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soy sauce

Happy belated new year? Welp, there are still 360 days left counting today, so it's not like I'm too late. LJ wouldn't open to me on the 31st and 1st, and I didn't want to post without a crosspost.

Two things, then. I've seen people still doing yearly scrapbooks and lists to keep track of what they'll check on 2013. I always do that kind of post and I forget to edit them later, and then at end of year memes I'm like WAIT WHAT BUT I WATCHED MORE SHIT so I'll do a new approach this year. I'm keeping track of progress on shows and books and stuff with cloud apps. And since it's easier to make it look pretty there, I'm making a log of finished stuff in a sideblog :D

The other one is the yeeeeeeear in reviewwwwwww meeeeeeeeme.

It's full of pain )

What am I looking forward to for 2013? Fuck if I know. There's Marvel stuff I'm interested in (and fearing it, in Young Avengers' case). Maybe I'll finish a video game or get a console; I think my brother is eying the Vita and P4G. There's a lot of stuff to catch up in my HDD and DVD collection too. So I have more to bite that I can chew, so it's just a matter of what and when to jump into. I need new fandoms urgently because I miss having an OTP.
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Okay, hey!

I've just started a new SoulSilver game, after a whole day of transferring my old pokes to another name. I'm sentimental, okay? So far I have one badge and here is my party:

→ Quilava (m, Leo)
→ Mareep (f, Amparo)
→ Sentret (f, Samantha)
→ Hoothoot (m, Archimedes)
→ Bellsprout (m, Vittorino)
→ Wooper (f, Guadalupe)

It's very temporary, but yeah. Cyndaquil line because I have lousy luck with fire pokes in SS.

Lately I've been thinking about American comics a little and my tiny dabbles, maybe because of the DC bullshit going on. There was this one time where my brother asked me why I liked DC over Marvel, and in truth I... don't? He just caught me reading a DC series at the time. I think I like/dislike them equally, and I go through the following loop when I get into something comics:

a. Pick a series or two, maybe something you started long ago but never continued, and enjoy it
b. Something truly awful happens
b1. It got canceled/rebooted
b2. The one character(s) you like is(are) now fucked beyond repair
b3. b2, then b1 (yeah, it's happened)
c. Swore off the company (DC/Marvel) and drop anything else by them you were reading, in resentment or fear of what they might do to that too
d. Hey, what does the other company (Marvel/DC) has right now that I might like?
e. GOTO a

Which is incredibly bratty, I know. But I'm not a comics fan but a casual fan of very few titles that happen to be comics, so I don't give a shit.

But in short, when people ask me DC or Marvel, I feel like they're asking me Shounen Jump or CLAMP. They've both made series I've liked, but they're still pretty much awful people and I should know better.

Meanwhile, I soothe my pain over Booster Gold being canceled and Rip Hunter never existing by checking what kid!Loki is getting into at Journey into Mystery. My coping methods are just weird but I regret nothing... until something stupid happens and I do GOTO a.
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Hey guys, it's rec post time!

So, what are your favorite non-Asian comic series? And if you know me enough, which comics or iconic characters would you think I'd like based on my tastes? It can be from any continent, superheroes or not. All I ask are not to rec me stuff that's way too dark and edgy (a la Watchmen or Sin City). Oh, and I like camaraderie and occasional humor in my stories, I don't know if that helps.

I honestly have no idea where to begin. Or where to download them, even. Famous characters scare me especially, since they pop in in so many series and spinoffs and reboots and have like one million characterizations. So if mentioning any of them, pointing out the cool versions would be great.


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