Jun. 14th, 2010 03:12 am
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Ah, I still haven't made a coherent post to say Fullmetal Alchemist good-bye. How about this, for now? I'm sharing some songs that I mentally link to the series. I can't really say it's a fanmix or anything, as I don't really feel like doing a cover or uploading the songs separately. It's something really informal, but the fact I can think of so many and that most of them are positive says a lot.

Music inside! Cut for text, not ending spoilers )
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Title: Cartagra
Circle: Yagibe
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Genre: Gen, bittersweet
Rating: PG-ish
Characters: Jade-centric, heavy on Nebilim and Peony. Saphir|Dist, young Nephry, Luke.
Notes: This is the first time I scan a full doujinshi, my scanner is not so good, and I'm bad at cleaning scans. I'm sorry if it looks crappy around the edges.

download (10.8 MB)

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Jun. 28th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Wow, it's been a while since I last updated. BUT I HAVE JUST THE THING TO SQUEE ABOUT. IN CAPSLOCK.


LING YAO ♥♥ AND MEI CHAN ♥ AND FU ♥ AND LAN FAN ♥ AND LMAO LING IS VOICED BY MAMORU MIYANO?! AHAHAHAHAHA! (geez, BONES, your boner for Miyano is showing again) Oh well, no matter how rushed and bad this might get, at least I know anime!Ling will make me laugh. This is v.v. important to me, guys.

pfffft Mamoru Miyano brb lol'ing 4evah Sha, now you're compelled to watch FMA?

Music meme, taken from lots of people )
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Posted the Natsume Yuujinchou screencaps here. It took a lot of work to upload them, but if this means people making good icons then I'll be satisfied.

I think I should screencap more stuff since it's so easy with the batch function. I might do Mushishi and/or Kino since I have the DVDs. What do you guys think?

I hope FMA is out early this month. The anime hype and seeing Hughes is strongly reminding me of the epicness to come in this issue. Asgdfghafdhg.

I'm also really pumped for Tsuioku no Jade, which will be out around the 24th. I swear, if nobody is scanning the magazine raw, I'll cry. I want to see this so bad.

...So basically, it all comes down to Colonel Badass fest. In both fandoms.

And now for that "pick 5 icons and I'll explain them meme".

I'm having déjà-vu; didn't I do a couple of these more than once already? )
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My package arrived~~~ ♥ It's great. The Gyakuten gag doujinshi are adorable, both of them. I went and scanned the cover and the obi of the full series 4koma one because it's so silly.

Warning: Large images inside. And Oldbag. )
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Thanks to [ profile] sha_chan, I finally collected the whole series of cutesy Chinese fox goodness.

Tea House

In this zip file (4.28 MB), there are the 26 images for both the Tea House theme on iGoogle and the one on Gmail. It includes both Easter eggs at 3:14 am. Oh, and they're no screencaps, but ripped, full background graphics.


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Seriously XDDDD One day I'll make a post about how, thanks to Ace Attorney, the word "fop" has become part of my daily vocabulary and not only to describe fictional prosecutors. But it won't be today.

I just ripped a song on youtube, and since I recovered recently a lot of music from my former HDD (aka Spinel I) might as well share some happy and/or pretty songs around :D It's been ages since I last used the "sharing shit" tag! Consider this an end of summer mixtape thing. All anime songs are full sized, by the way.

1. Loving Guitar's Serenade: English + Japanese, ballad/orchestra (Gyakuten Saiban 4)
1.1. Related Bonus: Love Love Guilty (Klavier Gavin/Kyouya Garyuu's theme song)
2. Discovery Channel commercial - I Love the Whole World (boom de yada): English, random
3. Akaya Hirahara - Reset: Japanese, pop/ballad (Okami ED)
4. Megumi Hayashibara - Revolution: Japanese, technopop (Slayers Revolution ED)
5. Suga Shikao - 19 Sai: Japanese, pop (XXXHOLiC OP)
6. Paradise Lunch - Gun's & Roses: Instrumental, jazz (Baccano! OP)
7. Ally Kerr - The Sore Feet Song: English, ballad (Mushishi OP)
8. Ritsuko Okazaki - Morning Grace: Japanese, waltz/ballad (Princess Tutu OP)
9. Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply: English, pop/ballad
10. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Shine: Japanese, pop-rock (Seirei no Moribito OP)
11. Editors - Put your Head Towards the Air: English, ballad
12. Incubus - Aqueous Transmission: English, weird mellow thing with Asian instruments

ETA: one more
13. Janne da Arc - Shining Ray: Japanese, pop-rock (One Piece ED 8)

Enjoy the eclecticness :D And YES, Shine IS full sized. That's the one I ripped from a PV. Well, and the Discovery Channel tune.
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Okay, so it's be 2008 here. I feel I've been neglecting people on the Internet, and I've been posting about crap so obscure nobody really knows what to say about it. I can't complain for feeling lonely because I'm not helping to my situation here. So, my new year purpose will be nicer to you guys, comment in more posts, try to be funnier, share more stuff that ISN'T about Okami, talk more about old fandoms, and try to fix my desktop after February because I miss making icons and graphics so much. Oh, and retake Out of the Ordinary because this is silly.

By the way, if any of you feel like defriending me, since it's the season, go ahead. I won't be mad, promise! I know I'm lame and depressing right now so it's okay.

I promised [ profile] telrunya to re-upload the NDS emulator. It's here.

This question meme I saw around )
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Lab practice hours are killers. But how much progress I made today at school labs. It's like I'm waaaay more productive when I'm not on a computer of mine. I did more in four hours than in the whole week on my own.

But anyway, here's a meme I'll reply tomorrow.

Give me a fandom I know and I'll tell you:

1. The character most likely to fall in love with the wrong person
2. The character whom I'm embarrassed to admit I adore
3. The character that would send me screaming in the opposite direction IRL despite being fascinating in fiction.
4. The character with the most annoying personality quirks
5. The character I most admire and why
6. The character with the worst temper
7. The character most likely to fail at everything
8. The pairings I prefer in canon
9. The pairings I prefer in fanon
10. The character with the most personal growth in canon

Mind you, I don't like question 1. It's like this excuse to bash canon pairings in neon sign. 7 also has this bashing allure. So, if I don't feel like I can be objective and nice for one of them, I'll leave them blank :/

And since I have it uploaded, here's the sixth installment of Okami vids!

« Get it here »

No Brush Gods this time, but there's Waka service and stupid imps! )

As always, if you're taking let me know? D:
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Let me tell you, I hate preparing the math lessons for my brothers. Giving classes to them is tiresome, and this year's textbook is in fucking Galician. asdhasgdhg.

So, the next installment of His Wife? A Wolf! Okami is here! Bonjour!

» Today's batch «

A doggone quest )
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Mediafire decided to suck, so I reuploaded all the previous videos:

Part 1 && Part 2 && Part 3

Still, since there are missing scenes, I recommend to check the previous posts (on the "sharing shit" tag) for youtube vids.

Let's get back to business. Instead of tiny vids, here's a zip with all of today:

Part 4

Comments and missing scenes under cut )

Oh snap

Sep. 14th, 2007 05:16 pm
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Something weird happened with Mediafire and I thought they had deleted my account and the Okami videos. And after uploading all of today on Savefile, I recheck and it's all back to normal O__o So while I'm uploading them to the usual server, you can get them temporarily on SF. Nevermind.

Most of the videos are playing in a dungeon/temple (those familiar with Zelda videogames would know what I'm meaning). So just the first two videos and the last one have actual plot, while the others are running around these ruins with extra vegetation.

Also no, the game isn't that easy to play. I mean, it is, but on the first play you're unable to kill enemies with two strikes. This guy just uses strong weapons he got on previous replays. Sadly you don't get to see Waka's whole battle strategy because he's pwned too quickly this way.

The gift of the gods ISU HIA~ Bonjour! )

( All files )
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Oh, good! Not only I was able to survive to my first LIMS week ever, but my crit was actually constructive *breathes*

Now join me next Friday, while I die from yet another image challenge that won't inspire me *weeps*

After going to the supermarket today, I went to the basement to check my old books out. I managed to find my Japanese mythology book, which is great, and read some pages of it. Particularly the ones about myths popping in my fandoms You know, I think this is the first source I see that says Benkei was pwned and became Yoshitsune's second hand when the latter was still called Ushiwakamaru. But nevermind that. I wonder if it's my geek/Ravenclaw leaking, or me being a pseudo-OCDer. Anyway...

I also found my English dictionary, and my Norse runes' handbook.

Oh, and I found two old Disney CDs! When I was little I collected Disney soundtracks. Sadly, we sold most of them later on, but I still had a couple left. I'm still mourning the Fantasia and the Aladdin ones, but what can I do :/

So, I ripped them and uploaded them for you >D I'm sure one or two of you will want them. Mind you, they're from original CDs from the 90s. If the boxes weren't so dirty and broken, and I hadn't lost TLK's booklet, I could've got some good cash with them today.

Beauty and the Beast OST (1991)

The Lion King OST (1994)

And yeah, it's all the songs. OSTs those days were lame when it came to instrumental songs.

Moar Okami

Sep. 8th, 2007 09:29 pm
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Let's continue where we left off. And man, Hana Valley got chopped off horribly. Thankfully youtube will save the day. Oh, and remember to let me know if you're downloading it, so I can be assured someone other than me actually cares XP

Shinshu field, Hana Valley, Kamiki village again )

And that's it for today! Join us next time when we'll go to Agata forest and drool over Waka. Oops, sorry. When -you'll- go to Agata forest and -I- drool over Waka. Better?

( All the files )

Okay then

Sep. 5th, 2007 09:03 pm
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At least fourteen of you liked align="right" kittens were interested in the Okami pimping, so let's begin today! :3

Some notes:

1) The story might be more complex than some Zeldas, but really. Don't expect a Final Fantasy plot-wise. Some characters evolve or are more than hat's shown of them, but it's not extremely deep. Still, the story and characters are adorable and crazy, so give them a chance ^_^

2) The guy who recorded this was one Tom Batchelor from Credit is due.

3) Said dude took some decisions when playing that affect the videos. As you'll see in the beginning, he changed Amaterasu's physical looks to the realistic skin (after finishing the game, you can win these skins). I don't find it cute, but what can we do.

Also, he skipped important dialogues in the first two videos, but I can fill you in what you're missing. And sadly, since it's a speed run and a replay, he seldom stopped to talk to minor characters or to do sidequests, so you won't get to meet the quirky cast entirely. There are more hints of the plot in stuff others say, too. And even main characters could tell you more stuff than you will get.

Still, it's enough for the main sequence of events.

To the River of Heavens and Kamiki village )

Okay, enjoy ^^ And if you're taking, please let me know :3
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First canon pimping. Here's the 1/4 part of CCS. Pretty accurate to do it today, April 1st, day in which the main character was born.

Cardcaptor Sakura

This is the story of a pretty magician called Clow Reed, who had an unusual heritage for his time, a weird way to do things, a medium-sized reason to angst in the CLAMP scale of doom, and too much free time in his hands. He had made two cute creatures and a deck of magic cards and two Mokonas, but that was another canon, and he lived as happy as he could with them.

...Okay fine, the story is set decades after his death, and told from his heiress' point of view, but he's still guilty of everything.

So yeah, follow the adventures of 4th grader Sakura Kinomoto, who's forced to gather temperamental cards-spells with the help of a mascot who looks like a toy, a best friend who has a fetishist crush on her, and a foreign grumpy boy who knows kung-fu. The genre is magical girls. Not as epic as Sailor Moon, not as smart as Princess Tutu, but it's still cute and funny to read and it doesn't drag as much as the anime version, as there are less cards to gather. And the guys are pretty to look at, which is cool.

And there's the canon pairings. If the childish premise doesn't convince you, the not-so-politically-correct couples should. You want normal het? You got it. You want gay/bisexual teenagers? You got it. You want lesbians? You got it. You want male/asexual or alive people/ghosts? You got it. You want teachers proposing to their students? You fucking got it. And so on. This shit is bananas. Not as much as X and RG Veda, but you know, for the genre itself it's pretty WTF.

By the way, it's not gory as Tsubasa, and I promise you the main characters in CCS are pretty much different from their TRC versions. RLY.

Volume one


Volume two


Volume three


The next volumes in a couple of days.


Feb. 22nd, 2007 10:40 pm
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I'll be staying at my mom's for the next three weeks, starting today.

There won't be Internet problems besides the fact the wireless is so damn WEAK on my room!, so I'll still be around. Just, you know, not as loud.

Meanwhile, I have just succeeded in finding a good NDS emulator! And we all know that means Phoenix fucking Wright, baby!

Everything you need is here. Well, except the ROMs and all, you'll have to find them yourselves, it's not hard ^_^ Now, as how this mess of files work... we're talking about illegal shit and I'm not a good teacher, so I'd google "No$GBA"; there are tutorials on how to make things work in several places, and that's how I learned.

Okay, back to the second turnabout.

ETA on JUNE: Link is broken, download this one instead.
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Personally, and I hope you don't take it the wrong way, Kurosawa's samurai/feudal movies make me sleepy. Still, I remembered these days there was this movie of him I watched late at night years ago, in the middle of an insomnia attack. And it was really pretty and weird and paranoid. Time passed and I discovered by accident it was a Kurosawa movie, and all the different parts were telling of actual dreams the director had had (supposedly).

I'm uploading the first two dreams. Incidentally, they're the least paranoid of the lot (although the windmill village is really pretty and all, but it has this social preach tone going on). They're quite supernatural, probably because they're a child's dreams/nightmares. I don't know, I feel like this could actually happen on XXXHOLiC.

Dream 1: Sunshine through the Rain
The mother tells the boy not to go out in the rain, because that's the weather in which the kitsune celebrate their weddings. The boy doesn't listen to her and runs to the woods, where he peeks at a kitsune wedding procession. When he's busted, he goes back home as fast as he can. However, the mother scorns at him and lets him know a kitsune had come to the house and wants the boy to kill himself with a knife as a punishment. The mother, however, tells him to ask them for their forgiveness. Then the boy walks to the end of the rainbow, looking for the kitsune.
Download video (subtitles)

Dream 2: Peach Orchard
The boy's sister is preparing the doll festival with her friends, but he's sure he had counted five girls instead of four. The fifth girl was a spirit who leads him to the orchard. In it, he finds the spirits of the peach trees, who had taken the forms of a giant set of traditional dolls. They explain him they can't go to his house because his family had cut down all the peach trees from the orchad. But since the boy did love the peach blossoms, they make a dance for him. In the end, after they're gone, the girl comes back. But when he catches her, she turns out to be a lonely, small peach tree in bloom.
Download video (subtitles)

How the subtitles work: I think you can make them work just with BSPlayer, or maybe it's a codec thing. Dunno, just google it because I'm not sure. What I DO know is the subs file must be in the same folder than the avi.


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