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soy sauce

Happy belated new year? Welp, there are still 360 days left counting today, so it's not like I'm too late. LJ wouldn't open to me on the 31st and 1st, and I didn't want to post without a crosspost.

Two things, then. I've seen people still doing yearly scrapbooks and lists to keep track of what they'll check on 2013. I always do that kind of post and I forget to edit them later, and then at end of year memes I'm like WAIT WHAT BUT I WATCHED MORE SHIT so I'll do a new approach this year. I'm keeping track of progress on shows and books and stuff with cloud apps. And since it's easier to make it look pretty there, I'm making a log of finished stuff in a sideblog :D

The other one is the yeeeeeeear in reviewwwwwww meeeeeeeeme.

It's full of pain )

What am I looking forward to for 2013? Fuck if I know. There's Marvel stuff I'm interested in (and fearing it, in Young Avengers' case). Maybe I'll finish a video game or get a console; I think my brother is eying the Vita and P4G. There's a lot of stuff to catch up in my HDD and DVD collection too. So I have more to bite that I can chew, so it's just a matter of what and when to jump into. I need new fandoms urgently because I miss having an OTP.
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Don't get scared, I'll try not to only make that kind of posts!

So. I tried anime of genres I usually don't care for. Except zombies. Fuck overrated rotting zombies, especially with moe bishoujo plots.

Jormungand (1 episode)
Come on, with that title! So this is about a gun dealer lady who has a little army of bodyguards, and how she avoids getting killed off. The other main character is a former child-soldier boy from Africa (except he looks 100% like a Ishvalan from Fullmetal Alchemist...) who hates guns, just hired by said dealer. I'm not really into pew-pew-pew kind of mafia-like stories, but Coco -the dealer- is kinda delightful (half badass, half dork) so I'll try to give one or two more episodes a go. Even if it's just to add more cool females in my watch list like a boss.

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (2 episodes)
I've watched loose Lupin III episodes of a couple of series, and I like the fun cheese it is. So a prequel series about the only recurrent female character, having sexy thief adventures, should be fun, right? Yeaaaaah, I didn't took into count that she's the femme fatale type, and they play it a little heavier than I expected. I was hoping for a more empowering kind of seduction, but it all comes off a bit skeevy male gaze as she's half naked a la sexism is over!1! for most screentime. A real pity. Also, the entirety of the opening is so NSFW it's pretty much soft porn, so don't watch this anime on the bus or near anyone else.

Sakamichi no Apollon (1 episode)
This season's cool josei with the cool music. I liked the three characters and all (yes, including the sweet class rep, who gets ignored because girly bits), but I can never get into this particular kind of series and... I really should get into it because everyone loves it, but if I couldn't get attached to others in the genre (Nodame, Honey and Clover, etc) I doubt this one will do the trick. It is very cute, though. I'd also feel out of place because instead of seeing Teh Gay, I just see a goddamn threesome. Megane is clearly "doki doki" at both Class Rep and Jazzy Thug, and viceversa. And mind you, I normally don't get OT3, but this time... just share the pretty prissy transfer student, kids.

Uchuu Kyoudai (2 episodes)
Two brothers saw an UFO once and decided to become astronauts when they grew up. While the little brother makes it and is about to be on the moon, the big brother was fired from his successful job designing cars for punching his boss. Then Hirota reminds Muuta of their promise, so now big bro is studying to become an astronaut too. This one should be really boring and yet, I suddenly had the need to know if Muuta will pass his exams. I think it's because he's a well written character and it's easy to root for him. So far I'm following it although I'm still baffled.

Tsuritama (1 episode)
I watched on a whim because I couldn't make tails of the summary (is it high school slice of life? is it sports shounen? is it sci-fi action?) And you know what, I still can't. I have no idea what's gonna be. But the intro! They gave me a random legend in cute quirky art and that's something I ADORE seeing in my video games. So I had to keep watching after that. And then they gave me a spazzy sparkly blond alien boy. Well shit, my weakness. Plus the art is looking nice in a slightly Mamoru Hosoda-movie kind of way. So yeah, I'm intrigued as fucked and enjoying the visuals and the characters so far, so this might be my favorite "watched randomly" one this season.
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Yeah, so I still haven't a clue of what shows I'll even try this season except for a couple that are a MUST. Which ones? You'll see below, although this is mostly a GIF review of things from last season (or a previous season, period).

- Oh right, Persona 4: The Animation ended... kinda.
- Polar bears, pandas, and penguins! Oh my!
- And a lot of baths were given that da-- I mean, century.
- My lesbian crush on King Arthur, in the middle of political magic duels.

I question my anime taste sometimes, but not today )
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Not much going on in my life beyond RPing and stupid IRL drama. Ugh, whatever.

Tiger & Bunny is pissing me off with its inability to stick to one plot at the time and the pile of continuous twists. Let me know when/if it gets less ADHD and the two main characters are likable again any time soon. I feel too annoyed to feel sorry/scared for them. Obviously I'm the only one feeling like this, but oh well.

Thundercats and Adventure Time are still awesomesauce.

→ I've been downloading the episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou San as they come out, but I still haven't checked them out.

→ I'm very into weird surreal Britcom again. Send help. And recs.

→ You know what's unbelievably fun? The live action dorama of Ouran! No, really! As cheesetacular and corny and narmy as it is, those sfx are actually very fitting (expecially since most revolve about Tamaki, and he's all about hamming). The more episodes I watch, the more convincing everything gets. And the actors do a pretty good job at their characters, most especially Haruhi. Tamaki's actor's pouty lips are so distracting, but he's actually rocking the role. I actually like Kyouya here (go figure). Oh, and I fucking love that Nekozawa was upgraded to main character.
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First things first. I revamped my domain despite the fact I haven't worked in any sites forever. Mostly because it had been so long with the same layout and most images were broken and that's sad. So here it is, a little dull but at least it's clean and a fairly good practice to some CSS3.


If I ever get less lazier, I'll make the avatar-ish image in the sidebar a random image of fandoms I like. And maybe make skins in different colors. But so far it's enough as it is.

Fandom-wise, I haven't been up to a lot of stuff. I've kind of been really active on plurk but mostly because a lot of friends from the RP are over there. I've been limiting my time on Tumblr because it's a fucking black hole for visual magpies, but I still check the dash and update my blogs at least twice a day.

New anime season, other shit I've watched, me failing as gamer forever )

ETA: I did buy a HDD in the end. It's a 1TB electric blue WD which I named TARDIS.
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Livejournal has been giving me a lot of errors lately. No idea if it's an issue of them or my Firefox acting up. Sorry if I haven't been reading my flist well.

Can't say I have a lot to say:
♥ Finished My Little Pony, it was okay. Now to Adventure Time, and when [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis returns I'll try some more Transformers Animated.
♥ Missed the lunar eclipse because it was a thick cloudy night. I was looking forward to it, bummer.
♥ My brother bought an iPod Touch and it's sweet: all the iPhone benefits without the phone bullshit. I kind of want one, but my faithful Nano is healthy and ~purple~ so there's no real need for that.

Ah, I found on my inbox these questions [livejournal.com profile] lunelight asked me a gazillion years ago. I'm so sorry!

Fullmetal meta, Abyss, gaming for the survivor, seiyuu )
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So... honestly, I haven't updated this journal lately because I didn't have anything clever to say. I've been wasting time with TV, mostly silly cartoons, and the occasional book. So I'll try to remedy that by doing a short review of stuff I've been following.

But to make things sillier, I'll use ONE SINGLE IMAGE to convey my feelings on every show.

Inside: Doctor Who, this season's 'in' anime, ponies, robots, Adventure Time )
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So, hi to anyone new! I'm Christel, I go by Kirisame. Nice meeting you.

I've been checking this anime season little by little, so might as well give some thoughts on that.

A lot of long or misleading titles, in alphabetical order )

In short, it's a really... quirky season. I'm not even sure which series are a keeper in this mess, to be perfectly honest.

Oh, and please give me more characters because I feel like fangirling.
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So Madoka Magica ended. Spoilers ) In short, I didn't get attached like everyone else, but it was, uh, an interesting thing to watch overall.

I... have been watching some anime of this season, but while some are entertaining or intriguing, there isn't a show that really grabbed me and made me think "I'm so watching this till the end!" I should probably finish second seasons of shows I liked, like Sengoku Basara and Arakawa Under the Bridge.

In non-anime news, I also started watching The Almighty Johnsons because I'm still in my Norse mythology butchery kick, and I'll gladly read/watch/play almost anything with references to that pantheon. The first episode was okay. The torrents are pretty slow, though. And I have to get used to the Kiwi accent.

Yaaaaaay, tomorrow Doctor Who!
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Seems like LJ is well today. Give me more characters?

→ So the Level E anime ended, and I have no idea about anyone else (haters gonna hate gif goes here just in case) but regardless I LIKED IT. Spoilers )

→ Watched what's released of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica like 90% of anime fandom. FELT LIKE CLAMP ON (MORE?) DEPRESSING CRACK BUT WITH MOE ART. I don't even. But it was worth it because I've seen some photoshopped parodies everywhere and now I can understand them! Yeah, guess I'm watching this for the lulzy factors, which is doing it completely wrong. I mean, I do feel so sorry for the girls but if I get focused on the plot I'd die inside.

→ I'm really excited about Doctor Who because of the trailers.

→ Wow, the Thundercats remake is going to be a lot more epic than the original series. I'm honestly looking forward to it!

→ Okay, we're going to Madrid in the end, from the 12th to the 15th. We won't be able to go to a lot of places because of time + money, but it's something anyway. I feel bad about this but... ) But eh, at least I'll see baby pandas and statues of Roman gods! Besides, there are THREE geek shops a few blocks from the place we're staying, so let's see if I can buy at least one or two shiny things! Too bad we probably can't afford Cirque of Soleil.


Jan. 20th, 2011 12:09 pm
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Aaaaaaaah, I finished Ghost Trick last night! I fucking loved it. But I'll do a longer post later today because I really want to talk with spoilers and all.

So, anime!

Level E 2: Keep on trolling you crazy diamond, looking forward to the clusterfuck next week. I also concluded that the anime is lots funnier if only for the voices -and I don't only mean Koyasu, but he was as hilarious as the others.

Fractale 1: A little early to tell, but it seems more interesting in the show than in the blogs' season summary so far. I'm going to say that the animation is really good in this episode (hope it keeps up?) and the character design is gorgeous. Our main male character is adorable and I want to pinch his cheeks, and I'm sad that the priestess girl didn't stick around. I hope the main girl isn't annoying.

Hourou Musuko 1: ...those bitches skipped some volumes and brought the context in dialogs and flashbacks. Whyyyyy? Now it makes it all confusing. It's a real shame because the animation style was so refreshing and pretty.

Princess Arete: This is an old anime movie I saw recced on my flistflist. From the get-go, it's quite "I can't believe it's not GHIBLI". Actually, it only missed a bigger ecologist message to be a GHIBLI film: the art style was uncanny in resemblance and we do have a female protagonist becoming more badass as the plot advances. Probably someone who worked there? But either way, it's a cute movie despite of some scenes being so "...uh" (then again, GHIBLI has plenty of those even in their best films). Arete is smart and brave, it's really fairy-tale-ish over all, and I'm satisfied about the ending.

Crap, I'm running late. Be right back in the afternoon for meme responses and that GT post.
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FUCK YEAH EUROPEAN DATE FOR POKEMON! It's official, I'll be broke on March because of NDS video games. I think I'm not trying 3DS when it's released, because I'll be too busy with other games.

So anyway. I watched the first episode of Level E, not knowing what to expect besides LOL ALIENS. I liked it enough, I was intrigued by the plot (?) so I go and read some of the manga, and.


I'm stopping right after chapter 3, overwhelmed by the turn of events and saving it for when the anime ends. I'm not spoiling anything, but my God, it's been a while since I've been so trolled by a manganime :'DDDDD That first episode is quite misleading, I think that must be the whole point.

Derp, I'd say that LOL ALIENS sums things up nicely...

PS: OMG, and Koyasu is going to voice Craft!! THIS WILL BE HILARIOUS. Also, he keeps haunting my recent anime but I honestly can't complain!

PS2 OF WOE: 3DS WILL BE REGION-LOCKED ;______; *cryingdawson.gif*
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Awesome Holidays!
Snowy/Sunny Solstice (choose your hemisphere)!
Joyous (belated) Yule!
Happy (belated) Hanukkah!
Cool Kwanzaa (in advance)!
Festive (belated) Festivus!
Merry Christmas!
Fantastic Friday (if you don't celebrate anything)!

Sure, have Shintoist aliens from the sequel of a Japanese game celebrating Christmas as a banner. Because why not.

→ Ah, in the end I did buy my ereader! Nicknamed Bastian. I haven't gotten around to do actual readings, but it seems pretty decent so far and the cover is made of black leather. Manga is pretty much unreadable and not only for the resolution, though. Oh well, I wanted to use it for text files anyway, so it's not a disappointment. The sudokus are annoying in that interface.

→ The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi is so, so, so awesome. I was one of the ten people who deliberately never looked for spoilers of that arc, and I'm truly glad because it was a blast that way.

→ I started reading Dr. Slump this morning. MAN, SO RANDOM XD I think I'm going to continue it because that shit is pure crack and there's no fourth wall whatsoever.


Aug. 25th, 2010 02:30 am
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As a lot of you know, Satoshi Kon passed away suddenly. It's pretty lame that such a bizarre, ground-breaking anime director leaves so young! I can't say I'm a fan because I've only watched two movies of his. But damn, Paprika was a blast to watch and it's one of my favorites. I think I'll download his filmography and finally get to check his more batshit cult movies out. Shine on as a legend, you crazy diamond.

Ah, there's pretty fanart going on for some comms in my flist! There's this piece of the Medicine Seller in a Mushishi-esque background, and this piece of cute Ling/Lan Fan fluff.

Afternoon seinen is sucking so much recently, uuuuuugh. And I need my Ouran chapter now.

ETA: Incidentally, guys, what are your favorite anime movies?
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  1. Can you name the Animes by Opening? Got 87/101.

  2. Holy shit, Adidas talaria!! To which I say:
    b) Someone in this company is a huge Greek mythology geek!
    c) H-how much is it and does it come in more colors?
    d) Did someone send this to Rick Riordan?
    e) Meanwhile, Zelda fans are all "OMG Pegasus Boots!" but those were based on talaria so.
    f) I wonder if Nike would do winged shoes, too. That would be so meta.

  3. There's a Japanese date for Okamiden now, and their website now looks like one. There's this project thing I don't what's about, but there's new merch such as a fucking giant Chibiterasu plushie. Fuck you guys, where's my medium-sized Amaterasu plushie? Also, who are those girls below? Are they game characters or some sort of mascots? Because the outfit of the one on the left is worrying me.

  4. Oh right, TotA manga 22. YOU SCARED ME FOR A WHILE WITH THE SRS BSNS, YOU BASTARDS. Even the official mangaka can't manage to have Peony that OOC for such a long time unless it's the gaiden, ugh. *sigh* Thank god he was okay, not TnJ!awesome but okay. The highlights: cute Noelle is cute, Guy in a corner shipping Ion/Anise. The WTFs: Luke actually being cheerful because Peony praised him, while Ion was having an angsty self esteem crisis (it's like opposite replica day, what the hell!)
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So the director of the remake of Clash of the Titans is a Saint Seiya fan.

Let's repeat that again!


..............Should I laugh until my sides hurt or be very terrified he might've been influenced by it? I MEAN, it's not like the original movie is that faithful or anything, but Saint Seiya takes the cake in waitwhut.

But the point of making this post isn't talking about a bad movie based on a so-bad-it's-good cheesy cult movie from 1986. It's showing that they got Kurumada to make manga posters for the film in Japan! Scans here.

...Dude, that guy doesn't look like Sam Worthington at all XDDDDDD This is like being asked to draw a space marine in a Greek armor, and instead you give them a JRPG shounentard. If anything, the stuck-in-the-80's hairdo makes me think this is fanart for the original and not this one.

*aaaaaaand insert several jokes about pegasus and Andromeda and Hades (!?) here, of course*

ETA: From Misión Tokyo: "Last week, during the premiere of the remake of Clash of the Titans, director Louis Letterrier declared he did a tribute to Saint Seiya in the film, having the Olympians to wear armors like in the original story of Masami Kurumada." Well, that's CotT's excuse, but what's Percy Jackson's?
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→ Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] outou! Hope you're having a good time.

→ Well, the first episode of Arakawa Under the Bridge was funny. I went to check the manga later and thankfully it was scanlated until 75% of this episode. I prefer to watch a comedy anime not knowing the jokes in advance. So far the anime is funnier, which is odd considering how much the mangaka makes me laugh with Saint Young Men, his other manga.

→ Speaking of which, I stumbled into the fact there's a Danish comic series a la Asterix art-wise called Valhalla, based strongly in Norse myths and it's mostly about Thor and Loki's bro adventures. Man, do want to read this so much, but it's not in any language I can understand. Bummer.

→ Does anyone know any good pages about Norse mythology, by the way? Greek-Roman has even entire domains dedicated to it, but I have yet to see that level of dedication with other pantheons. The more detailed, the better. Oh, and same with Celtic and Egyptian, for that matter.

→ Some quizzes. Dungeons and Dragons character and hero archetype )
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Wow, no one has commented on the new extended trailer for the Tethe'alla OVAs? Well, there you go! And there's also this piece of crack where even (especially) Genis joins the dork club. And the girls are all like "whut" at the guys. There's also one of Lloyd and Zelos' seiyuus having silly freetalk.

Man, animators really dislike Regal or something.

Also, heads up! Someone uploaded the first chapter of Ôoku on Mangafox! At last, scans of that manga. I really hope this person continues at least for the rest of that volume.

What else? I'm up to date with Durarara!! and while it's good I still prefer Baccano! and its characters a lot more. Yet I'm still watching because I really like Celty and the twists are not bad at all.

I also finished Le Chevalier D'Eon since it was a while since I last watched something with lulzy historical butchery. How I call this series, "European name-dropping French Revolution with Bible voodoo"~ But really, the whole craziness of it all makes the WTF finale worth it. Oh, and Takahiro Sakurai uses his panty-wetting Stupid Sexy Medicine Seller voice here!! (Meaning that I hate myself a little for finding Robespierre so hot. The voice helps a lot.)

...This post was random!
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Oh shit, I didn't want the previous post to sound like attention whoring, or fishing for comments. I think the point of that rant was to be more honest with you and myself, admitting I have an issue and stuff. But I do appreciate the things you guys said. Thank you.

ANYWAY. It was historical seinen manga tiemz a few days ago, but there's no huge novelty. Canute continues to troll England just as planned, got more confirmation about Hephaestion!Alexander, and Cesare is still sneaky and sexy.

And I went online shopping today, because there was bargain sale and free shipping in a Spanish DVD store.

Seirei no Moribito. They finally released a boxset, so now I'm more than happy to buy it. Individual volumes suck.
Neon Genesis Evangelion. Because I didn't have it and it was 25% off.

I also found a bargain on eBay, so I got Final Fantasy VI Advance at £16. Considering it's an out of print FF game, it's unbelievably cheap (local stores and buyers have it at over 60€!). I decided to go for it because now that I've played around for a while on an emulator, I'm sure I can handle the gameplay. And I think I'm obsessing a little bit over the Figaro brothers.

I have a couple of episodes left to finish the last case of Edgeworth's game. I've been procrastinating because this case never ends.


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