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So I'm just going to leave this here, since I herd some of u liek Regal and/or Mithos. The first 10 minutes of the next ToS: Tethe'alla OVA.

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Wow, no one has commented on the new extended trailer for the Tethe'alla OVAs? Well, there you go! And there's also this piece of crack where even (especially) Genis joins the dork club. And the girls are all like "whut" at the guys. There's also one of Lloyd and Zelos' seiyuus having silly freetalk.

Man, animators really dislike Regal or something.

Also, heads up! Someone uploaded the first chapter of Ôoku on Mangafox! At last, scans of that manga. I really hope this person continues at least for the rest of that volume.

What else? I'm up to date with Durarara!! and while it's good I still prefer Baccano! and its characters a lot more. Yet I'm still watching because I really like Celty and the twists are not bad at all.

I also finished Le Chevalier D'Eon since it was a while since I last watched something with lulzy historical butchery. How I call this series, "European name-dropping French Revolution with Bible voodoo"~ But really, the whole craziness of it all makes the WTF finale worth it. Oh, and Takahiro Sakurai uses his panty-wetting Stupid Sexy Medicine Seller voice here!! (Meaning that I hate myself a little for finding Robespierre so hot. The voice helps a lot.)

...This post was random!
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I'm still very obviously a tropical girl who dislikes winter. Don't mind me.

Speaking of issues with snow, ToS trailer looks extremely pretty. Oh God, they're going through Volt! *saves a box of kleenex*
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BECAUSE MAMORU MIYANO IS LING. I can't get over that.

Okay, right, I've been saving up words from that "comment and I'll give you words to ramble about" meme like a squirrel. So it's time to gush.

[livejournal.com profile] colonize gave me The Legend of Zelda, Peony/Jade, Good Omens, Raine Sage, and Howl/Sophie )

[livejournal.com profile] telrunya gave me web pages, Ling, Tales of the Abyss, CLAMP, caparashon )

[livejournal.com profile] sha_chan gave me turtles, baddass colonels, Ace Attorney, sparkly blonds, snarky pairings )

I still have two sets to do. Will go with that tonight or tomorrow.
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Stuff bought online and to be arriving in the next couple of weeks:
- Kino no Tabi DVD boxset
- Okami Garyou Tensei (unless it gets eaten by the mail AGAIN!)

The latter means that my PayPal apparently works just fine. Hurray!

Oh, and I've learned that a part of my problems with the PS2 comes from one of the Magic Keys not having enough glue. Then again, it can be more or less solved thanks to another one of my problems: since I have to leave the tray open, I can push it every five minutes or so to make sure it doesn't move. Amazingly so, I've managed to play up to Engeve with this method! Now to find a tube of superglue...

My thoughts on playing Abyss like this: actually, I'm quite fond of the gameplay so far. True, so far I've only fought warthogs, bees, birds, and Oddish-like beings, but... I like my button-smashing in my Tales, what can I say.

Like I said, I arrived to Engeve, in which I managed to find:
- spaghetti recipe, om nom nom
- poultry and rappigs (BTW, there's a difference between pork and rappig meat. But since I have yet to see normal pigs, does that mean the pork is the warthog bastards?! eww)
- Jade ♥
- Ion
- Anise
- the valuable lesson of not buying food ingredients before upgrading weapons. DUMBASS

In other news, I think I never mentioned I'm replaying Symphonia, did I? Well, I am. I'm about to get to the Meltokio sewers. Incidentally, I went through the "hard path" on Sylvarant this time, to see the differences. And in this playthrough, I'm consciously not avoiding battles to level up well.

And the other challenge: I'm set to get Zelos as my BFF this time. It makes the hard path look easy in comparison.

Important ETA: We're in alert for storm again for this weekend. So if I never appear on the chan tonight, that means my Internet and/or electric power is dead. *recharges her DS just in case*
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...Yeah, there goes the "post about something happy for a week" meme. I haven't been around for days: my laptop is back to acting weird recently. Oh, and I'm at my mom's for the holidays, also. I can barely download small things between the laptop and the bad wi-fi reception in my room.

Personally, I'm pretty much amazed this was a GOOD Christmas dinner. No one argued. The food and drinks were edible. We took silly photos of us wearing silly hats. And my stepfather just popped a mix CD instead of a carols one, so there was some hilarity when suddenly it was playing Day-o (or it would've been, but I was the only one paying attention and no one saw me dancing silly around the table since half of them had got up) or "Ojalá que Llueva Café".

I spent most of today replaying Justice For All on my DS. I only have reading the rest of the skits and I'll be finishing with Tales of the Abyss. I'll watch a Vesperia walkthrough afterwards, some day, because [livejournal.com profile] telrunya loves it so and I'm intrigued.

Speaking of Tales, I'm not going to rant about the lack of girls in the Japanese top ten after this character rank poll. Instead, I'll just laugh at the Symphonia anthology chapter that was released here XD I checked out the Asch manga that they also released today, and I hope it won't become an Emo-in-Stereo fest in the long run (my problem with Asch is that he's undoubtedly a tragic, interesting character I wanted to get to know better, but whenever he was on screen he turned into a ball of self-loathing anger, therefore turning me off)

Anyway, I'm STILL as much of an Okamitard as I was last year. I didn't even participate in Yuletide, and I ran this morning to see if someone had written for that fandom. They'll be the first pieces I'll read, obviously. I just... want more good fic for my cute, dead fandom ;_;
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1. Now, Soul Eater is still pretty fun and funny to watch (on episode 16 now). Which is why I boggle at the lack of good humor and/or crack icons for it. Dammit, does that mean I'll have to do them myself? Bugger.

2. I played a bit of Earthbound (aka Mother 2) at the SNES emulator yesterday, until it froze right when exiting the cave beyond the shack behind Ness' hometown. Pity because it's quirky enough to keep me entertained and I've always been curious about the EB characters at Smash Bros games.

3. Late to a fandom usually means late to the party. Don't believe me? I just heard today of a thing called Tales of Fandom vol. 2. Which is basically a Phantasia/Symphonia/Abyss crossover in theory, but apparently it's mostly minigames and graphic novel. Obviously, this shit made of crack and eyecandy will never leave Japan. But what impressed me was the fact it appears to focus (in a particular game mode) on certain characters' backstories that were never that exploited on their original games.

For instance, in Symphonia's side, we have Kratos' story (fansubbed under the provided link). It's half of the game seen from Kratos' POV, which means... yes, plotholes are filled ♥ I'm not even a Kratos fan (far from it! I still can't believe I could digest over thirty minutes of him as a lead character) and I enjoyed and appreciated to see that stuff making sense finally. Bonus: Flashbacks with the Mithos-tachi. Tons of Mithos, Yuan, Zelos, and, believe it or not, Kate.

The Abyss plots are still unsubbed (the fansubbers seem to have taken a hiatus or something) although I think I can find them raw over youtube. Which makes me a Very Sad Panda. The first arc was flashbacks with Tear, which seems pretty interesting. BUT THE OTHER ONE IS LOW. Because it's Jade's fucking arc. JADE'S. And I'm dying inside. And did I mention both the Keterburg guys are all over that one? OF COURSE THEY ARE. Quite a lot of Peony. And the usual Dist abuse. I need at least a detailed summary of this thing like burning.

I also need good, clean screencaps of this thing. Or at least avi videos.

Okay, now to study.
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My computer is acting up weirdly again. So after letting it rest, I'm backing shit up. Oh yikes, all that manga! I'd better just... write down the series and look for them again instead of "copying: 1 hour left".

Obviously I can't do the mp3 meme going around like this. I bet itunes would freeze on me.



I'm starting a new plus file from scratch now, with an affection guide in hand, in dorky efforts to get other soulmates in next replays.

Oh, and this morning I had this silly conversation with [livejournal.com profile] sha_chan and [livejournal.com profile] allira_dream about how Yggdrassil's fashion sense was stuck in the 70's, and how so many disco tunes fit him anyway XD Thank God in the last battle he wasn't in that form or I would've died of lulz.

The Abyss anime is looking good. I'll make a longer post about it another day, however.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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First of all: I PASSED THE PRONYMA + YGGDRASSIL BITCH OF A FIGHT YAY! Now I'm on my way to Origin's seal after leveling up my 5 mains a bit.

This is how I play in big fights, normally: Lloyd in manual for my brawling pleasure, Raine as healer (NURSE FTMFW), Zelos/Kratos as offense+healer, Genis as spellcaster. When I need Sheena, I replace with one of the above. Sometimes I feel bad about neglecting the other three characters and play with them on small fry, but lately I've noticed it's not something you should do. Have I mentioned I rarely play RPGs? I'm obviously still not used to the usual logic, judging by the silliness above.

I finished Natsume Yuujinchou yesterday. It was pure love. All people into the XXXHOLiC fandom who are reading this should check it out, if you liked the youkai/spirit shenanigans over there. It's only 13 episodes and easy to find since it's not licensed yet.

I need an icon or two of these, but not a lot of folks are iconing this one. I'll have to do them myself if Photoshop doesn't freeze on me, sigh.

Next post, hopefully: thoughts on Tales of the Reservoir Chronicle. Anime, manga, lolclonesreplicas, so on. Also, stop me from shipping Van Grants/Fei Wang Reed for the lulz XD; I swear this one makes sense, except Van kinda seems less made of fail, maybe.
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Soooooo, fighting two bosses in a row and one of them is motherfucking Yggdrassil. And it's not even an it's-okay-you-lose battle, either.

I'll have to start all over again since Pronyma?



DIE THE FUCK ALREADY. For the love of Martel, literally. Go and choke on your rainbow wings or your Pantene hair or something. sjfjkshfkh

Screw this shit. I'm going to bed. My head, it's exploding.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Jesus, my laptop. Last night, all of the sudden, it turned off. Not even rebooted, no. Turned the fuck off. It scared me so hard, guys. The other day it did a... I don't know the technical term in English, but it was a "volcado de memoria", and then it rebooted. So that joined with the general slowness and freezing times is making me nervous.

Oh, and I tried to go back to the desktop. It still freezes. Which sucks enormously, because my Linux is broken in the laptop plus my recovered data from the Epic Accidental Reformat Of The Pendrive are still there somewhere.

I don't know, you guys. I should let it rest for today or something. But then, even if I go and spend all day in Tales of Symphonia, I just know I'll get stuck somewhere and I'll have to turn this on to check out a walkthrough. I'M NOT HARDCORE, OKAY?

And of course, I was planning to watch what I had left of Wolf's Rain before vacations finished but...

ETAs of amusement:

1. You know I just got into something when I figured out a way to make a crossover with Okami. This time it's something too spoilertastic to explain, but it involves Amaterasu, Waka, the Great Kharlan Tree, Lloyd, and Colette. I think anyone else would be overkill, which is sad. Imagine the interactions with the rest of the party! Raine completely fascinated by the Ark of Yamato, to Waka's amusement/despair. And Ammy just can't understand why on Earth she just gave 1000 yens and one Steel Fist Sake to that redheaded human who talks so much about himself.

(Too bad this idea is post-canon. Issun would love Sheena, for the two obvious reasons. Actually, it's pretty easy to imagine how Issun could interact with the main cast: it's like Lloyd's recklessness joined with Zelos' libido, all in pocket one-inch format. However, I doubt he could get along with the latter.)

2. Someone ripped and uploaded a huge-ass video of a Gyakuten Saiban orchestra concert, and it's right here. I've only been able to watch some fragments, but it looks legendary. And filled with pretty music.

3. Oh man, Trading Academy closed ;___;
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I want a How I Met Your Mother/Tales of Symphonia crossover where Zelos becomes Barney's new wingman. The amount of chicks the former can impress/annoy without doing anything at all might make the latter forgive him for not suiting up. Too bad I don't know anyone who's a fan of both things at the same time and none of you understands WTF I'm talking about, because those two as bros (perhaps a bit of rivals, too) would be legen--wait for it--dary.

Okay, progress status. Plotwise I just finished the infamous Flanoir scene. The three people I got were Colette, Genis, and Sheena. I went with the latter because I'm roleplaying her, although I don't really dig Lloyd/Sheena as a pairing that much and her as a "soulmate" is a bit too one-sided crush. I don't really ship Lloyd with anyone in particular, to be fair. I can see there's a lot of one-sided-ness going on, but he's so naive and bashful I can't see him hooking up with anyone yet. More like I have several OTFs with him.

True story: Before I stopped playing for today, I went to Altamira (ah, the Miami Beach of Tethe'alla) to do the beach sidequest. Funny enough, I brought Zelos as beach mate for the lulz and my other two guys picked up by the game were Colette and Sheena. More lulz were had when i realized? I was tagging along precisely the three people Lloyd is paired up the most from what I've heard |DDD It felt pretty much fanfic-tastic and foursome material.

By the way, I hate Ymir forest. And Latheon gorge. And Welgaia. Yup, I did all those today. Yup, I feel like my head is exploding. So I'll leave those other silly sidequests, including the dance at Meltokio's aristocratic quarters, for tomorrow. I did get the mask outfit for Zelos and cracked my shit up by rolling around the city wearing it as avatar. Anyway, now it's sleep tiemz.
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I need you to understand how important this is. It's a fucking milestone. I've never, ever reached a second disc in any old school RPG game, ever. I have two Final Fantasies for PS1 gathering dust; I've never gone past the first CD with those.

There seems to be a bit of wank regarding the announcement today in the Gyakuten Saiban concert. People were expecting it to be an anime, and we got a Takarazuka musical. Seriously, guys, y so srs. After all, the people behind the series obviously puts Japan as their target audience first, so of course they'd do deals exclusively for them (like all those orchestra concerts) and fitting their tastes. Eh, well. *shrugs* At least there's a big scan of that new illustration with the two generations so I'm good. (It's been how long since the last new image with Apollo-Klavier-Trucy Odoroki-Kyouya-Minuki? I don't even know, there's never been a new one since I got into the fandom!)

Oh, and while people are ranting about Heroes, I'm all over the new season of How I Met Your Mother instead. It's going to be de--wait for it--lightfully hilarious!
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Meh, in the end I decided to screw affection guides, keep the status quo, and do the coliseum battle with Lloyd. FYI, I barely won.

Here, have some red pandas.

Ah, I forgot [livejournal.com profile] etrangere tagged me: Handwriting meme )

Also, my laptop has this slow/frozen periods and I'm pretty worried ;_; I wanted to make an icon post before classes begin, but it's awful just to open any large program and/or file. Asdfhsgdhs.
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My pride, my pride as a waaaaaaaaaarrior! (oh wait, I'm not a warrior!)

I can't win this tiny battle! I can't kill the sorceress first, stupid walkthroughs, if the two guys are attacking me at the same time and don't let me get through. I'm missing Lloyd's Tempest for this kind of crap oh so much ;_;

I can't cure myself, either. It takes too long and I get interrupted.

gafdahfsdhsfahfd >(

(Icon only relevant because I'm using Zelos for this. Not because it's free and easier, but because I find dorky masks hot. DON'T JUDGE ME.)
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Because I was in this foul mood this morning thanks to relatives, I spent almost all my day playing Tales of Symphonia. We just arrived to Sylvarant through the gate. So that means I finished the base, the Temple of Earth, and the Temple of Ice. Good times, good times. I can't believe I enjoy this game this much. I'm not even an RPG girl. Between this and TWEWY, I think I can see what the deal is: I just like real-time battles, and better if I can smash buttons a bit. I could never get into Final Fantasy games, but I get the feeling I could've been a Tales Of person if only I didn't live in Europe.

I missed playing this game oh so much. And I still find the main cast so cute and dorky :3 Oh Z-skits, how I love thee.

Oh, and the gnomelettes and Gnome translated to Spaniard Spanish was somehow hilarious. ¡EH, PRINGAOS! Sonaban todo flaites XD;

Anyway, eggies.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Let's do this again, videogame edition.

Choose five series (no peeking before you choose them), list them, and then answer the questions behind the cut.

1. Okami
2. Zelda (of N64 continuity)
3. Ace Attorney
4. Tales of Symphonia
5. Odin Sphere

The questions )
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My ass was kicked in the Tower of Salvation by... that spoiler character before Yggdrasil. I guess I'll be losing affection points with him for losing the fight. Not that it matters much, since I'm trying to get the regular ending, but still.

Right now I'm chilling at Tethe'alla, and about to leave Meltokio. I just got faux loli Presea and glimmerous fop Zelos to join my party. Let's see how their attacks are the next time I play~

I'm having way too much fun with an RPG. And it's kinda sweet I could be giving my poor Gamecube an use. I do want to finish this game, even if not complete. At least the main plot and all.
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I'm stuck at the temple of water ;_____; Well, no, stuck with the fucking mermaid boss. I mean, I'm trying to do what the walkthroughs advice to, but there comes a moment when I'm face to face with her that the camera goes on zoom, and the characters can't move away and get free space. So she bitchslap us with her fucking tail so often, I can't keep up with the life bottles/TP potions and she keeps killing my characters as soon as they revive. WTF IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE AN EASY ONE AND SHIT. Can't I program a character to take an object by themselves, a la Kingdom Hearts?

ETA: ...WTF, I managed to defeat the bitch by putting Lloyd in auto, and I just limited myself to command the spells and hit the bottles in background. Victory by lazy? I never knew!

ETA2: I'm just done with the Asgard ruins. FUCK YEAH RAINE!


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