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Yeah, so I still haven't a clue of what shows I'll even try this season except for a couple that are a MUST. Which ones? You'll see below, although this is mostly a GIF review of things from last season (or a previous season, period).

- Oh right, Persona 4: The Animation ended... kinda.
- Polar bears, pandas, and penguins! Oh my!
- And a lot of baths were given that da-- I mean, century.
- My lesbian crush on King Arthur, in the middle of political magic duels.

I question my anime taste sometimes, but not today )
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Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate it. Happy Winter Solstice in advance :P

→ I feel a little too excited for finishing Ocarina of Time... AGAIN. Now to try the Master Quest (I almost type sword, LOL) mode. And man, the ending has some plotholes that make me wonder... and I don't mean the timelines and time travel shenanigans. I mean, how the fuck are the Kokiris partying at Lon Lon without turning into Skull Kids?! Makes no sense whatsoever.

→ Why the fuck are Hollywood making a sequel for the Clash of the Titans remake? That movie was SO SHITTY, I had to watch it with Rifftrax and it was still dull despite of the memetic one-liners and the MST crew mocking. It's THAT awful. Look, I don't care that you have actual titans now. This is an abomination.

Persona 4 anime, I'm just on the wagon still because anime!Teddie is so precious. No idea if Kappei helps with the squeaky moe voice or what. You know, I think I'm going to write a giant post about Teddie because he is my favorite P4 character and he needs more love. And stupid theories. And long eyelashes, apparently! Meanwhile, I shall ignore that guy with the gray hair for my own sanity.
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You know what, I'm so disappointed at P4A I can't even. I can't believe they turned Yu into a big douchebag and as much as a homophobe. The bathhouse episode was pretty bad, but like Kanji did, I assumed he'd accept this and get over it. So imagine when the camp pseudofiller has him saying those things to poor Kanji. UGH!! I was enjoying this anime, really! I liked how they handled Yukiko and Chie, for instance. Rise is going good, if we ignore Yu being too present because I can't see his fucking face anymore.

Fuck it. The game's MC is the only protagonist that exists, and he's pretty tolerant and cool, and I consider this OOC travesty just an icon fodder. The main reason I'm not dropping this? I want to make pretty icons for my RP account and they still haven't gotten to Teddie's alter form. Whatever.

Hmmmmmm, let's go with happier things. I'm giving my 3DS good use. Ocarina either is easier than I remember, was watered down a bit, or I've played this too much and I remember more than I thought. It's not a bad thing! I like easy because I'm a cheap idiot! And the sooner I finish, the sooner I get Master Quest mode.

Abyss goes slower, but then again this is an RPG with a lot of shit to do and characters to grind. OMG, I had forgotten that Ion was such a cute nice kid ;A; Pre-Akzeriuth Luke gets more unbearable the more times you play this game, too. Saint Binah is a gorgeous town and I wish I could go back later. Why are your cities so beautiful, Malkuth?

Oh, and my brother bought Skyward Sword! It's the special edition with the golden wiimote motion plus and the 25th Anniversary orchestra CD. I finally tried it today for a bit, and my arm was tired before I had even saved my bird. If can't even imagine how my bro can stand it, considering he's a lefty and he's having problems to adapt to the controls. Maybe that's why he hadn't played in a couple of days? Maybe he's ragequitting? I don't blame him, Nintendo did a dick move by alienating the left-handed clients.

I still have to write a mythology fanfic for a challenge. I have decided the story, but I haven't felt inspired yet with my family being pests or "improving" my mood. Nnnng.

So, how are you guys doing?
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I'm really liking the first episode of Persona 4. It is really rushed and it probably gives a different vibe to non-gamer people, but you know what? It was still lots of fun, fairly faithful, and props to the animators for making this many visual references to the gameplay. Besides, if they had gone on and on about the school life before the first TV excursion, that episode would've been boring as fuck. Cutting just after Tutorial Fight was perfect from a narrative point of view. I do worry that the characters will stay too shallow if they run too much to get the plot done, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt as it's just the intro episode.

Also, I never found game!MC or Souji physically attractive, but Yu? DAYUM SON.

But nevermind that, because yesterday I finished Son of Neptune. I loved it ♥ I puked rainbows. I didn't hate Camp Jupiter at all; the differences were fascinating, and the fact it's not just direct children of demigods is also pretty cool. I loved the new characters (Reyna, Hazel, Frank, Ella, Hylla, Arion, etc. Even if Octavian was a douche, he was interesting.) I loved the returning faces from PJO too. It was nice to have Percy back in the narrative and I'm glad he didn't steal the spotlight from the other two main characters. Honestly, I didn't find any of them a canon Sue. It's true that Riordan is making the Seven exponentially more and more speshul snowflakes, but I think that's the point? This is a gigantic (durr hurr) quest, they need extraordinary people with really freaky abilities and weapons. If anything, I think Jason is looking blander and blander as we meet more characters. Percy was still very Percy, so it's not the amnesia dulling him. And while Frank and Hazel's powers were as overhyped and underused compared to, say, Piper and Leo's, at least their personalities were very endearing and well shaped.

And while I did curse because of the cliffhanger, it was for the wrong reasons. As I'm not a huge Percy/Annabeth shipper (I just didn't ship anything with kids until this book), I don't give a shit if Riordan trolled people re: Percabeth (actually, let me look for the popcorn and drink the salty tears of the fandom). No, I wanted to see both trios meeting at last, especially Leo's reaction to the looks on Hazel/Percy/Frank's faces! Man, this is going to be sooooo awkward.
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Maaaaaaaaaaan, our Internet connection suuuuuucks.

a) Persona 4 anime, which is almost old news by now. Honestly, I do understand why the mistrust because it's very easy to get it wrong. But it all looks and sounds SO SHINY. I don't care if it's bad or good, bring it on.

Too bad this came out the day before my trip. I missed a lot of Yu puns on Tumblr because of that. I don't mind the name that much although I like Souji Seta better. Yu is puntastic, so it's great. I do have a bone to pick with Narukami because in my heart of heart, I will always link it to Matantei Loki. *will use Thor in his roster the next time she plays P4*

b) OMG. Rurouni Kenshin anime project to be developed. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE, OR IT'S JUST FANTASY? PLEASE DO NOT SUCK, WHATEVER YOU ARE. I'm not sure I want a manga-compatible remake, unlike the rest of the fandom. I imagine it would be less Brotherhood and more DBZ Kai because shit is old-ish. The Jinchuu arc would be fucking excellent and I'll be sad if it has nothing to do with it. But you know, as long as it's not original garbage with crazy stuff (like fighting religious Mary Sue terrorists, German templars, or magical WTFeng Shui) I'm all for it.

c) Wow, the Kuragehime manga is being scanlated so fast! I love that.

d) The Dream World in PKMN sucks major balls. No, sorry, it's so boring it's a chore to do stuff there. Also, am I the only one who feels like it's a glorified Facebook flash game? You even play it online in a computer, FFS! I wanted to do that shit in my fucking NDS anywhere, you idiots! Not that it would be fun anyway, because one you're past the minigames and old pokes with new movesets/abilities? It's STILL a Facebook game! Like, you plant shit, you decorate your house, you visit your friends... it's fucking Pokéfarmville!! DW sickens me.
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Seen on Tales of Vesperia. LOL ASCH!

This looks gayer out of context. I choose Kanji because really, he's the most dateable guy.

And one kinda NSFW because it's Mara. WTF Warning: tentacle penis with a mouth )
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There's... not much to tell. I've been mostly playing Persona for 4 the last past days. Watched the normal ending, now I'm close to the true ending. I've also been replaying Okami again.

Oh, and I got Chrono Trigger today in the mail ♥ Awwww the sprites!

FMA 99 spoilers )
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Re: Ouran 74: ARGH ARGH ARGH. You know, I'm not someone to wish death to a fictional character, but I hate grandma Suoh SO DAMN MUCH. Please do choke on your tea or something.

Re: this post: I... was so wrong. The trailer is out and the boy is Kuninushi. I really don't like that they redesigned Susano and Kushi's son to look cute enough for "chibiterasu". What's wrong with a butt-ugly kid as a sidekick?

As for Nakatsukuni? I remembered the Western name table in the fanbook and looked it up. That's the original Japanese name for "Nippon", WTF. I did recall that it wasn't Nippon in the original, but I didn't expect it to have its name written in katakana. So yeah, I assumed it was a character name.

I hope I can shut up soon and stop the whining and slight tsundere about Okamiden. To be honest, I've been more obsessed about Persona 4 lately. I'm right in my way to enter the real criminal's dungeon! I'm sad that I have two social links I couldn't max out (Death -ran out of Sundays- and Empress -hate Margaret's requests soooo much-), but I must say I did better than I thought I would.
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...after reading/watching a Let's Play of Persona 3 during a couple of slow days. Unpopular opinions 'R us!

Not bashing anything, but there's a lot of boggling thoughts. And some P3 spoilers. Watch SMT purists roll their eyes at me! :o )

Tomorrow I'll make a real post, I hope.
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New FMA chapter ♥ Funny enough, I bought volume 20 today. I also got Kenshin #5 and Gintama #5-6. I'm so behind on my shounen manga.

Okay, so. Lately I've been melting in heat and playing more Persona 4. I've gotten more used to the God-am-I-too-stupid-for-this gameplay so I've had no big problems anymore. I'm starting November (OH GOD NO) and I have ten max'd s-links already. I doubt I'll finish all of them because I hate fusing personas so I can't care less about Margaret's. As long as I have my party maxed up, I'll be fine.

Right, I went today to the annual Comics Fair in my city. It's pretty sucktacular; just a bunch of stands in the park/avenue where comic/hobby stores sell their stuff. And actually, every year it sucks even more. For instance, they've changed the location and limited to one stand for each store instead of two like the first years, so that means they only bring fewer and fewer merch. I remember I bought the entirety of Clover on my first year, each volume in a different place. Now if you can find an obscure series or the number you're missing in a large collection? You're lucky.

Third, the merchandising used to be nice in previous years, granted you were expecting mainstream shounen series only (i.e, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Death Note, Bleach, One Piece) and a slice of trendy. Right now you still see merch, yeah, but this year it was either obscure moe figures (srsly, I recognized none) or Western fandoms and even so few for Naruto and that (I did see some OP stuff, and even a King Bradley O_O). So this year was... pretty lame.

I did buy geeky button pins. It was some pixelate Mario Bros ones (a 1-UP shroom and a Koopa Paratroopa), the Hylian coat of arms, the Mugiwara jolly roger, a Katamari one I'm sure it's from a T-shirt, and a fanart SD Amaterasu. There was cool variety in that stand, but not much for my fandoms (I did see, however, fanart SD P4 pins: girl!Yosuke, girl!Teddie, and shadow!Naoto; sadly, they were also fugly). They make customized as well: I'm tempted, but I have no idea where to get a clear Malkuth coat of arms (what?) and I'm lazy to dig up the Gavinners' G so I guess I won't return XD

Cut for photos I took. It includes Spiderman climbing an obelisk and Batman on top of a bank. I kid you not )

No pic of the pins because they look blurry in the ones I took.
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I... don't even remember what I've been doing for the past days. I've been mostly exhausted and lethargic and depressed and I have no idea what else. I did play a good amount of video games after I returned home.

→ I spent a whole day on Tales of the Abyss, going from the second visit to the Tower of Rem to Eldrant. I attempted to fight Nebilim in very hard and failed extraordinarily. THE SHAME.

→ Finished Void Quest in Persona 4 a couple of days back. The same day I went to spoil myself about a character's s.links in youtube. Yes, feel free to gasp at me and call me things for spoiling myself a SMT game. But I regret nothing. And he broke my heart a lot.

→ Oh, and I found a place where I could download Tales of Fandom vol. 2! Yeah, the Phantasia/Symphonia/Abyss crossover with tons of minigames and extra stories, also a goldmine for my Tales OTP (really!).

Ah, and I bought Tales of Vesperia online in a British store, 8 euros cheaper than it would be here. No, I still don't own a 360, but if it arrives soon I can take the chance and play at my brothers' while I'm catsitting next week. I'll probably get a second hand console because they're cheaper.

And now I must ponder on whether to bid this extremely cheap doujinshi auction at ebay or not!
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So, out of boredom I signed up for Pixiv, just to check things out. And being predictable as I am, just guess which tag I checked on first. (Hint: ICON)

Then I see something GENIUS like this in the very first page.


Artist's profile. They also made endgame!Ammy, Shiranui, Issun, Ushiwaka, and Okikurmi!
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Tsuioku no Jade raws ♥ ♥ Oh my God, I was expecting to never see them after two months of poking the Internet, but there they are! And since I know better, I opened them already set in that there was no way it could be as good as it sounded, and perhaps it'd be just Jade and Luke talking about shit instead of flashbacks or whatever.

.......AND I WAS WRONG! It WAS so goooood! It had

a) Nephry, who doesn't do a lot but sure looks pretty
b) Flashbacks *_* And more to go
c) Nebilim being a total badass
d) Going to Grand Chokmah and, therefore, lots of Peony
e) Rappigs; even a look at rappig!Luke's personality
f) Splash cover with the OTP


In other news, I'm getting the hang of Persona 4. During the weekend I beat two dungeons, which are the gay sauna and the strip club. I'm sort of proud of myself. Besides, I have Hermit in rank 9, so the healing thing won't be such a ripoff.
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Agsadfghsfh. In three days I've managed to get to the part I was in Persona 4, when I played the NTSC burned version. Maybe it's the fact I paid to own that game what made me so determined. I still suck enormously, of course, and Shadow Kanji beat the crap out of me. My main issue in dungeons is how I run out of SP so fast and the items to replenish are hard to get or made of fail -there must be something other than TaP cans. Fuck you, kitsune, with that price you could fill up my HP as well.

My head hurts, so... I'll take a break with that. I should play a Tales tomorrow instead, to relax.

[livejournal.com profile] kirarakim tagged me a while ago for these memes.

Character thing: Tamaki Suoh )

The other meme: I was given these fandoms. See tags for it )
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Yay, welcome to all the new people from the Tales Of and Ace Attorney memes! It's nice to meet you guys. I'm horribly shy when it comes to comment, so I'll do my best. Same with all the LJ-friends that have been here for some time. Sorry I've been sucking.

Quickly, some points I've been meaning to mention.

1. I finished Hotel Dusk. The plot was all right, perhaps a bit exposition dump by the end, but what I liked the most was doing silly stuff with the stylus. Apparently there are more than one ending, so I suppose I'll slowly replay it some more.

2. I bought Persona 4. Like, legally. I still have no idea why, since it drives me to stress just by thinking about it -because I utterly suck at turn-based AND sims, plus I cannot deal well with free will games. Maybe the fact a) it was brought in English and therefore Spaniard gamers were whining about it, b) I do like the plot, c) bonus soundtrack CD, d) REALLY cheap for a month-old game. Furthermore, when I paid it, the clerk told me I could have a discount of 6€ from my accumulated points on the member card. Fuck yeah, a brand new game with a bonus for 24 bucks!

I might still play the undub pirate version from time to time, however. I mean, Paku Romi as Naoto = win. And Teddie/Kuma sounds sillier.

3. Oh, and FINALLY, I got the final volume of the Mushishi manga ♥ Haven't read it yet, but I'm happy to finish a collection for a series I love so much. It totally is the highlight of my week.

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Feliz cumpleaños por atrasado, [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor <3

It's been a while, hasn't it? I still ache a bit, but I can move normally again. Now, if only I could remember to keep a good position while seating...

I finished my Trials and Tribulations replay while lying down. Since I had nothing new and high maintenance to do with my DS, I went and got a second-hand copy of Hotel Dusk. I'm digging it so far. It's really sad that this console is just so perfect for point-and-click adventure games, yet they're doing so few of those. Besides, ports for old LucasArts games on the DS would be so much fun.

Persona 4 is pretty cheap here: 30€ and it includes a soundtrack CD. So you have an idea, a platinum game for PS2 is around 20, and the average NDS game is 40. I've been debating about getting a legal copy since the effort from the swap disks can't be nice on the reader, and I sorta like to buy English-only games out of spite on the wanky Spaniard gamers. But I have my doubts because I have a record for buying JRPGs that I never finish (sad thing is, this one I *want* to finish but sitting and playing it stresses me out).

I also ponder about importing a game guide for P4. I mean, I find them to be something incredibly stupid these days since there are walkthroughs on the Internet. But, well, normally walkthroughs for video games are solid stuff, quite detailed. Instead, for P4 you have like five guides for different aspects of the game, and alternatively a wiki (which is just annoying to print out/save/copy-paste). Which are all thick and quite cryptic and "do what you want lol" anyway. Believe me, having to play with my laptop open next to me and look up around several txt files -and I check on shit every five minutes in Persona- is exhausting. And I'm not really a strategy lover or someone who likes to improvise on games, no sir. The free will in this game is a lot of pressure on me. I prefer a few solid solutions instead of this "do what you want" thing. I wish there were a guide where someone gave their one successful playthrough for me to follow, and this probably will make the Atlus fans in my flist shudder because I'm doing it wrong. I want to play P4 for the plot and characters and can't be bothered with the pokemon clow cards personas and harems s-links.

So yes, tl;dr: I'd like to have a physical guide to feel safer, as this game is too complicated and stressful for my personality. But is it worth it to spend 20 dollars (S&H not included) in such a thing? It's a lot of hassle. Why am I so dumb for non-action RPGs? Should I go for it when I get the money?
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For the icon meme I've only done 4 so far, so here they are: For arcadia_, sha_chan, haro, and telrunya )

There you go. Ah, and let me know if you want me or not to share it in my icon journal. The post is here in case anyone else wants to ask for an icon ^^

In other news, I did the Mushroom Forest crap of a sidequest in TotA a couple of days ago. I also did the rappigs one because I needed an excuse to hang out at Grand Chokmah (I♥GC). In P4, Kanji was just kidnapped, and I decided to level up a bit before tackling the gay-porntastic dungeon. BTW, while I hate how expensive his healing is, I find the kitsune so cute~~~ Then again, I find Teddie more cute than annoying, so my tastes are on the dubious side of the road.
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Love Box

I'm sorry if I haven't done anything for some of you because I just met you and stuff :( I hope you have a good weekend, though ^^

In not-really-important news:

- It took me forever, but I... finally removed "Clow Country" from my interests D: It felt like ripping a band-aid from a scraped knee. I think I died inside a little bit. then I added a couple of Malkuth-related interests and I felt a bit better orz

- I started Persona 4, and I'm finishing the day with Chie's Shadow. I can't make a solid opinion of it yet, but at least the characters I've met are likable so far.


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