pandas and statues of Roman gods! Besides, there are THREE geek shops a few blocks from the place we're staying, so let's see if I can buy at least one or two shiny things! Too bad we probably can't afford Cirque of Soleil.
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[livejournal.com profile] outou pointed me out that Pixiv is an effective place for spoilers. On one hand, now I know what I wanted to know. Good, it's not the worst option! It gives me more questions, but they're new questions at least! On the other, now I know the particulars of the thing I vaguely heard they were going to pull, and I think I didn't want to know about that one. The implications of both facts is very D: to the point it's eclipsing my distrust of the game itself with just... staring at angsty fanarts of Japanese fanon forever. Like Waka didn't have enough of those already.

So I guess I'll have to pull my big girl panties and...

Eshiro, you do hate everything I love. But hey, I made a silly animated gif!

And now I'll shut up about Okamiden, at least for a while. Spoilers will surely be in comments, instead of being a normal gal and use a cut.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

This is the proof DragCave hates me. I just go there to check on my hatchling before turning off the computer, and I get a winter egg. When I consciously try to hunt shit, I never do.

Oh, and I'm the same age as the new Doctor. I don't know whether to feel young or old when people in that fandom go "OMG ONLY 26?!"

So this post isn't moot, how about a rant I've been forgetting to do? It's about the Tales of the Abyss ending, meaning 99% of my flist can skip it since I know no one in this fandom *woe*

Massive spoilers, obviously )
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ETA: HAY GUYS ZAU WROTE ME VIVI FIC ♥♥♥ *turns into goo*


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Quizzes for MySpace

Duh. Also, GIP of sorts.

Meanwhile, to soothe the doom fake spoilers brought to me, I went and skipped to the last pages of Artemis Fowl. Because I figured "hey, I already know what happened with Artie and the other Fowls in the end anyway, so... yeah, just to check on the other characters I love and shit"

I'm not spoiling anything, but it was like:



*checks author name again*

Nope, not CLAMP? *tilts head*

*suffers from cultural shock a bit, thank you very much Ohkawa*

about ships, not spoilery )

I'll comment more about the ending when I get to read it. Butler made me go AWW, though.


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