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Happy birthday, Laurus! I ♥ you and I've been owing you presents for years, but have a good day!

1. I'm still deciding on whether I should sign up for Yuletide or not. On one hand, there are fandoms this year that aren't really small, WTF, but I'm not complaining I really want to write (Persona 4! Tales of the Abyss!), so this could give me an excuse to sit on my ass and do so. On the other, will I have the time, and more importantly, will I have the disposition? Real life is incredibly uninspiring in general right now, to the point it's even cockblocking my capacity to do school work. How can I, when I can here someone sobbing next door every half an hour?

2. However, lately I've been writing Gaimanesque Greek-Roman mythology fanfic in Spanish. What's this I don't even... Should I cross-post it to my fic journal?

3. News like the bird dropping bread over the LHC are justifying why I keep saying that the great force moving the universe is randomness.

4. Am I the only one who thinks, regarding this, that Kojima is not only trolling his fans but also the Twilight ones? Oh, and LOL Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

5. I've been watching more real-action TV lately than anime. I don't know either.
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★ Fluffy precanon Tales of the Abyss pieces featuring the Keterburgers as kids doing silly (or traumatizing, sometimes) stuff. Lots of Gelda Nebilim, and a focus on how she also affected the other three, not only Jade.

★ A particular multichaptered plotbunny, also for Tales of the Abyss. It scares me because I'm unable to plan and finish a multichapter, though.

★ The wackiness that ensues Teddie living in the Hanamura household, for Persona 4. Because the lack of canon facts on how he was even allowed to live there, and the idea of Yosuke's eternal suffering to tame a human wannabe bear-thing are just begging for it.

★ Okami crossovers. Lots of them.

★ Finish this original short story.
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Let's begin with the headcanon meme with a half-baked prophet.

Waka gets his own post because his is paragraph solid and plotbunnilicious. And no one was surprised... )

And because I have no self esteem lately.

Love Meme
my thread here
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It's the worse timing to:

a) decide to write about the adventures of a minor, miiiiinor character who went offstage because he was useless to the plot back then and he knew it well
b) get him, from all people, to meet another minor, miiiiinor character who's a open-thread mystery and MIA for years in canon, just because it's random and creative enough
c) ...ship them for the lulz. He needs a backspine. She needs someone less crazier than her ex -not that he's very sane, but, um. Okay, I doubt I'd pair them off in the fanfic I want to write, except maybe one-sided crush from him. Besides, the main characters would WTF a lot...

I'm too embarrassed to say the fandom and characters, but perhaps you can figure it out by yourselves. I'm bad at being cryptic anyway. I'm sure one or two of you would also WTF a lot at it.

ETA: I used an icon that has nothing to do with it. Just... Fakir, as a writer, would also WTF a lot.
ETA2: Wow, I'm amazed my mind is wandering to that fandom today (so that means it's not a Tales game, hinthint). It's just... random.
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Dear self,

I know, I understand, getting yourself busy is the best source of inspiration because your mind wanders off more often.

But it's the worse time to get this fantastic idea for a fill-the-blanks epic fic centered on one of your most favorite characters ever, what he was doing during several critical moments in canon, and how you can make it work so it fills a plothole regarding the final battle.

No, no, you're not writing it any time soon, so stop working on the ideas! And stop merging more plotholes together so you could make this a multichaptered -or at least multi-scene- fanfic!

We both know I'll be too lazy to write this once whenever I get the free time. It's a fact. It happens in every exam period ever.

Also, cut the emo and go to bed earlier,

PS1: Sorry, flist. If I'm more specific, I spoil someone this canon. Hints on the title, however.
PS2: I'm on my lunch break, Sha :/
PS3, 30 minutes later: Damn, now I'm planning out XXXHOLiC/Kobato crossover fic! Aaaaaaargh!
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It's been pretty normal these last days, except yesterday when I went to the GAME store to see if my member card was done, and got a second-hand copy of the first PW game. Oh, the horrors of translations. Well, actually, the Spanish dialogs aren't bad (I'm still getting used to acusación = prosecution), but the OBJECTION! voice dubs? The Miles one is AWFUL, he sounds like he's 50 and he smokes. Phoenix isn't that bad.

I feel like buying the local release of AJ next month, for the trainwreck of the voiceovers. Also, to see how/if they translated the fanboy German. I hope they keep it.

Either way, while I was replaying it I was struck by this plotbunny... I mean, I do have some plotbunnies for this fandom I don't dare to touch because it's intimidating and I prefer to delurk, but they normally are centered in characters I LIKE. So why the fuck do I want to write meta genfic about teen!Klavier meeting JFA!Edgeworth in Germany, from Miles' POV? Would I actually be able to pull him off IC?

As a matter of fact, are there even comms for Gyakuten Saiban genfic? Or het fic? All I've seen in LJ is slash, with the occasional Diego/Mia. And it's intimidating to post silly or metarrific genfics, or romantic antics, in communities with +1000 members, particularly if they're either wank galore (Avatar, HP) or the fandom's too pron-centric. Hell, it's intimidating even to COMMENT in other people's posts without sounding like a black sheep or a n00b.

Oh, and I got yet another perfect scenario to crossover Okami with: PETSHOP OF HORRORS. Think about it! Chris playing with this pretty, white-haired lady who's kinda mute like him and going around either feeding or dueling with half the shop. That's too cute. And meanwhile, HER pet is talking with Count D about lost civilizations (dude, people from the moon is fucking canon in PSoH). And it finishes with Leon freaking out when he arrives and sees this weird blond guy getting out the shop with a huge white wolf, and thinks he must've bought her from D. Except D is all LMAO and says they were just visiting, and he could never sell someone like that wolf to anyone. I tell you, it would be a gorgeous one if I get to write it someday.
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1. Okay, I can't procrastinate anymore. I have to write the application for XXXHOLiC tonight. But really, I don't even know where to start, and I'm scared stiff. Should I even bother and attempt it? After all, when it was open the last time, I decided not to in order to spread the love (I already have Watanuki [by the way, I still have to figure out how set the co-owning with Misao] so it was too much hogging). So now I'm having second doubts. I kind of have a good chance, I can make a good app, the current owner knows me and I think I was the one who introduced her to that manga, so it's not like "I'm not going to get it so why bother?". It's even hosted in my domain. However, if I DO get it, it is not fair. I should give the opportunity to others. But on the other hand, I might regret it if I don't try.


And I'm so applying for Ayame/Mine.

2. I have this plotbunny for an Okami fanfiction (another one?!) I want to continue the story of Kaguya where canon left her. Cut for some spoilers for the Sei-an arc, and for the game in general )

3. There was a number three, but I forgot what it was...
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I give up, I give up! The universe is clearly telling me to write that goddamn Okami/Mononoke crossover like burning. Thank you, the universe! Like I needed more reasons to believe in this x_____x

This is also a GIP, I reckon. I've been chilling at Niconico for two days now, and you stumble into that kind of stuff.

A bit emo

Dec. 8th, 2007 01:25 pm
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- I have to give my brothers Math lessons again, today, tomorrow, and more next week. A long, frustrating afternoon awaits me. They know shit about polynomials, and they have an exam on Friday. Plus four other units.

- My family sucks. But I won't dwell on that because I never do.

- A week and so till Yuletide, and I barely have a vague idea to write about. At this pace, I won't get a beta on time. And I'll be all this week with the Networking practice PLUS the fucking eighth grade Math lessons.

- Ironically, I feel like writing. I miss my Eriol-tachi and their cuteness. I want to make Ushiwaka ramble and ramble. I need crossovers with Okami to happen. The medicine seller talking cryptically to his oh-very-fanon father. Yuuko and Clow chilling at Kamiki village and sampling some of Kushinada's Thunderbrew sake, while The Flower dances with Sakuya-hime. Clow finds the travel guides from Celestial Envoys fascinating to read, and he wants to go to the capital and Ryoshima for the sights; Yuuko prefers to find Sasa Sanctuary and take a dip at the hot springs and be pampered.

No, no sight of the two characters I MUST write for Yuletide. And I don't allow myself to write any of the above until I'm done with my assignment. Nor engaging in longish RP logs.

- I also miss making icons and layouts, but I can't do anything until I solve my driver problem on the desktop (Larg). I wonder if people miss my icons. I wasn't a BNF or someone particularly good, but some people liked them enough to ignore the averageness of them.
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1. In which I talk about weird programming shit:

I haven't fixed teh interwebz the network card driver on Ubuntu yet, so I'm still screwed on that part, but I could install (manually, and downloading them prior on the desktop) the rest of the packages the C compiler needed. So I could finish this week's part on the OS2 practice.

Of course, I had a fright when the chmod() command wasn't working correctly -the exercise was writing a program to change one or more files' permission modes, so it was kinda the whole point- and only the owner user mode would change. Then I noticed there was nothing wrong with my program: it was that I was testing it on my USB key files. When testing it in the home directory, everything worked like a charm <3

2. Oh snap, I DO have manga to buy urgently!

I'll probably go this afternoon after class to get one single volume of something that came out last week and I totally didn't notice. Now, this is awful because I'm saving for Phantom Hourglass and this fucks it up, but you see: Fullmetal Alchemist #8. Sorry, Link. I MUST buy it. Why?


I'm not sure if I should dread or look forward to Norma's romanizations.


3. You'd think roleplaying him would shut his voice up in my head:

Please, guys. Tell me it's a bad idea to claim Ushiwaka from Okami in one of those themed fic comms. Tell me I never finish my claims -sometimes I never start them!- and I have too many in hiatus/block now. Tell me I should stop thinking about that jerk and return to the Eriol-tachi to update my CCS WIP. Tell me nobody's going to read them. Mind you, I may write Okami fic for myself and to amuse me, but let's face it: the lack of feedback still depresses me a lot and makes me wonder if I suck.

The thing is I'm only getting plotbunnies for him T____T And I want them out of my head like you wouldn't believe.


Going to lunch now.
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Last day of vacation, and I did nothing. I mean nothing. My plans for tonight are downloading The IT Crowd 2x06 and Mononoke 9, and maybe rolling some Katamari. Seriously.

I miss writing fic. I only wrote two pieces this summer. There was one day I was actually plotting for the WIP, but when I got home I couldn't type a word of it and I lost it. It's gonna be a year... Sigh. I should retake the prompts you guys gave me on July and try to work on something that isn't Okami. And I should be less shy and post the Sokka+Hakoda ficlet on an Avatar community.

New pet peeve to rant about, guys:

The guardians in Cardcaptor Sakura? They're GUARDIANS. Not FAMILIARS.

Familiar =/= guardian.

A guardian is a human-created sentient being with a personality who is under a master's service, yes, but with the mission to protect something. A familiar is just a creature a witch or wizard use to do their bidding, normally shaped as an animal. A familiar in CLAMPverse would be something like Subaru's three-headed shikigami or Seishirou's invisible hawk, and Yuzuriha's inugami Inuki. There's nothing in this entry that reminds me of guardians. At all.

Loose ends

Aug. 4th, 2007 02:20 pm
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Click to view my Personality Profile page

No surprises over here, although I was sure I'd be higher in Math.

And now this meme I took from Laurus.

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Cut for large chunks of fanfic: CCS, FMA, Okami )
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1. My Internet connection was dead for nearly all day. Meanwhile, I rediscovered my consoles. Time to buy more DS games, me thinks. I'm torn between Hotel Dusk and Elite Beat Agents.

2. I have dentist tomorrow, this time a private one. I'm shit scared again.

3. Paid users, check this to claim a three-day extension of your time.

4. Recuerdan el puto concurso de fic? Bueno, resulta que gané... por default O_o Sólo dos pendejos (literalmente) participamos, y en categorías diferentes, por lo que ambos llevamos premio. Bueh, igual me gustó escribirlo, y lo pienso traducir al inglés un día. Hasta le metí escondida una segunda leyenda: la de los animales del zodíaco.

En fin, que tengo dos copias del juego. A lo que viene: alguno de ustedes que viva en España (me gustaría mandarlo a alguien en Latinoamérica, pero es que es versión PAL y no sé si les sirva) le interesaría tener Okami? Es para la PS2, tipo Zelda hasta un punto ridículo, con gráficos muy raros y bonitos, muy friki-japonés, y personajes muy idos de la olla. Está en inglés, pero creo que muchos de ustedes tienen el dominio suficiente. Preferiría dárselo a alguien que de verdad tenga la intención de jugarlo hasta el final, eso sí, y no a cualquiera que sepa que lo va a dejar tirado por la mitad.
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Una vez comenté que necesitaba un beta reader para un fic que estoy escribiendo para un concurso. Bueno, llevo la mitad (son 5 páginas y voy por la tercera), y tengo que mandarlo a más tardar el 31.

Quien me quiera echar una mano no necesita saber el canon para el que está siendo escrito (que bueno, nadie de ustedes conoce excepto por mis divagues e igual la mitad de los personajes sólo salen de adorno y expositores en el juego y no puedo escribirlos OOC). Necesito el repaso en la gramática, y puede que nitpicking en la prosa.

Alguien se anima? Alguno de ocioso? D: Sole se me había ofrecido, pero me estoy tardando mucho y ella ya se fue de vacas.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lukecanwaltz! Hope you're having a great day.

While I'm avoiding the Harry Potter hype, I found myself doing two things:

1) Lusting for Odin Sphere and spoiling myself the plot with cutscene videos, because it just looks sooooo pretty and there's no date yet for Europe anyway. Which, by the way, makes me believe the only way to make me want to pick my PS2 is to fuck up any mythology and hand it to me with the most pretty, shiny graphics they can manage. No, seriously.

I already have an OTP, and of course it had to be the couple the Japanese fanartists draw and the Western fans care about the least. Dammit. I sure know how to pick them, both my plot-oriented games AND my pairings in them...

2) Me parece que intentaré escribir un fanfiction para el concurso de Okami-Spain. No es tanto por obtener un premio, sino porque quiero ver cómo me va y si logro clasificar. Me rebané los sesos tratando de inventarme una historia que fuese entretenida de leer pero que igual conteniera alguna de mis obsesiones. Logré pensar en una forma de adaptar un cuento de la mitología japonesa al Okamiverso, y me gusta mucho la idea que se me ocurrió, así que me pondré a trabajar en eso ^_^ Espero que a nadie más se le ocurra esa idea...

Por cierto, alguien se atreve a ser mi beta? Al menos para la gramática, que sé que en characterization nadie por acá podrá echarme una mano. Lo agradecería mucho :D
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Another drabble, this time lacking a plot. For [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis, Avatar: Iroh, Toph

I returned to Twilight Princess like a smacked little bitch. You know, I have no idea why I'm having so much problems with Zelda dungeons. I'm already stuck, and it's been a day! I'm in the desert dungeon looking for the Twilight Mirror, by the way, hunting for the Poes eh, OoT flashback, kind of.

Random thought: I want to give an original character of mine -any character, really- a tabby cat called Shere Khan. Not only because the name is geeky enough as it is, but because I want to have the owner yelling "KHAAAAAAAAN!" whenever the kitty does something bad :P

Meme )
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While the flist is freaking out over the Doctor Who season finale tonight, I thought convenient to marathon what I had left of season one. Hahaha I'm so behind the times. Awwww Nine D:

I'm not as adverse to captain Jack as I used to. I like him now. It's not like I adore him in the way every fan does, but I do like him.

Speaking of which...

Random plotbunny that needs to get OUT of my system: Okami + Whoverse crossover. Jack/Ushiwaka. their love is so dancing and captain I swear to God it'd make lots of sense. LOTS. Cut for Okami spoilers, just in case someone cares )

So anyway, I'm downloading The Christmas Invasion now. Let's meet Ten and stuff.

ETA: Okay, it downloaded quite fast, so I just finished watching it O_o It was fine, although it doesn't quite show how Ten really is.
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I think I made a choice. I'll be leaving [livejournal.com profile] retrograde_moon alone. Kind of, at least. If I want to plug a website or a fanlisting, I'll do it here, since it's not frequent enough to be qualified at spam and my friends-of list in that account is a subset of mine already.

But I AM keeping the journal alive, even though not in the same way, because it has a special filter I find useful and I watch syndications (webcomics, fanlisting networks updates) from its flist.

Así que bueno, la gente fanlistera que aguanta mis rants y quejidos en locked, no me defriendeen [livejournal.com profile] retrograde_moon. Seguiré haciéndolo ahí XD Lo que no haré son los plugs y preguntas sobre layouts, pero los posts privados para bitchear son para siempre.


And so it won't be so random, I was just attacked by some plotbunnies, but the least obscure that bit me would be one of fill-the-blanks precanon Howl's Moving Castle, about that infamous first time Howl went to Ingary. For some reason I feel like writing Mrs. Pentstemmon examining and nagging a younger, dark-haired, confused-as-hell Howell.

I wonder if there's a way to put Okami characters in the HOLiC universe without time-space traveling. I read a good Spirited Away/Okami crossover that managed that, but the worlds' perceptions of time is too incompatible for me to feel comfortable making them the same 'verse. Mmmmmm. It's just that the sparrows' inn at Sasa Sanctuary is so, so HOLiC material. And hell, Ammy going to the 1000 spirits procession once or twice to get some mana from that tree would be great. And I want Waka to be friends with Yuuko.

...Okay, it's still random.
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Happy birthday-by-choice, Eriol! :D

...What can I say, it's tradition for me to write some shit about Eriol on March 23, be it genfics or rants or whatever. This year I had no plot to think about, so I wiki'ed famous events for that day, wondering how the fuck I could fill the Eriol-and-Fujitaka-have-different-birthdays issue in a funny way. The rest came naturally, by tying knots. Introducing Spinel nerding over mythology, and Nakuru as a Duchovny fangirl TV-phile, and yet another Tolkien stupidity -this time with CANON links rubbing in my face, go figure.

Anyway, I found Pratchett paperback books on the supermarket. I had read all of them because those are in the public library, but it's good to have them myself. I got Soul Music because it's got the first Susan appearance and it's so made of win, and The Last Continent because that's one weird book and talking with [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis the other day about Ponder Stibbons ♥ the wizards made me crave this badly.
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1. No llevo ni la cuarta parte de mi tabla Touya/Yukito para 30 Vicios, y ya me pedí un segundo claim. Así que apuré mi quinto fic para poder optar por otra tabla. (La segunda, que la de las leyes de Murphy la veo muy cruda para cualquier personaje o pairing que me gusta a no ser que fuese Watanuki, porque jo-der, no pega ni una!) Supongo que necesito un respiro del azúcar que supone el pairing, y así ir alternando. Y claro, qué es lo contrario a fluffy gay? Snarky het! Por ende, me pedí a estos dos *señala icon* Claro, los del libro. No faltaba más.

2. This week's HOLiC in one word: AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. And it goes on hiatus T______T Splash page is hawt and Eriol-Clow-esque, so I approve (and want to icon it) TRC in general right now in one word: Uh? I think I'll wait for this arc to be over, and then read the whole thing in retrospective, because I understand shit of this shitty plot. If someone dies or loses more limbs before they leave this boring world, let me know.

3. I'm watching what I have left of Mushishi, because I'm in the mood. Woot!

4. [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor wrote the Tamaki/Haruhi manifesto ♥ Yeah, that deserves its own bullet.

5. The RP I'm in rocks. Eriol got a beer for White Day~~


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