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You know, I'll be frank. I left the TRC/HOLiC fandom several months ago (I wish I could say the CLAMP fandom overall, but they might do an actual good manga one day). Why? Because it's not of my taste anymore and I slowly stopped caring about characters and pairings I liked, just like that. I never said it explicitly on LJ, because I'm not an attention whore and I don't announce it when I drop a series. Not even when it was the fandom I was the most active in the past few years. Several of you still like one or both of those series, and I want to respect that even when I strongly disagree right now about the quality of these manga.

I still used to read spoilers. After all these years, and following it from their very beginning, I was slightly curious about the closure despite of my now indifference.

But you know, guys? Enough is enough. When it comes to Tsubasa, I will follow the spoilers because it's practically done and they can't ruin it more for me. And if the ending sucks, I want to read any possible wank.

When it comes to XXXHOLiC? After how much #186 physically repulsed me? THAT MANGA DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE. I will definitely stop. Cut for angry rant, vague spoilers, and unpopular opinion )

Why am I posting this, then? I needed to let it go, I suppose. And well, I know some of you friended me back from when I was in this fandom, and you might be bearing with my other posts for that. So if you want to defriend me after all this vitriol, or because you don't care about my posts for other fandoms, go ahead 'cuz I'm fine with it ^_^

PS: If CLAMP fuck up with someone related to Clow again, especially CCS characters, let me know anyway.
PS2: Tiny spoiler )
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Or they were nine years ago. Durrrrrr.

Do you remember the part in Cardcaptor Sakura where Clow Reed dies and reincarnates as other people? They only repeat it, oh, through the whole last arc.

So, when Yuuko dies, she's not going to rejoin Clow in the afterlife and un-live together happily ever after, you know? He's not there! He's in Japan, being Fujitaka Kinomoto and Eriol Hiiragizawa. And even if they meet each other in a next life, he's only going to be half Clow, thus a completely different person. Unless Ohkawa retcons the whole argument to Yue, that is.

In short, they don't get a "happy ending".

Well, not quite; at least not a romantic, shippy one: Yuuko spoilers to latest Tsubasa chapters ), and Clow finally isn't mortified by his powers and their repercutions. They got what they wanted, as characters, and the kids they loved and protected will (probably) live well; that's their happy ending. But no, no fairy tale romance ending for them, dumbasses. Then again, that's a logical conclusion since Clow has been truly dead from years now.

And even if I'm disenchanted with TRC and HOLiC from a while ago, I'm glad they will get to rest from all that shit and move on. They're free now. I'm fine with the way Clow/Yuuko turned out. I didn't need the kind of ending the fans are imagining now.

...All this unless CLAMP retcons something again, that is.

And I want to pretend Yuuko said that line because either she's hallucinating from her state, or the translation in English is vague.

TRC 201

Oct. 4th, 2008 03:58 pm
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Let the plotholes and the retcon begin?

ETA: Wait a second. spoilers, obviously )

ETA2: Natsume 05. OMG A CAPYBARA YOUKAI SO CUTE! ♥ /easily distracted
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You know how I keep saying I can't ship Watanuki with anyone else?

NOT TRUE ANYMORE. There's a pairing I'd love to see involving him...

...and Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou. SRSLY. Perfect match!

I'm on episode 4. I wanted something sweet to compensate yesterday's kick in the nuts. I think I'll finish season one over the weekend since it's short. Man, I missed this kind of paranormal stuff so damn much ever since XXXHOLiC schedule became so... slow. This series is just what I needed for my fix ♥

I honestly need crossovers with this shit. And not only for my crack pairing. I want Nyanko-sensei interacting with CLAMP characters so badly. Please stop me from apping him at Mansión, please.
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We had a big-ass electrical storm last night. It was so hardcore, we had a blackout for a few seconds. And when I woke up today, we had no TV/cable TV/Internet connection until 3:00 pm or so.


So I say to myself not to worry, just play some videogames since I hadn't touched a console since I returned from my mom's (actually, from before). So I went and retook Symphonia.

Except not. I left my Gamecube memory card there because it's not anywhare, and I checked a lot. Or I thought so. They were looking for it at my mom's and they can't find it.


But my brother had lent me a PS2 control of theirs. Nothing some Okami or Katamari can't cure, right?


Maybe I should just take those incomplete fanfics and write a bit to relax.


...D-did I piss on a deity's altar and this is celestial punishment? ;_; Worst morning ever.

ETA: Also, while rereading XXXHOLIC #12, Watanuki made me cry. So much for never crying over CLAMP manga. That's Himawari, Mokona Modoki, and now Watanuki. See a pattern?
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This morning, I was considering to put Kimihiro.net in an official hiatus. Like, making a splash as the front page and announce it formally, as I haven't touched the fansite in over a year.

What I want to do (in theory) is waiting for the series to end, and THEN updating the character profiles and making full-length summaries. With all these pauses I can't recall most of the things they've said by now. Also, I get the feelings I must make sections with Tsubasa to explain WTF is happening, and I ain't touching that one-eyed (pun intended) monster until all the Watanuki-related TWISTS!1! are revealed throughout both series.

Yet now I see we're getting more Hiatus Of Doom in the magazine (you know the type: stopping it until they're caught up with TRC's current mindfuck in order to crossover) during most of July and possibly all of August. At this pace, I'll be pretty much forsaking the poor site for years if I wait for CLAMP.

There's also the fact I have to collect all information and download goodies about Kei. I never made an anime gallery, either. And to be honest, I'm dreading the whole thing because I'm not giving a damn. I'm not even looking forward to the OVA. I don't want my site to look so... with so many anime sections. Like, 1) movie, 2) first season, 3) second season, 4) OAD. But I have to make it complete or I'd feel bad about it. /thoughts on yaoi HOLiC anime

tl;dr: So, I don't know what to do about the fansite. With the anti-climatic way the serialization is going, I'm not feeling so enthusiastic about the series to have the website updated and complete, or at least not until the manga ends (which will be around when TRC ends, let's be honest). And I give a fuck about the anime. Any thoughts? What would you do? Should I just put a hiatus note to say all the info is obsolete until further notice?
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Gah, my internet connection sucks from last night. I'll try to reply to emails and RP threads through the day. Last day of catsitting, BTW.

TRC spoilers? )

But anyway, the BEST PART: the XXXHOLiC Kei drama, aka HAY GAYS, YOU CAN HAS MOAR CLOW REED )
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As much as I want to play Tales of Symphonia, no. I'm NOT bidding over 40€ (shipping included) over eBay for a goddamn Gamecube game. Ninety-something US dollars or more for an old videogame is RIDICULOUS.

One note: Project Rub is the most annoying DS game I have ever played. Those minigames are hella hard. I have no idea how my brother finished that crap.

Either way, something I noticed right now. Remember the first chapter of XXXHOLiC?

By giving out your birthday, you have given over the control of your whole life.

...Remember that the guardian's birthdates in Cardcaptor Sakura are kept a secret? It makes a lot of sense. Imagine if someone could control a magician's guardian. Clow (and later on Eriol) is not one to leave an opening like that for a rival. Controlling a guardian for them to pull something on their master would be very low. So even if it were CLAMP being too lazy to come up with their birthdays, or they had seen it in advance, it doesn't clash at all with HOLiC's magic system.


Jun. 18th, 2008 11:47 am
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1. Downloaded Firefox 3, but I'm not going to install it until at least LJLogin and Adblock Plus are compatible. I guess I just did it for the Guinness record attempt.

2. Today's gonna be boring. Tomorrow's gonna be more boring. I should make an exception of my non-IM-or-IRC studytiems rule tomorrow night at least. I'm feeling really lonely...

3. But at least we're getting an upgrade of our cable box tomorrow. With this, we'll have more channels and be able to set original audio for some shows.

4. I kinda wish Doumeki's MUNCH scene will become a sort of HOLiC minimeme of its own. So I can go all pffft on it whenever I see it and counterattack with the first thing I think when I see the sound:

...Now I MUST make an animated icon of Doumeki saying "Quiet, please. It's snack time. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH." as soon as I'm more free.
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1. Matantei Loki Ragnarok Spoilers for the end of the *manga* )

2. XXXHOLiC ♦ Kei. I didn't watch the first episode but I checked on a picspam can't remember where. It still looks all fugly, and it's barely episode one. This manga just can't be animated for fuck. The opening was fine, but I liked 19 Sai better. Haven't checked the ending, but you know... fuck anime!"Mokona".

3. Okami. OMG OMG OMG.


Also, this official gallery website is made of win because they have all these cleaned versions of characters and enemies that are perfect to use on graphics, plus wallpapers and submitted fanarts. CAPCOM, rock on! ♥ And people with a Wii who haven't played Okami, please check it out and see how pretty and quirky the artwork is. *puppy eyes*
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1. LEGO Zelda *___*

2. A memo to Japan: The obligatory Alice in Wonderland filler episode in anime was a cool thing... in the year 2000, that is! Maybe it's because it's so overdone, but every time one of my fandoms pulls that one, I go "shit, that's lame". I think I only liked it in Slayers (because it was so fucked up) and CCS. Anyway, I literally facepalmed when I saw they're doing it in HOLiC♦Kei.

Also, P.I.G, you're made of fail! Perfect opportunity to dress Watanuki up with Victorian BOY clothes, and instead you go with the stupid blue dress. That's no good fanservice, it's cliché. And I KNOW it's gonna make it harder for us sane fans to make people understand the series is not a buttsecks fest thanks to that retarded crap. No, really, THANK YOU. /fumes

3. Oh, Amazon.

Buy this item with [second item] today!
Total List Price: $49.98
Buy Together Today: $48.98

...That's not such a big save? One fucking dollar.

4. Since the Spanish-speaking part of my flist is in an RP frenzy -yours truly included-, thought this could help the permission meme filling: Japanese blood types and personality. Just in case you want to come up with your character's. Si les doy una, Klavier será tipo O y Lina tipo AB.

5. That icon meme.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

First batch )

Yeah, I know I still have to reply the previous meme x__x
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I'll comment on the last post later on the afternoon.

1. Siiiiiiiiigh. Just as I thought. I failed OS2, horribly.
ETA: Oh, but I got the equivalent of a B in OI! So in the end, 2/3 passed. But still, ugh ugh will go to September ugh.

2. I've thought about it, and maybe the issue with the desktop isn't hardware misfunction. I can't remember the last time I cleaned up the computer inside, so I wouldn't be surprised it's the fans all covered in dust and crap, and this is just a nasty case of overheating.

So maybe I should give it to someone to clean it up.

3. My brothers have become fourteen-year-old XBOX-tards. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is they want to convert me.

Ale: Don't you want to try the Bioshock demo?
Me: No, I'm not into that FPS thing.
Ale: But it's not like that. It's horror and psychologic thriller.
Me: I'm not into that, either. Otherwise I would've played a Resident Evil or Silent Hill ages ago.

Danny: Why don't you buy a 360?
Me: The game catalog doesn't have anything I want.
Danny: Halo 3.
Me: I don't like shooters.
Danny: But it's fun!
Me: I don't care. Not my thing.

Geez. I wonder if this is an improvement on when they try to convert me to World of Warcraft, or the contrary. At least with WoW they kind of respect my decision because it's like a fucking drug and they recognize it's smart from my part to stay the hell away from it (because they can't understand me not liking MMORPGs, either). But either way, all they buy these days are FPS for the 360, so I can't borrow new games from them anymore.

4. You know how CLAMP doesn't make me cry? Well, rereading HOLiC #10 made me a bit teary-eyed. It's amusing, because I never expected that the closest to crying I've been with this is because of Himawari. So screw the haters, she's awesomesauce.
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A couple of questions for the Japanese speakers. Please any help? ;_;

1. Does this name 君尋 really mean (or can mean) "prophet"? I'm sick of seeing it everywhere and really, since when Wikipedia is a trustworthy source for fandom info? *remembers that "Waka is a Celestial" crap and grits teeth*

2. I'm curious to see a translation of this:

(I know it looks awful D: I only found a video on Niconico and there are no HQ videos of that. The screencap looked even more unreadable, if possible.)
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No, really, it's not epic. It's fucking boring.
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1. I've noticed it before, but it was obvious again last night. You know, I've never actually cried over a CLAMP manga. Not matter how depressing or unfair it is, no matter if it's my favorite characters dying like flies, no matter how touching someone's story is, no matter how attached to the characters I am.

I don't know, man. There must be something in their stories. Even if someone in HOLiC kicked the bucket, even if I love all the cast, I wouldn't cry. I just know it. I'd pout and mope, but I can't see myself in tears.

And before you guys call me OMGinsensitive, I've cried over lots of fandoms, for both good and bad things. Last week Godot and the Feys made me cry, for instance. Just with the eye water from One Piece and Furuba alone I could fill a bucket. So I wish I knew why CLAMP tragedies leave me so emotionally empty inside.

2. Clow Reed and Sakura (any of them)'s powers have a lot of bird feather symbolism/motives. Fei Wang puts a bat emblem on even the tiny whiskey cups. Remember all the X artwork with bird wings opposing to bat wings? I'm guessing that means antagonism in CLAMP art.

Yuuko also has a winged symbol: the butterfly (effect).

3. By the way, will the old man who received the shadow Clover birds make a comeback? It would be neat if he had a part in all of this with a very strange twist (and not the obvious possibility), but I wonder if it was just them fucking with our minds and he has nothing to do with FWR. Or he was supposed to, but they forgot...
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No, I didn't forget. I just got my soul eaten by roleplay yesterday and I didn't post. I WAS on MSN just in case you showed up, though.

Feliz cumpleaños, [livejournal.com profile] telrunya

Also, I must be nuts and a bad HOLiC fan for being glad about slight spoilers for the next chapter )

Also, Bunny comics made Black Books :DDDD


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