Jun. 30th, 2012

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Some series have ended! So let's do this.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Everyone and their mom has already ranted about LoK, so I'll try to make it quick. I did enjoy some episodes, mostly the early ones. It had a really interesting setting and premise, including the contrast of Korra (or more like the idea of her) compared to Aang. But as a whole, it's been underwhelming. Most of the characters I started loving at the beginning aren't the same I still liked in the end, either struck by lack of screentime (Bolin) or just being written in a way that wasn't to me so good (Korra herself). Meanwhile, others I didn't give too much thought at first called my attention more and I was rooting for them (like Lin and Asami). The pacing was awful, Korra's character development kept backtracking, and all the important issues are either ignored or left for next season. So I don't know, I have mixed feelings about this and most aren't too positive. But I don't want to dwell much on this, as I don't know how much the essays I've read from other people have influenced my thoughts.

At this point, I'm mostly reblogging Amon jokes and photosets of cool adult characters.


Also known as the series that made me scream "THAT WAS SO DIRTY!" almost every weekend. I kept myself unspoiled, and yet I could call the winning team like a month ago, by just logic and knowing whose wishes couldn't be granted or the sequel(s) can't exist. That result killed some of my enthusiasm (I hate those two), and as a lot of my favorites died it got worse. I think I was just watching the ending for closure as I wasn't really looking forward to more awfulness. But I knew this would happen from the beginning, with a Battle Royale With Cheese canon with powerful magnificent bastards. I celebrate your evil genius, UFOTABLE, and Gen Urobuchi's writing of feels, but I'm still too raw and uncomfortable to remember it fondly.

Despite this, it was a pretty good series. And some of the remaining characters were left with some comfort and consolation, so it's not as horrible as I say it is.


Dude. DUDE. This was so fucking cute! And let me tell you how strange it is when I tried to decide what character was my favorite and I couldn't. All the four main boys were so nice and had this growth, and I absolutely liked them all! I can't believe that this one was better written than Korra, but it was! An anime whose premise was FISHING WITH ALIENS LOL. Maybe the ending was too sweet, but after last Saturday I really needed one of those. The only thing that would've made it perfect would be if the female cast had a more prominent role. Grandma Kate was terrific, but Coco was just there and I'm not even sure she had much of a personality. Such a shame, because she was in a position where she could be active in the plot, unlike the other background ladies. Even "JFX" was more rounded than her, and he only talked like twice and we don't even get to know his motivations. Tiny spoiler )

I still liked everyone and everything a lot!


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