Nov. 30th, 2012 06:34 pm
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It's been a while... ahem.

I think I've been more active in Plurk and Tumblr than here in the journals out of laziness. Plus, this month was a total festival of spammers in almost every post in every LJ community I've ever made, so that really threw me off.

I'll try to be more active. However, I'm going to try to think of the DW mirror as the main one from now on. Because of how gross LJ is (and will be) right now, I'll still crosspost and read my flist because of the comms and few people who aren't on DW; other than that, it's really hard for me to keep thinking about Livejournal as something serious anymore.

Anyway, I'm also:
taotrooper @ Plurk (there are a lot of Spanish posts because most of my friends there are my RP buddies.)
taotrooper @ Tumblr. That's the main one. I also have two fandom-centric blogs:
→→ celestialbrush (Okami)
→→ journey-into-mystery (Thor comics but mostly -obviously- Journey into Mystery)

I got really into the JiM fandom this year, which hangs out mostly at Tumblr. Hell, even the writer got really into the Tumblr JiM fandom and makes our lives miserable out of the pages. It's curious that there are fandoms now where the main thing is happening over there, while there's little to no presence on LJ/DW or AO3/FFnet/dA/Pixiv. Ghost Trick fandom was also like that, a lot of anime series and games and cartoons too. It seems, for obscure stories or little fandoms/subfandoms, it's just easier to hang around the tags and find coherent people there. Meanwhile, the huge fandoms are usually stupider on Tumblr. Just to keep in-topic, the comic!Loki fans (in either reincarnation, although I mostly chilled with the Kid Loki peeps) are most times much cooler than the majority of Hiddleston!Loki fanbrats on Tumblr (which tend to be noisy and sometimes cray-cray.) And you can say that about most fandoms that are big on Tumblr. And then there's the Percy Jackson fandom who isn't that huge but it's just mostly repulsive. So yeah... I think Tumblr fandoms works better, weirdly, with little stuff. I wish this wasn't the case because it's almost impossible to befriend and talk to these people normally in that site.

Anyway, some short reviews of stuff I've read and watched this Autumn.

Journey into Mystery, Doctor Who, The Mark of Athena, Wreck-it Ralph, Brave )
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I don't know how many of you haven't watched that epic video "Battle at Kruger". Basically, some guy on a safari at South Africa got to film some lions hunting a buffalo calf. Except then some crocodiles tried to snatch it from them. And then the herd came back to fight for it. It's as epic as it sounds, and I don't want to spoil the result.

Well, I just caught a documentary on National Geographic channel focusing on meta about the video. It was so meta, they brought the good youtube comments. Dude, can you be more meta?

Why am I always amused to see internet stuff in different media?
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Sigh, I'm sorry. I've been sort of emotional lately. I should be nicer to you guys, stop whining, not getting worked up for petty things no one but me gives a shit about. Even when Amazon's stock ruined my perfect birthday present woes. So, I'll try to smile more. I'll try to intimidate you guys less. I just don't know how to be nice or likable or charismatic. I'd feel like it's forced or something.

I'll do some of the letters I was given in the alphabet meme, but there are still a lot without claim. So, you can still ask? ^^;

Ranting about: Avatar, Genfic, Hats, Pets, Shounen, Umbrellas )
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In yet another edition of "I must be broken inside", I realized last night in the RP chan that there are several fandoms I've followed or at least went through that are infamous for being way too slash/yaoi-friendly. And while lots of fans get into it because of teh ghey? I checked them out because of the plot or the premise. Most CLAMP mangas? Check. Good Omens? Check. Gyakuten Saiban? Check. Petshop of Horrors? Check. Hell, even it's so tiny, Mononoke? Check.

But anyway, here's that poll meme that's been going around. Anyone who'd see the options and doesn't know me would think I'm one of those rabid het-focused people. It's more like most of my main pairings happen to be straight, yet I do have gay and lesbian OTPs. They're just minor.

[Poll #1157531]

I'm missing a lot of stuff, like EVA, Princess Tutu, Twelve Kingdoms, Aria, Avatar, Discworld, random videogames... AND HAN/LEIA! *facepalm* And I limited to two per series, so the space ran out for other pairings. But it's hard to make space D: I should make more tiny polls like this one, just to weird you out with my unusual shipping :D

Now this other meme [livejournal.com profile] solesakuma forces me to do. I copied it from Fujur because her post was closer, though. Ah, but the meme says nothing about being forced to tag, so I'm not tagging anyone XD

Ridiculous questionnaire ahead )

ETA: Bzuh? Notifications aren't working :/ That's rich, LJ, keep on with the stupid in code AND fail.
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1. After finishing the second case of Apollo Justice, I can say with no fear of being mistake that the one(s) who localized this game MUST be the one(s) who did Okami. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR. And no, it's not my obsession or anything: it is THAT obvious. Every time Klavier opens his mouth. But the icing of the cake was...

Auf Wiedersehen, baby.

That... oh GOD XD It's like, do you HAVE to use this amount of random fangirl [insert European language here] to translate the Engrish-loving blond guys in your games, CAPCOM America? Don't make me like Klavier just because he has dialect patterns in common with Waka, okay?

2. Just a random question. As fanfic writers/fandom roleplayers, what do you find more stimulating?
a) Exploiting relationships you find interesting, even though you can't get into half of the pair (or both of them) for your life
b) Exploiting characters you find interesting, regardless of relationships (unless it's essential for the fic/RP/characterization in general)
c) Both of them
d) It depends of the case

For me, unless I have a really good plotbunny for a) or I'm forced to write it in an exchange, it's b) I'm a sucker for introspection or showing character reactions, even when writing pairings. I usually feel only comfortable writing pairing fic for ships in which I like or find interesting both halves (AND like their dynamics), because otherwise I don't have fun if I have to think too hard on how the one I like least would act. I normally have no idea, and I'm into IC writing, so for me it's a bit of a problem. It's not easy to get the voice of someone you're not entirely fond of right, unless the character is too similar to you.

3. More crossover ficlets. [livejournal.com profile] etrangere asked for Fakir and Shigure Sohma. I apologize for my sucky Gure characterization beforehand )

On trends

Sep. 16th, 2007 11:37 am
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You know, I've been thinking recently about my latest trends when it comes to picking stuff to watch or read. Okay, so I still like balanced shounen (I've already mentioned what I consider 'balanced') and unusual shoujo and fantasy of almost every subgenre. But I'm starting to see this direction on my escapism.

Basically, I check stuff I find refreshingly different yet fitting my tastes, be it in art or plot (add gameplay if it's a videogame). Granted, it's more visible in my list of recently bought games than in multimedia fandoms. Still, if I glance at the season anime I follow or at least tasted, most of it is quirky. I mean, what am I watching now? Lovely Complex (this one is normal but it's comedy), old episodes of Gintama (unpredictable, peculiar sense of humor), Denno Coil (cool/cute plot, Ghiblie-esque art), Mononoke (fucking creepy, very artistic). And before that, what animes have I downloaded? Mushishi (so zen and nice to look at), Princess Tutu (great plot twists and character growth), Twelve Kingdoms (awesome plot and characters), to name a few. In Western TV shows, I'm settling for two or three plot-driven series (Avatar and Heroes, for instance; the former being quirky enough for an American cartoon), but the rest is all British sitcoms.

Summing the above. You see, I think I'm becoming picky. I have watched and read the more popular animes, but even if they're promising they can't drag me, especially if they start slow. Even worse, I'm doing the opposite of fanbrats out there: if the art looks average or even fanservice fodder much (too many bishounen, or too many schoolgirls), I may be reluctant to check it unless it's strongly recced by people I trust. Mind you, I literally avoided Azumanga Daioh and Suzumiya Haruhi for ages, thinking it'd be boring and moe, only to find them awesome. But I don't adore original stuff just for the sake of it, either. There's Romeo x Juliet to proof that...

However, the greatest trend in me I've witnessed is a predilection for a couple of specific genres. I seem to be dwelling in this love for comedy (because I want to laugh like an idiot) or supernatural (defining supernatural as a way to gather series with either biologically impossible critters, or focused on mythology or legends, or just your usual magic shit). And it's not only on visuals: I'm also loving books with either or both. I was wondering if I should blame it on CLAMP, because both things are inherent on their CardHOLiC universe, and that's my main fandom after all. Except I liked Slayers before that. And I liked good Disney movies way before that. So in short no, this time it's not their fault. I just always loved that shit but it's becoming painfully obvious by now.
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Something I saw in a forum (more specifically, it was someone wanting to ask CLAMP if Clef/Umi existed *snorts* well, not for them, you know...) made me wondering this.

When it comes to fandoms with multiple canons, and in which every canon has their official ships contradicted/sank by the other one(s), do you guys consider any ship "more canon" than other(s)?

For instance, the Angelic Layer series. In anime, the producers decided to make canon Oujirou/Misaki and Koutarou/Tamayo. However, CLAMP picked Koutarou as Misaki's guy, while Oujirou gave a damn about her in a romantic sense and went on a date with Tamayo, making everyone go WTF -manga!Oujirou has that effect on people, like any good Mihara. And speaking of Miharas, manga!Icchan was never interested in Shouko -can't recall if that one sailed in anime.

When it comes to CLAMP fandoms, I find myself considering the manga ships over the anime ones as Teh Canon. Actually, few exceptions aside (like the one-sided Meiling/Syaoran crush), I tend to take anime-only canon ships as borderline fanon. I mean, I'll grant they ARE canon because there's media supporting it, but not the canon I as a fan am bound to accept. I take CLAMP as the true canon source.

Now, that's in that particular set of canons. CLAMPverse aside, I probably could favor an anime/movie-only ship over manga/book-only canon if I really liked it. I can't think of an example right now, but I'm not as wanky to say "I'll never drink from this water". I'd probably think the first canon's ships are canon-er than mine, but I'd still be happy with my share of canon. Then, I wouldn't go and scream at the fans who say the ship from the canon without my pairing is the canon one.

So, what do you think? Do you care at all about that? Do you favor the canon with the pairing you like the most, or the oldest one, or both? Or does it depend on every case?


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