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Not much going on in my life beyond RPing and stupid IRL drama. Ugh, whatever.

Tiger & Bunny is pissing me off with its inability to stick to one plot at the time and the pile of continuous twists. Let me know when/if it gets less ADHD and the two main characters are likable again any time soon. I feel too annoyed to feel sorry/scared for them. Obviously I'm the only one feeling like this, but oh well.

Thundercats and Adventure Time are still awesomesauce.

→ I've been downloading the episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou San as they come out, but I still haven't checked them out.

→ I'm very into weird surreal Britcom again. Send help. And recs.

→ You know what's unbelievably fun? The live action dorama of Ouran! No, really! As cheesetacular and corny and narmy as it is, those sfx are actually very fitting (expecially since most revolve about Tamaki, and he's all about hamming). The more episodes I watch, the more convincing everything gets. And the actors do a pretty good job at their characters, most especially Haruhi. Tamaki's actor's pouty lips are so distracting, but he's actually rocking the role. I actually like Kyouya here (go figure). Oh, and I fucking love that Nekozawa was upgraded to main character.
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Finale as I read )
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My OTP so precious. And canon. And stuuuuupid. And precious.

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I LMAO'd so hard at the Greek theme! Mostly because of Tamaki's obvious cosplay choice was seen coming from a lifetime.
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Just a couple of things, because this day is distressing.

α. I forgot to blog about the latest Ouran. Mostly because I was spazzing my way through the epicness, and groaned out loud at the FUCKING CLIFFHANGER. Did she just...? And nothing until July?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

(Note: even if I was too spazzy to talk, there are spoilers in comments)

β. Because I couldn't wait, I took a look at the raw of Oniwaka to Ushiwaka - Edge of the world (wow, weirdest subtitle ever). Oh come on, it's an AU story starting young Yoshitsune and Benkei, of course I'm going to read that shit. So far looks a bit cliché, bishified, and Benkei looks like a Getbackers rejectee (understandably, same mangaka). But fuck that, I'm still looking forward to scanlations.

γ. I'm up to date with Pandora Hearts. The thing is, I can't get into the lol gothic-lolita dark atmosphere or the plot. I kept reading because I suddenly grew attached to the characters and I want to see what happens to them. My favorite is a tie between Jack (who's surprised?) and Elliot.
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Re: Ouran 74: ARGH ARGH ARGH. You know, I'm not someone to wish death to a fictional character, but I hate grandma Suoh SO DAMN MUCH. Please do choke on your tea or something.

Re: this post: I... was so wrong. The trailer is out and the boy is Kuninushi. I really don't like that they redesigned Susano and Kushi's son to look cute enough for "chibiterasu". What's wrong with a butt-ugly kid as a sidekick?

As for Nakatsukuni? I remembered the Western name table in the fanbook and looked it up. That's the original Japanese name for "Nippon", WTF. I did recall that it wasn't Nippon in the original, but I didn't expect it to have its name written in katakana. So yeah, I assumed it was a character name.

I hope I can shut up soon and stop the whining and slight tsundere about Okamiden. To be honest, I've been more obsessed about Persona 4 lately. I'm right in my way to enter the real criminal's dungeon! I'm sad that I have two social links I couldn't max out (Death -ran out of Sundays- and Empress -hate Margaret's requests soooo much-), but I must say I did better than I thought I would.
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While there are some nice-looking games announced on the E3 (dude, I think I'd play that Metroid and the non-Galaxy Mario; perhaps my brothers might get the MGS Raiden game?), you know what game I want to play a lot? Mini Ninjas, from all things. But it just looks so adorable and Wind Waker-ish! Also, you learn some shit from tengu. VERY CUTE TENGU. Yeah, I'd buy it more for cute crow-looking tengu than for the ninja themselves, WTF.

And in a different way of cute, this Ouran omake with Haruhi's parents. IS THAT A NEW MARRIED OTP? I THINK IT IS. They're both awesome and adorable together and separately, even... they're moe, yes.

Also, Haruhi? Never has your Elektra complex being more blatant after meeting your folks. It doesn't help that Bisco even drew young, non-okama Ranka's face so Tamaki-like. It might've been accidental, a la Takaya syndrome, but it's still there. AND FOR SOME REASON, I DON'T CARE. The pretty blinds me.
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Agsadfghsfh. In three days I've managed to get to the part I was in Persona 4, when I played the NTSC burned version. Maybe it's the fact I paid to own that game what made me so determined. I still suck enormously, of course, and Shadow Kanji beat the crap out of me. My main issue in dungeons is how I run out of SP so fast and the items to replenish are hard to get or made of fail -there must be something other than TaP cans. Fuck you, kitsune, with that price you could fill up my HP as well.

My head hurts, so... I'll take a break with that. I should play a Tales tomorrow instead, to relax.

[livejournal.com profile] kirarakim tagged me a while ago for these memes.

Character thing: Tamaki Suoh )

The other meme: I was given these fandoms. See tags for it )
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Assorted comments on manga I read today.

  • Kobato 13(.A?): I couldn't understand a thing! Now, crypticness is fun and I like it, especially when I can go back and reread when I know what it was all about. But when it comes to the animal-shaped characters, they just become almost unintelligible. All I got from there was that are these spoilers? ). Anyway, it's kind of bizarre that I'm following this manga for the plushies' plot, whatever that is.

  • Vinland Saga 52: ...Holy crap. Now, that's losing your head. *rimshot* I just... What the hell, Askeladd. What the fucking hell. I hope the next chapter doesn't take a million years to scanlate.

  • Historie 52: So far I'm enjoying Eumenes' adventures in Macedonia. And how he's more OMG LIBRARY than anything else (if anyone reading this has slash goggles, must've been disappointed that right after meeting Alexander, Eumenes is all "what an interesting place with interesting people ~AND THE LIBRARY~ ♥"). Have I mentioned the big crush I have on Eumenes? So awesome.

  • Ouran 69: OMG, it's the return of Stupid Dork Tamaki! Now with 30% more misunderstanding and annoyance! I swear I LOL'd through the whole chapter. It just felt like an old chapter and all. I wonder if next month they'll bring out the cliffhanger about Kyouya's shady discovery, or they'll skip the drama for a while and return to humorous shenanigans on Haruhi's birthday. The so-called love triangle is coming more as humoristic than anything so far.

  • Saint Young Men 5: ...I never said I read this, did I. It feels so wrong, but it's so cracky. And this chapter was just hilarious. Jesus' blog! Practically everything Buddha said! Death Note reference! The animals outside! Between this one and Ouran, I had my LULZ quota for the weekend :Db
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...Oh Tsubasa. I knew I was right to forget about my previous love for Clow country. They've managed to tie in one of my top least favorite worlds with it. BRILLIANT. TRULY BRILLIANT. EVEN MORE ANGSTBULANCE TO COME. And it'll become squee material if those four show up. Oy.

So you know what? I'm going to forget I read this, and going to focus on Ouran 68 now that it was scanlated, which was just so adorable and heartwarming and not trauma-inducing (insert your tiger-horse puns here) at all. *clings to Tamaki and his cuteness and the whole host club's silly love for him* He really surprised me in this chapter.

Also, seriously, give me something to rant about, please? ;;
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Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia?

I swear, in some alternate universe she's got to be Ema Skye's magical sister. And I'm not saying it only for the character design.

That is all.

ETA: Re: Ouran.
Slow chapter is slow. Cute, yes, and lots of friendship going on, but slow. Now another month for more plot.
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Changed the layout, guys.

[livejournal.com profile] amewarashi [livejournal.com profile] amewarashi [livejournal.com profile] amewarashi [livejournal.com profile] amewarashi

I have no idea how LQ it looks like. Had to do it on GIMP and my laptop screen is dirty.

ETA: Oh, I managed to get OneManga to work for Ouran 67. I have three words, Tamaki:

About fucking time!

I get the feeling the "plan" was a 2x1, and Haruhi isn't suspecting the rest of the club's second intentions.
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Went to the dentist to get that wisdom tooth removed. But apparently someone up there loves me, because that butcher mad-scientist imbecile was on vacation and the substitute dentist was such a nice guy. And sort of cute, kinda. SO, I'm done with dental issues for some time now.

There are raws of Ouran 64 but no translation yet. Aww. Looks like someone is noticing~ About time, glimmerous fop.

By the way, the Mushishi manga was supposed to end a few days ago, but I can't find spoilers or info about it on the Internet. Huh.
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They stiiiiiiill haven't shipped my artbook. I've been stalking Amazon and the inbox all day long. But never mind that.

This Ouran omake.




I can't stop saying the word cute! Because he's too cute. The servants are cute. Antoinette's just as cute. Papa Suoh is cute. GAH. CUTE.
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Because I know some people *cough*EstefaníaySha*cough* rely on me to remind them: new Ouran raw chapter is up at the forum. Tamaki's levels of denial were pretty much the whole point of the chapter, really.

From everyone: ask me about a character and I'll tell you some of my headcanon. Expect answers in one million years.

And the I LIKE meme. Create an image of 9 things you currently really like, explain the things and tag others so they can share some inspiration and positive vibes too.

This collage of awesome took me like half an hour, ugh. First row is animanga shit, second is gaming shit, third is everything-else shit.

❶ is for XXXHOLiC, because the plot is actually moving.
❷ is for Fullmetal Alchemist manga, for the monthly intrigue.
❸ is for Slayers, because FUCK YEAH new season.
❹ is for Okami, since it just deserves it, no discussion allowed.
❺ is for Odin Sphere, because I'm having a good time with it and playing Gwendolyn's book, go figure, but the underworld is next so I'm screwed.
❻ is the "stupid sexy" slot, and right now gotta give it to glimmerous Klavier.
❼ is for Mansión RPG, because it's just so addictive and LULZ.
❽ is for Discworld, since I finished "Small Gods" recently.
❾ is for ice cream sandwiches, and I'm depressed as I ate the last one in the box today.
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1. If "video killed the radio star", did Internet kill the MTV star? Why asking for music videos when you can just search on Youtube (and download it)?

2. I think Elite Beat Agents ruined Freddie Mercury's (or was it the whole Queen? can't recall) "I was born to love you" for me. Now every time I hear it, I'm all "ajndbfbsb retarded DaVinci/Gioconda shoujo AU badfic". It's that BAD. You don't want to know what they did to DaVinci -hell, I don't even want to call that thing DaVinci.

3. Funny enough, EBA did make Destiny's Child's "Survivor" better for me by association. Taking care of zombie mutant things by allergy to nuts? EPIC STUFF XD If such a FPS game was ever made based on that guy, I'd so play it. And I don't even like the genre!

4. But see, somehow the trainwreck of 2 reminded me that the next Ouran chapter should be out soon, and oh my it already was! ♥ Like always, at this forum. The Haruhi raburabu abuse continues, and I'm LOL'ing so, so, so, so hard at her fever dorkiness! Tanuki what? Shoujo manga what? Having his babies what?! XDDDDDDD She's so cute when WTF.

Tamaki was so incredible adorable ♥ No wonder she could understand how the fuck she fell for him. No, really, I'm liking the way the canon is going, it's so cute and I ship it hard.
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Ouran chapter 57, bitches. Translation here~~~

My thoughts on Tamaki/Haruhi, let me show you )

...Well, I spent 50 minutes writing this off O_o
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I can't believe how unproductive I've been during this year's summer vacation. The websites I could've finished/updated! The fanfics I could've written! The icons I could've made! Meanwhile, I just stared at the screen, with null motivation -do not confuse with inspiration: I had plenty of that-, and only watching stuff in a lethargic state. And sometimes playing games or reading books.

What happened to me? When I'm in classes I'm too depressed or busy to work on my Internet hobbies. When I'm free or happy, I don't feel like doing anything. Am I getting old?

I watched Denno Coil 14-16 today, and I'm pleased to see plot going on. I called 4423's identity, but not... his current state, you know. Damn.

I also watched Mononoke 8, and I'm liking this arc. Looking forward to see the conclusion.

Now I'll leave you with fanart recs. rufftoon @ dA was the one who drew the Bosco comic at Nick Magazine. Her gallery, mostly Avatar-centric, is pretty neat, and her comic strips are quite funny. There's also a HP/Garfield crossover going on that made me choke on laughter XD

And now I'll try to work on a website update. Or I hope so...

ETA: I should comment about the Ouran spoilers for chapter 55, but it can basically be summed up as OMGSQUEEEE. Anything coherent I could say would sound obnoxious. So for your comodity, I went fanbrat-mode on [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor's journal instead.
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1. No llevo ni la cuarta parte de mi tabla Touya/Yukito para 30 Vicios, y ya me pedí un segundo claim. Así que apuré mi quinto fic para poder optar por otra tabla. (La segunda, que la de las leyes de Murphy la veo muy cruda para cualquier personaje o pairing que me gusta a no ser que fuese Watanuki, porque jo-der, no pega ni una!) Supongo que necesito un respiro del azúcar que supone el pairing, y así ir alternando. Y claro, qué es lo contrario a fluffy gay? Snarky het! Por ende, me pedí a estos dos *señala icon* Claro, los del libro. No faltaba más.

2. This week's HOLiC in one word: AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. And it goes on hiatus T______T Splash page is hawt and Eriol-Clow-esque, so I approve (and want to icon it) TRC in general right now in one word: Uh? I think I'll wait for this arc to be over, and then read the whole thing in retrospective, because I understand shit of this shitty plot. If someone dies or loses more limbs before they leave this boring world, let me know.

3. I'm watching what I have left of Mushishi, because I'm in the mood. Woot!

4. [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor wrote the Tamaki/Haruhi manifesto ♥ Yeah, that deserves its own bullet.

5. The RP I'm in rocks. Eriol got a beer for White Day~~
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Re: The Avatar cracky school clip going around.

I think the Horitsuba dramas jaded me. Now I seem to be incapable of seeing canon high school AUs like something silly. I had to be pointed out this one is a parody, because I truly thought the creators made this chibifest for fanservice and shipper bait's sake. Thinking more carefully, yeah, they truly did it for the lulz. But I failed to see that.

Oh, and chibis in anime don't seem to have an effect on me. For that, however, I don't blame CLAMP but BONES and their FMA "OVAs". They even look kinds ridiculous to me. I'm going to see those damned chibis in Avatar icons forever, aren't I?

But anyway, GIP. Because school counselor!Iroh was IC and the win, and his new VA sounds perfect.

Change of subject.

You know, my main email account's spam mail is becoming too weird. I mean, besides the offers for viagra, low financial rates, PS3's, and sex, the rest is... I don't know, the subject lines look like the sender was on crack or they just babelfished it from a random language. Even the average Engrish has more grammar than this. Some samples I've saved:

by fight of cafeteria )


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