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Awright! Twistasa Retconvoir Chronicle is OVER! Let's have a party! Let's point out the million plotholes, or wank, or squee, or whatever! Doesn't matter if you hate it or love it, let's just celebrate they got on with it.

So, play them off, keyboard cat.

((♪ BGM ♫))

Me, I'm just. Surprised they decided to make everything I used to dig about the series pop out in the epilogue, like saying "hey, remember when you gave a fuck about this country? and there was few angst? and you shipped this? and you shipped that? and you didn't roll your eyes with this guy? yeah, for old times' sake, have them all, sort of there".

CLAMP? A little too late for my brand of fanservice, but I kinda find the irony amusing so. You get a funny fail gif with a kitten intead of a fail macro, for the effort.

I wanted a wankier ending, though. I even bought microwave popcorn, man. Then again, the lack of twists might be a twist itself.
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Or they were nine years ago. Durrrrrr.

Do you remember the part in Cardcaptor Sakura where Clow Reed dies and reincarnates as other people? They only repeat it, oh, through the whole last arc.

So, when Yuuko dies, she's not going to rejoin Clow in the afterlife and un-live together happily ever after, you know? He's not there! He's in Japan, being Fujitaka Kinomoto and Eriol Hiiragizawa. And even if they meet each other in a next life, he's only going to be half Clow, thus a completely different person. Unless Ohkawa retcons the whole argument to Yue, that is.

In short, they don't get a "happy ending".

Well, not quite; at least not a romantic, shippy one: Yuuko spoilers to latest Tsubasa chapters ), and Clow finally isn't mortified by his powers and their repercutions. They got what they wanted, as characters, and the kids they loved and protected will (probably) live well; that's their happy ending. But no, no fairy tale romance ending for them, dumbasses. Then again, that's a logical conclusion since Clow has been truly dead from years now.

And even if I'm disenchanted with TRC and HOLiC from a while ago, I'm glad they will get to rest from all that shit and move on. They're free now. I'm fine with the way Clow/Yuuko turned out. I didn't need the kind of ending the fans are imagining now.

...All this unless CLAMP retcons something again, that is.

And I want to pretend Yuuko said that line because either she's hallucinating from her state, or the translation in English is vague.
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1. You know, I wouldn't trust an English (as a foreign language) academy whose ads offer "conversation clases". If this was a typo or Murphy's law at work, I feel sorry for them. But spelling errors are kind of a big deal here to make an impression.

2. ...Mom, normally girls have virtual pets online when they're fifteen top, not fifty. I swear her internet usage is going backwards. And she doesn't even like the pet that much, she's just doing it because her Facebook contacts are pimping their horrid pets' houses and she got jealous since she's a competitive bitch. I wouldn't mind this much if me liking manga and videogames was childish, but throwing a fit because she can't afford a bed for her ugly SD cat on Pet Society wasn't. WTF.

You can't leave her near casual games. Seriously. Talk about addictive personality.

3. My brothers have a bunch of strange books from when they were kids; some are bought by them, some are presents from a cousin of ours. I think they didn't even read a quarter of them. I was looking at them last night. While most of them are Goosebumps books and the like, I spotted a crappy-looking sci-fi-esque series with the following titles:

- Clónicos integrados (integrated clones)
- Tiempo pirateado (hacked/pirated time)
- El código chino (the Chinese code)

...Dude, is Fei Wang Reed secretly a children's book author? O_o Either way, they look way too crappy to read for the lulz.

4. Apparently, my iPod's shuffle function really likes Unintended by Muse. Last week it played it twice, but attention! Because it did in the way back home, on the bus, and while we were crossing around the same area. That's freaky.
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...Oh Tsubasa. I knew I was right to forget about my previous love for Clow country. They've managed to tie in one of my top least favorite worlds with it. BRILLIANT. TRULY BRILLIANT. EVEN MORE ANGSTBULANCE TO COME. And it'll become squee material if those four show up. Oy.

So you know what? I'm going to forget I read this, and going to focus on Ouran 68 now that it was scanlated, which was just so adorable and heartwarming and not trauma-inducing (insert your tiger-horse puns here) at all. *clings to Tamaki and his cuteness and the whole host club's silly love for him* He really surprised me in this chapter.

Also, seriously, give me something to rant about, please? ;;
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The only spoilery part for 211 )

Now, a way to make the last two pages funnier: to mentally substitute Syaoran's name-calling at the end with KHAAAAAAAAAAN!. It's hilarious scary hilarious how much it fits XDDDD;
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→ A N O N _ M E M E

I wish I could comment on your threads, but I doubt I can find the time because...

Now I count with the marvelous limit of ONE HOUR OF INTERNET A DAY. Not even voluntary.

Why yes, I'm climbing on the walls over here. Ahasjagsdhgjhasgjas.


.........*dies* *dies, I tell you*

From all people to be good to me and give me gorgeous things that doesn't hurt my brain, and it's CLAMP. And it's been twice this week.

Fanservice? That I like?! ;_____; Srsly?!

*wants to oogle at it all day, doesn't even care about reading the rest of the chapter*
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1. I just got hooked to the American comic Fables. It's amazing how this can cater to my plot AND one-shot needs at the same freaking time. I love the whole mythos, the modern take on fairytales and stories -how it brings reality without dropping fantasy altogether-, and I especially enjoy the awesomeness of secondary/minor characters. I can't count the amount of times I went "fuck yeah [insert random character here]!" It's pretty good.

2. By the way, where do people download full scans of comic books, like one does with manga? I have no idea, and the way torrents handle them (like, uploading every weekly release, I think?) looks confusing. Because from a certain point, the Spaniard scans from translated volumes finished, and the scanlations are truly HORRID. So it's time to hit the original language, but I'm not into the comics fandom and don't know where to turn.

Incidentally, Western comics are so fucking expensive here, especially Vertigo series. The hell I'm paying 11-12€ for these.

3. Oh look, the deluxe cover for TRC 23. The one with Fujitaka.

*opens it*

*looks for brain-breaking*

*can't see nothing wrong. just sexy*

Whoa! It's been ages since I got this good brand of fanservice from these people! *gives single cookie to CLAMP. not more because she had seen the HOLiC schedule until December*

4. I want Peony/Jade fanart and fanfic so badly, but I don't know where to look for it. At least quality ones. Or recs. Or something.

TRC 201

Oct. 4th, 2008 03:58 pm
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Let the plotholes and the retcon begin?

ETA: Wait a second. spoilers, obviously )

ETA2: Natsume 05. OMG A CAPYBARA YOUKAI SO CUTE! ♥ /easily distracted
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Here we go again, Tsubasa. Because being a CLAMP fan is kind of like being a Star Wars fan, in a way. You must love to hate them and hate to love them. You coo at the same time you whine.


Please remind me my decision not to apply for more RP characters. B-because this reminded me I want to play Soel like burning. W-we have a Clow and all ;; And the whole main TRC cast, and a Yuuko. It would be so frigging cute! UNLIKE YOU, CLAMP.

And my AJ mood theme is back, and so are my icon posts, since my domain is back online :3 Woot!

ETA: Bunny comic did a Poirot parody.
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Done with that exam! I... have no idea how it went. Hopefully I didn't fail this time? It was pretty hard, as it was That Subject of The Impossible Final. Multiple choice, mostly. Didn't pick all true options? Deduction. Picked one that wasn't true? Deduction. Left the whole question blank? Deduction. So, bad if you answer, bad if you don't. I FUCKING HATE THIS PROFESSOR. It's my only obligatory course left to pass besides end-of-career project.

My biggest issue for graduation right now (besides that subject) are the extra credits. You need 24 to complete the pensum, and I have... 8.5. So I think I'll squeeze language courses these year as much as we can pay, because each one is 125€ I can. I may take three next semester if I can get a spot: an English one on my level -whichever it is-, the most basic of French, and the most basic of German. And before you ask about the chosen languages: NO, it's not because of Ushiwaka and/or Klavier Gavin! I picked those up because those plus Italian and Portuguese are the only ones you can choose. I've always liked French, and my mom has always thought German was an useful language. Each course is 3 credits each and lasts about a season.

By the way, could you guys tell me which ones of the good Tsubasa iconmakers have done at least one or two icons of/with Mokona (yeah, Soel), that you can recall? I'm happy [livejournal.com profile] jlarinda did awesome bases of him/her, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few pretty colored manga icons for my RP account.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

No, really, it's time to clean up my bedroom. I'll try to make an inventory of my manga collections while I'm at it.

I opened a new file on Zelda: The Minish Cap, which I borrowed from my brothers. Minish people are too cute.

Spoilers on TRC 193 )
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Gah, my internet connection sucks from last night. I'll try to reply to emails and RP threads through the day. Last day of catsitting, BTW.

TRC spoilers? )

But anyway, the BEST PART: the XXXHOLiC Kei drama, aka HAY GAYS, YOU CAN HAS MOAR CLOW REED )
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I've been trying to post this for an hour now. Stupid modem.

And of course, as soon as the computer problems end...


So I'll be MIA for some time. I'm taking a break from the computer. Like, I only popped in to tell you not to expect RP replies from me today (damn, and I really wanted to go on with the epic Tamaki cross-examination).

But really, it's a good thing the pending manga chapters were out today. I already talked about FMA 83 ♥

But I have to add something in regards of TRC 190: this time not that wanky )


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