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Agsadfghsfh. In three days I've managed to get to the part I was in Persona 4, when I played the NTSC burned version. Maybe it's the fact I paid to own that game what made me so determined. I still suck enormously, of course, and Shadow Kanji beat the crap out of me. My main issue in dungeons is how I run out of SP so fast and the items to replenish are hard to get or made of fail -there must be something other than TaP cans. Fuck you, kitsune, with that price you could fill up my HP as well.

My head hurts, so... I'll take a break with that. I should play a Tales tomorrow instead, to relax.

[livejournal.com profile] kirarakim tagged me a while ago for these memes.

Character thing: Tamaki Suoh )

The other meme: I was given these fandoms. See tags for it )
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1. So new FMA anime on the works

On one hand, I'm not bitter enough to say it's going to suck enormously regardless of how they do it. On the other, I've been brokenhearted enough by anime of my favorite things (incidentally, it wasn't Hagaren itself but XXXHOLiC what kicked me in the nuts the most) not to going to be jumping for joy if/when they say it's based on manga. It could bring good things and funny scenes, perhaps, but BONES does have a history of putting cactus juice in their screenwriters' drinking water. So, I can't be sure they're not going to screw it up, but I'm not grinch enough to be sure so soon it will be screwed up. Benefit of the doubt and all.

(And I'll be sort of pissed if they do an almost flawless adaptation of the manga but it doesn't become as liked as the first series (or more). Or people don't watch it because they've already seen one FMA anime, or try to boycott it because it's not Edward And Alphonse's Most Excellent Gypsy Adventures In Nazi Germany. Urgh.)

2. So new Slayers anime gets C&D'd

I guess this means no relying on LJ to know when clandestine subs will come out, right? GodDAMMIT, I hate it enough when we foreign fans are screwed up by American licenses. But it's even more annoying if it's not even licensed yet to begin with! The levels of paranoia are just so high. I don't know about you guys, but I'll pretty much check illegal torrent sites once or twice a week in hopes to see a sub or resort to slow-as-hell Spanish fansub groups if it doesn't work. I'm not bothering with raws and text translations. I'm multitask, but not that desperate.
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I just downloaded a very LQ raw of Slayers Revolution 05, just to see (and listen to) Xelloss.

...Yeah, I don't know either.

Now I should retake my marathon and start Try, just for Xelloss hijinks.
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My thoughts on yesterday and today's Avatar episodes tomorrow. Some quickies:

1. Bought The World Ends With You on second hand at Game. And as long as the autoplay for the top screen is on, I'm doing fine -about to start day three. Not taking this game seriously, however, since it's Squeenix and Nomura. Besides, Neku and Shiki's character designs are just painful to look at. It's fun to poke and slash at shit with the stylus, so I'll just ignore it. But dayum, and you thought CLAMP characters were anorexic-skinny!

2. Slayers Revolution #3 in two words: LOL JELLYFISH.

3. Suddenly, this week I'm seeing Neil Patrick Harris everywhere. Well, no, only I started How I Met Your Mother and I keep hearing about this Doctor Horrible stuff. But still, weird universe is weird.

4. How did I not see this piece of pure awesomeness before? *_* Apollo Justice characters... wait for it... drawn as Okami characters! ♥ I'm mesmerized by Trucy's hat (so fitting!) and Ema's big drawer of medicines chemicals. ...Thank God Klavier doesn't look that much like Ushiwaka, or I would've needed years of therapy.
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...My heart. It's been stomped, knocked down, covered in darkness, then covered in light, and finally melted in glee.

Why are you so cruel and good to me at the same time, ending of Slayers Next?

afhasgdhgasjdg Lina/Gourry ♥

But shippiness aside, I was just mentioning how lovely in the crack area Next is last night -and damn straight, it is. Today, today it chew me. The love, the friendships, the stubborness. This is how an anime must be to me. It knows when to take itself seriously, and it knows when to be silly or give out fanservice. It's usually hard to find a balance. I think I might have to blame Slayers for making me love comedy-drama equilibrium in some of my fandoms.

Come on, guys. It's fantasy, it's campy, it's filled with explosions and shiny magic, it's got great females, it breaks the fourth wall. But even if there's so much done for the lulz, the plots are also heartbreaking. Just... give it a chance. It's as good as your Doctor Whos and your Gurren Laganns. Hell, for me it is better. Slayers is fucking amazing, and if upload servers such as Megaupload didn't suck so much on me, I'd even share it with you guys.

Ah, time to have dinner.
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Catsitting day two. Things going well, except when I accidentally smashed the chipmunk's paw tip with the cage door. OUCH OUCH. Tried to make it up to him with bread.

Either way, I just finished the first part of Slayers, and let's see if I can finish Slayers Next before Revolution starts. I really enjoyed this season. Like I commented before, I had forgotten Amelia is fucking awesome. I also had forgotten mostly everything about Sylphiel, and honestly? I think she's pretty cool and strong in her own way and doesn't deserve hate. I mean dude, why wouldn't she cry a bit when she just lost everything? Why is it a huge deal that she forms a love triangle? I even thought the crush was cute, and I'm a huge L/G shipper. As the season goes on, her character is less about ZOMGGOURRYSAMA and is extremely useful. And she's not "perfect" enough to be called a canon Sue, either. I guess I might be broken with this anime because I actually like all females people find annoying. I might understand not liking her, sure, but it's not remotely as bad as I imagined. She's a nice girl.
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All and all, it was a shitty birthday with too many instances of Murphy's Laws for my taste. It was boring and annoying and lonely. But thanks to those of you who remembered and congratulated me ^_^ And I'm sorry if I bothered any of you yesterday, since I was also PMSing to boot. My moods swing like a pendulum.

I'm too old for happy birthdays, I reckon.

Either way, since I didn't study yesterday, I rewatched several early episodes of Slayers (actually, I've been watching like one per day). I'm half done with season 1, from which I almost remember nothing. I must say, I had forgotten how hilarious Amelia is in her first episodes ♥

I really wish I could convince you guys who haven't watched it to try out Slayers, if it wasn't so hard to gather/upload the series. It is long, three seasons and all not counting the new anime, but it's a blast. You laugh so much, you get explosions and magic, you get epicness saving the world over and over. It's poking at fantasy archetypes in a good way. Come on, if you can enjoy Doctor Who poking at the sci-fi genre!
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And even more stuff about Slayers Revolution comes out. I honestly, HONESTLY must do a marathon of the previous seasons because I'm psyched and need a fix. And I listen to old openings and endings, and I stare at illustrations and want to make more icons.

ETA: decided to LJ-cut )

...Why am I ranting about Slayers? What's with the tl;dr? Why aren't I lj-cutting this? Why aren't there versions of the OP/ED videos with no credits on them besides VHS-quality Latino Spanish subs? Why do I keep asking questions to myself?
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The more promo info we get for the new Slayers season (LOL Revolution?!), the happiest I'm feeling. Xelloss confirmed kind of makes up for WTF CCS!SAKURA CAMEO IN TRC OVA WHUT.

But nevermind that. In the end, in an act of masochism, I did buy Odin Sphere. I'll start playing when I'm done with this post, but I had to share these jewels of the Spanish translation I saw on the manual:

Oswald -> Oswaldo (...LOL)
Valentine -> Valentia
Pooka -> Puka
Psypher -> Psiferita

I'm in for a ride, amirite? :') I really don't get why they changed Oswald's name and kept the others (well sure, try to "Spanishize" Gwendolyn... but then why not Cornelio instead of Cornelius if we're at it?). And wouldn't it be more natural, if they didn't like Valentine, to change it to Valentín?

...It could be worse, right, but I still don't get it, especially Ozzy's change. Oswaldo, el Paladín de las Sombras XDDD That sounds like something you'd roll in a tabletop RPG, not a character from a story-driven J-RPG.

I'll do the meme [livejournal.com profile] solesakuma tagged me tonight. Y QUE SEPAN, ESTOY TRISTE QUE HICIERAN LA SERENATA MIENTRAS YO DORMÍA /wrist

ETA: Merche, Clow, les mando la portada en la tarde, a más tardar la noche ^^ Perdón, se me olvidó por completo D:

ETA2: Ooooh, the game uses the language the PS2 is configured to. Meaning my texts are all in English :D I won't have to deal with "Oswaldo"! XDDDD
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Probably most of you knew about Japan going retro and making new anime for two old franchises: one Trigun (a movie)... the other Slayers (a TV series).

Now, I heard the news a couple of days ago, but I decided to be impressed about the new Slayers series if and only if it was a Gourry arc. Well, scans from the Dragon Magazine announcement popped in, and who are the characters in the image? Lina. Gourry. Zelgadiss. Amelia. ETA: And Xelloss!

In short, AGDFHGAS DHSGA HFHB ♥ I feel like I'm seventeen again *___*

And now I feel like rewatching the whole anime again, and roleplaying as Lina Inverse. And I think I will, at Mansión as my second (or third...?) pup, when I refresh my memory with a marathon.

In other news, you know what's really uncomfortable about wanting to play a videogame-origined muse? That I have this need to replay their whole canon, notepad open, and write down every fact, every dialog, every third character commenting about them. It doesn't happen to me with anime/manga characters; then again, when I need to know something about those I just open the right volume/.avi and that's it. With videogames, I'm too focused on the plot or the gaming, and having to make gazillion saves for every cutscene/conversation with the character is too geeky or sometimes just impossible.

But my problem is that I -have to- write the info down. I just roll like that. I thought I did it with Ushiwaka because I'm building him a fansite/shrine. But now that I want to roleplay this other game character (I refuse to say who right now, because it embarrasses me), and I knew I had to replay and write things down because Wiki and fansites don't give me enough tidbits and data...? I understood it was me being an as-IC-as-possible geek. Am I the only one doing this?
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Greatest way to wake up the first day of vacations: My package finally arrived! So now I'm the proud (?) owner of the first FMA manga artbook and a Slayers one~~

I'll make a list of the artbooks I own for the heck of it:

  • CLAMP - X Zero
  • CLAMP - X Infinity
  • CLAMP - Hiten Muma (RG Veda)
  • CLAMP - North Side
  • CLAMP - Cardcaptor Sakura Art Book 2
  • CLAMP - Soel to Larg: Mokona Modoki no Bouken (...it's half artbook?)
  • Arakawa Hiromu - Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Araizumi Rui - Slayers Dra-mata

As you see, I don't have a lot of artbooks, but they're still a lot. North Side and the CCS one are the Spanish edition, which are smaller than my Japanese ones but the notes are translated.

On a sidenote, I can't recognize even half of the background people at the Dra-mata XD It makes me wonder which ones I'll remember with a TV series marathon, which ones I'd understand if I watched the movies/OVAs or read the manga series, and which ones would remain an enigma because they're from the Special novels. Confession time: I do have some movie/OVA on CD. I've just never gave a rat's ass for the Naga part of the canon, because I'm too used to Lina having cute, (usually) caring friends, and I fear her past with Naga as associate wouldn't feel like Slayers to me. So I'm not sure I want to poke that canon with a ten-foot pole... does that make me a bad fan?

The Hagaren one is just shiny familiar stuff ♥
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This has been a curious day. Let's start with bullet points:

- By this moment you all must've heard about LJ's new Russian overlords. I still don't know what to think about that soup.

- Chávez lost an election. Chávez lost an election. CHÁVEZ LOST AN ELECTION. OK, I'm sure 80% of you don't really get what's with that, and I don't feel like talking about third-world, banana republic politics, so let's leave it like this: it's something that's never happened before in the history of, like, ever. Cynical me thinks it's a matter of time before Mico-mandante says the results are not valid because... of reasons he just made up or something.

- Since I have some munny, I went and bid for a couple of Japanese artbooks on eBay Spain. The first one is the first Hiromu Arakawa artbook, we all know this one. The second is rarer, and I'm sure someone will outbid me soon: the Dra-mata, a Rui Araizumi's Slayers novel/manga artbook. But really, I had never seen this image O_O It's so cute to find art with the four main characters of the Gourry era looking all happy. And LOL at Zelgadiss blushing! XD His face is all "why the fuck is Amelia clinging to my arm?!"

Eh, I just fear the fact both bids end during a holiday afternoon around the time I'll be having lunch. I'm sort of not counting with winning any. But dammit, now I want to see all of Dra-mata scanned ;_;

- We can't find normal chocolate panettone. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Aren't we, like, two countries away from Italy? And I can't eat the fruitcake one.
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As some of you know, TurboNick are teasing bitches and uploaded Avatar 3x02. Yes, Friday's episode! So I'm giving you the heads up for those who aren't in America like me and can't watch it over there.

The Headband

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] river_nile for telling!

I'll make an entry when I rewatch it this weekend in high quality, but I loved it! It was so, so shiny~~

And in other order of news,
1. Gintama manga was licensed in Spain by Glenat
2. The Slayers novels couldn't be licensed in the end, woes
3. SEEDS (before Studio CLOVER) was bought by this other company and were renamed to PLATINUM. Yuck.

Back to less srs business, such as high school AU Waka roleplaying.
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Now that I'm half done with the Wawku Shrine, I can say with a base I HATE THAT FUCKING DUNGEON. Too bad, because the twin demons and the battles against them with Oki and [insert spoiler character] are pretty cool, but the place itself is HATRED.

Incidentally, I'm way passed the point of no return. No, not in-game, in-fandom. I've already written fic and done graphics that aren't icons. Ahem. I'm screwed, yeah. But I love that game too much.

Speaking of love, eeeeeeeh the Slayers memorial clip is made of win! Lina/Gourry is win. Amelia posing is win. Zelgadis showing up riding what must be the world's stongest horse is win. Xelloss in the distance stalking is win. I miss that series a lot. I really must do a marathon.

Cartoon Network had The Iron Giant on, but I missed the first minutes. What a cute movie! I almost cried.

[livejournal.com profile] haro asked me these (by the way, I'll comment in the meme soon, sorry guys)

shin shunkaden: A one-shot CLAMP manga with their take on a classic Korean love story. Except there's not so much of romance, and the characters are radically different, and there's magic and martial arts. But that's why I like it. The main character is awesome and adorable, and the love interest is extremely cool and flirty and hot. They bicker and eat a lot and set to travel together. Yeah, my kind of ship :D

wish: Another CLAMP series. This is one of the fluffy ones with a naive main character and without gore, so that means it has like no fandom. But I like the secondary and minor characters, especially the archangel and the demon prince who eloped together (and that, kids, shows a CLAMP bishounen IS able to lose an eye in a cute way). Well, I pretty much like everyone but Kohaku and Shuichirou (the first). It's a good change from the waaaangst (even if there IS angst and deaths and tragic destiny).

good omens: Heh, another series with angels and demons. This is a novel written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, so by default it's FTW. It's a humorous take on the apocalypse, although not missing philosophical and psychological issues to address between the jokes. Also great because the main characters are a demon and an angel (who are BFF) who have adapted to human nature too well and don't want the apocalypse to happen, so they have to face their superiors and challenge them. And the antichrist is a normal eleven year-old. And so on. Just for that fact you gotta understand this book is really original and great.

There's a character in Card Captor Sakura called Takashi Yamazaki. His hobby is telling far-fetched, made-up stories to their classmates and girlfriend XD That kid has such the imagination. This image comes from one of his tales, involving the fact emperor penguins can outgrow human beings. I like this lie because it's very Monty Python of him.

If I were a Hogwarts student, I think I might sorted to Ravenclaw (although I do have some Hufflepuff and Gryffindor traits). I liked that claw-esque quote, because I'm a computer scientist and it sounded so true and nerdy. (Source code are the instructions of a program in the language it's been originally written in, or the HTML code of a web page. Basically, if you can read the language and have the code, you can kinda understand what it does, so knowing life's 'source code' would be quite useful)

It's an XXXHOLiC thing. Watanuki, the main character, spazzes a lot. One of his best friends, Himawari, tends to imagine him as an angry kitty almost all the time XDDDD It's funny, really. So here's one of Kitty!Watanuki's scenes. The toy mouse the kitty is bitchslapping is, by context, Doumeki.
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Yes, I just made a post to spam you with this. Because it's SLAYERS. And it is quite AWESOME.

...I think it's time to finally do that marathon, for great justice. Let's see if Okami lets me.

I spam you

Feb. 18th, 2007 06:39 pm
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I scanned this doodle a long time ago, but only now I colored it.

In other news,
1) I'm trying to finish that character and pairing meme today, OR write some fic in Spanish. Please notice it's a logical "or" operator, so it's "at least one".
2) The whole Slayers TV series (all three seasons) is downloaded! *goes fetch blank DVDs*
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I downloaded some Slayers videos (mostly OPs and EDs, but also the scene with the AT-field joke) from here -this page is awesome, it even has summaries of the novels, but in Spanish-, and then I was reflecting on something.

You know, I've read in more than one place how Gourry isn't dumb in the novels. Personally, I'm fond of anime!Gourry since he's like a puppy, but what I've read about book!Gourry gets me excited in my pants? XD and wanting to read the original series.

So, since the anime was targeted as a comedy, they dumbed Gourry out so the violent puns could persist. I can see that...

However, the fact Gourry became a love interest later on, or at least someone who explicitly loved the main character in all the media, and does a lot of things for her and her (and his) friends. And then, a lot of non-canon shippers, instead of saying they like Lina with whoever better, justify themselves by bashing Gourry, and saying he's so dumb and isn't into magic. When the original Gourry isn't half as dim-witted, but they don't know him since they won't read that canon. It's fine to like something alternative; I've done it myself, but I don't attack a character's brains, especially not in an adaptation.

Then the pattern seemed familiar to me. And then I understood that dammit, this is Winry's story!

While Winry's crush on Edward in the anime isn't really there, it is in the manga. And Winry got dumbed down compared to her manga self then again, a lot of characters were. Winry is horribly bashed, even worse than Gourry is. For more, Winry doesn't understand alchemy, just like Gourry isn't a sorcerer.

(Incidentally, by coincidence, they're both blond-haired. It had nothing to do with canon, just as in real life hair color has nothing to do with intelligence, but that won't stop the fandom from doing tacky blond-bimbo jokes.)

There's another ship parallel, which is the female violence towards the guy. Some people fail to see that, while Lina and Winry hit their loved guys when they exasperate them, they still get along with them just fine and the girls consider them their best friends. Also, Lina is still close to her other friends, Zel and Amelia, regardless of her crush on Gourry (...in her own, particular way ^^U). Same with Winry towards Alphonse, although this friendship is in a sibling level.

Has anyone seen this kind of trend in other fandoms? Dumbing down a character when it's animated or adapted to film, and by coincidence he/she ended up liking one of the main characters in the original source?
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Okay, I think I'm obsessing over Slayers all over again ♥ Be still my heart, you have a lot to study.

This news isn't helping. It probably will only be teasing (actually, I hope it is; I like the indirect-yet-obvious canonness of L/G as it is)

...And it's four am. I got distracted by a plotbunny. GO TO BED, ME.

Also, am I the only one in fandom who still thinks Watanuki is BI? I dunno, the fact CLAMP is setting boyfriends on Watanuki on radio shows and the canonness of D/W won't change the fact he has had the hots for a girl, with boobies and no penis and all that. Unless they pull a reversed Li Syaoran on him -aka, it wasn't me, it was my magic attracting you!-, but until then? As bi as Touya Kinomoto for me. And hell, I don't ship him with anyone, so please don't wank on me for my thoughts...
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For my own -and yours, I guess- reference, listing the series I have downloaded or bought over the last couple of months that I should watch/finish watching, but I really ought to be studying instead. No specific order:

- Medium season 1
- Monty Python's Flying Circus season 1
- Firefly
- Blackadder seasons 3 and 4
- Slayers Next (still DLing) and Try

Also, maybe I should download House and Supernatural because I keep forgetting to watch them on TV, and I'm really behind.

Late New Year purpose: importing one or two Slayers novels when I get my Kino no Tabi. It's just that the novel+manga Lina/Gourry ship manifesto left me so djhdjkhfyes. *does ship Lina/Gourry since episode 1 of anime, what's wrong with that?*

Random note: It's a good thing my Tsubasa OTPs are not filled with or are opposed by wanky people. The shipping wars are SO tiresome, and the arguments are so redundant, and it's like everyone wants to share their (or someone else's) thoughts on yaoi in [livejournal.com profile] clamp_rants. So much love to minor pairings no one gives a crap about!

ETA: Noes! I'm supposed to study today! And there's a Detective Conan marathon in Cartoon Network!!
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I think I'm lost with the purpose of the infamous CAPSLOCK comms, besides typing like OotP!Harry Potter would. I go to one and I see silly canon rants, I go to another and I see crackful (and most of the times crappy or tasteless) fanstuff, and I go to some other and they're mocking the idiots with badly-disguised sarcasm. Does it depend on the fandom or the members decide what to be capslock-y about?

I've been thinking about the manganime merchandise I'd love to have one day, probably when I have a job and stuff. Because most of this is expensive:

Wishlist in progress )


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