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I'm sorry if you saw that and I apologize for the damage in your flist. I thought that crossposting plugin was turned off.

In case you missed it: I'm trying to resurrect the mythology blog in my domain, now with reviews. I posted one for Okami today because area of expertise and stuff. But yeah, technical difficulties and that bullshit got accidentally crossposted without LJ-cut.

Man, I didn't want to plug it like this...
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First things first. I revamped my domain despite the fact I haven't worked in any sites forever. Mostly because it had been so long with the same layout and most images were broken and that's sad. So here it is, a little dull but at least it's clean and a fairly good practice to some CSS3.


If I ever get less lazier, I'll make the avatar-ish image in the sidebar a random image of fandoms I like. And maybe make skins in different colors. But so far it's enough as it is.

Fandom-wise, I haven't been up to a lot of stuff. I've kind of been really active on plurk but mostly because a lot of friends from the RP are over there. I've been limiting my time on Tumblr because it's a fucking black hole for visual magpies, but I still check the dash and update my blogs at least twice a day.

New anime season, other shit I've watched, me failing as gamer forever )

ETA: I did buy a HDD in the end. It's a 1TB electric blue WD which I named TARDIS.
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Oh, hello to people from the ONTD Pokémon comm! I'm Christel, I go by Kirisame (or Kiri) around the Internet. I've only been in that fandom for a year now, but I'm having fun. I have some reaction posts on my Black playthrough some posts back.

In any case, I finished Okamiden! The game was fun! The ending was nonetheless APPALLING and not only for the reasons you'd think. I have a quick review full of spoilers RIGHT HERE. I-I'm still replaying it soon to study all the Moon Tribe references. And maybe write plothole-patching fic one day.
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You know why I disappeared for the last few days? My Okamiden copy arrived on Wednesday, two days early again :D Still not finished, though.

I feel very dirty for saying it, but going in with very low expectations this game is going much better than expected so far. I MEAN, there are still WTFs and all, but I have yet to find a butchery that makes me throw my DS to the wall and raegquit. If anything, I like that Benkei's quest for fish makes sense now and they even throw a reference to the original legend. Yeah, I'm all for tiny details. But they better justify the Tao Troopers' disappearance or I'm cutting a bitch! They're also giving me brand new Moon Tribe canon I need to mull over.

The stylus as the Celestial Brush is the best thing ever. Too bad about the d-pad controls and the camera being horribly awkward, but it's still hella fun. It's good that there's a skip button for cutscenes, but the automatic scrolling text is such a bad idea (sneeze and you missed a line).

Oh, and I fucking love Kagu! Kurow was a given because me likes the lunars, but this girl is so amazing.

I think, if I do a reaction post of it, I'll save it for the second playthrough. Pokémon is very straight-forward, but I always end up overthinking Okamiland stuff and I want to play more quickly.
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&. Got the notif from Game to tell me that they're shipping Okamiden on the 17th. GOOD. I was a little worried and ready to cancel my preorder if I didn't have news on that soon. In any case, I don't know if I should leave my whining thoughts during the playthrough on [livejournal.com profile] taotrooper or here like I did with PKMN. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

&. I haven't been commented much this week because most posts were buried under a certain fandom's spammage. Now that I removed them from the default filter, it should be looking more normal :)

&. Is it me, or yesterday's Level E was 100% serious and with zero trolling? That was... not bad, but unexpected?

&. OKAY, SO. I wanted to use this post to leave non-LJ contact sites because it's been ages since I last did it, and I need to socialize with you guys more often.

→ kirisame (gtalk)
→ taotrooper at hotmail dot com (MSN)
→ kirisamegemini (yahoo)
→ tao trooper (AIM)

taotrooper (fannish account)
caparazon (personal account) ✉


taotrooper (regular account)
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minicelestialbrush (Okamiden blog)
grandchokmah (Tales of the Abyss blog)


Dead but there
Mercury-Retrograde.net (inactive domain)
Nectarade! (regular mythology blog)

The ✉ means that's friends locked and in Spanish, as they're personal and all. If you add me anywhere, please let me know who you are first or I won't be adding you thinking it's a spambot or a creep, so please give me a note to prevent it XD Comments are screened, in case you want to leave your accounts.
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1) I can't recall which ones of you guys live in Japan, but I hope that everyone is fine :<

2) Some people in America are getting Okamiden a few days earlier. CLEARLY, THIS IS KARMA FOR ME GETTING PKMN BLACK SO SOON :| Can't I ever have something shiny first without being screwed somewhere else? *grumbles and waits until the 18th* Oh well, at least Game has a release date in their database so I know they won't pull a Ghost Trick on me.

3) No Korra until 2012? STOP COCKTEASING, DAMMIT!

4) And to feed my Norse mythology phase, I just got The Penguin Book of Norse Myths on the mail plus DWJ's Eight Days of Luke. Oh yeah!

5) The name Luke haunts me. Have I ever mentioned that? Because it does.

With that said, the usual reaction post. This will probably be the last but one post, since shit is getting real next time.

A biker gang now called the Black Munnas. That's both cute and creepy )
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I bought Eight Days of Luke by DWJ, online. I'm still bummed over the lack of ebook for this one, but this is likely a good inversion because this book has Loki as main character. Nnnng have done want for such a long time. I also added a Norse mythology book to the basket.

After struggling with the brothers' Wii for 20 minutes -batteries, firmware updates, software updates, etc.- I downloaded the Okamiden demo from the Nintendo Channel. I can honestly say this was not worth it and I don't recommend it. It's not the game what was bad, no. It's the fact that instead of a demo with the first 15 minutes of the game, or maybe a piece of a dungeon + boss fight, or some running around Shinshuu field, or something cool? No, it was the fucking tutorial part! Remember the part of the original game, at the River of the Heavens, with Issun info-dumping you the basic controls so you could go on? IT WAS FIVE (OR LESS, IF YOU SKIP KUNI'S BLAHBLAH) MINUTES OF THAT WHAT THE FUCK I ONLY FOUGHT MONSTERS ONCE. That's no demo, that's a cocktease.

...Brush techniques with the stylus are sweet nonetheless. Still not worth your time, though.

Ahem. Less angry now. I'm crossposting an 30 Days Okami meme I'm doing on Tumblr. I saw a Percy Jackson one but half of the questions were movie and whatever dude.

30 days Okami: list of questions )

Day 01: Why the hell are you so fucking obsessed? )
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So, um, okay. In the Japanese version of Okami (and Okamiden, I guess? IDK) Amaterasu -and Shiranui for extension- didn't have an actual gender. We can agree on that. Then in the English game, there were hints for female (Waka using French female pronouns and adjectives, Yatsu seeing her as a maiden) so most people think of her as a gal in fanon. Me included, but that's not the point.

So now the English localizators of Okamiden have randomly decided that the Shiranui incarnation is male. "Always remember: it’s people that assign gender to the gods." And by people, we mean us.

No, your reason is utter bullshit. Shiranui might be another incarnation, but she was the original Amaterasu with full powers and memories. Shiranui is the name humans gave her because they didn't know who the fuck the white wolf was, and they used "it" pronouns. Waka thought of Shiranui as Amaterasu. Ishaku called her Ammy. The Brush Gods called Amaterasu their mother, but they were born from Shiranui. No one is seeing a huge distinction between Ammy and Shiranui in the original game. Actually, does she turn into a dude in the final battle to you guys?

Why don't you just say WE FELT LIKE CALLING HIM A GRANDPA or admitting you are afraid of girl fleas cooties instead of using the Japanese lack of gender as a loophole? Mind you, I'm not pissed that Shiranui gets her gender changed to male. It's the inconsistency. If they had changed BOTH Amaterasu and Shiranui as male, I wouldn't agree but I certainly wouldn't complain about it. Then it's just a translation choice. But by doing this picking, it feels just wrong and badly thought. IT'S THE SAME CHARACTER, YOU DUMBASSES.

Sigh. I'm done with my wank. Back to replaying Ghost Trick and uploading Okami fanart on Tumblr.


Jan. 7th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Oh CLAMP. You're forgetting how to finish a manga, aren't you?


Ah, there are news about the way they localized Kurou in Okamiden. So, how is it gonna be? Kurou? Kuro? Crow? Clow?


Also, like, no fanboy French. Dude, he has a surfer from the 90's vibe. Yo, he talks like this, boy.

SHOULD I BE DISAPPOINTED OR MOCK THE KID? I DON'T EVEN. On the other hand, it helps to draw differences with Waka. This is good. Even if I miss the gratuitous French.


...I really like the oni/raijin hybrid race of thunder gods, though.
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SO YOU KEEP ON TROLLING, CLAMP. Let's talk a bit about Gate 7 and pretend I'm still in this fandom. Dibs on the "megane guy is a Clow descendant" theo-- oh wait, he totally is, this is not 2004 anymore. Nevermind then |D Of course, by the looks of it, there's no way in hell this could ever be a one-shot like they originally said. They either planned to serialize it from the beginning, or they changed their minds and redid it from scratch. I lean to the latter: by that time XXXHOLiC or Kobato might be ending, so they need a new cash cow to milk. So when I heard this thing was going to continue, I just grinned, shook my head, and thought "oh you!" And of course the characters look really cute so far, but the X vibes of whatever the premise is don't bode well for them. My favorite character design is the light-haired Kurogane lookalike but I love megane boy's ;o; faces. But yeah, I don't want to get attached because it is CLAMP and I have moved on and I know better. Or so I hope.

INCIDENTALLY, MORE OKAMIDEN BULLSHIT. I don't know, guys. I'm both fascinated and terrified by this stupid game. I even check the Pixiv tag. Either way, the second weirdest WTF ever in an interview is that in here, Eshiro said that the plot is sort of inspired by the film Stand By Me. Yeah... I don't even. Ah, another thing is that the American cover is out, and probably the Konohana cherry tree in the background of the Japanese cover isn't badass and manly enough to make it. Image comparison under cut. ) I think, though, it could be a lot worse and it sort of looks like Okami's Western cover for the PS2 anyway. (For the record, I also think the Western cover is an improvement from the Japanese which is not a common occurrence in video games.) Oh well... Stand By Me, really? Yeah, so compatible with the "ancient faux!Japan with magical godmode wolves" setting.

But let's talk about shinier things that perhaps don't kick me in the ovaries! My current anime/manga obsession is Kuragehime. I don't even like josei! But I really like everyone a lot and I can't wait until more of gets released. I'll probably do a lengthier post when the next episode is out all my impressions until now.
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Don't mind me, I feel like I have to comment on the silly yet amazing news that is the Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover game for the 3DS. Yes, it's legit. I'm torn between OMG WHY SO EPIC and OMG IS THIS CRACK FOR REAL. I CAN'T EVEN. Also, this is the coolest Gyakuten news in a long time, and of course Eshiro isn't involved while Shu Takumi is. CONCLUSION: LET TAKUMI ALONE HANDLE THE FRANCHISE FROM NOW ON, OKAY?

Too bad they didn't adapt Phoenix and Maya to the Layton art style. I think they can rock that look, their canon already being an anime cartoon of sorts and all.

If Edgeworth isn't in the game and people wank about it, I'll laugh my ass out.

But yes, coolest official crossover idea since that Dragon Ball/One Piece AU one-shot. Too bad I suck at Layton games and I have yet to finish the first one ;;

ETA: IMPORTANT! I read in a forum where does Kurou's name come from. Actually it's a part of Minamoto no Yoshitsune's full name. The kanji mean "ninth son", but that's meaningless in Okamiverse (...I hope so, imagine 9 mini-Wakas). LOL screenwriters, still throwing bizarre Yoshitsune references on Ushiwaka-related stuff?

ETA2: ...No plans for Layton/Wright in the West. Tiiiiime to break out my "capcom sucks so much tag", sigh. I knew this post was too happy.
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[livejournal.com profile] outou pointed me out that Pixiv is an effective place for spoilers. On one hand, now I know what I wanted to know. Good, it's not the worst option! It gives me more questions, but they're new questions at least! On the other, now I know the particulars of the thing I vaguely heard they were going to pull, and I think I didn't want to know about that one. The implications of both facts is very D: to the point it's eclipsing my distrust of the game itself with just... staring at angsty fanarts of Japanese fanon forever. Like Waka didn't have enough of those already.

So I guess I'll have to pull my big girl panties and...

Eshiro, you do hate everything I love. But hey, I made a silly animated gif!

And now I'll shut up about Okamiden, at least for a while. Spoilers will surely be in comments, instead of being a normal gal and use a cut.
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Welp, I just recovered from a really nasty flu that destroyed my family.

Autumn 2010 shall always be remembered as the Season With The (Most Likely) Crappier Sequels of Mythology Butchery Stories I Loved (tm). That means that next week comes out the new Rick Riordan book, The Lost Hero, and last week Okamiden was released in Japan. I'm giving TLH the benefit of the doubt, but you all know I expect the very worst from that spawn of a game.

It doesn't mean I'm going to avoid it like the plague like a reasonable person. Heavens, no. I want to know everything and complain when it's due. This means I actually went and downloaded a ROM for Okamiden, language barrier be damned. Except No$GBA doesn't read the game, and there were anti-piracy measures in the original game so patches had to be released. I thought I was spared of the torture, but then I tested it in DeSmuME and it fucking worked. Whoopie doo.

Well, I'm still not sure if I'm going to play the thing even though I can. Action games in emulators are impossibly slow, JSYK. Cutscenes take ages. Just beating two imps was a nightmare. And my laptop was all heated after 15 minutes. I don't want to burn my computer for Okamiden (my braincells, on the other hand...) I hope someone does a full playthrough/Let's Play. In any case, I'm stalking forums in gaming sites for spoilers. At the very least, I want news about Kurou's origins and if anyone of the original cast dies. The rest I don't give that much a damn. (Oh, who am I kidding!)
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1. Quick PSA for those who are into Pokémon games. I have quite a few baby Gastly from a daycare frenzy, so if you want one check this out and we can trade. They're all gallegos Spanish.

2. In Okamiden news (bleaaagh), the chibi Waka clone has official art and a name now. His name is Kurou (and dude, does that katakana give me flashbacks, as it's the same as Clow). I suspect it comes from crow, as in the karasu tengu myth. To my infinite horreur, his speech patterns are similar (using "mii" for I) and they actually recycled Waka's voice acting -if you can call that voice or acting- with him.

3. Man, I miss it when my seinen manga were more interesting. Voiiiiiid.
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→ I think I understand why I'm not doing a 30-days meme yet. I'm too indecisive so I'm bound to get stuck at it. (Okay, and I still haven't found one that convinces me entirely. Maybe I should say screw it and do any of them anyway, just to update more than once a week.)

→ Haha wow, this is the fugliest piece of Okami merchandising I have EVER seen. Really, CAPCOM? Finally a figure of Amaterasu and she looks like a scary feral dog with rabies and face cancer designed by a 14-year-old furry fanartist? SON I AM DISAPPOINT. I'll be over here, puking and hoping I don't have nightmares tonight.

→ Speaking of hype I don't get, I'm not really interested in Catherine, the latest ATLUS mindfuck project. It's not the horror or eroticism what turns me off. I could get through random porn scenes if the plot was good, maybe, if the case was different. I'm just very conflicted by this game being titled with a female name while the main character is a man whose profile sounds quite douchebag to me. And the Catherine person? Oh, she's a literal femme fatale who seduces dudes in dreams to kill them or something like that? Oooh, sexy women are evil and scaryyyy. Oh, the poor guys are victims of sexuality and oh, the manpain to have your ex-girlfriend pregnant. Of course. Whatever. Stay classy, ATLUS. Pizza cheese never looks like semen. I-I guess? IDEK

→ Oh the other side of the spectrum, I tried Persona 2: Eternal Punishment in a PSX emulator. Why this one first and not Innocent Sin, you ask? FEMALE ADULT PROTAGONIST, BOOYA. I like having an adult party in a JRPG. Except this is one of those SMT games where you get your Personae/demons by negotiation. Goddammit, I hate negotiations, I never know what to say and I always get it wrong. It's a shame the gameplay is putting me off, since from what I played (2 hours, sure, but still) the plot was intriguing. And Philemon is hot intrigues me too.

→ Incidentally, it's impossible to import P3P to Europe. All stores are forbidden to ship it to the EU countries. I wonder if it's common bullshit for all PSP games, or ATLUS is planning to localize it one of these years. Or maybe they're just jerks.

→ It breaks my heart how much I care about the Apollo Justice (the game) sometimes. I swear I could make a shrine just with my extensive (and probably unpopular) opinions about Klavier Gavin. It might be because he's my favorite character to RP as, so I give too much thought to his characterization. I care a lot about all the main characters in that subfandom, but he really depresses and cheers me up at the same time.

This post is depressing! And two days for the next Ouran chapter in Japan, so even more depressing. I'm going to watch happier things, like stupid British TV or something.

Random time

Aug. 9th, 2010 10:34 pm
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Um, so. I idled out LJ for some reason. Sorry for not commenting lately, I have been reading you guys regardless.

a) Oh, most of you have already heard about a Fullmetal Alchemist sidestory coming up next month ♥ I've seen idiots complaining about Arakawa milking the cow (pun probably not intended) but anyway, haters to the left. I'm so fucking excited! And I'll be agonizing over whom it will be about. I don't care as it's just more goodness, although I'd like to see minor characters or something in Xing. Or both.

b) With FMA and soon Ouran, I'm kind of lost. I need something to look forward to read every month. I mean sure, I have my historical Afternoon seinen, but both Historie and Vinland Saga are going slow and even boring lately...

c) ...So in an attempt to give more excitement to my months without resorting to the inconveniences of shounen, I just had an affair with some American comics. Needless to say, it backfired fiercely. From DC I'm only keeping Booster Gold, I love it and feel so alone in this. And I'm hoping to see Jaime Reyes and the rest of the Blue Beetle peeps one day in something non-Teen Titans (I tried, then got kicked in the balls when I felt safe.) From Marvel I, um, I'll probably finish the Siege event (shuddup, I like Asgard-in-Oklahoma), maybe keep Thor for the lulz, and read spoilers for the Young Avengers... but fuck me if I get more involved with that messy mindfuck 'verse. I just concluded Marvel is the manry, Western version of CLAMP and no one will convince me otherwise.

To show my point? Doctor Strange is a Clow descendant. HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS ARRAY I DON'T EVEN.

d) More news on Okamiden with a new trailer. trailer spoilers )

e) Is it me or Sherlock BBC and Inception have eaten the Internet?

e.1) I still haven't downloaded Sherlock, but I'm such a geek I've been reading Watson's blog and Sherlock's website. And I've taken pride on the fact I've solved the three hidden messages on the same day they are released. They're way too easy to me, but it might have to do with the fact I liked secret codes since I was little and I already knew the first and the third system. The second I figured out with Google. Sherlock is right, this stalker is BORING.

e.2) I did watch Inception (at the cinema, even) and it didn't leave me much of a impression. I even disliked the ending. I think I'll just quote what I said to my family yesterday at lunch: "Do you guys realize we're doing exactly what Nolan intended? He left all those vague threads and plotholes hanging so people wouldn't stop talking about his movie. And it IS working." I also believe he wrote Tom Hardy's dialogs with Joseph Gordon-Levitt all slashy on purpose so this would have a fandom. Again, apparently it is working too.
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Act I: In which there are rumors about Amaterasu in MvC3.
Kiri: *mindboggles*
Kiri: *doesn't believe it*
Kiri: *is not sure if want*
Kiri: Well, she'd kick Thor's ass, I guess.
Act II: In which it is announce that both gods are in.
Kiri: *fumes*
Kiri: *fumes some more*
Kiri: She made more sense in Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM! You guys suck!
Kiri: *looks at screencaps* Oh look, Ammy is totally kicking Thor's ass |D
Act III: In which a gameplay trailer comes out.
Kiri: *stares in awe*
Inner 11-year-old Kiri: OMG SHE'S POSING WITH CHUN-LI
Kiri: I-it looks badass...
Kiri: ......O-okay, I still resent she's not in TvC but. I'm not mad anymore.

Too bad the Marvel side of this game is such a sausage fest.


Do you recall [livejournal.com profile] reflections_2? It was like [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto, but to make essays about animangame characters you love. The place is dead now, and the non-Japanese-fandom mirror comm is not that active, and it makes me sad because I feel like rambling about how a character I really like. I suppose I could go to [livejournal.com profile] hated_character, since this was inspired by an opinion on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets -that wretched hive of scum and villainy- but I'm not sure if he's as hated as I think he is.

It's funny that I'm so used to hear that Klavier Gavin is a flat character that I don't retort anymore. Haters gonna hate. We agree to disagree. I was more boggled at how I keep seeing people making his brother issues a whole lot worse than I believe they are. And a lot of RP versions of Klavier I've seen in LJ do seem to take some fanon dependency on Kristoph thing at heart. WTF, where is that dependency in the canon? I'd rather see people calling him flat.

Eh, I should replay the last case and pay special attention at those scenes. And whatever I do, I shouldn't make a list of PW characters who I consider to be flatter than Klavier.
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Thank you, new Okamiden trailer, you just mindraped me without lube.

Spoilers, I guess...? )
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Anyway, here's a reflection. Next generation sequels: cash cows, butchers of canon, chances for more cool world building? For my bitter nitpicking over everything Okamiden, it would seem I'm against them as a subgenre. But... no, actually. It's a case-to-case thing to me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's awesome, sometimes I want to send bomb letters to the one who had the brilliant idea.

More ranting )

Why am I bringing this rant up? Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I'm not freaked out about it just because it's nextgen. I'll wait for more details to form an opinion. I do like the rumors I've heard (happening 100 years later, Korra being the next Avatar, a waterbender, AND a female: if that's the case, it'll be timeskip legacy OMC-as-dead-mentor nextgen, and it sounds so potentially cool with focusing on a female Avatar this time)
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  1. Can you name the Animes by Opening? Got 87/101.

  2. Holy shit, Adidas talaria!! To which I say:
    b) Someone in this company is a huge Greek mythology geek!
    c) H-how much is it and does it come in more colors?
    d) Did someone send this to Rick Riordan?
    e) Meanwhile, Zelda fans are all "OMG Pegasus Boots!" but those were based on talaria so.
    f) I wonder if Nike would do winged shoes, too. That would be so meta.

  3. There's a Japanese date for Okamiden now, and their website now looks like one. There's this project thing I don't what's about, but there's new merch such as a fucking giant Chibiterasu plushie. Fuck you guys, where's my medium-sized Amaterasu plushie? Also, who are those girls below? Are they game characters or some sort of mascots? Because the outfit of the one on the left is worrying me.

  4. Oh right, TotA manga 22. YOU SCARED ME FOR A WHILE WITH THE SRS BSNS, YOU BASTARDS. Even the official mangaka can't manage to have Peony that OOC for such a long time unless it's the gaiden, ugh. *sigh* Thank god he was okay, not TnJ!awesome but okay. The highlights: cute Noelle is cute, Guy in a corner shipping Ion/Anise. The WTFs: Luke actually being cheerful because Peony praised him, while Ion was having an angsty self esteem crisis (it's like opposite replica day, what the hell!)


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