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Uuuuuuh, hey! How's it going?

Nothing much around here. It's freaking cold. My laptop overheats. I bought a second-hand iPod Touch to use iOS-only apps. I keep importing new Okami merchandising because I have a fucking collection. I continued with my German course. I'm also going to Madrid for a few days, in two weeks! Things I should be doing more of? Working on my final college project. Oops. Playing the games/apps I keep buying on Humble Bundle. Reading more stuff, watching more stuff. Obviously updating DW/LJ.

Okay, so, what should I talk about...

Playing )

Reading paragraphs )

Watching )

Reading panels )

I think that's about all I'm up to. Yeah.

Hey, hey

Jun. 3rd, 2012 02:46 pm
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First of all, saying hi to people from [community profile] fandomsecrets! I hope you don't get bored. I tend to forget to check my DW flist, but I'll try my best to fix that.

α About the 100 post challenge and Marvelesque feels

I was gonna do a follow-up of last time's graphic by explaining myth!Thor, but it might be too advanced for my chronic laziness. It always happens when my Marvel/Marvel!movies feels get in the way. Maybe I should pour that shit on Tumblr and spam any Loki tag like the HiddLoki fanbrats spam the ones I follow.

Speaking of which, I watched the Captain America film and enjoyed it. I also rewatched Thor. Couldn't find the Iron Man ones on my stepdad's drives.

Anyway, will try to post something else soon.

β Welcome to the 21st century, idiot

We got ourselves a cheap tablet (when I say cheap, I mean "bought with newspaper coupons and will likely break and become paperweight soon" cheap) about a month ago. I could upgrade it to Android 4.0.ish when the maker released the update. So yeah, now I'm familiar with Ice Cream Sandwich! :D

I also bought a new cellphone, it's a white Samsung Galaxy Ace which is pretty much an iPhone cosplay. But it's neat to have a smartphone anyway, as the tablet is family's and I can't really customize it that much. This one is on Gingerbread IIRC. But for extensive reading and multimedia, yeah, let's go with Mrs. Tablet. I need a nickname for the phone...

γ Conventions and local nerds

Last weekend, there was an anime con in our city, probably the last one this year. My brothers went as Gintoki and Kondo from Gintama. It wasn't as fun and well organized as last year's, but there was a really kickass Star Wars area with adult people cosplaying stormtroopers and jedis and other stuff (it's an association from Santiago de Compostela). Same overload of Shounen Jump fandoms as usual, when it comes to merchandising, but I saw some elusive fandoms. Let me tell you how surreal it is to see plushies of Kyuubey next to Kero-chan! There were also these huge Nyanko-sensei plushies but I didn't even ask the price as they were likely not cheap.

Here is the booty:
→ Strap for said phone (turtle plushie ;A;)
→ Mandatory geeky pins (Doctor Who logo, Finn from Adventure Time, comic!Thor)
→ Manga (all of Ribon no Kishi, Saint Young Men #1)
→ T-shirt of Okami
→ Baseball cap of Pokémon
→ Plushie of Dragonite! ;3;
→ All of Twelve Kingdoms anime on DVD. It was really cheap.
→ Also won a poster of the golden saints from Saint Seiya drawn chibi in a lottery (...lol)

So yeah, this was my past two weeks.
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→ You must post these rules.
→ Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
→ Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
→ You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.

Girl look at that body I-I-I-I work out! )
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Okay, first of all, I feel like an ass for not replying the comments in the previous post. I've been feeling unwell these past two days, and when I had a chance I was in this silly extra-shy mode. I do want to say that I appreciate a lot that you took the seconds to say hi ♥ You are all great. I just feel too timid at the moment to drop an individual comment, but thank you so much!

The day itself was boring, but I expected it. I didn't ask for presents because my mom has a lot of crazy expenses this week and I felt bad. My uncle and grandma promised money and still owe me. As tempting as 3DSs and gazillions of books might be, I should invest in a new HDD.

And since I haven't used this journal for anything in forever, how about my thoughts in the latest episodes of Tiger and Bunny, which is the only show I'm following right now?

Spoilers and shit )


Jun. 19th, 2011 01:08 pm
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Let's cut the crap and be direct.


So if you want to congratulate me and/or use weird gifs and/or make me feel happier in an otherwise shitty week, please do ♥
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Livejournal has been giving me a lot of errors lately. No idea if it's an issue of them or my Firefox acting up. Sorry if I haven't been reading my flist well.

Can't say I have a lot to say:
♥ Finished My Little Pony, it was okay. Now to Adventure Time, and when [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis returns I'll try some more Transformers Animated.
♥ Missed the lunar eclipse because it was a thick cloudy night. I was looking forward to it, bummer.
♥ My brother bought an iPod Touch and it's sweet: all the iPhone benefits without the phone bullshit. I kind of want one, but my faithful Nano is healthy and ~purple~ so there's no real need for that.

Ah, I found on my inbox these questions [livejournal.com profile] lunelight asked me a gazillion years ago. I'm so sorry!

Fullmetal meta, Abyss, gaming for the survivor, seiyuu )
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I think I've survived to at least 3 possible apocalypses in my lifetime. Bring it on, end of Mayan calendar! I dare you!

I had a fun Saturday last weekend. My brothers and I went to the local anime con. It's nothing extraordinary and the name is so embarrassing (really, Expotaku?!) but this year it was a large improvement compared to last year's. More people, more shops, more variety on cosplays, more events, more geekdom. I also tried Street Fighter on 3DS (the 3D actually looks okay, but I go cross-eyed XD) and archery (and I was TERRIBLE!).

Of course, more shops = compulsive buying like a boss.

→ two Suzumiya Haruhi novels, now I'm only missing one from the relased here
Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt (I'm madly in love with this book, you guys, it is witty and visually appealing)
Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey DVD boxset
→ three pins: the FMA cross-and-snake symbol, a pokéball, trollface
→ some fanart postcards for charity
→ a Fullmetal Alchemist T-shirt with Ed and Al which I'm still waiting to see if it shrinks in the drier (it was the smallest man size and I'm a petit woman but I dun curr)
→ a box of strawberry Pocky (tasted good, but wasn't as delicious as I thought)
→ a Boo Buddy-shaped rubber ball keychain (best thing I bought)
→ three cellphone charms: a red koopa shell, a Totodile, a Piplup
→ two Pokémon plushies: a Darumaka and a Sandile. Totally overpriced but I couldn't let them rot in a sea of kawaii blobs. The ones on my team are fierce.

As for my brothers, Ale spent his money on four new video games, but he's not playing them yet. Danny actually bought a fancy State Alchemist watch. As much as an asshole he is and as different as he is from me, I love that he likes FMA (he watched Brotherhood but one day I'll convince him to read the manga). The most amazing thing is that his favorite character is Alex Louis Armstrong. Goes to show that you can love a character who's the opposite of yourself!

Then I spent two days of extreme pain from carrying weight and wielding a bow. And that day of the month. And emotional exhaustion. Sunday sucked as much as Saturday ruled.

Oh, and my copy of Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero came on the mail today. Finally! Also, that bastard of a book is huge like a J.K. Rowling novel. Reading it on ebook first, I didn't realize how verbose Riordan has become.
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Hey, back from Madrid! Did anyone miss me?!

.......oh, I guess not.

I have yet to pick pictures because I'm a lazy bastard, and all the showing them to the family has left me as bored as they were. Let's make a short post of our adventures and misadventures.

DAY ONE: Lots of ducks

We arrived around noon. The zone we stayed in was near Gran Vía, but it was more like an informal Chinatown than a normal downtown to me. We went to El Retiro park, which seemed very relaxing at the time and then it wasn't because it's huge and it was a very hot day. But it was pretty and cheerful and full of all kinds of people from all kind of places! I'm not sure how Central Park is like, but it was like a less hobo-thug version of it. Really, really charming! Also, I fucking love Madrid's subway like you wouldn't believe.

DAY TWO: Pandamonium and dolphin pools

We left the big ride for that day, and it was less exhausting than expected but still draining. Of course, that was the Zoo. They have TWO baby pandas in exhibition and they're not staying in Spain forever, so it was a now-or-never kind of thing. THE CUUUUUUUUUUUTE! Of course, there were a lot of cute animals around, but pandas are pandas. The parents were also lazy cute fuckers. The red panda in front hated me and I couldn't take a good shot of it. But another great things was the dolphins looking at us through the glass and following our hands' movements. We also went to a mall with a sort-of-friend of mom afterwards.

DAY THREE: Adventure time

At the last day, we didn't want to go anywhere big. In the morning I rushed to the geek shops to see what rare merchandising I could squeeze from my fandoms (answer: NONE, to my chagrin; manly tears would be dropped if it wasn't for the maternal unit stalking my endeavors/distracting clerks/buying WoW T-shirts for brothers.) Still, my loot:

→ Edward Elric keychain that doesn't suck! I can't find a picture of it online, but he looks angry and violent in a cute way. Now you have your brother, plushie!keychain!Al!
→ FMA #26
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #09
→ Blue Beetle #1-25 (hueg compilation volume)
→ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (novel 1)
→ The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya (novel 5)

It wasn't that spectacular, if you ask me. Except for the SuzuHaru light novels, I could've bought that other shit back at home. Oh, and American comics are fucking expensive here unless you get the enormous volumes they almost never release. Sorry, sticking to manga here for that reason; I'm not paying 5€ per thin issue, assholes. Also, I suspect I must suffer from TWS to be about to read Texan-Mexican people using Spaniard slang (...WTF)

Okay, back to the trip and skipping every pair of shoes my mom got. We walked around a little and then took the double decker tour bus, to save time and see as many cool (and old) parts of the city as possible in the shortest time. The pictures are terrible, but we didn't regret it because everything looked so damn cool~


Aaaaand that's about it, give or take. No time to go to museums or shows (no mom, I don't like musicals beyond animated movies anyway.) But I had a great time at the few places I did visit and see. Who knows when will be the next time I can go out of town, so I enjoyed myself as much as I could.

Today sucked balls, though.
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Seems like LJ is well today. Give me more characters?

→ So the Level E anime ended, and I have no idea about anyone else (haters gonna hate gif goes here just in case) but regardless I LIKED IT. Spoilers )

→ Watched what's released of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica like 90% of anime fandom. FELT LIKE CLAMP ON (MORE?) DEPRESSING CRACK BUT WITH MOE ART. I don't even. But it was worth it because I've seen some photoshopped parodies everywhere and now I can understand them! Yeah, guess I'm watching this for the lulzy factors, which is doing it completely wrong. I mean, I do feel so sorry for the girls but if I get focused on the plot I'd die inside.

→ I'm really excited about Doctor Who because of the trailers.

→ Wow, the Thundercats remake is going to be a lot more epic than the original series. I'm honestly looking forward to it!

→ Okay, we're going to Madrid in the end, from the 12th to the 15th. We won't be able to go to a lot of places because of time + money, but it's something anyway. I feel bad about this but... ) But eh, at least I'll see baby pandas and statues of Roman gods! Besides, there are THREE geek shops a few blocks from the place we're staying, so let's see if I can buy at least one or two shiny things! Too bad we probably can't afford Cirque of Soleil.
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Man, I haven't updated in ages because I... really didn't know what to talk about? I've been either too busy or too lazy to do anything beyond uploading Okami fanart recs on Tumblr, and that's because it's three clicks.

It's pretty sad, actually. I have a lot of DVDs to watch, a lot of books to read, a lot of games to play. But I can never decide what to do next. NOT TO MENTION MY UNI FINAL PROJECT ON HIATUS SINCE SEPTEMBER OR SOMETHING. I feel like a loser.

But enough emo! So we got some extra money from a lawsuit, and my mom wants to take me to visit Madrid for a couple of days! :D I always have to be left behind on holidays because they need someone to catsit and chipmunksit the pets -it has its perks, as I can be alone for a few days. I've only visited other Spanish cities (Vigo and Oviedo) for legal paperwork, and my brothers met the South on a school trip.

Anyway, Madrid! Hey guys, I need to plan the places I want to check out because we're limited in time/money. We know that at least we're seeing the zoo and at least one art museum (no idea which one, any help?), and I'll insist on Las Cibeles and Fuente de Neptuno. What else can you recommend for a tourist? Thanks!
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Okay, so... my stepfather is getting fired again, so we're going to be sorta poor from next year on until any of us gets a job. (Technically I'm still finishing my degree out of spite, but I've had a coder's block for months now and I'm too shitty to finish my thesis. Curse the day I came up with such an elaborate project! I want to get a job, but they want me to graduate first, except I'm too depressed to work on the thesis and their attitude won't help, and so on. It's a vicious circle, I swear.)

THE POINT IS... I kind of want to spend the money my grandma is giving me in something cool, as mom's present was already clothes and a pair of boots. Grandma still sends me 70€ as allowance every month, but besides putting some bucks away for the March/April 2011 NDS gaming clusterfuck I've decided to save up. Maybe I can convince my family to use that shit on, you know, food or bills. You know, guys, I'd be less useless if you let me give you my money or get a part-time job, just saying! I'm sheltered because you force me to be such! You idiots!!

I keep going OT because I'm bitter these days, sorry. So anyway, yeah. One last cool buy. Is it worth it, though? Or should I spend it in tinier things?

[Poll #1658892]

To be honest, the one I'd use the most is the e-reader since I have a lot of, ahem, legally dubious e-books in hand -which I can never read because reading on PC is tiresome. I can also read manga and comics, technically (no idea if it's legible, granted). The downside is that it's pricier than the other presents: the one I want to buy is 169€. But yeah, I think it's a good idea overall, and that model already brings a collection of classic books built-in as bonus. But if I'm going to get it I should be fast, because right now the shipping in FNAC is free for the holidays.

External hard drives are always a necessity. OTOH, I've developed a bit of a phobia to HDDs in general after so many times of them dying on me. I'm so unlucky, sob.

My DVD player isn't working anymore, so I might as well get a Blu-ray one so I'm not behind with the ages. I don't actually HAVE blu-ray discs or plan to buy any, but it's pretty cool to have the option open. Of course, from the expensive presents, it would be the one I'd use the least in comparative. I would use it, but mostly for normal DVDs and DivX avis.

Well. Derp.
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I bought a new cellphone today. It looks normal, your usual black buttonless touchpad thing, I don't even like its exterior so much. And yet, the rest of my family now likes it better than the ones they own, LOL. Welp, I bought it with my money and it's not my fault it's prepaid/20€ more expensive than yours/you didn't see it in the catalog. Either way I got a scare because the default font was a Comic Sans clone, but nevermind, it's changed to a Arial-Helvetica-ish sans-serif one XD The layout is nice, and the desktop lets you put some widgets on it. The number is easy to memorize, so let's hope this one sticks for a long time :|a

I think I'm going to call it George and Martha Caduceus.

Speaking of stupid names, I nicknamed my Latias Lamiroir. Then Suicune, which I caught last night, was Trucy since the color fitted and I'm convinced Eusine is their cousin in some alternative universe. If I ever capture the two other beasts, I'll name Entei Apollo and Raikou Klavier. I don't have the habit of naming pokes, besides my Dittos always being Loki. Even if my kickass Dugtrio deserves to be renamed Toph one day. (Before you ask, no, I will not nickname Ho-oh Phoenix, that's too obvious... I might name Latios Nick, however.) Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't nickname the pokemons I use frequently and I'm quite attached to.

But enough about that stupid game! I'm doing a post about movies I've watched recently. Dude, I still owe those top fives from that meme, and I haven't written a single drabble. This isn't a case of me not posting for not having anything to say: it's sheer laziness.
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I love how my flist are freaking out about this amazing Majora's Mask creepypasta (with videos! actually, the videos ARE what does it, really.) Tomorrow the last video is supposed to be released. I hope it's epic because I'm hyped!

And the question meme in Spanish that's going on.

♫ Deja un comentario con "Más gay que árbol de navidad en llamas" en el subject.
♫ Te preguntaré cinco preguntas al azar. <-- ¿Creo?
♫ Postea las preguntas y tus respuestas en tu journal y repite el proceso.

Preguntas de Arcadia )

Preguntas de Sha )

Preguntas de Laurus )
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So, yesterday I went to the comic fair in my city, and let me tell you it gets shittier and shittier every year. The only piece of merchandising that made me go WANT was this medium-size Bowser plushie and SMB merch isn't that original anyway. Someone was selling nekomimi, I think that was the most popular thing going on. Even the geek pins sucked this year.

Another thing I'm noticing is that there's more and more focus lately to American comics than manga. Except for Norma's stand, they have most of the manga in the back of the kiosk and it's hard to figure it out. This hindered my search for old numbers of collections I haven't finished/picked up. However, because of my on-and-off fling with Shounen Jump DC and CLAMP Marvel, I still went through those bitched. I was tempted to pick up Young Avengers issues, but I don't like the format and didn't feel like giving money to Marvel. I was hoping to see a compilation of Perez's Wondy, but no dice. I wanted to find Beetle!Jaime, but the only shit I saw with him was some Teen Titans (the one with Eddie's death, no less! FUCK. YOU.) No Booster either, but I did buy something with him and Beetle!Ted*. I nearly bought a volume of Birds of Prey, but it's expensive and I'm trying first on the Internet.

So, my loot:
→ Fullmetal Alchemist #24 (cool Izumi is cool and Fu's crowning moment of awesome)
→ Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban #6-7 (I'm so behind! Saitou and Misao get)
→ Batgirl: Year One (still have to read this one, but I have a girlcrush on Babs Gordon so it should be alright)
→ Formerly Known as Justice League vol. #1

That's it. There were a few cosplayers, but they were mainly Vocaloid people and one Hetalia America (that was... random). And I'm reposting last year's photos: SILLY CITY DECORATIONS ARE SILLY. I did pass by Supes-on-a-Bridge this year but I brought no camera.

* I'm starting to feel that the names Luke and Ted (and its variations) are haunting me in fandoms.
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i've always wanted to tell you...

That code was such bad HTML.

In news that aren't news. I hate being forced to go to a funeral of a relative I hardly knew. I especially hate being forced to have my hair done because my stepdad's new boss will be there and mom doesn't want us to look disheveled.

ETA: Okay, it didn't suck that much but it was boring.


Jun. 28th, 2010 04:12 am
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*draaaaags herself from lethargy*

a) I see almost everyone is doing a 30 days meme of some sort. I kinda want to, but none of the ones I've seen convince me.

b) Judging from what I've seen on the flist, it's better that I don't retake Durarara. Not that interested anymore, anyway. /short attention span

c) Judging from what I've seen on the flist, it's better that I do retake this season of Doctor Who. I'm fucking amazed that all the ones who watched it actually agree that the finale was so good. Because let me tell you, you never do.

d) I miss my fandoms horribly. I crave to replay Apollo Justice, and run around in Okami, and finish Persona 4, and see more scans of pretty Tales of the Abyss shit -mangas, doujin, anything-, and find good fanworks in FMA -like I'd find many; what the hell, Pixiv. I should stop being a coward and actually finish Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou. I want more manga to read every month: Ouran is ending soon, Vinland Saga is on hiatus, Historie sucks so much lately, the rest aren't consistent.

Personal issue and Vdex crap, so you may skip it )
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1) Thanks for the congrats yesterday ♥ (and this is the cue for the rest to say it belated, if you want! I don't mind!) As birthdays go, it was good at day and and lousy at night. Oh well, I wasn't expecting anything special so it was cool in a general sense.

2) I still need opinions about my blog plan. Even "don't care"s help, actually.

3) This World Cup? SO WEIRD. Just saying.

4) Morty's gym was easier than I expected, huh. Then again, I brought my Drowzee and my Togetic and went psychic on ghosties.

4.1) Again, ignore this.

5) Finished reading Blue Beetle, and while I really liked it and every single character in it? Man, I so don't have the patience to follow a DC character to other series. Welp, back to download more 80's!Wonder Woman.
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After a huuuuuge mess at home, we went to a small Japanese-oriented convention in my city. It wasn't really impressive and there were even less stands than in the comic fair on the summer; I can't say it's because of lack of space, since they had spare room in the building they didn't use. They had a ramen stand (I didn't try it since I wasn't hungry), a video game zone with retro consoles, and some people were watching Summer Wars in the back.

I got a T-shirt of Tony Tony Chopper I hope it won't shrink in a first wash, the final volume of Aria, and something quite awesome: the first two volumes of Rose of Versailles! That series is ridiculously out of print here, so it's such a good finding. My brothers bought World of Warcraft beanies plus a Kirby miniplush for which Ale is getting teased.

There wasn't much variety as usual, especially for my fandoms. I still was drooling over a huge, pretty figure of Natalia (OMG TALES MERCH! AND IT'S NATALIA! *_*). The price was reasonable, but it was way too large and where would I put her. I wanted to buy something FMA-related, but they had either expensive jewelry or lame stuff (the only exception being a Brotherhood Trading Arts vol. 1, but I wasn't spending 40 bucks and I'm not interested in the Bradley one). I almost bought a Super Mario mushroom plushie. I thought about beginning the Lupin III manga but... I think I'm better off hunting the anime, yeaaaaah.

I'll finish the icon meme another day.
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- Post your desktop.
- Let your friends ask anything about it. Icons, wallpapers, programs, settings - whatever you have!

It's very blue this time )

And [livejournal.com profile] kirarakim gave me some questions.

animals, adaptations, FMA characters, desert island, before I die )
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Today I, like an average five year-old kid, have many questions.

Why is my family so full of fail?

Why has April passed by so fast? Have I done anything productive?

How do I fill my free icon slots? Where do I find icons/caps for my weirder fandoms?

Why no books on the Norse pantheon in my bookstores? Or Celtic?

Why hasn't my package from YesAsia arrived yet?

More importantly. Why am I crushing on a Pokémon gym leader I haven't met yet because of fanart? D: OH GOD WHYYYY?



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