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I love the fluffy randomness of One Piece's color spreads. And now I'm curious about watermelon bananas, yet they do not exist ;_;

And people say this series' art isn't good? But it's adorable! And some spreads have cooler clothes than Bleach for me.
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I mentioned this on Twitter, but repeating it here: This site has a load of subtitles for series to download. Pretty handy if you, say, want to watch British TV shows and there are too many unfamiliar accents for you to follow.

More of the alphabet meme because I'm bored and lazy. Finishing it later.

One Piece, Traveling fiction, Truth )
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Finally up to date with One Piece. Can't say a lot about the current arc besides "whoa!" at the last five chapters and so. About Thriller Bark, it was much fun and much epic and much anxiety. I really enjoyed it. (Also dude... did Zoro just pull a Doumeki...? Well, at least he's getting development as a character from that and that's great.)

Also, Brooke broke my heart T___T The flaaaaashbacks! Rumba pirates so cute.

By the way, I'm getting a digital camera for my birthday. Mom already bought it this afternoon.
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To the One Piece fans out there. Is there a gallery or fansite with current illustrations of the series, that is not Minitokyo or Animepaper? Not only the artbook images, but also splash scans or other stuff that's not in book.

I kind of need nice images of Franky and Brook, so this is why I want to find official color art of them. I'm behind in the manga, so no, I don't have magazine images of any splash cover with them on it. If they don't exist, then screencaps could do. But I'd prefer not to look in Minitokyo-like places because of the download limitations -and in some cases, non-official art is slipped between.
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From 7:09 (or -2:52 if you see it embeded) to the end. Although King Cobra at the beginning made me go awwww D: Sorry it's not in English, but you gotta see how cute they are...

Kung-fu dudongs~ ★___★
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Me mateys, once again it's Talk Like A Pirate Day. I can't talk like one without sounding cliché. So instead, I'll leave you with a pirate surprise, savvy? Arrr.

So I uploaded half of One Piece manga for you :D (note: the post will be members-only in three days or early, so you might want to join the comm. it's my new Kiri-is-sharing-fandom-crap comm)


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I'm still not up-to-date with One Piece, but I just spoiled myself about that thing about Brook's past, you know. HOW MADE OF AWESOME, Oda. *squishes whale plushie*

And in pure procrastination, I went and finished watching the third arc of Twelve Kingdoms. I'm in awe, you guys. This is good shit. This is good storytelling. And I'm not one to fangirl plots with armies and invasions and rebellions (I feel asleep a bit during The Two Towers). But it was so, so good. I had my doubts at first, because Suzu and Shoukei used to be really annoying, but the three girls grew so well as persons. Nice character development, really. And Youko was kickass. Saying that, gee Rakushun, you truly have a touch~~ put any overagressive, bratty girl a week with him, and it works like a charm! XD

No, I mean it, it's an AWESOME arc. Meanwhile, I'm forcing myself NOT to watch the last six episodes. I'm all "we can't stop here, this is En country!", but as a matter of fact I'm stopping there because it'll be En-centric and that's hot and I should be studying now. Nnnnng.
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ETA: HAY GUYS ZAU WROTE ME VIVI FIC ♥♥♥ *turns into goo*


What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Gamer/Computer Nerd

You enjoy the visual stimulants of a video game, chatting on AIM, or reading online comics. Most of these types of nerds are considered dirty who lack hygeine, of course they always end up being the ones who make a crapload of money. And don't worry, that's just a stereotype; I'm not calling you dirty. ^_~

Literature Nerd
Anime Nerd
Drama Nerd
Artistic Nerd
Science/Math Nerd
Social Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
Quizzes for MySpace

Duh. Also, GIP of sorts.

Meanwhile, to soothe the doom fake spoilers brought to me, I went and skipped to the last pages of Artemis Fowl. Because I figured "hey, I already know what happened with Artie and the other Fowls in the end anyway, so... yeah, just to check on the other characters I love and shit"

I'm not spoiling anything, but it was like:



*checks author name again*

Nope, not CLAMP? *tilts head*

*suffers from cultural shock a bit, thank you very much Ohkawa*

about ships, not spoilery )

I'll comment more about the ending when I get to read it. Butler made me go AWW, though.
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Jetix channel loved/hated me, and had broadcasted several episodes of the Alabasta arc of One Piece yesterday morning, and some of the afterwards fillers. I learned something: this arc owns me so much, even a shitty dub with horrible accents can move me to tears.

I fucking love this story, people.

One day, when I have actual time, I'll make a post comparing Clow country to the Alabasta kingdom and how much it sucks by comparison. One day...

But meanwhile, I'll spam with videos. There are no heavy spoilers for the outcome of the saga, so anyone with zero knowledge about One Piece can watch these while YT hasn't deleted them, just for the pretty.

[Error: unknown template video]
This. This is just THE MOST ABSOLUTE WIN. A fansub group made this AMV simulating to be a movie trailer of the whole story. It leaves you completely breathless. I can't even describe it, you have to watch it.

A couple more )
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In One Piece, bandaids cure EVERYTHING, dammit. God, VGCats!Chopper is always so cute~!

I'm not talking about FMA until Cynthia ends the translation but HOLY SHIT OLIVIER! <3

I've been kind of absent because things have been busy around here, and I've been playing with my made-believe server. Now I know I can add entries to databases, and make queries, and taking the info I need from forms. All with PHP and MySQL! I'm doing a little exercise to learn: I'm building a not-1337 script for a to-do list, with the pending items sorted in categories. Like I said, I only have coded the queries and the adding. I still don't know how to delete items or categories, or how to modify stuff (which is important to change stuff to other categories, or to put priorities to items, or to mark them as done).

But anyway. A more accessible geeky stuff: I bought a brand new USB key. It's red, so I called it Ruby Moon. Duh. It's 4GB so that can hold all my websites' files and the Photoshop goodies and maybe there's room for more silly shit. I so needed something like this!

More boughts:
- this one-shot Slayers manga with short stories (OMG Lina/Gourry)
- Fullmetal Alchemist #3
- Matantei Loki #4 & 5
- Another small 5-euro book, this time about CSS

Sadly, TRC #13 was left for next month, and so is Okami. Because I'm stalking something on eBay.

I'm returning home next Friday, so I might be able to do more fandom stuff next week and be up-to-date with fandom activities ^^


Feb. 21st, 2007 04:09 pm
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Yeah, I know it's for the eighth movie. Personally, I don't care if the movie looks bad or it was recycled animation from the anime cut and pasted for two and/or so hours (which I read it's not going to). Because it's Alabasta, bitches! :DDDDD They could have something as stupid as half an hour of filler with Igaram in drags dancing the hula and I'd still not care because... it's Alabasta, bitches!

Yay, new art with Vivi by Odacchi!
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No, really. I can't. I have tonight, Sunday, and Monday to prepare the two finals. I feel so green! Basically, I'll finish reading the Big Unit today. Tomorrow I'll wrap OS1 up. On Monday I'll refresh OOP and check the theory assignment. During the two days, I'll memorize the examples of past exams (even though I'm SURE the teacher will come up with something entirely new) and the sample tests for OOP.

On Tuesday, after morning final, might try to revise the theory for OS1.

That's the plan. So I'll put all my might (ha!) to stay the fuck away from the internets.

Meanwhile, things to do after the 13th (yeah, Tuesday the 13; I know in most countries Friday is the unlucky day, but in Spain and a lot of Latin ones it's Tuesday)

- RP!
- Finish the pending rant memes
- Writing fic
- Doing all those graphics I promised on December (I haven't forgotten!)
- Iconage
- Update Kimihiro.net

Also, I'm up to date now with One Piece, so let me tell you. Spoilers for 444, I think )
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I think I'm lost with the purpose of the infamous CAPSLOCK comms, besides typing like OotP!Harry Potter would. I go to one and I see silly canon rants, I go to another and I see crackful (and most of the times crappy or tasteless) fanstuff, and I go to some other and they're mocking the idiots with badly-disguised sarcasm. Does it depend on the fandom or the members decide what to be capslock-y about?

I've been thinking about the manganime merchandise I'd love to have one day, probably when I have a job and stuff. Because most of this is expensive:

Wishlist in progress )
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Help, help! The kingdom of Alabasta is eating my brain and rotting my heart! ;_____;

I don't know what the FUCK is with me and minor desert kingdoms in my fandoms. I don't even like deserts that much. Sand hates me and my toes. I see Sir Crocodile's attacks and dispair...

But I promise I'll make a long Alabasta post in the future. In which I'll fangirl practically every character, regardless of gender, age, species, and prettiness.

But anyway...

Gee, mom, I think the electronic sudoku is really cool, but batteries are not included; it's a pair of AAA, and I'm too lazy to buy alkaline packs or use the rechargable ones I have for the mp3 player for that shit, when I can get sudokus online.

I've been working a bit harder but not hard enough on Object-oriented Programming practices, so it's almost like I'm productive. Also, there's a rather discriminating exercise on the second sheet:
a) a person may have an ID number or not, but when the number is set, it cannot be changed <- uh, you know, *I* changed my ID number when I got the citizenship, so it's possible in Spain... not if you're a Spaniard, but immigrants are a whole new deal...
b) a person must have a sex, it's either masculine or feminine, and it cannot be changed <- OMG oppression! what about asexuals and transexuals? and Mr. 2, Bon Clay??!!
c) a person may have a mother and/or a father; also, a man can't be somebody's mother and viceversa <- OMG oppression again! and what about the persons adopted by gay couples? what about Akira Ijuin, who has two mothers and one father?!
Yeah, I know it's for simplifying things on a rather easy exercise, but it's still kinda a medieval approach for these times. Damn you abstraction.

Also no, mom, I don't want to watch Scary Movie 4 no matter what my brothers say. Just by watching two of those movies I've had enough bad pot and penis jokes for a lifetime.

ETA: Check this fancomic about movie!Howl/Sophie. Saw it already? Not dead from sugar? Fine, now see the CRACKTACULAR book version and die from laughter XDDDDDDD
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Today it was a card-y day. I tried to work on the OOP practice I have to hand over on the 19th, because I'm really behind, but in the end I got distracted by shiny Internets. Again.

The point is, I made one exercise, and it was one about creating a deck of baraja (una baraja española, para aclarar). It was kind of weird because my knowledge of it comes from the Minor Arcana (BTW, I never mentioned I bought myself a beginner's Tarot deck last month), and the Spanish cards in a Tarot are different than the ones on a Baraja in two things: a) barajas have no Queens, and b) the wand suit are different in Spanish depending of the deck -they're "bastos" (think of trollish clubs) in playing cards, and "varas" (wooden sticks, proper wands) in Tarot.

I learned this today, by homework. Most people learn by card games. I clearly suck at life. Incidentally, popular card games here are, obviously, played with barajas and not the usual French decks. Which is so bizarre for me because I'm used to them and not the Spanish decks. You can find barajas everywhere and not the hearts-diamonds-clubs-spades darlings.

Another thing: Go and catch a falling star, get with child a mandrake root... )

Offtopic: Anyone knows of good fic authors who write about Alabasta characters? I'm thinking genfic and/or Kohza/Vivi. I just don't know where to start, and I don't dare poking around.
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I probably needed to follow a +40-volume, Shounen Jump-branded shounen manga like I need a hole in the head. But really, when more than twenty volumes have passed, and I'm still not tired of it and/or want the mangaka to cut their crap... I know there's no turning back, and unless something just outrageous happens later, I'm not going to leave the series any time soon. This is why I couldn't go on with, say, Naruto and Bleach; and this is why I have to take my breaks with DGM so I don't get fed up. Also, crying. If a manga makes me laugh AND cry, and I don't mean crying of laughter like when I watch Saint Seiya for the lulz, the mangaka has officially owned me.

It looks childish, it doesn't seem artistic, it appears to be the manga equivalent of PotC but with talking animals and genki teens. Yeah, that's anyone's first impression, but I swear to God One Piece is hardcore. After you get used to the style (and you do, and the guys start to be pretty much hot, believe me), and the plot starts off (which takes it at least three volumes or so), you discover Eiichiro Oda is a great storyteller. Although it doesn't look like there's a huge plot like with FMA, it's more like we have gazillion subplots and arcs kneading and secrets to uncover. The arcs are somehow episodic, although there are consequences from the previous adventures and some characters are recurrent. Oda isn't afraid of PG-13 violence, like adults losing limbs for their protegees' sake. However, he doesn't kill important characters unless it's in flashbacks; also, he even develops what happens to most villains after their defeat, although sometimes it's pure crack. Speaking of flashbacks, they're some of my favorite things in OP, and a technique Oda is just awesome at. They're gorgeous, and bring so much to the characters' development. Hell, even some animals get their tragic pasts, and I don't only mean poor Chopper. He gives attention to minor characters, which is unbelievable considering how vast the cast is.

So it's still an action-adventure manga, with batshit powers and epic fights, but it's basically a story about friendship and following your dreams even when they're farfetched. And when the punches and explosions are over, the characters have growned up a bit more, and your patience is rewarded with comedy and/or angst -and even during the fights.

And I'll tell you, some arcs are just incredible, even when you forget their links with the main characters and see them as stand-alone stories. The story of Baroque Works' conspiracies in Alabasta is so rich, and the past of Skypiea and Shandora was really interesting. And so on.

Also, CLAMP could've learned from Oda when it comes to kickass desert princesses. 4 realz. Then again, I'm biased because I adore Vivi -and pretty much everyone from Alabasta.

Actually, Kubo could've learned from Oda, uh, everything or something.

In short, I'm SO glad I gave One Piece a second chance <3 The length is overwhelming and it took me ages to be up to Japan, but I don't regret it and I don't think I lost my time. If anything, it gave me more things to obsess about.

ETA: LOL Discworld reference!
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OMG [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor! You didn't have to ♥ ♥

The geekiest Christmas present I've gotten this year, by far: )

I also got myself a couple of collectible card thingies of CCS illustrations I had to own but I don't want to buy the artbooks they're on any time soon.

Warning: hot adults with glasses )

So random

Dec. 16th, 2006 06:30 pm
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Karma hates me right now. Aruba.it hates me. Nintendo distribuitors hate me. Norma Editorial hates me. With my luck, I wonder if I'll be able to find torrents for Hogfather any time soon.

But hey, cool links for you. If you can stand to read e-books on your computer, there's the very illegal /bookchan/. Which is like 4chan, but with literature instead of porn! OMG!

[livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor, have you noticed Arlongpark.net HAS text translations of the SBS sections of One Piece here? I was reading up until the volume I'm in, and LMAO! It's sometimes interesting and meta, sometimes crack, and sometimes just stupid. I wish now all mangakas had fanmail replies in volumes like Odacchi. That's so unique~

And now the moment of stupidity sponsored by The Pit. Hey, my Eriol/Kaho got my first retarded review! Not a flame, though, but this fanbrat so obviously didn't read my fic.

"N after a few more days of talking they fell in love n so on n so
forth...typical...anyway hurry up n update! I can't wait 2 read ur nx


Let's go in parts, "SnowCharms":

a) And after a few more days of talking they fall in love? NO. No. Actually, no. I love how she makes conclusions from thin air. The fic is pairing-labeled, but it's going to be mostly genfic, probably with some usual tension. But NO, Kaho won't fall in love after meeting him a couple of times. That's boring. I write canon, so she just got out of a relationship and won't even notice she likes Eriol as a man until... months later, actually. Hell, it'll come as a surprise to her as well; so far she has no idea that's the guy she's supposed to meet in England. But really, it's going to take her a long time, and so far he's just exchanging information with her and earning her trust, and later they'll become friends. Most of the future chapter ideas are of the gen variety, some with sillyness and some with tl;dr conversations. But I'm not going to have Kaho drooling over Eriol's awesomeness that blatantly. She may think "hee, he's so strange/wise/kind/crazy" but not "OMG HAWT I WUB HIM SO MUCH! PLZ LOVE ME BACK and not Tomoyo WOE ANGST *emo lyrics go here*".
The whole point is: just because 95% of the Pit authors are predictable it doesn't mean all of them are going to do things the easy way. My story is slow, my story will end as soon as I feel the canon timeline should start (so no cheesy dates and snogging would happen because duh), and the fact you assume I'll have her after his pants two weeks after he meets him offends me a lot.

b) I'm not accepting a "typical" label from someone with this crap in her favorite list of fics. Excuse me if I take "typical" from you as a compliment, because you sure like OOC/AU pieces of garbage in your reads. So yes, I'd prefer boring and IC before "atypical" and "...wait, who are these people again?"

*pokes LJ*

Nov. 4th, 2006 09:42 pm
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It wasn't only a lousy day, but also Livejournal was dead most of the time. And it's still acting like an idiot. But hey, I could read some manga volumes that were hanging on my HDD.

But really, there are only three shounen series with the ability of making me both laugh and cry:

a) Rurouni Kenshin.

b) Fullmetal Alchemist.

c) One Piece.

Who needs Bleach? These are real masterpieces in their genres when it comes to plots and characterization.

*is on volume 20 of OP*


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