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In the end, I'm too much of a coward to post any of this on Tumblr. The Hiddleston fangirls would eat me alive! Plus it's awful etiquette to tag stuff that is not entirely positive/fannish.

So here we go.

About movie Loki, assume there are spoilers of Thor and The Avengers )
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Okay, first of all, I feel like an ass for not replying the comments in the previous post. I've been feeling unwell these past two days, and when I had a chance I was in this silly extra-shy mode. I do want to say that I appreciate a lot that you took the seconds to say hi ♥ You are all great. I just feel too timid at the moment to drop an individual comment, but thank you so much!

The day itself was boring, but I expected it. I didn't ask for presents because my mom has a lot of crazy expenses this week and I felt bad. My uncle and grandma promised money and still owe me. As tempting as 3DSs and gazillions of books might be, I should invest in a new HDD.

And since I haven't used this journal for anything in forever, how about my thoughts in the latest episodes of Tiger and Bunny, which is the only show I'm following right now?

Spoilers and shit )
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In my eternal search for well-written mythology butchery fiction, I might have stumbled into what might possibly become this subgenre's very own Twilight. Just the description really, really, REALLY annoys me in several areas.

→ They paid HOW MUCH for this?! To a newbie, no less. Man, either this woman writes like a god, or it's very Meyer-esque with Romeo-and-Juliet shit they recognize it's automatic cash cow. I lean to the latter, knowing the YA industry.

→ The Iliad in High School. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN.

→ Making a novel about a reincarnation of Paris/Helen, which is just terrible in general.

This then begs the unfortunate question: should she be with the boy she loves even if it means endangering the rest of the world? LET ME GUESS, IT'S GOING TO BE THE CLAMP WAY, ISN'T IT? Instant resolve not to read this ever.

pitched it as "a Percy Jackson for teenage girls"

...........................there is SO much wrong in this sentence.

Noonononono. No, dammit. You know what is Percy Jackson for teenage girls? IT'S PERCY JACKSON ITSELF, YOU ASSHATS!! Titular boy aside, this series is filled with amazing and BAMF teen girls to look upon! And there's a balanced male-female hero ratio, so there are many to choose from. And even more amazing? Many of them get love lives too! So being in wars and dating isn't mutually exclusive, and they don't get to risk the world for Soulmate Hottie like this Helen chick who just sounds kinda psychotic if you ask me.
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Aaaaaand we're DONE with the main plot! I finished at 4:00 am because I wanted to do it while dusk balls are still working. Hopefully this is the last post about gameplay I'll do, but I can't promise I will shut up about the characters soon :D

Both people and their Pokémon have Pokémon stories to tell )
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis:
Give me a topic, preferably a fannish topic that I would be likely to have something to say about, and I will attempt to write you a few paragraphs of meta on what I think about the subject.
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So, um, okay. In the Japanese version of Okami (and Okamiden, I guess? IDK) Amaterasu -and Shiranui for extension- didn't have an actual gender. We can agree on that. Then in the English game, there were hints for female (Waka using French female pronouns and adjectives, Yatsu seeing her as a maiden) so most people think of her as a gal in fanon. Me included, but that's not the point.

So now the English localizators of Okamiden have randomly decided that the Shiranui incarnation is male. "Always remember: it’s people that assign gender to the gods." And by people, we mean us.

No, your reason is utter bullshit. Shiranui might be another incarnation, but she was the original Amaterasu with full powers and memories. Shiranui is the name humans gave her because they didn't know who the fuck the white wolf was, and they used "it" pronouns. Waka thought of Shiranui as Amaterasu. Ishaku called her Ammy. The Brush Gods called Amaterasu their mother, but they were born from Shiranui. No one is seeing a huge distinction between Ammy and Shiranui in the original game. Actually, does she turn into a dude in the final battle to you guys?

Why don't you just say WE FELT LIKE CALLING HIM A GRANDPA or admitting you are afraid of girl fleas cooties instead of using the Japanese lack of gender as a loophole? Mind you, I'm not pissed that Shiranui gets her gender changed to male. It's the inconsistency. If they had changed BOTH Amaterasu and Shiranui as male, I wouldn't agree but I certainly wouldn't complain about it. Then it's just a translation choice. But by doing this picking, it feels just wrong and badly thought. IT'S THE SAME CHARACTER, YOU DUMBASSES.

Sigh. I'm done with my wank. Back to replaying Ghost Trick and uploading Okami fanart on Tumblr.

LOL, trolls

Dec. 6th, 2010 02:38 am
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And today, in Fandom Secrets, if you watch children's cartoons you have issues!!1!

I know it's a troll and all, but I'm sure there IS people out there who totally think less of us with childish fandoms. And I ask, who the fuck cares? Just because you're not the target audience it doesn't mean it's not enjoyable! I think everyone can have fun with a cartoon once in a while (or once a week, or once a day...) because there are many kinds of cartoons for all kinds of tastes. Plus, there are many crappy shows for teenagers and adults that are still quite popular, because for the fans it's fun to watch. Same with children's cartoons, good or bad. And not every show is mindless sitcom-esque crack; some can have quite the dark side while still targeted to kids.

And actually, the golden age of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon actually began during my teen years. It's fun to have nostalgia of those shows and talk about it with folks who were actual children during their original run. It doesn't make that much of a difference, even. I miss the quality in those days. And kodomo anime is also fun! I also watched some Pokémon and Digimon in teen years. Mind you, I'm never regretting the purchase of a boxset with part of the first season of Nintama Rantarou (I WANT MOAR), and I was 27 so whatever. I also catch reruns of Keroro Gunsou (awesomeness) and Crayon Shin-chan (a bit overrated and memetic, though).

Having an active inner child is great. So feed him/her/hir.

P.S.3: And I have to watch Toy Story 3 and Tangled and Megamind before December ends!
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Anyway, here's a reflection. Next generation sequels: cash cows, butchers of canon, chances for more cool world building? For my bitter nitpicking over everything Okamiden, it would seem I'm against them as a subgenre. But... no, actually. It's a case-to-case thing to me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's awesome, sometimes I want to send bomb letters to the one who had the brilliant idea.

More ranting )

Why am I bringing this rant up? Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I'm not freaked out about it just because it's nextgen. I'll wait for more details to form an opinion. I do like the rumors I've heard (happening 100 years later, Korra being the next Avatar, a waterbender, AND a female: if that's the case, it'll be timeskip legacy OMC-as-dead-mentor nextgen, and it sounds so potentially cool with focusing on a female Avatar this time)
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I honestly, HONESTLY need to get into something more upbeat. The things I've read so far in the month and the one before (not counting that chapter of the Iliad, as it's more on douchy than depressing lines at this point) have been a kick in my non-existent balls. Even when they're satisfying like Percy 5 or FMA, there's still something heart-breaking.

And then there's stuff where it's constantly the ouchies plot wise. Speaking of which, very bad idea to check American comics, self. Particularly bad idea to read the three volumes of Runaways in two days. But I do not want to talk much about that one right now; let's just say I have bad luck choosing favorites and a-ahahaha that death in volume 2...

Kinda related to that, by the way, but it's been something I've been mentioning in comments in my journal for some time. Self-sacrificing yourself -or being willing to- for the sake of someone you care about or to atone for your raison d'angst. I've been aware lately of how common this trope is, and it's beginning to irk me when the execution leads to an excess of OMG TEH DRAMA for said character or the ones they're close to. I've begun to call this emosacrifice, to make a difference with the normal, important sacrifices made to bring the story and cast forward. The emosacrifice serves almost to no other purpose than to give ~pain~ and ~depth~ and ~shock~, since as we know that's the only valid way to storytelling! Art is pain! Meh, what's wrong with wanting a healthy balance between happy things and conflict? Sure writers, kill people off if you must, but don't overdo the tone.

I don't know where this came from. Must be my stress because of RL.

Sooooo, guys. In need of happy escapism here. Something sweet (and short) to read or watch that's upbeat and won't make me to hit characters in the face with a trout? Much obliged.
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I cannot believe this game exists and the idiots at CAPCOM didn't realize that they do have a Tatsunoko-based character!

He's named Ushiwaka, bitches!

And I can't even assume they just forgot about the Hideki Kamiya/Clover Studio characters because dude, they have Viewtiful Joe -also very Tatsunoko-ish- in their roster. And have you even seen who the final boss is?! Ahasfgdaghahahahasob.

But guys, imagine the gloriousness of what it could've been. Waka vs. the Gatchamen. Waka vs. Yatterman. Waka vs. Viewtiful Joe. Waka vs. YAMI, THE REVENGE. THIS COULD'VE BEEN CANON. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE! Hell, they didn't even have to put him as a main guy; an unblockable extra character could work, too. And add Amaterasu as well, motherfuckers, because she would kick Ryu's overrated karate ass with just one hit/brush line.

If he's not in a sequel, I shall cry like a baby. It's sooooo not fair. He's fucking perfect for this game.
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I had to restrain so badly and not to put humor samples.

I feel a bit strange by looking at those iconmakers and then looking at my icons. Mine look like someone puked a bag of skittles on them in comparison. Probably people don't use that kind of colors and textures anymore. I have no idea what kind of techniques and trends others use anymore, as I've been off the "scene" for such a long time. I wouldn't know how the fuck they get those smokey or pastel colors. My resources are years old and I don't know which ones to get.

So out of the loop. I like making icons, but at the same time I feel like I'm stuck in ancient times and no one remotely cool that isn't in my flist would like mine. There's also the fact I haven't learned to color manga so I've been wussing out on that area. This is why I want to make more FMA icons but I haven't dared. I wouldn't know how to put shadows and lights. Could I get away with simple-colored manga stuff? Or should I not even bother?

Oh, and I don't want to do icons of CLAMP lately. Which probably disappoints those watching mine and [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor's [livejournal.com profile] icondork because of that fandom. At the very least, I should tackle FMA as I still like it tons and maybe no one will icon the manga ever again with the new anime.

Funny enough, I've felt the same about fanfiction. Instead of writing for my older fandoms -except Okami, but there's no solid fandom for it-, I want to try it with my newest ones. But I feel so intimidated! Ace Attorney don't seem to care about genfic, and I haven't poked TotA but I doubt there's a lot of that either. And I have plotbunnies for the pairings I want to write about, sure, but I've never written for non-canon pairings and I wouldn't know how to do anything that isn't OOC or silly humor. I feel awkward. A-any tips for that, by the way?

(Oh, and I feel like a hypocrite because I once said I don't like to use fanart for icons, yet I want to make them now -with doujinshi, however; I wouldn't feel Kosher in using online website art, especially Japanese. But only with game icons. Might be the lack of canon expressions to use in RP what warmed me up to them.)

tl;dr: I've been an awkward turtle when it comes to participate in fandom the past few months, mostly because I'm afraid people would think I suck balls.
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I'm probably thinking too much about the cultural and geographical differences between Kimlasca and Malkuth. There's some interesting meta that could be said, and I probably will. Also, last night in my RP's chatroom, somehow we were talking about Kabbalah terms used in fandoms. And well, I was left thinking about the names in Tales of the Abyss related to that. Of course, we know about the Sephiroth trees and the Qliphoth. But when it comes to names of places, I'm sure it must have some (silly, I hope) hidden meaning that all those names coming from a Qliphora are supposedly related to Kimlasca (only exception is Akzeriuth, but it canonically belonged to Kimlasca once so it's still valid). All the Sephira names are related to the other three nations. I say supposedly because I can't find a list of the Qliphoth node things with my google-fu -this shit has one million romanizations, who knows which one has the info-, and this fansite says it so.

I almost forgot that [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis gave me some topics:

Web design, non-emo characters, penguins, Klavier )
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So Chrono Trigger DS was out over here yesterday (or it should be, because game.es has it out of stock already O_o; and knowing the local Game store, it'll take it 100000 years to arrive to this city). I go and check around Spanish boards out of curiosity, and guess what. THERE'S WANK.



You know, I was planning to import CT from the UK because it's cheaper, but after seeing this I'm so buying it full-priced in Spain. I do agree with the wankers about one thing: if it's the same North American game, then why the fuck did it take Squeenix this long to release it here? I wanted this shit for Christmas, not Valentine's day.
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PW 1-4: the replay )

And something I was thinking about before going to bed last night in general. What does it make a character "boring"? I've found myself liking several characters other people find boring or underdeveloped (and no, I'm not necessarily talking about the one that popped up on fandom!secrets yesterday, although that secret kind of made me realize he's not the first one). I really think that the term is something subjective and personal.

+ Relevant to the main plot vs. filler character

I'm using Cardcaptor Sakura as my example. I remember that one day someone boggled at the fact people wrote about Naoko, or even shipped her with another character. But she's just there! She's a random classmate! I remember my reaction was "...so?" Okay, sure, she does nothing extremely important to the plot, but I do like Naoko in the anime as the local geek and bookworm girl. She might not have a plot or an important purpose, but I still liked her a lot.

Then you find people ignoring characters who DO have a purpose, such as Clow Reed or Kaho Mizuki. Or, if we go to different fandoms, people who bash one of the main cast members. So really, there's no way to win.

Also, you can have a character who only pops in for one arc or once every three years as your favorite. This is particularly plausible in shounen series with one trillion cast members.

+ Developed vs. underdeveloped

I'll grant that it's easier to be attached to a character with a solid story and a nice growth as a person. I love it when characters I like get their backstory, no matter how insignificant it is (might be just one tidbit). Perhaps you don't want to grow fond of a really random character you know nothing about or had a forced history.

Or do you? Can you be obsessed over someone who is not half as deep as the rest of the cast, or just appears a couple of times as a plot device? If you ask me, you perfectly can. You can still like the tiny bits you've seen of them, you can still like the two or three personality traits they've shown. You can relate to them, or find them cuter or more interesting than the protagonists or the extremely developed people, even if they "suck" in the actual story.

There's the Matt from Death Note phenomenon. Now, I didn't get to read half of the series, but why does it matter if someone liked the four pages or whatever this guy was in? Just let them be. (I mean, I can see it can be frustrating with all the pages and pages of Gary Stu fanon going around about Matt, but... on the other hand, I've been in similar spots myself, liking characters with no plot.)

And there's the other way around. That a character has the greatest development in the history of ever is no guarantee everyone should like them, or at least recognize them as one of the best characters in the cast. I do believe, and people might disagree with me, there is such a thing as overdevelopment. I mean, first, you can get so much information and hype and spotlight from a character you end up smothered by them and end up turned off. Second, in some cases less is more.

+ In conclusion, since this gets teal deer

The point, in five words: IT DOESN'T MATTER, IT'S SUBJECTIVE. It's not a question of it's well developed or even has a plot. Finding something boring or interesting can be irrational. Or maybe you just don't care if the character isn't one of the strong kids with the complicated past. There's nothing wrong with only liking developed characters, either. Or you can like both developed and underdeveloped characters, and those in between. It's not something you can explain with logic, you just like/dislike!

And also, justifying your dislikes by comparing the character you're not into with the So Awesome And Developed Character you love (and going about how retarded their fans are for not caring or noticing it, in wanky cases)? I find it unfair and silly. Even when it's a substitution in the plot. Especially if it's a substitution, I'd say.

*** ETA: and relevant to "OMG TEH BORING CHARAS gimme back Maya and Edgey u CAPCOM h0rs"

W-w-why wasn't I told there was a VOICED VERSION OF THIS GS4 TRAILER? I hate you right now, Japan. You and your sexy voices. I hate you so much! ;______; *has turned into goo, and is maybe a bit horny now*
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I go to bed early one night (STFU, 1:30 a.m. is early), and what do I find? CCS WANK, IN LJ. Am I glad I never poked the first post, and I'm not poking the follow-ups. I still want to say a couple of things:

tl;dr, and the rant has some general points )

Okay, too much wankiness. Let's have some wackiness. You know, I think the Caramelldansen meme is pure distillated faggotry. But this one is the best I've seen:
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Things to do after Monday (included):
- Send the application for the XXXHOLiC fanlisting
- Pay Estefanía her 8 bucks
- Whatever we're planning for Kaho's birthday at [livejournal.com profile] ccs_halfmagic
- Make level badgers for Trading Academy
- Reply to the following: crossover meme, questions meme
- Start to write information and analysis sections for Prophecies for lunacy
- Add content to any of my websites, for God's sake
- If I get the desktop fixed or a new CPU tower, make icons
- Write my Touya/Yukito claim at [livejournal.com profile] 30vicios
- Write Okami fanfiction for the heck of it, including THAT crossover
- Share music with my flist :3 Comment more on stuff
- Marathon of Princess Tutu: I've felt like rewatching it these days
- Hunt for graphic resources because I lost half of them and the ones I have are a bit old D:
- Play more videogames. Okami, KH2, We Love Katamari
- Read more books and manga


Sometimes I mourn the fact I'm not suited for drawing and painting, that I didn't inherit that ability from mom. There are days in which I have ideas for characters that I could only express correctly in fanart. Some things, some frames, some concepts just can't be reproduced with words, because they're not thoughts or stories or dialogs. It's too visual to be described verbally, and usually there's no point to invent a tale to include it as a scene -most times it isn't one.

I'm not sure whether I'm envious of good (fan)artists or not. I want those images out of my system, but even if I were good at it I'm too lazy to do that. I do feel jealous at people who have fanartist friends and can convince them to draw the ideas for them. It's petty, but my stuff is usually too minor or subjective to see it in fanart as I want to, so unless a Japanese fanartist for it exists I'll rarely see my characters or pairings come to art unless they're popular.
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Fruity quiz )

Same story as usual. I feel like throwing a hissy fit whenever I see icons, youtube/niconico comments, whatever stating than one of my favorite characters is teh ebol or that they should return to [insert place of origin here], regardless of the fact they're essential to the fucking plot and they help the main character like whoa.

Let's take the following kind of character, shall we? Let's say it's a he for simplification, but could also be a female or asexual. From practically his first appearance, it's not a secret he's shady with an agenda yet to be revealed. The sidekick or the love interest might distrust him, giving the audience a reason to hate him: such a good friend of the main character can't be wrong! He might have a creepy smile or secret face when the regular cast isn't looking. And he actually happens to be an antagonist force for either a short time or most of the canon. He even challenges main character to fight him without holding back, once or twice, and may even tease the main character's abilities on their face to push them further.

Now, let's take some subcategories of this archetype. Okay, there are the ones who ARE evil and are either opposing the main character or using them (Xelloss from Slayers comes to mind, I guess). Then we have the neutral ones who aren't good or evil, but just there to watch and see what side to root for. And then the redeeming type, who after fighting the protagonist he realizes he was wrong, or he actually grew fond of one of the main characters (Tao Ren from Shaman King, Ken from Digimon 2, in some degree Ishida from Bleach).

But see, there's another subcategory, the one I love the most. It's the kind of pseudo-antagonist who turns out he was supporting the main character from the beginning. He's actually either a nice guy, or at least considers himself one of the good guys. His actions look extremely jerky and contrasting, but he has justified reasons to be so rude and crude to the naive main character. As a matter of fact, his whole raison d'être is helping the main character from the shadows, pushing them to their fate/the right direction, even risking to be hated by them. So in reality, he loves and admires and trusts the main character so much; he believes the character will win and have their happy ending, and his own happy ending depends on that by extension. Probably the reason he smirks that way when they fight him is because it makes him feel alive, or it's surprising to him, or he can see they're improving so much. But truly, his love -platonic, romantic, whatever- is just amazing. He's not a saint -hell, he even might be a complete asshole sometimes- but he's far from being the devil. And if the main character gets to acknowledge that, why can't the fandom?

This message is sponsored by my two main RP/fanfic muses. If I got a dollar every time I see an Eriol icon with the word evil on it, or a niconico comment saying "月へ帰れ" when Ushiwaka pops in a video... Siiiiiiigh.
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Avatar 3x12: I'm not going to spoil it, but it was soooo dorky XD Very LOL to Zuko's fail expenses. And Toph is awesome.

FMA 78: Mmmm hobo Hoho )

And you know, I have a pet peeve. Seeing someone saying "oh, even though [main character's name] didn't appear, it was a pretty good chapter!" boils my blood as much as someone bashing it because of the lack (or existence) of him/her/it. It just sounds condescending. The fact people may think -even subconsciously- less of a chapter, episode, or arc if it lacks the protagonist is appalling. I mean, I've loved main characters in many series, but secondary and minor characters can (and will, depending of the fandom) manage to make things very interesting by themselves! I can understand finding it boring if you dislike the focus character, because it's happened to me a lot, but looking down on everything all the time if your hero(ine) is MIA? Graaah.
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What a tiresome week. And I still have to survive today's lab classes, and tomorrow's dentist. I'm so, so tired I've forgotten to reply in so many posts, and I can't even say witty things to the arguments brought on my last post.

Oh the slightly brighter side, I've found ideas to work for one of the Yuletide requests. I'll just need to, um, reread all the manga and find the time to write it. I feel torn because I can either write a character study in a character who's awesome but rarely mentioned in fic (...I guess, I haven't poked the fandom enough), or write crazy postcanon shenanigans for a pairing that's lots of fun. Each option is glee-worthy, but the genfic is more fleshed out in my mind right now.

And now a quick rant about squicks, inspired by something that came up in the last post. TL;DR and not too many thoughts on yaoi )

Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.

(Warning: there are some of you I don't know too well, so I'll state it in your replies if I can't come up with anything.)

Meanwhile, this meme is weird shit XD I've been told I remind of Yuuko and Kaho. I DON'T SEE IT LOL. How can I be like Yuuko when I'm as mature and cool as a chimpanzee?
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Honesty meme. You can post anonymous if you want?

And thank God I saw someone wrote XXXHOLiC/Bakeneko crossover. One less wanting to do immediately. But if we ever hear about the Medicine Seller's backstory? FEAR. I'm sure I'll come up with something.

So, I mentioned I have my runes back here, and that I found the handbook. (First off, I'm not a pagan or a wiccan, but I love consulting oracles. I also do I Ching. Tarot is a funny case because that one hates me and won't answer me and confuses me the fuck out of me. But I like the idea of oracles. I blame it on my mother. The thing with astrology was on my own, but she was the one getting all the fortune-telling crap and letting me use it. Whether they work or Jung was right, I don't care. It's fun to consult.)

...I think I went offtopic. So I have my book here, and I went to check what they said about Sowilo and Laguz. You know, the runes Mokona Modoki have on their earrings? I've talked about it once, ages ago. So here's another source, and let's try to link it to the CLAMPverse.

Yeah, cut for your sanity and because there are fragments in Spanish )

I'll do Laguz/XXXHOLiC in another post.


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