Feb. 1st, 2012

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So, Ace Attorney 5. About fucking time, CAPCOM.

Seriously, not sure if want. Because they just said "yeah, okay, we're making the game" and that's it. So my level of enthusiast or dread will vary depending on the following factors:

a) Main characters: is it Phoenix-tachi or Apollo-tachi?
b) Producer: is it Takumi or Eshiro?

For a, I think it's not a surprise that I'll be "meh" if it's yet another Phoenix story. I'm horribly attached to the AJ cast and their cuteness, and I want to play with them again in a game that's not a hot mess and/or hijacked by hobo Nick. I wouldn't mind if they mention or show the old characters who were M.I.A. in AJ:AA, as long as they have tiny cameos or small roles. Like, if they have Apollo facing Franziska or a thirty-something Miles, I will choke a bitch because they already have their spinoff and I'm sick of their faces by now. I really want more Klavier, but since changing main prosecutors is a tradition, I'll just be glad if he appears at all.

For b... I have a history of RAEG with Eshiro. I'll cry and mourn for the franchise if Takumi doesn't come back, because I'm sure that guy will screw it up again. I have my Disapproval Stephen Colbert gif ready.

Honestly, I think I'm more squee about the new anniversary illustrations because EEEEEEEEH THEY'RE DRAWING MY PEEPS AGAIN AND IT'S ADORABLEEEEE ♥♥♥ The last one is perfect.


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