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Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate it. Happy Winter Solstice in advance :P

→ I feel a little too excited for finishing Ocarina of Time... AGAIN. Now to try the Master Quest (I almost type sword, LOL) mode. And man, the ending has some plotholes that make me wonder... and I don't mean the timelines and time travel shenanigans. I mean, how the fuck are the Kokiris partying at Lon Lon without turning into Skull Kids?! Makes no sense whatsoever.

→ Why the fuck are Hollywood making a sequel for the Clash of the Titans remake? That movie was SO SHITTY, I had to watch it with Rifftrax and it was still dull despite of the memetic one-liners and the MST crew mocking. It's THAT awful. Look, I don't care that you have actual titans now. This is an abomination.

Persona 4 anime, I'm just on the wagon still because anime!Teddie is so precious. No idea if Kappei helps with the squeaky moe voice or what. You know, I think I'm going to write a giant post about Teddie because he is my favorite P4 character and he needs more love. And stupid theories. And long eyelashes, apparently! Meanwhile, I shall ignore that guy with the gray hair for my own sanity.
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You know what, I'm so disappointed at P4A I can't even. I can't believe they turned Yu into a big douchebag and as much as a homophobe. The bathhouse episode was pretty bad, but like Kanji did, I assumed he'd accept this and get over it. So imagine when the camp pseudofiller has him saying those things to poor Kanji. UGH!! I was enjoying this anime, really! I liked how they handled Yukiko and Chie, for instance. Rise is going good, if we ignore Yu being too present because I can't see his fucking face anymore.

Fuck it. The game's MC is the only protagonist that exists, and he's pretty tolerant and cool, and I consider this OOC travesty just an icon fodder. The main reason I'm not dropping this? I want to make pretty icons for my RP account and they still haven't gotten to Teddie's alter form. Whatever.

Hmmmmmm, let's go with happier things. I'm giving my 3DS good use. Ocarina either is easier than I remember, was watered down a bit, or I've played this too much and I remember more than I thought. It's not a bad thing! I like easy because I'm a cheap idiot! And the sooner I finish, the sooner I get Master Quest mode.

Abyss goes slower, but then again this is an RPG with a lot of shit to do and characters to grind. OMG, I had forgotten that Ion was such a cute nice kid ;A; Pre-Akzeriuth Luke gets more unbearable the more times you play this game, too. Saint Binah is a gorgeous town and I wish I could go back later. Why are your cities so beautiful, Malkuth?

Oh, and my brother bought Skyward Sword! It's the special edition with the golden wiimote motion plus and the 25th Anniversary orchestra CD. I finally tried it today for a bit, and my arm was tired before I had even saved my bird. If can't even imagine how my bro can stand it, considering he's a lefty and he's having problems to adapt to the controls. Maybe that's why he hadn't played in a couple of days? Maybe he's ragequitting? I don't blame him, Nintendo did a dick move by alienating the left-handed clients.

I still have to write a mythology fanfic for a challenge. I have decided the story, but I haven't felt inspired yet with my family being pests or "improving" my mood. Nnnng.

So, how are you guys doing?
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What? It IS.

Remember my nerdgasm over the Zelda-themed 3DS pack? I BOUGHT IT. It arrived yesterday morning and fdhjsgfssdfg.

I also bought Tales of the Abyss whose European release date, incidentally, was also November 25th. So now I have the pretty console and a very nice 25th Anniversary of Zelda golden poster with several Links, Ocarina of Time, and this one, which makes the early Christmas present well justified.

U MAD, AMERICA? |D *puts sunglasses and trollface on*

It's a little sad that the only things I really needed to buy this otherwise useless gadget were ports of favorite games of mine. Nintendo needs to hurry up with the good new games.

So, the software that comes with the Wii-- I mean 3DS, is interesting but a one trick puppy. Once I played the AR games twice, I kinda lost interest. I've never watched a movie in 3D, but I like the 3D mode in this thing... as long as it's in a very soft setting, just enough to make the objects and characters pop. To the max it's just a fucking blur to me. But one milimeter is cool.

The battery is as dreadful as I was told. I remembered last night, when it died on me, that one of the reasons I was waiting for a lite version was a better battery life. Nothing I can do, I guess.

I'm in the middle of Lord Jabu Jabu so I'm finishing with young Link soon. In Abyss I'm in the Cheagle Woods. It really makes me happy to be able to play again these games that meant so much to me, in new ways. Hell, I'm just glad I can actually PAY for Abyss as I had to play a pirated NTSC PS2 copy (this statement probably makes me a bad Latina). Of course Spaniards are whining and not buying it because it's in English, which is no surprise at all.

But yeah, Ocarina is fun and even pretty in 3D. There's still not much of a point for Abyss being 3(DS) yet, but then again I still can't set shortcuts on the touch screen. But fuck that, I love both games.
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So I hadn't bought a 3DS yet because I wanted either a good deal or a pack with Ocarina. And I was thinking that the latter was not going to happ--

OH MY. And it's for Europe!

I didn't really want to buy a solid black thing because my NDS is black too, and I liked the blue and red ones. But look at this motherfucker, just look at it! It's gorgeous. I was worried about the price, but apparently it's going to be 199€. The lowest I've seen a console go is 166, and the lowest I've seen the game go is 37 (summing 203€ total), so if that's the price it's actually a sweet deal!

So basically, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, NINTENDO. I'm glad I waited.
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I've been a seriously lame LJ user lately. Guess I've been easily distracted recently. So let's try to sum shit up.

TV stuff (and some comics tossed in)

So Doctor Who cliffhanger. I'm surprised that my crazy theories (and almost everybody else's, actually) back from the first two-parter AND some rumors I heard turned out to be both true. It was an epic mid-finale episode anyway, but a huge part of my thoughts are pretty much:

Thin-veiled spoilers for Doctor Who AND the Booster Gold series )

In any case and as much as an asshole he might be, the way Moffat trolls people over Twitter is hella amusing.

Gaming stuff

On Friday I went to a clearance sale at PC City and got Hotel Dusk 2 Last Window: The Secret of Cape West and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep at a pretty cheap price. My brothers lost their PSP's memory stick, so guess I won't be playing KH until I buy one.

So, E4! Nothing I care about for Microsoft, don't own current Sony consoles nor I'm going to. The Wii U controller is a little WTF. In any case, I'm all pumped for Skyward Sword and Kid Icarus Uprising.

Also, I'm kinda depressed because the Ocarina of Time remake comes out for my birthday, but hell if I'm going to buy a 3DS. I'd rather wait for the mandatory lite version, unless I see a fair pack with a worthy game.

Book stuff

I've read the first book of The Dresden Files. All my friends love the series in a masochistic way, but so far I'm not sure if I'll like it enough. On the meantime I started The Red Pyramid. I had started this novel with Greek gods as protagonists, but after Athena willingly losing her virginity in chapter two I'm not sure if I want to continue for the trainwreck.

Random stuff

WHY is the largest mall in Spain (and third largest in Europe) in my city? This place isn't important! It makes no fucking sense!
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I love how my flist are freaking out about this amazing Majora's Mask creepypasta (with videos! actually, the videos ARE what does it, really.) Tomorrow the last video is supposed to be released. I hope it's epic because I'm hyped!

And the question meme in Spanish that's going on.

♫ Deja un comentario con "Más gay que árbol de navidad en llamas" en el subject.
♫ Te preguntaré cinco preguntas al azar. <-- ¿Creo?
♫ Postea las preguntas y tus respuestas en tu journal y repite el proceso.

Preguntas de Arcadia )

Preguntas de Sha )

Preguntas de Laurus )
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So, monthly shopping~ I told myself not to burn all my money on comics/books and none of it in video games. I ended up looking at the DVD section, so I got the second season of Dead Like Me. There was a promotion of shitty cheap editions, 4 for 20 euros, but since it's been going since new year's there wasn't much to get. Two movies were random picks for pretty people in it*: The Departed (which is apparently fucking good) and Troy (which is known to be hilariously bad, I'm all for mocking). The other two I really wanted to buy, and they're two of the feeeew Burton films I remember fondly: Beetlejuice and Mars Attack.

Oh, and I also got the fourth Percy Jackson novel and the second Ocarina of Time manga, which together with the DLM boxset are things I truly needed in my life.

* I assure you, my inner sixteen-year-old is ironically cackling at me. Fuck you.
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Happy Wise Men day for those who celebrate it. Oh, and ask me stuff at formspring.

I think I like the Phantom Hourglass manga more than the game. And I'm not only saying it because of the lack of Augh Fucking Ocean King's Temple Augh. Linebeck's backstory in the manga is pretty cool. Plus LOL at the mangaka shipping Jolene/Linebeck. She's also cool in the manga plot, even if it's in a tsundere way.

It kind of makes me want to retake my file. Then I remember the fucking temple and shake my head in disgust. Hey, is Spirit Tracks much better than Phantom Hourglass? I doubt I could buy it any time soon, but I'm curious. *stares at all those half-played Zelda games and winces*

Aaaaaaah so not looking forward to tomorrow. It's going shopping with mom AND going to the hospital for my grandma's operation. Double boredom ahoy.
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BECAUSE MAMORU MIYANO IS LING. I can't get over that.

Okay, right, I've been saving up words from that "comment and I'll give you words to ramble about" meme like a squirrel. So it's time to gush.

[livejournal.com profile] colonize gave me The Legend of Zelda, Peony/Jade, Good Omens, Raine Sage, and Howl/Sophie )

[livejournal.com profile] telrunya gave me web pages, Ling, Tales of the Abyss, CLAMP, caparashon )

[livejournal.com profile] sha_chan gave me turtles, baddass colonels, Ace Attorney, sparkly blonds, snarky pairings )

I still have two sets to do. Will go with that tonight or tomorrow.
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Agasfdhsfafad, studying has been eating my week! Can it be Thursday afternoon now? Not only has it been very Murphy's Laws in general, but I've had no energy to even reply to most things... I feel like a lousy LJ-friend.

- I feel like a hypocrite because I usually roll my eyes when people here whine about something being in English only (game, TV series, fansubs, so on). And every time I discover that the main bibliography item the professor used for a course is a book that's only in English, I wince in pain. I love reading stuff in English, sure, but studying technical -or even worse, mathematical- shit in something other than my native language can get fucking slow. Especially because we Spanish speakers tend to translate terms differently (ask me about library vs. librería) and then I can't recognize the idea in the original text at first glance.

- Oh, and I actually have plotbunnies for fanfic, precisely when I'm unable to sit down and write them. Could it be? Perhaps I can break my writer's block and overall cowardice? Or will this feeling disappear with free time once more? Of course, most of them are around kids and a now dead school teacher because I roll in mysterious, genfic ways. I blame Tsuioku no Jade flashbacks.

- Suspicious new Zelda image. Hmmmm. I hope she really IS Master Sword, there's not enough cracky anthropomorphism in Nintendo games.

- I'm too lazy to open Photoshop and do that wallpaper meme, so instead...

The problem with LiveJournal/Dreamwidth/etc. is that we think we're close, but really, we know nothing about each other.

So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks. No limits on the range of questions, either: ask me anything you want to know about, whether it's a fannish opinion or a question about a project of mine or trivia about my real life or my thoughts on events in the offline world.

Ask away.
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I found this nifty gaming website called The Backloggery, and I made myself an account there. So my list of games I'm currently playing is here. I still need to add more games and rate everything, but most of the stuff for the consoles I own is there. At least the currents and the wishlist are up to date, and now I know what I'm playing right now.

And yay, I didn't know there was a third part of the Zelda parody The Real Legend! I loved this shit.


Mar. 26th, 2009 07:52 am
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- I think I forgot to mention I made an icon post a week ago. Oh, and also, I have this concrit/suggestion thingie going on just in case you wish to say something about my shitty stuff.

- New Zelda game for the DS! I bet I'll buy it and never finish it *glances at Phantom Hourglass, and Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess, and...*

- Tales of Vesperia comes to Europe on June! ...Oh, right, I won't have a 360 by the time. It's still good to know it'll be out, though.

- My package is already in Spain *rubs hands*

- I wonder if CLAMP's mangette will be art-wise like XXXHOLiC, judging from that cover. They've managed to have me intrigued by having lotus blossoms and a creepy lamb-goat thing on it. *pokes the lamb-goat*
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A la gente que comentó en mi emo post anoche: Quiero responderles una a una personalmente y abrazarlas, pero cada vez que releo se me hace un nudito. Tendré que ser horriblemente genérica y responder con un "♥" porque no me salen las palabras... Y un "gracias", un "lo siento", y un "yo también".

In a happier tone, you know what manga based in a videogame is extremely adorable and funny? Link's Log Book! It's the first half of Wind Waker told in gag 4-koma strips. And they're so cuuuuuuuute. And the faces!! XD

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] telrunya:

ColorQuiz.com Chris took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Needs to feel identified with someone or something..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

As always, this color thing has a point )

Hmmmm, not romantic, however.
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Confession time. You know how I've said that the ones at fault for me liking snarky het pairings were Han Solo and Leia?

...Today I realized it goes back further in my childhood. I shipped Han/Leia because it was an instance of this. How embarrassing!

And maybe, things like Howl/Sophie and Tamaki/Haruhi made me prefer the instances where the girl would be the one saying the variations of "excuse me, princess!" to the guy. No wonder I ship Klavier/Ema.
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Let's do this again, videogame edition.

Choose five series (no peeking before you choose them), list them, and then answer the questions behind the cut.

1. Okami
2. Zelda (of N64 continuity)
3. Ace Attorney
4. Tales of Symphonia
5. Odin Sphere

The questions )
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

No, really, it's time to clean up my bedroom. I'll try to make an inventory of my manga collections while I'm at it.

I opened a new file on Zelda: The Minish Cap, which I borrowed from my brothers. Minish people are too cute.

Spoilers on TRC 193 )
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I go to bed early one night (STFU, 1:30 a.m. is early), and what do I find? CCS WANK, IN LJ. Am I glad I never poked the first post, and I'm not poking the follow-ups. I still want to say a couple of things:

tl;dr, and the rant has some general points )

Okay, too much wankiness. Let's have some wackiness. You know, I think the Caramelldansen meme is pure distillated faggotry. But this one is the best I've seen:
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1. LEGO Zelda *___*

2. A memo to Japan: The obligatory Alice in Wonderland filler episode in anime was a cool thing... in the year 2000, that is! Maybe it's because it's so overdone, but every time one of my fandoms pulls that one, I go "shit, that's lame". I think I only liked it in Slayers (because it was so fucked up) and CCS. Anyway, I literally facepalmed when I saw they're doing it in HOLiC♦Kei.

Also, P.I.G, you're made of fail! Perfect opportunity to dress Watanuki up with Victorian BOY clothes, and instead you go with the stupid blue dress. That's no good fanservice, it's cliché. And I KNOW it's gonna make it harder for us sane fans to make people understand the series is not a buttsecks fest thanks to that retarded crap. No, really, THANK YOU. /fumes

3. Oh, Amazon.

Buy this item with [second item] today!
Total List Price: $49.98
Buy Together Today: $48.98

...That's not such a big save? One fucking dollar.

4. Since the Spanish-speaking part of my flist is in an RP frenzy -yours truly included-, thought this could help the permission meme filling: Japanese blood types and personality. Just in case you want to come up with your character's. Si les doy una, Klavier será tipo O y Lina tipo AB.

5. That icon meme.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

First batch )

Yeah, I know I still have to reply the previous meme x__x


Nov. 8th, 2007 09:37 pm
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I'm really sorry I didn't get to reply on that superlove meme for everyone. I don't know some of you enough to say anything, and now I feel bad because you posted in my thread D:

Is it me, or the private message feature sounds like a neat thing to have for roleplaying? It could save muns from making OOC comments in the middle of logs and that. I think the comment editing one is a double-edged sword.

(miniETA: By the way, have you noticed the autocompleting tags? :O That's neat.)

And now for something completely different.

From Zero Punctuation's Phantom Hourglass videoreview:

Here's an idea, Nintendo, free of charge. How about next time you want to make a Zelda game, you don't call it Zelda. Maybe instead of Fagballs Link, the main character could be someone else like... a dog. Maybe instead of Hyrule, it could be set somewhere original like Feudal Japan. And maybe instead of collecting tools to access new dungeons and areas, you can collect magic spells that are casted by, say, painting funny shapes with a magic brush. Hang on a second, I'm going to write this down.

♥ ♥ Oh Yahtzee, you made my week XDDDDDDD I sure love my Zelda game with the magic painting dog in Feudal Japan, yes I do.

And yeah, the Ocean King Temple in PH is the most annoying thing. He makes some valid points about Nintendo, although I don't completely agree with everything -then again, I pretty much have most of my Nintendo consoles to play precisely Zeldas. Oh well, I still laughed like a maniac XD And the Okami pastede-on rendition was the best thing evah.
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Guess who got Phantom Hourglass?

I got Phantom Hourglass! :D

By the way, who else has it? If anyone wants to add me, my friend code is 378071457338 ^^ But you should let me know first if you want to play battle with me by IM or something (see profile or ask me), since with the time differences it'll be hella hard to find me connected.

Anyway, I'm off to play~~~ And yeah, I'll finish the character meme tonight or something.


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