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Let's see, what did I have to tell? Not much, except for uncomfortable family stuff I don't really feel like mentioning. I've been just roleplaying on our cozy panfandom game in my free time, mostly, and involving our growing Marvel (I accidentally typed CLAMP, LOL subconscious) Cinematic Universe cast, with some 616 folks around.

Yesterday was the comic book fair in my city. This was the loot:
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #17-18
→ Saint Young Men #2
→ Siegfrid #1-2
→ a Doctor Who mug

Other stuff I bought this past month:
→ Journey into Mystery (Spanish trade #1)
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #15-16

Welp, time to start suffering over Everything Burns, the crossover mini-event that ends Journey into Mystery (or at least Gillen's run) and The Mighty Thor. I was reading Isaac's interview about Thor: God of Thunder and I felt so underwhelmed. It's not like it's bad, but he's putting aside everything I like about modern Thor series (supporting cast, Asgard as almost her own character, interactions of Asgardians with humans, etc.) So IDK, I should take this as a sign to maaaaybe read Simonson stuff and leave current Thor alone for the rest of this year after EB ends.

By The way, [livejournal.com profile] etrangere (can't remember your DW username right now), I have to eat my own hat because I read The Incredible Hercules and I really, really enjoyed it!

Oh, and I also found Gravity Falls so adorable and fun! It's like a mix of Eerie, Indiana with Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Hey, hey

Jun. 3rd, 2012 02:46 pm
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First of all, saying hi to people from [community profile] fandomsecrets! I hope you don't get bored. I tend to forget to check my DW flist, but I'll try my best to fix that.

α About the 100 post challenge and Marvelesque feels

I was gonna do a follow-up of last time's graphic by explaining myth!Thor, but it might be too advanced for my chronic laziness. It always happens when my Marvel/Marvel!movies feels get in the way. Maybe I should pour that shit on Tumblr and spam any Loki tag like the HiddLoki fanbrats spam the ones I follow.

Speaking of which, I watched the Captain America film and enjoyed it. I also rewatched Thor. Couldn't find the Iron Man ones on my stepdad's drives.

Anyway, will try to post something else soon.

β Welcome to the 21st century, idiot

We got ourselves a cheap tablet (when I say cheap, I mean "bought with newspaper coupons and will likely break and become paperweight soon" cheap) about a month ago. I could upgrade it to Android 4.0.ish when the maker released the update. So yeah, now I'm familiar with Ice Cream Sandwich! :D

I also bought a new cellphone, it's a white Samsung Galaxy Ace which is pretty much an iPhone cosplay. But it's neat to have a smartphone anyway, as the tablet is family's and I can't really customize it that much. This one is on Gingerbread IIRC. But for extensive reading and multimedia, yeah, let's go with Mrs. Tablet. I need a nickname for the phone...

γ Conventions and local nerds

Last weekend, there was an anime con in our city, probably the last one this year. My brothers went as Gintoki and Kondo from Gintama. It wasn't as fun and well organized as last year's, but there was a really kickass Star Wars area with adult people cosplaying stormtroopers and jedis and other stuff (it's an association from Santiago de Compostela). Same overload of Shounen Jump fandoms as usual, when it comes to merchandising, but I saw some elusive fandoms. Let me tell you how surreal it is to see plushies of Kyuubey next to Kero-chan! There were also these huge Nyanko-sensei plushies but I didn't even ask the price as they were likely not cheap.

Here is the booty:
→ Strap for said phone (turtle plushie ;A;)
→ Mandatory geeky pins (Doctor Who logo, Finn from Adventure Time, comic!Thor)
→ Manga (all of Ribon no Kishi, Saint Young Men #1)
→ T-shirt of Okami
→ Baseball cap of Pokémon
→ Plushie of Dragonite! ;3;
→ All of Twelve Kingdoms anime on DVD. It was really cheap.
→ Also won a poster of the golden saints from Saint Seiya drawn chibi in a lottery (...lol)

So yeah, this was my past two weeks.
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I think I've survived to at least 3 possible apocalypses in my lifetime. Bring it on, end of Mayan calendar! I dare you!

I had a fun Saturday last weekend. My brothers and I went to the local anime con. It's nothing extraordinary and the name is so embarrassing (really, Expotaku?!) but this year it was a large improvement compared to last year's. More people, more shops, more variety on cosplays, more events, more geekdom. I also tried Street Fighter on 3DS (the 3D actually looks okay, but I go cross-eyed XD) and archery (and I was TERRIBLE!).

Of course, more shops = compulsive buying like a boss.

→ two Suzumiya Haruhi novels, now I'm only missing one from the relased here
Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt (I'm madly in love with this book, you guys, it is witty and visually appealing)
Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey DVD boxset
→ three pins: the FMA cross-and-snake symbol, a pokéball, trollface
→ some fanart postcards for charity
→ a Fullmetal Alchemist T-shirt with Ed and Al which I'm still waiting to see if it shrinks in the drier (it was the smallest man size and I'm a petit woman but I dun curr)
→ a box of strawberry Pocky (tasted good, but wasn't as delicious as I thought)
→ a Boo Buddy-shaped rubber ball keychain (best thing I bought)
→ three cellphone charms: a red koopa shell, a Totodile, a Piplup
→ two Pokémon plushies: a Darumaka and a Sandile. Totally overpriced but I couldn't let them rot in a sea of kawaii blobs. The ones on my team are fierce.

As for my brothers, Ale spent his money on four new video games, but he's not playing them yet. Danny actually bought a fancy State Alchemist watch. As much as an asshole he is and as different as he is from me, I love that he likes FMA (he watched Brotherhood but one day I'll convince him to read the manga). The most amazing thing is that his favorite character is Alex Louis Armstrong. Goes to show that you can love a character who's the opposite of yourself!

Then I spent two days of extreme pain from carrying weight and wielding a bow. And that day of the month. And emotional exhaustion. Sunday sucked as much as Saturday ruled.

Oh, and my copy of Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero came on the mail today. Finally! Also, that bastard of a book is huge like a J.K. Rowling novel. Reading it on ebook first, I didn't realize how verbose Riordan has become.
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Hey, back from Madrid! Did anyone miss me?!

.......oh, I guess not.

I have yet to pick pictures because I'm a lazy bastard, and all the showing them to the family has left me as bored as they were. Let's make a short post of our adventures and misadventures.

DAY ONE: Lots of ducks

We arrived around noon. The zone we stayed in was near Gran Vía, but it was more like an informal Chinatown than a normal downtown to me. We went to El Retiro park, which seemed very relaxing at the time and then it wasn't because it's huge and it was a very hot day. But it was pretty and cheerful and full of all kinds of people from all kind of places! I'm not sure how Central Park is like, but it was like a less hobo-thug version of it. Really, really charming! Also, I fucking love Madrid's subway like you wouldn't believe.

DAY TWO: Pandamonium and dolphin pools

We left the big ride for that day, and it was less exhausting than expected but still draining. Of course, that was the Zoo. They have TWO baby pandas in exhibition and they're not staying in Spain forever, so it was a now-or-never kind of thing. THE CUUUUUUUUUUUTE! Of course, there were a lot of cute animals around, but pandas are pandas. The parents were also lazy cute fuckers. The red panda in front hated me and I couldn't take a good shot of it. But another great things was the dolphins looking at us through the glass and following our hands' movements. We also went to a mall with a sort-of-friend of mom afterwards.

DAY THREE: Adventure time

At the last day, we didn't want to go anywhere big. In the morning I rushed to the geek shops to see what rare merchandising I could squeeze from my fandoms (answer: NONE, to my chagrin; manly tears would be dropped if it wasn't for the maternal unit stalking my endeavors/distracting clerks/buying WoW T-shirts for brothers.) Still, my loot:

→ Edward Elric keychain that doesn't suck! I can't find a picture of it online, but he looks angry and violent in a cute way. Now you have your brother, plushie!keychain!Al!
→ FMA #26
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #09
→ Blue Beetle #1-25 (hueg compilation volume)
→ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (novel 1)
→ The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya (novel 5)

It wasn't that spectacular, if you ask me. Except for the SuzuHaru light novels, I could've bought that other shit back at home. Oh, and American comics are fucking expensive here unless you get the enormous volumes they almost never release. Sorry, sticking to manga here for that reason; I'm not paying 5€ per thin issue, assholes. Also, I suspect I must suffer from TWS to be about to read Texan-Mexican people using Spaniard slang (...WTF)

Okay, back to the trip and skipping every pair of shoes my mom got. We walked around a little and then took the double decker tour bus, to save time and see as many cool (and old) parts of the city as possible in the shortest time. The pictures are terrible, but we didn't regret it because everything looked so damn cool~


Aaaaand that's about it, give or take. No time to go to museums or shows (no mom, I don't like musicals beyond animated movies anyway.) But I had a great time at the few places I did visit and see. Who knows when will be the next time I can go out of town, so I enjoyed myself as much as I could.

Today sucked balls, though.
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Hi to everyone from the F!S friending meme! You can call me Kiri or Chris, let's get along.

I still haven't written the Ghost Trick spoilery post because I'm a lazy bastard. By the way, the lack of official art in the interwebs is appalling. No one has ripped the character mugshots...? Damn, now I'll have to do it myself to make icons.

Either way, went shopping today. Here, January is a sales month in retail, and it's really mean to pull this crap on people right after the Holidays. But yeah, it's the time of the month where I can buy stuff like DVDs or boots (I HAVE THREE, MOM, WHY MORE?) without worries.

Here's the loot:
→ Ghost Trick (yeah, I played it on emulator; let me tell you, it was an odyssey to find it in my city)
→ Pokémon Diamond (it was cheap, so yeah; of course, cue facepalm.gif when I saw Pearl in the rival game store even cheaper)
→ The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (I know I have a reader, but a friend recced it and the paperback was 10€)
→ How to Train Your Dragon (with the bonus DVD eeeeee)
→ Paprika (favorite Satoshi Kon movie, or the reason why Inception didn't impress me)
→ Ghostbusters (I blame an RP thread)
→ Big Fish (favorite Tim Burton movie)
→ Pushing Daisies season 2 (also blame RP, first season was nice anyway)
→ Primeval season 1 (it looks 100% lamesauce, but I blame using Andrew Lee-Potts as PB)
→ ETA: two coats (mom insisted, they look cool)

And I think I have to download some Spanish period novelas dramas, because seeing the DVD packs intrigued me. La Princesa de Éboli has a heroine with an eyepatch, while Águila Roja sounds like some old continent version of Zorro. We'll see.
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Okay, so... my stepfather is getting fired again, so we're going to be sorta poor from next year on until any of us gets a job. (Technically I'm still finishing my degree out of spite, but I've had a coder's block for months now and I'm too shitty to finish my thesis. Curse the day I came up with such an elaborate project! I want to get a job, but they want me to graduate first, except I'm too depressed to work on the thesis and their attitude won't help, and so on. It's a vicious circle, I swear.)

THE POINT IS... I kind of want to spend the money my grandma is giving me in something cool, as mom's present was already clothes and a pair of boots. Grandma still sends me 70€ as allowance every month, but besides putting some bucks away for the March/April 2011 NDS gaming clusterfuck I've decided to save up. Maybe I can convince my family to use that shit on, you know, food or bills. You know, guys, I'd be less useless if you let me give you my money or get a part-time job, just saying! I'm sheltered because you force me to be such! You idiots!!

I keep going OT because I'm bitter these days, sorry. So anyway, yeah. One last cool buy. Is it worth it, though? Or should I spend it in tinier things?

[Poll #1658892]

To be honest, the one I'd use the most is the e-reader since I have a lot of, ahem, legally dubious e-books in hand -which I can never read because reading on PC is tiresome. I can also read manga and comics, technically (no idea if it's legible, granted). The downside is that it's pricier than the other presents: the one I want to buy is 169€. But yeah, I think it's a good idea overall, and that model already brings a collection of classic books built-in as bonus. But if I'm going to get it I should be fast, because right now the shipping in FNAC is free for the holidays.

External hard drives are always a necessity. OTOH, I've developed a bit of a phobia to HDDs in general after so many times of them dying on me. I'm so unlucky, sob.

My DVD player isn't working anymore, so I might as well get a Blu-ray one so I'm not behind with the ages. I don't actually HAVE blu-ray discs or plan to buy any, but it's pretty cool to have the option open. Of course, from the expensive presents, it would be the one I'd use the least in comparative. I would use it, but mostly for normal DVDs and DivX avis.

Well. Derp.
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So, yesterday I went to the comic fair in my city, and let me tell you it gets shittier and shittier every year. The only piece of merchandising that made me go WANT was this medium-size Bowser plushie and SMB merch isn't that original anyway. Someone was selling nekomimi, I think that was the most popular thing going on. Even the geek pins sucked this year.

Another thing I'm noticing is that there's more and more focus lately to American comics than manga. Except for Norma's stand, they have most of the manga in the back of the kiosk and it's hard to figure it out. This hindered my search for old numbers of collections I haven't finished/picked up. However, because of my on-and-off fling with Shounen Jump DC and CLAMP Marvel, I still went through those bitched. I was tempted to pick up Young Avengers issues, but I don't like the format and didn't feel like giving money to Marvel. I was hoping to see a compilation of Perez's Wondy, but no dice. I wanted to find Beetle!Jaime, but the only shit I saw with him was some Teen Titans (the one with Eddie's death, no less! FUCK. YOU.) No Booster either, but I did buy something with him and Beetle!Ted*. I nearly bought a volume of Birds of Prey, but it's expensive and I'm trying first on the Internet.

So, my loot:
→ Fullmetal Alchemist #24 (cool Izumi is cool and Fu's crowning moment of awesome)
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #6-7 (I'm so behind! Saitou and Misao get)
→ Batgirl: Year One (still have to read this one, but I have a girlcrush on Babs Gordon so it should be alright)
→ Formerly Known as Justice League vol. #1

That's it. There were a few cosplayers, but they were mainly Vocaloid people and one Hetalia America (that was... random). And I'm reposting last year's photos: SILLY CITY DECORATIONS ARE SILLY. I did pass by Supes-on-a-Bridge this year but I brought no camera.

* I'm starting to feel that the names Luke and Ted (and its variations) are haunting me in fandoms.
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After a huuuuuge mess at home, we went to a small Japanese-oriented convention in my city. It wasn't really impressive and there were even less stands than in the comic fair on the summer; I can't say it's because of lack of space, since they had spare room in the building they didn't use. They had a ramen stand (I didn't try it since I wasn't hungry), a video game zone with retro consoles, and some people were watching Summer Wars in the back.

I got a T-shirt of Tony Tony Chopper I hope it won't shrink in a first wash, the final volume of Aria, and something quite awesome: the first two volumes of Rose of Versailles! That series is ridiculously out of print here, so it's such a good finding. My brothers bought World of Warcraft beanies plus a Kirby miniplush for which Ale is getting teased.

There wasn't much variety as usual, especially for my fandoms. I still was drooling over a huge, pretty figure of Natalia (OMG TALES MERCH! AND IT'S NATALIA! *_*). The price was reasonable, but it was way too large and where would I put her. I wanted to buy something FMA-related, but they had either expensive jewelry or lame stuff (the only exception being a Brotherhood Trading Arts vol. 1, but I wasn't spending 40 bucks and I'm not interested in the Bradley one). I almost bought a Super Mario mushroom plushie. I thought about beginning the Lupin III manga but... I think I'm better off hunting the anime, yeaaaaah.

I'll finish the icon meme another day.
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Feliz cumpleaños, [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor! :D

Yesterday I watched How to Train your Dragon and it was sweet. Am I one of the only people who thought it had potential since the trailer? I see almost everyone was all wary because it was Dreamworks, while I was all 'VIKINGS AND DRAGONS, they have to mess up pretty badly to get it wrong."

I also started the fifth season of Doctor Who, even though I skipped the whole run of Ten. Eleven is adorable so far. Nothing against Amy and the others, but why is it that all companions in the 'new' series are adult straight females from the XXI century?

ANYWAY! Today is Saint George and Book Day in Spain, so I went on a haul to get books with 10% off. It was awesome! I spent nearly 100€ in shit, also. Here is the loot:

Video games (okay, not everything was books)
Beautiful Katamari

IT stuff
→ one about PHP 6 and MySQL development
→ one about webapp development, useful for my project
I wanted to get more, like one for CSS and one for Struts, but reference books are so expensive!

Fantasy lit
Percy Jackson 5 in English, fuck yeah
→ Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum

Mythology nerd cred
→ a children's compilation (well, 14+) of stories from Ovid's Metamorphosis. It has pretty illustrations and all!
→ a small one analyzing Dionysus, I thought it seemed interesting
→ a generic one on Egyptian mythology because I didn't have any

ETA: Crap, I forgot the Manga
→ Fullmetal Alchemist 23
→ The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
→ The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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Hey, I'm on the verge of yet another compulsive online shopping over here? Second one this year! These would be the contenders to get my money:

On eBay:
Oh hi, remember that Okami storybook? THEY JUST RELEASED ANOTHER ONE. This one is in Kamui and seems to be Okikurmi-centric. Waka pops in, as usual. Either way, there's a seller with a few copies and the price is much better than in my usual place. US$23 total if I choose airmail.

On YesAsia:
Tales of the Abyss: Tsuioku no Jade #1-2. DO WANT SO MUCH. US$10 each.
Revoltech Mini Danboard (Amazon Japan edition). US$26.

NOW, this is 34€ total because I get the free shipping discount. The manga is self explanatory, it's fucking Jade. I finally found a shop with it that isn't painfully harsh on S&H. The Danbo... it's kind of expensive, but that's the cheapest I've seen one. I'm not one to buy toys, but the internet is FULL of cutesy photographs of Danbos and well, I want one now ;; A part of me thinks it's stupid and that I could buy a couple of good books with that money. So I'm still deciding on this one. It's on preorder here, meaning it might be out of stock afterwards. This might be the only chance to get one at all so...

Sooooo, I want all this shit and the prices are all fair for them all. Do I go for it? They might be gone if I blink.
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Oh shit, I didn't want the previous post to sound like attention whoring, or fishing for comments. I think the point of that rant was to be more honest with you and myself, admitting I have an issue and stuff. But I do appreciate the things you guys said. Thank you.

ANYWAY. It was historical seinen manga tiemz a few days ago, but there's no huge novelty. Canute continues to troll England just as planned, got more confirmation about Hephaestion!Alexander, and Cesare is still sneaky and sexy.

And I went online shopping today, because there was bargain sale and free shipping in a Spanish DVD store.

Seirei no Moribito. They finally released a boxset, so now I'm more than happy to buy it. Individual volumes suck.
Neon Genesis Evangelion. Because I didn't have it and it was 25% off.

I also found a bargain on eBay, so I got Final Fantasy VI Advance at £16. Considering it's an out of print FF game, it's unbelievably cheap (local stores and buyers have it at over 60€!). I decided to go for it because now that I've played around for a while on an emulator, I'm sure I can handle the gameplay. And I think I'm obsessing a little bit over the Figaro brothers.

I have a couple of episodes left to finish the last case of Edgeworth's game. I've been procrastinating because this case never ends.
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Guess who just found that infamous Okami storybook on sale and JUMPED at it.


A bit pricey, but I so don't fucking care. It's my Christmas self-present. Now I'll proceed to drag my ass out of eBay for the next five years.

I can't believe it!
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I want to have more free tiiiiime /whine. I've been wanting to roleplay so badly, particularly in a certain DR that opened this weekend.

Hey, today I saw a hot air balloon from close! They were inflating it in front of the new mall, probably for publicity, and the flames look pretty cool. The balloon itself wasn't that beautiful in design but fuck that, it's a hot air balloon.

So yeah, they opened a mall near my campus. And by near, I mean "you can go on foot, but you have to walk on the highway and your feet will hurt". Guess how I got there D:

So I didn't spend much time because I had a seminar class at 7:30, but I checked the GAME store. See, I like their second-hand bargains; about 40% of my NDS collection comes from there. Sometimes you can pick some cool games, if you're lucky. And since the store has very few days open, I could get two Playstation 2 video games by 13 bucks.


Guys. Psychonauts for 8 euros. Sweet! Finally! So cheeeeeap! It'll have to wait since I can't even feel my toes and I can't be more tired, though. But I OWN PSYCHONAUTS.

And you're not buying anything else for the rest of the month, self! Don't you dare looking for the Tsuioku no Jade volume on ebay.


Mar. 16th, 2009 02:36 pm
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What a pretty, sunny, warm day! ^_^ *is happy*

I even walked around the city after class. To be precise, I went to the FNAC to see if they finally had the manga I was looking for on January. They had Mushishi #9, but not XXXHOLiC #13. So I got that one plus the third Percy Jackson book. I've been in the mood for mythology recently, so it's fitting. I got a discount since it's Father's Day this week in Spain. Then I went to the Gamespot in the same street; didn't buy anything there (not that I could! I'm broke!) but I saw some interesting things on second hand. Then I remembered I can now download PS2 games instead, so I just made a mental note and moved on. Afterwards, I walked to the bus station, which I NEVER do. Yet even though I was carrying my jackets and it was uncomfortable, I was still in a good mood and wanting to do exercise.

So that's it. Now I'm going to have pizza for lunch, yay.

BTW, give me more characters for the headcanon meme.
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D-did I just spend US$58 on crap over ebay because that stuff was on a 30% bargain sale? WHY, SELF!

And I still have no idea how much they'll charge me with the shipping. At least I went and bought stuff from someone who makes discount on S&H as well.

On the other hand? Two Tales Of artbook things, two Gyakuten Saiban gag doujinshi anthologies. The former aren't the omg awesome complete guidebooks -those are twice the price of the ones I got- but there's a couple of nice illustrations and even skit faces (ABYSS SKIT FACES!). The latter I picked them up because the preview pages with Apollo Justice characters were cute and decently drawn.
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Stuff bought online and to be arriving in the next couple of weeks:
- Kino no Tabi DVD boxset
- Okami Garyou Tensei (unless it gets eaten by the mail AGAIN!)

The latter means that my PayPal apparently works just fine. Hurray!

Oh, and I've learned that a part of my problems with the PS2 comes from one of the Magic Keys not having enough glue. Then again, it can be more or less solved thanks to another one of my problems: since I have to leave the tray open, I can push it every five minutes or so to make sure it doesn't move. Amazingly so, I've managed to play up to Engeve with this method! Now to find a tube of superglue...

My thoughts on playing Abyss like this: actually, I'm quite fond of the gameplay so far. True, so far I've only fought warthogs, bees, birds, and Oddish-like beings, but... I like my button-smashing in my Tales, what can I say.

Like I said, I arrived to Engeve, in which I managed to find:
- spaghetti recipe, om nom nom
- poultry and rappigs (BTW, there's a difference between pork and rappig meat. But since I have yet to see normal pigs, does that mean the pork is the warthog bastards?! eww)
- Jade ♥
- Ion
- Anise
- the valuable lesson of not buying food ingredients before upgrading weapons. DUMBASS

In other news, I think I never mentioned I'm replaying Symphonia, did I? Well, I am. I'm about to get to the Meltokio sewers. Incidentally, I went through the "hard path" on Sylvarant this time, to see the differences. And in this playthrough, I'm consciously not avoiding battles to level up well.

And the other challenge: I'm set to get Zelos as my BFF this time. It makes the hard path look easy in comparison.

Important ETA: We're in alert for storm again for this weekend. So if I never appear on the chan tonight, that means my Internet and/or electric power is dead. *recharges her DS just in case*
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Guess who has a VISA debit card~~

Oh, the things I'll buy/pay in the future with this baby! For one, the days of begging my uncle to borrow his cards in order to pay webhosting/LJ/whatever are over. And no more "how much did you spend?" or "you still own me ___ bucks" or "is this package coming from Hong Kong* again?"

Granted, I'm still waiting for Paypal to confirm the card, so no compulsive online shopping with my Christmas/Reyes money until next week. *sits on hands*

* LOL YesAsia, my artbook provider.

ETA: Algún español sabe si Swap Magic es realmente fácil de instalar? Tengo que abrir alguna cosa de la consola? Se ven bien los juegos americanos importados?
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Because it was two days after Día de Reyes, meaning everything was sold out. I saw some 8GB models, but I wanted the 16MB one. And either in blue or purple. I reckon I'll wait one week or something till they're back in stock.

[Poll #1328101]

I think blue looks the coolest of the lot in person, to be honest, but I really wanted the purple one for my own geeky reasons.

Anyway, since I wanted to get me something nice for passing that exam, I got:
- FMA #18
- Mushishi #8
- Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Speaking of which, I'm starting to gather my info for the Mushishi fansite. My first problem, however, comes with the stories' titles. For instance, in the Spanish translations of both anime and manga, the titles are translated with different words as they were translated by different companies. And of course, they're in Spanish, and translating a translation is ridiculous. So I go online to hunt for the English titles, only to find that there's the same issue with Wikipedia and ANN. I might probably also have different names from the official releases (FUNimation and Del Rey), unless one of those is actually FUNi's.

So as weeaboo as it is, I'll use the Japanese titles with a translation next to it. I'll probably just either pick the nicest one from the two options or use the official FUNi one. The second problem is with the manga-only stories (which are the last five volumes), as I don't have the Japanese chapter titles at hand, plus waiting for Del Rey releases to get an official English title would be ENDLESS. The first part can be solved by downloading raws. Besides, I could recruit someone's collaboration to romanize (and perhaps translate) the titles.

Now I must check what can I do about the mushi's names. I bet that'll be the largest problem.
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I went to the local Comics Fair today downtown, and took a chance to get up to date with my collections. I didn't get any cool merchandising, as everything was Naruto-Bleach-DeathNote-Dragonball-Squeenix or pretty obscure stuff. I was tempted to buy the CLAMP in 3-D Land figurine of Chunhyang, and a One Piece bag, and a Goomba plushie, but as I was deciding the stands closed for lunch (except for one, leaving a honest "BRB going to watch The Dark Knight" note). So in the end, I only got comics. However, I couldn't find the RK Kanzenban volume so after having lunch myself in the mall food court -om nom nom Burger King brownies~- I went to FNAC to get it. I sort of wanted to buy at least one graphic novel that wasn't manga, probably an Usagi Yojimbo volume. But I saw a special edition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail at FNAC for 10 bucks, and I guess that's a less weeaboo geeky thing to buy than Usagi.

Either way, my buys:
- Fruits Basket 20 to 23 (finished!!)
- Fullmetal Alchemist 13 to 15
- Gintama 4 and 5
- Mushishi 6 and 7
- Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban 1
- ...the Monty Python DVD, yeah
- New earphones for mp3 player

May. 29th, 2008 12:54 am
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Total for this Order: $34.37

Delivery estimate: June 10, 2008 - June 20, 2008
Shipping estimate for these items: May 29, 2008
1 "Okami Official Complete Works"
Capcom; Paperback; $26.39


And 25€ total for a +200 pages artbook is a pretty good deal. God bless the preorder discount.

now, for the love of the Brush Gods, release it ON TIME this time.


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