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This is a tale of woe and computers.

A couple of days ago, my laptop Nephry was acting up and freezing a few times. I went and ran malware scanners on safe mode. Didn't work. Hell, the next time I rebooted it, it didn't boot at all. Turns out, it didn't recognize the hard drive disk. Not the C: partition, the entire fucking HDD. Of course, there was no way to recover data with a Windows OR Linux live CD. It just didn't find a hard drive. Of course, there was no way to reformat that shit. What would it format, if there was no hard drive? Editing the BIOS settings was no good, because it still didn't see a fucking HDD. Google-fu was a failure.

So I sent it to the Toshiba authorized workshop today, after spending a nightmare morning over the phone (902 numbers, 902 numbers EVERYWHERE) yesterday. They called me a while ago to tell me the HDD is doomed and unrecognizable by anything and they'll have to put a new one.

...see, this is the part where I post a melodramatic gif, except my gif collection (and everything else EVER) is in my old hard drive. Yup, the one that died. Time to whine begins now *clears throat*


Oh my God. Losing all that shiny stuff like my images (oh shit, the fanart and the gifs and the animal photos), my videos (oh shit, I had movies and TV seasons), my manga (oh shit, all that I ripped from OneManga before it died, plus my doujinshi), my icons (oh shit, most of the posts they came from I didn't memmed), my ebooks (oh shit, and I had just downloaded the coolest torrent of those), and so on. And yet, the worst part is definitely gonna be INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE ALL OVER AGAIN. It took me weeks to figure out struts and maven/jetty. Jesus Christ on a rollercoaster.

If I don't burn DVDs with my stuff or pass them to external storage (which I don't trust after the Western Digital drama on October 2008) once a month after this, I never will. Why am I so lazy, for fuck's sake.
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→ Can't say a lot about the FMA raw that isn't YAAAAAAAAY! YAAAAAY! WHUT? YAY! NOOO! NOOOOOOOO!

→ The Okami storybook arrived! It's about Amaterasu and Oki hunting for the monsters that scare Wali (the Oina guy who thinks he's cursed and gives you the area's list?) off. Except the dude sucks at drawing and they have no fucking idea and they ask around. They get to a cave and fight a fishy fish ayakashi, then stumble into Waka. Then I wondered if any of those "monsters" was maybe him, but I can't read the text. There's an sad lack of Oina people, but there's a doodle of birds eating from Samickle's mask leaves and I like that!

→ This should've been a very fandom-squeeing day, yet I spent most of it studying and installing software for my final project. It was Java EE, Eclipse, Apache Struts/Tomcat/Malve, MySQL. And yet I couldn't program a shit because the plug-ins gave me problems: Tomcat doesn't start up, Malve doesn't like my Java. Ugh, what now.

Maybe I should give up, install Linux, and do shit easier. Except then I would've lost my precious "free" day today and >:|

→ Seriously, my 16 year-old brother actually dropped the control in the first minute of gameplay of a 2005 PS2 game (in this case, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones) because "the graphics suck" and "look at the polygons" and "the first!XBOX games didn't look so bad" and "my eyes!!" and some more bullshit. Then he proceeded to play the previous game of the series (2004, BTW) in the 360 to prove his point or whatever. I just... this kid is an elitist asshole. He knows it's an old-ish game and a PS2 one to that. What is he expecting?

His idea of good graphics in this generation? FPSs where almost everything is brown or gray. Not all those games are bad-looking, of course, but most of them seem bland to me. Color use should be a factor in good graphics, I say.

Not that it matters to discuss with him. He's the kind of idiot who think his word is a fact, and if he doesn't like something then it sucks. Incidentally, flist, he hated the Bayonetta demo and whined his friends into not buying it because OMG it was bad and overhyped.


Mar. 20th, 2009 07:52 pm
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I'm typing this from the new laptop! ♥ Her name is Nephry, by the way (and the three partitions I'll be making will have Keterburg-tachi names as well).

The only annoying thing is Vista -I think I'm going to test it for a while so I learn how it works, then switch back to XP. Also, during the weekend I'll be 1) making a back-up/restoration DVD, 2) making the third partition for Linux, 3) installing Ubuntu. If I'm not lazy enough, that is. I'm not in a hurry here.

By the way, [livejournal.com profile] shadow_and_veil and [livejournal.com profile] ayasugi_san, your icons are here. Even if you didn't like them, let me know you saw them.
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Photoshop refuses to install itself D: Something about Asian fonts. WTF ;_;

Some of you might remember a couple of weeks ago, when some scans of a CCS fanbook came out, and we were shocked and amused to see that, between the character designs, they had drawn more than two facial expressions for Clow Reed. But, you know, there wasn't really a chance to use them.

Here's another megane's character design doodles, but in a different fandom.

Kiri's fanon crossover fact #242725: Jade and Nephry are that world's Clow descendants )

...LOL at the "LOL!" face and the ·_· face. Is it just me, or does it look like CLAMP drew those ones? He fucking looks like Fujitaka/Eriol when surprised.

And something that bothers me. Does Nephry need the glasses, unlike her brother? Is it ever said in canon? Because I have this silly mental image of her noticing how intellectual Jade looks, and she gets a pair instead. Then Peony sort of develops a glasses fetish, and that would explain why his casual clothes in Tales of Fandom included a pair.

As a matter of fact, what about Dist? With him and Nephry, I have seen fanart of both of them as children not wearing glasses, so I get the feeling it's yet another case of the same. Saphir gets his because Jade will find me prettier now~~~~ all the cool kids in Keterburg were doing it. Heck, I'd even bet he was the first one.
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I think it IS dead. It's not recognized by both of my computers. Can't be the BIOS or the USB port, then.

I think the hard drive DID die for some fucking reason, and way before I was able to save any of my data.

The world sucks. I feel so lost.
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So, I turn on my computer a couple of minutes ago. Before Windows kicks in, it tells me it's going to check up on the E: disc (which is my external USB harddrive) because there were errors. Okay, I let it, and turn to the other side of the room while it does it.

When I turn around, like 30 seconds later, it had asked me whether to convert the corrupt folder into a normal file. As I never replied, Windows assumed a yes.


BRB, trying hard not to panic and downloading a file recovery program.
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1. The moral of the story, kids. Don't EVER install something in Mininova that has no feedback yet. I've spent part of my night and all of my morning reformatting and reinstalling shit on the laptop because it was getting frustrating to get the malware/troyan combo gone. Since I had just reformatted the computer and there wasn't a lot to install again because I had been lazy to do so, I figured I could afford to do it all dumbfail.

It was still made of annoying to reinstall all my Firefox addons again when I did it less than a week ago.

2. short TotA spoiler )

3. I'm still dealing with the beginnings of my annual seasonal-lack-of-light fall/winter depression, but that's something boring to talk about anyway.

4. Two memes, to break the ice.

a) I want to talk about how my ships and concept of shipping varies with fandom, so name me a fandom and I'll discuss what I ship and what shipping means to me in that fandom.

b) I have a lot of fandoms. Have you ever wondered about one of the fandom I sometimes mention on my journal which you don't know of? Ask me any question you want about them!

As usual, a list in my profile.

5. Click in what I hope it will be my last dragon.
Adopt one today!
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I was finally fed up with the laptop's special moments, so I started the job of reinstalling everything up just in case it was a software problem. When I was finally sure everything was backed up -and my USB disk was unplugged; never going through this again, thanks-, I deleted my three other partitions and added them up to the C: drive. That included the Ubuntu ones, since I'd rather reinstall it after it stopped recognizing the wifi after upgrading the distro anyway. I'm not in a hurry to have a Linux partition right now.

So I go with my Windows recovery CD. And in the middle of the fresh install...

...yup, laptop turned off again on its own.


I'll let the trash rest for one day or so, and will reattempt the install tomorrow, even though now I'm practically certain it must be a hardware issue. But you know, I can't leave my computer in blank with no operative system.

So anyway, if I disappear for a while, it's because the desktop isn't cooperating either. Sort of hiatus right here.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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My computer is acting up weirdly again. So after letting it rest, I'm backing shit up. Oh yikes, all that manga! I'd better just... write down the series and look for them again instead of "copying: 1 hour left".

Obviously I can't do the mp3 meme going around like this. I bet itunes would freeze on me.



I'm starting a new plus file from scratch now, with an affection guide in hand, in dorky efforts to get other soulmates in next replays.

Oh, and this morning I had this silly conversation with [livejournal.com profile] sha_chan and [livejournal.com profile] allira_dream about how Yggdrassil's fashion sense was stuck in the 70's, and how so many disco tunes fit him anyway XD Thank God in the last battle he wasn't in that form or I would've died of lulz.

The Abyss anime is looking good. I'll make a longer post about it another day, however.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Jesus, my laptop. Last night, all of the sudden, it turned off. Not even rebooted, no. Turned the fuck off. It scared me so hard, guys. The other day it did a... I don't know the technical term in English, but it was a "volcado de memoria", and then it rebooted. So that joined with the general slowness and freezing times is making me nervous.

Oh, and I tried to go back to the desktop. It still freezes. Which sucks enormously, because my Linux is broken in the laptop plus my recovered data from the Epic Accidental Reformat Of The Pendrive are still there somewhere.

I don't know, you guys. I should let it rest for today or something. But then, even if I go and spend all day in Tales of Symphonia, I just know I'll get stuck somewhere and I'll have to turn this on to check out a walkthrough. I'M NOT HARDCORE, OKAY?

And of course, I was planning to watch what I had left of Wolf's Rain before vacations finished but...

ETAs of amusement:

1. You know I just got into something when I figured out a way to make a crossover with Okami. This time it's something too spoilertastic to explain, but it involves Amaterasu, Waka, the Great Kharlan Tree, Lloyd, and Colette. I think anyone else would be overkill, which is sad. Imagine the interactions with the rest of the party! Raine completely fascinated by the Ark of Yamato, to Waka's amusement/despair. And Ammy just can't understand why on Earth she just gave 1000 yens and one Steel Fist Sake to that redheaded human who talks so much about himself.

(Too bad this idea is post-canon. Issun would love Sheena, for the two obvious reasons. Actually, it's pretty easy to imagine how Issun could interact with the main cast: it's like Lloyd's recklessness joined with Zelos' libido, all in pocket one-inch format. However, I doubt he could get along with the latter.)

2. Someone ripped and uploaded a huge-ass video of a Gyakuten Saiban orchestra concert, and it's right here. I've only been able to watch some fragments, but it looks legendary. And filled with pretty music.

3. Oh man, Trading Academy closed ;___;
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[Poll #1251688]

Don't ask...

I'm having this... desire of retaking that idea of making an Okami fansite besides that shrine project. Please, someone shoot me in the face now. And it's not even the only idea I have. It's horrible, wanting to build websites without feeling the slightest sign of willpower.

Also, why isn't iTunes opening?!

Also, can anyone recommend me a good FTP software? Mine is getting too annoying and buggy right now.

And a tiny reflection. About the Gavinners being J-rock idols and Japan in the Ace Attorney context )
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First of all, I just bought a new external HDD. It's like so cute and black and silent and just nice when compared to the old one. It's 320GB. I shall name it Spinel II so it matches my red 4GB pendrive (Ruby).

I also got myself a new PS2 dualshock controller. I have no idea what I'll do regarding the Gamecube card yet. I'll go to my mom's later this week and look for it carefully.

Anyway, I said I had random photos, so here they are!

There was this life-sized goddamn Batman in the Corte Inglés department store, near the toys section (OMG Wall·e plushies so cute). It's for a kids' contest, and they can win this... giant thing. Seriously. y so srs? Now, would a kid actually want a goddamn Batman larger than them? I foresee mostly entries of adult fanboys and fangirls.

Of course, what they'd do to a Batman doll? *shudders* Creepy. And obviously, couldn't help but thinking that if they really wanted to attract people, they could've given away a Ledger!Joker. God knows everyone and their mom on fandom!secrets would love to do dirty things to a giant Joker doll. S-sob ;_;

Something prettier! My bus passes by this place on the route every day. CLAMP fans would understand why I can't help but smile:

YEAH. I KNOW. (and yes, trébol = clover) Sorry about the quality, but it was taken from inside the bus and the window reflected the sunlight. I cropped the window frame and a random passerby. I have no idea what this entrance is. It would've been awesome if it were a bar or a cafe, but it seems it might be a house.


Jun. 18th, 2008 11:47 am
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1. Downloaded Firefox 3, but I'm not going to install it until at least LJLogin and Adblock Plus are compatible. I guess I just did it for the Guinness record attempt.

2. Today's gonna be boring. Tomorrow's gonna be more boring. I should make an exception of my non-IM-or-IRC studytiems rule tomorrow night at least. I'm feeling really lonely...

3. But at least we're getting an upgrade of our cable box tomorrow. With this, we'll have more channels and be able to set original audio for some shows.

4. I kinda wish Doumeki's MUNCH scene will become a sort of HOLiC minimeme of its own. So I can go all pffft on it whenever I see it and counterattack with the first thing I think when I see the sound:

...Now I MUST make an animated icon of Doumeki saying "Quiet, please. It's snack time. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH." as soon as I'm more free.
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The adapter/cable for the laptop is here already /o/ Of course, this makes me realize I just installed Linux on the desktop for nothing. I thought it'd take weeks. UGH.

This week there'll be some anime screenings in my faculty. Easiest extra credit activity ever: sit down through three afternoons of Japanese animation. There are contests, too. They tried to make a cosplay competition as well, but today only one dude came in disguise (in Akatsuki from Naruto robes) so... he won by default.

Either way, we watched the following today:
- Mononoke Hime (watched this one already, really neat and good-looking)
- Suzumiya Haruhi ep. 1 & 2 (it's an odd experience to watch amusing/funny anime/movies/series in group, especially a large audience, because you end up laughing harder than you would/did in private)
- Hikaru no Go ep. 1 (awww, Sai ;_;)
- Eyeshield 21 ep. 1 (in which TRC!Syaoran's voice is now a shounen retard)
- D.N.A^2 ep. 1 (old series is old, and I still fucking dislike Katsura harem series)
- Ichigo Mashimaro ep. 1 (extremely DULL and not really that funny)

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to Grave of the Fireflies, since I still haven't watched it (and I hope I don't weep, considering its fame in the sad department). We're also checking out Darker Than Black and Macross Frontier. On Friday there's no new series or movies I want to watch, but they got Marc Bernabé and Verónica Calafell to give us a talk (they're known Japanese translators here, and the guy is the author of a cool series of Japanese-teaching books) and the meta might be interesting.
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Three hours later, and after running the program [livejournal.com profile] threeleaf recced me, I was able to save almost all of my USB disk. 2.78GB of crap.

The annoying part: I assume it's because the directory tree was destroyed and all, but there's no hierarchy in the retrieved files. Every folder has a random name and it's not inside its father.

Also, most files' names are suddenly in CAPSLOCK. It does matter with the web files, and the whole idea of renaming so much shit is stressing me.

Either way, I'll take care of it in the near future. I have no time these days for that.
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I accidentally formatted my USB disk when I installed Linux.




ETA: Also, the laptop cable will be 75€. OUCH.
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Anyway, I've been trying to get Ubuntu installed on the desktop because my laptop cable is doomed and I need to start my next lab assignment urgently. And... I guess I succeeded since I'm typing this from there. However... goddammit.

Yesterday I had to prepare everything for the installation. It went all
a) Ah! I need a couple of new partitions! But I need PartitionMagic for that.
b) Ah! I need to download a good copy of PartitionMagic! But damn, I still have no BitTorrent client!
c) Install BitComet. Download PartitionMagic. Install PartitionMagic.
d) Make the partitions. Wait gazillion years.
e) Ah! My Ubuntu disc is for 64bits so I'll have to get a new install CD!
f) Wait gazillion years for it to download.
g) Ah! But as I wait, I'll need Nero to burn the .iso.
h) Download Nero. Install it as I wait.
i) ...I have to reboot to make it work?! Denied! I'm at 40% of my Ubuntu download, bitch. Wait gazillion years.
j) Finally downloaded? Reboot. Burn CD.
k) Wait gazillion years while Linux gets installed. Play AJ on the meantime.
l) .......I just installed the wrong version WTF! *dies*

So I was all fuck it, and redownloaded and reinstalled Linux today.

...Twice, I reinstalled. Don't ask, I was made of fail.

But the beauty of it all was that Hardy Heron, the current distro, comes with a beta version of Firefox 3. And it sucks balls because it wouldn't let me install extensions. So I removed the shit out of it and installed Firefox 2.

........Except it gives me errors whenever I install an extension ;_____; What am I gonna do with no LJLogin?! Or the Gmail notification gizmo? Or Greasemonkey? GAH. WHAT DID I DO WRONG NOW.

ETA: FIXED IT T_T Thank God.
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...Just in case you were wondering, I wrote this theory about Watanuki like two days ago right after I woke up and had read translations. And it was ridiculous because, well, apparently I can't keep up with canon info because CLAMP are going too fast for me, and a lot of people pointed mistakes out of the stuff I wrote. So I felt embarrassed, like I was one of those fanbrats with retarded theories, and deleted the entry. Um. I'm sorry. And never ever writing theories after waking up again.

Life on Larg, the desktop: Most of the times it freezes before starting Windows or after some minutes. So I've been pretty much chilling in safe mode. And it sucks. In safe mode it won't recognize sound, so no music or video. And Photoshop won't run because I lack the user privileges (dude, I'm the only user, WTF). I still can surf the Internet, at least!

Buuuut this morning the normal mode worked for about half an hour, so broke into Photoshop and was able to revamp my profile around!

Check it out

It's now less clustered, and I liked that I added a favorite fandoms list. Now I won't be suffering when I try to remember all series and things I'm into.

It wasn't long enough to see the Avatar ripped episodes, though D: So what did I do? Pass the avi files to my USB key and then watch it on my portable DVD player. So nifty!

I'd make a post about The Boiling Rock, but I'm in this fangirl goo state due to much kickass~~~~~ Like, everyone was awesome. Every-fucking-one! And the girls were all so amazing. I don't even know where to start or what relationship (friendship, family, my OTP!) I liked the most. I'm like beyond words.

Oh man

Apr. 21st, 2008 03:12 pm
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On the bad news front: LAPTOP CABLE STRIKES BACK T____T I was all of last night in emo state because it's not working again ever since I got back home. So I'm back to Larg (the desktop) who is still a bitch occasionally. It's like February alllll over again, Jesus. More details on the 'computer' tag.


On the silly stuff front: Am I nuts for thinking that the new Steel Samurai Theme orchestral with vocals version is just perfect in sound for an upbeat Okami AMV? It's probably just me, I bet, as it's my reaction to any pop music with Japanese feel. It's a sentai opening song, goddammit.

And I'm amused the vocal version of The Guitar's Serenade was sung in both English and Japanese. Or English and Japanese-with-Engrish, whatever. It's fun! It sounds pretty! Except I can't get over the fact it has a violin solo and the piano is just keyboards. I also want a realistic in-game Garyuu Wave version, whut.
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1. Did you know there's already a ROM for Apollo Justice? Talk about fast. Of course, I finished the first case already and "started" the second ("started" meaning "I was half done with the first investigation and then Ema pulled fingerprints on me, had to look for the mike, and the PC got frozen during my attempts to plug it in... and I hadn't saved!"). Just one spoiler )

2. 100 Kirbies!!! Cutest shit ever ^o^ No, really. Even if you don't know Kirby, it's epic.

3. Finished Chapter of Egg on my Princess Tutu marathon.

4. Soel's cable will be harder to obtain than what we expected, and it's not possible to fix it (note: avoid HP/Compaq products like the plague, unless it's printers and shit). But if you twist it in a certain way, they explained me, it gets to work. So the battery is charged now! /cheap bastards avoiding to buy a new AC adapter

5. Hopefully will finish the crossover meme tomorrow.


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