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No, really, everything looks and sounds so shiny! The main characters, the nextgen characters, the animals (THE CUTENESS!), the spoilers, everything.

I have the feeling that Bolin might be my favorite but it's early to tell with Bryke characters.
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1) I can't recall which ones of you guys live in Japan, but I hope that everyone is fine :<

2) Some people in America are getting Okamiden a few days earlier. CLEARLY, THIS IS KARMA FOR ME GETTING PKMN BLACK SO SOON :| Can't I ever have something shiny first without being screwed somewhere else? *grumbles and waits until the 18th* Oh well, at least Game has a release date in their database so I know they won't pull a Ghost Trick on me.

3) No Korra until 2012? STOP COCKTEASING, DAMMIT!

4) And to feed my Norse mythology phase, I just got The Penguin Book of Norse Myths on the mail plus DWJ's Eight Days of Luke. Oh yeah!

5) The name Luke haunts me. Have I ever mentioned that? Because it does.

With that said, the usual reaction post. This will probably be the last but one post, since shit is getting real next time.

A biker gang now called the Black Munnas. That's both cute and creepy )
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So, remember I mentioned the rumors about what Avatar: The Legend of Korra was about?




♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Incidentally, Tenzin has to be at least an adult, right? I hope he's similar to his dad so we can has a quirky dorky mentor :D
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Anyway, here's a reflection. Next generation sequels: cash cows, butchers of canon, chances for more cool world building? For my bitter nitpicking over everything Okamiden, it would seem I'm against them as a subgenre. But... no, actually. It's a case-to-case thing to me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's awesome, sometimes I want to send bomb letters to the one who had the brilliant idea.

More ranting )

Why am I bringing this rant up? Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I'm not freaked out about it just because it's nextgen. I'll wait for more details to form an opinion. I do like the rumors I've heard (happening 100 years later, Korra being the next Avatar, a waterbender, AND a female: if that's the case, it'll be timeskip legacy OMC-as-dead-mentor nextgen, and it sounds so potentially cool with focusing on a female Avatar this time)
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So apparently there's an Avatar: The Last Airbender artbook out right now. And it's more of a fanbook or a guide with sketches and reference images and comments from Bryan and Mike. So, pretty much like Okami's! I guess I might eventually buy it, but I sure hope someone scans it on the meantime. It sounds sweet.

Aaaand there's nothing more to say today! So here are the answers to the unpopular opinions meme. Just in case you want to go "how DARE you!" on me XD

ETA: WAIT! Another one! I'll do this eventually, just not before Wednesday.

Leave a comment with a question or anything you would like to hear from me and I'll post the answers or whatever you asked in a mp3.

I think my webcam records in .wav, though.
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Okay, this is just too good. King Bumi vs. Toph Earthbending fighto! Man, I love the Nick Magazine comics for Avatar, they're so adorable.

And afterwards, I was reading the previous comics online. And I was reminded to ask myself, again, why the hell I like the Earth King. One of the worst monarchs ever in my fandoms. I'm guessing it's just out of "moe" factor. Yeah... with so many <16-year-old characters, and I find a grown man moe.

I now want to write a crossover with the Earth King and Peony IX arguing over whose pet(s) are the cutest, Bosco or the bunch of rappigs. Oh, bother. Well, Peony could teach him a bit about how to rule a country and still be a groovy dork, since they're at it.

Ah, and some old games finished downloaded here, so I tried them out for about an hour each:

Katamari Damacy: I own and love We Love Katamari, but I was never able to try the first game since. Well. I'm in Europe and it was never brought and stuff. So far it's pretty easy although it might be in comparison since I'm already experienced. The sequel is also more appealing when it comes to several things, although flying through space gives a better illusion of LOL ALIENS COSMOS ROYALTY.

The Royal Rainbow is gross. ILU King, but srsly. WTF. Even for Katamari standards.

(...Oh, right. The Earth King is still a better ruler than King of Cosmos. I guess if a king is flashy or headache-inducing enough, I can deal and like him...? ANYWAY.)

Psychonauts: I have no idea because it kept freezing during the intro. So much for trying this one. Also, I spent like one minute trying to find the way to start the game for the first time. I... guess it's original enough, yes.

Maaaan, I wanted to try this shit so hard. *crais moar*

Tales of Legendia: I figured it'd play as smooth as Abyss since they're from the same year and all. First of all, I went and threw my conceptions out the window, or otherwise I'd have a hard time adjusting to a Tales game that isn't from Team Symphonia and with artwork that isn't Fujishima's. I got used to the character design, yeah, but I was still a bit "...shit is weird" at the whole layout and visuals (I liked that they talk sometimes all anime-skit-like, but it was still O_o).

But man, the fights! It's like playing Phantasia again, and I hated TOP's gameplay. I definitely prefer TOS/TOTA's illusion of 3D. What's up with cooking on ovens, BTW? And mind you, I could stand the doomed gameplay if the plot and characters were interesting (I mean, I haven't dropped P4), but so far Senel is a total Allen-Walker-cosplayer bore and I barely know his sister to give a damn. I do give Will the benefit of the doubt because the guy's got a dragon skeleton/fossil hanging from his ceiling and that's nerdly hardcore. So I'll keep up a bit more for [livejournal.com profile] telrunya; it might get better when the cast grows larger.
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Agsadfghsfh. In three days I've managed to get to the part I was in Persona 4, when I played the NTSC burned version. Maybe it's the fact I paid to own that game what made me so determined. I still suck enormously, of course, and Shadow Kanji beat the crap out of me. My main issue in dungeons is how I run out of SP so fast and the items to replenish are hard to get or made of fail -there must be something other than TaP cans. Fuck you, kitsune, with that price you could fill up my HP as well.

My head hurts, so... I'll take a break with that. I should play a Tales tomorrow instead, to relax.

[livejournal.com profile] kirarakim tagged me a while ago for these memes.

Character thing: Tamaki Suoh )

The other meme: I was given these fandoms. See tags for it )
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Guess who's "modding" her PS2 to play non-Europe-released games :D

...Okay, a big part is playing Abyss on my own. The second reason is that I'm intrigued by Persona 4, but I'm not spending money on a turn-based RPG -I'm perfectly aware it never ends well with me.

...It's just that. Crossdressing girl genius who's a srs bsns detective. Sob.

Uuuuuuh, you know what? Don't mention again Shamalamadingdong's Avatar live-action crap again in front of me. So much fail in so little time. I'd rather become a Pharaoh of Denial and pretend it's not happening, instead of participating on the ongoing, never-ending wank. Unless, you know, there are news of a cast/crew member who actually is racially sensible or isn't a complete ignorant about the canon.

I'll just say that the Koreans wear KIMONO and Belgians wear LEDERHOSEN coming from the casting director? Suddenly it *all* makes fucking sense. In this failboat kind of way, that is. If someone like this is in charge...

So yeah, let me know only if there's someone smart working in this oxymoronic whitewashed mess of a movie.
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1. I see FMA is still nightmare fuel. I approve, in a "sjhgfsg! DX" kind of way. I see Hohenheim sort of ships my OTP. I approve, in a "squee! ♥" kind of way. ILU Hoho, you pretty old man.

2. Everything has been said about Avatar's whiter-than-dry-cleaners casting news, so I'm not going to rant about it or comment on posts. Just mention I find it more depressing than rage-worthy. I think I'll just ignore the existence of this movie and people defending this disaster; I could've thought about watching it for the lulz before, but it wouldn't be funny anymore. I'm sticking with the cartoon, okay?

3. People who think Windows is the beginning and the end of operative systems, and find Linux/MacOS to be teh dev0l are ignorant, yes. But to be fair, I think Linux cultists who put Microsoft in the pedestal of evil, and are convinced that other people must see the light and convert to open source, are just as much of an idiot. Can't we just use the OS we want (or all of them, even!) and leave others to pick the fuck they want? It's software, not a religion!*

4. Do you guys know any good stock icon maker who won't f-lock their icons in a "members only" comm? I want to hunt for some for my Inksome account, which I haven't used because of my lack of userpicks. I prefer animals over random objects, if you need to know, but either are fine.

* Same thing could be said about console wars, ship wars, et cetera.
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First of all, some fanart recs, mostly funny comic strips. None of them have finale spoilers!

Aang and Zuko ended up in the wrong ruins. Guys, hilarious crossover.

Mike and Bryan get bodyguards against fanbrats

Pretty season 2 Zuko and Iroh

Speaking of Zuko and Iroh... (slight spoilers) )
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Oh, but first! I won Tales of Symphonia on eBay. For less than 40€ Ufufufufu.

And you know what's really annoying? That I'm getting hooked to TWEWY's gameplay. I'm a multitasking masochistic, obviously. I'm finishing the first week. Sadly, the only one from the kids I liked was the one who got erased first (OF COURSE). The only character I like overall so far is Hanekoma. Neku annoys the crap out of me.

But back to cooler stuff! More Avatar finale thoughts as I rewatch )

And that's it! It's finally done.
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I was too sleepy/high yesterday to make this post.


But first! The previous two episodes. Spoilers to the finale, though )

And now, impressions on Sozin's Comet as I rewatch it! (part 1 and 2) )

Will continue later. Time to study a bit. The next entry will be shorter, I suppose, because it's mostly fights and all. And more incoherent, I suspect.


Jul. 15th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Epic Avatar finale trailer is epic! :OOO


Since I might never play any Final Fantasy XIII-verse game, and if I do it'll be after like three years it's out to be tossed aside again, I don't really give a damn about the E3 wank. It is fun to read, though. Besides, my brothers pretty much own every modern console BUT the Playstation3 (their favorite console is the 360)

And probably I'm weird, but visually speaking I find FFXIII more attractive than FFXIII Versus from the trailers and images I've seen. I think the two girls in XIII look prettier than all that pile of bishounen in Versus (the megane is sort of cute, though). And besides sue me, I like it better when main characters in a videogame are female.
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Sigh, I'm sorry. I've been sort of emotional lately. I should be nicer to you guys, stop whining, not getting worked up for petty things no one but me gives a shit about. Even when Amazon's stock ruined my perfect birthday present woes. So, I'll try to smile more. I'll try to intimidate you guys less. I just don't know how to be nice or likable or charismatic. I'd feel like it's forced or something.

I'll do some of the letters I was given in the alphabet meme, but there are still a lot without claim. So, you can still ask? ^^;

Ranting about: Avatar, Genfic, Hats, Pets, Shounen, Umbrellas )
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...Just in case you were wondering, I wrote this theory about Watanuki like two days ago right after I woke up and had read translations. And it was ridiculous because, well, apparently I can't keep up with canon info because CLAMP are going too fast for me, and a lot of people pointed mistakes out of the stuff I wrote. So I felt embarrassed, like I was one of those fanbrats with retarded theories, and deleted the entry. Um. I'm sorry. And never ever writing theories after waking up again.

Life on Larg, the desktop: Most of the times it freezes before starting Windows or after some minutes. So I've been pretty much chilling in safe mode. And it sucks. In safe mode it won't recognize sound, so no music or video. And Photoshop won't run because I lack the user privileges (dude, I'm the only user, WTF). I still can surf the Internet, at least!

Buuuut this morning the normal mode worked for about half an hour, so broke into Photoshop and was able to revamp my profile around!

Check it out

It's now less clustered, and I liked that I added a favorite fandoms list. Now I won't be suffering when I try to remember all series and things I'm into.

It wasn't long enough to see the Avatar ripped episodes, though D: So what did I do? Pass the avi files to my USB key and then watch it on my portable DVD player. So nifty!

I'd make a post about The Boiling Rock, but I'm in this fangirl goo state due to much kickass~~~~~ Like, everyone was awesome. Every-fucking-one! And the girls were all so amazing. I don't even know where to start or what relationship (friendship, family, my OTP!) I liked the most. I'm like beyond words.
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Note: EVERY video is an Avatar spoiler.

Season finale trailer so epic.Can't wait!

And really, can't be bothered to care if there's more Aang/Katara or Zuko/Katara in them, you know, because I'm staying in the puddle of glee that is my Sokka/Suki corner ♥ OTP!

OMG LMAO ROFL, funniest thing I've watched.
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New layout: [livejournal.com profile] amewarashi

...of course, when I say "new layout", I mean "leaving the exact same CSS and colors, but putting a new header". Eh, I'm simple.

Either way, I'm afraid I'll be slower in RPs this week. I have to teach Math to the brothers again (siiiiigh), which means being at my mom's for some days, and since I'm going straight from uni this Tuesday that means not bringing my laptop. I'm still around today and tomorrow, but I can't be on the PC all day because I have to prepare the exercises. I HATE THAT SHIT.

BTW [livejournal.com profile] fujurpreux, they just saw Thales' Theorem XD But I can't teach them with the Les Luthiers song because they didn't see the bisectriz part and that'd confuse them.

Oh, and before I forget. I know there was a page or two for watching Avatar online. Do you remember the URL of any? I lost several episodes and I'm too lazy to download them one by one, yet I'll need to rewatch it.
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Avatar 3x13 was FUCKING AWESOME. Spoilers )

Oh, for the love of... Well, I've been trying to finish the Phoenix Wright saga these days. I'm half done with Trials and Tribulations, and pretty much spoiled about the two last cases. That's not the bad part. While some pairings are intriguing me, I've gotten pretty well without shipping anything... Until yesterday. Goddammit. I can't believe I have a favorite couple now, and such an obscure one to top that. I doubt I'll get any fanworks for that.

I don't even dare to say what it is. It's not anything fucked up or the like, but it's so... I don't know, I feel I'd be ridiculed because one of the halves is pretty silly. I think they're adorable, though.

Let's see how predictable I am :D Try to guess my PW OTP just with that info and with the kind of ships I dig XDDD ETA: Pretty predictable. Was busted at the first attempt O_O
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Avatar 3x12: I'm not going to spoil it, but it was soooo dorky XD Very LOL to Zuko's fail expenses. And Toph is awesome.

FMA 78: Mmmm hobo Hoho )

And you know, I have a pet peeve. Seeing someone saying "oh, even though [main character's name] didn't appear, it was a pretty good chapter!" boils my blood as much as someone bashing it because of the lack (or existence) of him/her/it. It just sounds condescending. The fact people may think -even subconsciously- less of a chapter, episode, or arc if it lacks the protagonist is appalling. I mean, I've loved main characters in many series, but secondary and minor characters can (and will, depending of the fandom) manage to make things very interesting by themselves! I can understand finding it boring if you dislike the focus character, because it's happened to me a lot, but looking down on everything all the time if your hero(ine) is MIA? Graaah.
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No, really, it seems like almost every fucking fandom I love competed for attention and shook new canon at me. And mind you, I LOVED it. I had such an unproductive day, between this and [livejournal.com profile] anime_lj_tcg silliness.

Avatar 3x10 & 3x11 on Leak-elodeon )

New HOLiC... )

New FMA... )

By the way, I finally bought the manga I was pending:
- Eye gourmet nom nom Tsubasa #16
- Fullmetal Alchemist #09

Incidentally, this is what Editorial Norma chose: Lan Fan and Hu. Hurray! My OTP's names are written in my volumes as I write it! And I like Hu better than Who, LOL.


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