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Don't mind me, I feel like I have to comment on the silly yet amazing news that is the Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover game for the 3DS. Yes, it's legit. I'm torn between OMG WHY SO EPIC and OMG IS THIS CRACK FOR REAL. I CAN'T EVEN. Also, this is the coolest Gyakuten news in a long time, and of course Eshiro isn't involved while Shu Takumi is. CONCLUSION: LET TAKUMI ALONE HANDLE THE FRANCHISE FROM NOW ON, OKAY?

Too bad they didn't adapt Phoenix and Maya to the Layton art style. I think they can rock that look, their canon already being an anime cartoon of sorts and all.

If Edgeworth isn't in the game and people wank about it, I'll laugh my ass out.

But yes, coolest official crossover idea since that Dragon Ball/One Piece AU one-shot. Too bad I suck at Layton games and I have yet to finish the first one ;;

ETA: IMPORTANT! I read in a forum where does Kurou's name come from. Actually it's a part of Minamoto no Yoshitsune's full name. The kanji mean "ninth son", but that's meaningless in Okamiverse (...I hope so, imagine 9 mini-Wakas). LOL screenwriters, still throwing bizarre Yoshitsune references on Ushiwaka-related stuff?

ETA2: ...No plans for Layton/Wright in the West. Tiiiiime to break out my "capcom sucks so much tag", sigh. I knew this post was too happy.
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[livejournal.com profile] outou pointed me out that Pixiv is an effective place for spoilers. On one hand, now I know what I wanted to know. Good, it's not the worst option! It gives me more questions, but they're new questions at least! On the other, now I know the particulars of the thing I vaguely heard they were going to pull, and I think I didn't want to know about that one. The implications of both facts is very D: to the point it's eclipsing my distrust of the game itself with just... staring at angsty fanarts of Japanese fanon forever. Like Waka didn't have enough of those already.

So I guess I'll have to pull my big girl panties and...

Eshiro, you do hate everything I love. But hey, I made a silly animated gif!

And now I'll shut up about Okamiden, at least for a while. Spoilers will surely be in comments, instead of being a normal gal and use a cut.
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1. Quick PSA for those who are into Pokémon games. I have quite a few baby Gastly from a daycare frenzy, so if you want one check this out and we can trade. They're all gallegos Spanish.

2. In Okamiden news (bleaaagh), the chibi Waka clone has official art and a name now. His name is Kurou (and dude, does that katakana give me flashbacks, as it's the same as Clow). I suspect it comes from crow, as in the karasu tengu myth. To my infinite horreur, his speech patterns are similar (using "mii" for I) and they actually recycled Waka's voice acting -if you can call that voice or acting- with him.

3. Man, I miss it when my seinen manga were more interesting. Voiiiiiid.
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So I wake up in a world with Gyakuten Kenji 2 coming up. And Edgeworth is still the main character.

Sigh. Where's my "Stephen Colbert re: Eshiro pissing on my fandom cereal" gif again?

Here we go.

And I'm copy-pasting my comment at the [livejournal.com profile] gyakuten_saiban post on why this mom is disappoint.

I was expecting a GK coming sooner, with Takumi not involved recently, so that wasn't that heartbreaking... but still. Meh.

b) Ah, it's also an Edgey game? Are they all GK/AAI games going to be his? Eshiro, drop your fanboy boner for him for a sec, because you can't see the potential of this series. Haven't they thought of rotating the prosecutor? One game with Franziska, one game with Godo-- wait, how is that going to work if he only takes cases with Phoenix?-, one game with Klavier ♥ (AND EMA AS THE DETECTIVE OH GOD PLEASE NO MORE LITTLE THIEF BULLSHIT I WANT THE SCIENCE GIMMICKS BACK), and so on. I know Edgeworth is the fan favorite and he sells like hot bread, but it would be more fun like this. I want to play as Klavier ;;

Hell, I'm the only person in the world who dislikes Franziska intensely, but I'm more than willing to put up with her bratty POV if this means the chance to get a Klavier game this decade.
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→ I think I understand why I'm not doing a 30-days meme yet. I'm too indecisive so I'm bound to get stuck at it. (Okay, and I still haven't found one that convinces me entirely. Maybe I should say screw it and do any of them anyway, just to update more than once a week.)

→ Haha wow, this is the fugliest piece of Okami merchandising I have EVER seen. Really, CAPCOM? Finally a figure of Amaterasu and she looks like a scary feral dog with rabies and face cancer designed by a 14-year-old furry fanartist? SON I AM DISAPPOINT. I'll be over here, puking and hoping I don't have nightmares tonight.

→ Speaking of hype I don't get, I'm not really interested in Catherine, the latest ATLUS mindfuck project. It's not the horror or eroticism what turns me off. I could get through random porn scenes if the plot was good, maybe, if the case was different. I'm just very conflicted by this game being titled with a female name while the main character is a man whose profile sounds quite douchebag to me. And the Catherine person? Oh, she's a literal femme fatale who seduces dudes in dreams to kill them or something like that? Oooh, sexy women are evil and scaryyyy. Oh, the poor guys are victims of sexuality and oh, the manpain to have your ex-girlfriend pregnant. Of course. Whatever. Stay classy, ATLUS. Pizza cheese never looks like semen. I-I guess? IDEK

→ Oh the other side of the spectrum, I tried Persona 2: Eternal Punishment in a PSX emulator. Why this one first and not Innocent Sin, you ask? FEMALE ADULT PROTAGONIST, BOOYA. I like having an adult party in a JRPG. Except this is one of those SMT games where you get your Personae/demons by negotiation. Goddammit, I hate negotiations, I never know what to say and I always get it wrong. It's a shame the gameplay is putting me off, since from what I played (2 hours, sure, but still) the plot was intriguing. And Philemon is hot intrigues me too.

→ Incidentally, it's impossible to import P3P to Europe. All stores are forbidden to ship it to the EU countries. I wonder if it's common bullshit for all PSP games, or ATLUS is planning to localize it one of these years. Or maybe they're just jerks.

→ It breaks my heart how much I care about the Apollo Justice (the game) sometimes. I swear I could make a shrine just with my extensive (and probably unpopular) opinions about Klavier Gavin. It might be because he's my favorite character to RP as, so I give too much thought to his characterization. I care a lot about all the main characters in that subfandom, but he really depresses and cheers me up at the same time.

This post is depressing! And two days for the next Ouran chapter in Japan, so even more depressing. I'm going to watch happier things, like stupid British TV or something.
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Act I: In which there are rumors about Amaterasu in MvC3.
Kiri: *mindboggles*
Kiri: *doesn't believe it*
Kiri: *is not sure if want*
Kiri: Well, she'd kick Thor's ass, I guess.
Act II: In which it is announce that both gods are in.
Kiri: *fumes*
Kiri: *fumes some more*
Kiri: She made more sense in Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM! You guys suck!
Kiri: *looks at screencaps* Oh look, Ammy is totally kicking Thor's ass |D
Act III: In which a gameplay trailer comes out.
Kiri: *stares in awe*
Inner 11-year-old Kiri: OMG SHE'S POSING WITH CHUN-LI
Kiri: I-it looks badass...
Kiri: ......O-okay, I still resent she's not in TvC but. I'm not mad anymore.

Too bad the Marvel side of this game is such a sausage fest.


Do you recall [livejournal.com profile] reflections_2? It was like [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto, but to make essays about animangame characters you love. The place is dead now, and the non-Japanese-fandom mirror comm is not that active, and it makes me sad because I feel like rambling about how a character I really like. I suppose I could go to [livejournal.com profile] hated_character, since this was inspired by an opinion on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets -that wretched hive of scum and villainy- but I'm not sure if he's as hated as I think he is.

It's funny that I'm so used to hear that Klavier Gavin is a flat character that I don't retort anymore. Haters gonna hate. We agree to disagree. I was more boggled at how I keep seeing people making his brother issues a whole lot worse than I believe they are. And a lot of RP versions of Klavier I've seen in LJ do seem to take some fanon dependency on Kristoph thing at heart. WTF, where is that dependency in the canon? I'd rather see people calling him flat.

Eh, I should replay the last case and pay special attention at those scenes. And whatever I do, I shouldn't make a list of PW characters who I consider to be flatter than Klavier.
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Thank you, new Okamiden trailer, you just mindraped me without lube.

Spoilers, I guess...? )
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  1. Can you name the Animes by Opening? Got 87/101.

  2. Holy shit, Adidas talaria!! To which I say:
    b) Someone in this company is a huge Greek mythology geek!
    c) H-how much is it and does it come in more colors?
    d) Did someone send this to Rick Riordan?
    e) Meanwhile, Zelda fans are all "OMG Pegasus Boots!" but those were based on talaria so.
    f) I wonder if Nike would do winged shoes, too. That would be so meta.

  3. There's a Japanese date for Okamiden now, and their website now looks like one. There's this project thing I don't what's about, but there's new merch such as a fucking giant Chibiterasu plushie. Fuck you guys, where's my medium-sized Amaterasu plushie? Also, who are those girls below? Are they game characters or some sort of mascots? Because the outfit of the one on the left is worrying me.

  4. Oh right, TotA manga 22. YOU SCARED ME FOR A WHILE WITH THE SRS BSNS, YOU BASTARDS. Even the official mangaka can't manage to have Peony that OOC for such a long time unless it's the gaiden, ugh. *sigh* Thank god he was okay, not TnJ!awesome but okay. The highlights: cute Noelle is cute, Guy in a corner shipping Ion/Anise. The WTFs: Luke actually being cheerful because Peony praised him, while Ion was having an angsty self esteem crisis (it's like opposite replica day, what the hell!)
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*wakes up*
*reads RSS feeds*
*still sleepy, clicks on news about rumors on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster*

"Capcom: Ryu, Chun Li, Dante, Felicia, fucking Frank West go DIAF, blah blah blah Amaterasu blah blah--"



*blue screen of death*

I don't believe it. Even if this is true, I have no idea if I'd buy this. I wanted Ammy in Tatsunoko, and this crossover game is too uuuuuh American for her. I will say this, though: AMATERASU WOULD SO KICK THOR'S ASS. REPEATEDLY. (well, she'd kick everyone's ass, but just sticking to lolgods...)
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Sooooo English trailer of Okamiden. It's coming out next year to the West, giving me time to decide whether I cave in and buy this cute abomination or not.

But that question pops in again )
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Okay, so I finally finished Ace Attorney Investigations. I'm lukewarm about it: not completely horrid, but also not a delight. I want to train myself to make reviews of stuff, so I might as well rant about the good, the bad, and the cravat. And probably there's a need for non-Edgeworth fangirls talking about it. Just hints of spoilers for this game, but there are for Apollo Justice (WTF).

Reach out for the truth, prosecutor style )

In short: I enjoyed several things of it, but the pacing was horrible and some parts dragged. I have mixed feelings about this game, but the additions to the canon are neat.
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Ummmm. Apparently I did the 30 days meme wrong and I had to post my favorite song yesterday, which I didn't (I just picked a random one I liked). Today it's supposed to be my favorite movie and... call me weird, but I've never even had a favorite movie. Yeah. So I might quit the meme. I fail.

And I can't see half of my icons O_o Anyway. Random news!

1. The English Ace Attorney artbook was delayed. WELL DUH, IT'S UDON. There's a fucking reason I didn't preorder it, and I don't plan on getting it until I know for sure that people own it. I mistrust those bastards that much.

2. More language wank! The Edgeworth game isn't going to be distributed on Europe by Nintendo, but by Koch Media. And they decided they're not translating the game to other languages. Cue the Spaniards in the fandom hyperventilating and doing... an internet petition -that'll ttly work! Meh, I wasn't planning to buy this one out of spite towards the producer, and I always play these games on emulator first anyway.

The reason why they have so many signatures? They pimped it on Court Records forums and got many non-European folks to sign in support.

3. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is out of stock/print here already. I bought it and got to play around an hour last week, and it's fun to play and pretty and I'm in love with the landscapes. I began with Kisuke and his plot is a bit hard to follow with all the random name-dropping.

4. Oh gods, Okamiden Famitsu scans. I just. Uh. Why does Yomigami have babies?! And what's up with the new brush god! Fuck you, Eshiro, you can't make up new zodiac signs!! If you needed a new bird god, why the need to make it a brush god or looking like one?! And... are they penguins...? What the fuck. There aren't penguins in Japan or even in Hokkaido. As much as I like penguins? LOL NO.
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I-I'm really sorry about the capslock but. Oh man, how am I supposed to concentrate today! WAKA!
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Called it re: Susano's son.

Lame lame lame )

But what was really a punch to my ovaries in this article was this line:

The game's producer is Motohide Eshiro, producer of Ace Attorney Investigations [...]


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Well, shit.

I fail to understand why there's someone humanoid (Susano's son, is it?) riding Amaterasu (is it even Amaterasu?). What's wrong about Ammy doing her own thing? She's not a freaking horse. Granted, she had Issun on her, but Issun is tiny and The Navi so there's a reason.

Also. If it's indeed Susano's son, this might reek of nextgen sequel crap. Hell, I'd even prefer a sequel with one of Issun's descendants; while it's still nextgen bullshit, at least you can't go wrong with poncles. She does seem to favor them, to begin with. But nevermind that, of course I'm nitpicking the plot even before knowing if it's indeed a sequel.

...Why do I feel I'll be playing this in an emulator as soon as it comes out?

I'm also a bad person because I much prefer this to be for NDS. I could import it if it comes out in English, and not waiting ages to see if it's even brought to Europe. And seriously, I wouldn't be buying a goddamn PS3 for one game.
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1. His Apeshitness Hugo Chávez just broke his own records of hypocrisy by banning violent video games. How about banning street delinquency? Or leaving Colombia alone? Jesus in a roller coaster, man. My poor home country. See how everyone will keep buying pirate games to street vendors anyway 8Db

2. Am I the only one who sees this and thinks "oh hell no"? My love for Okami is as vast as the ocean, but I don't want a sequel, especially not one made by different people. Sure, I mean, some series created by Hideki Kamiya worked well without him (Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe), but I'm protective of my baby and it's so easy to come up with bad new canon for it. I wouldn't mind that much if it's a spinoff where you don't play Amaterasu, as long as it's good.

I still hope it's just an unrelated game with a similar name, though. I don't even think CAPCOM is even very interested in Okami anyway, when it sort of flopped twice.

3. Ah yeah, apparently they were this close to put Phoenix Wright (and Franzisca Von Karma, maybe) as playable characters in Tatsunoko vs. CAPCOM. What stopped them was that Phoenix's main move would have to be the OBJECTION letters as the attack (fffffff XD) but then they realized that "igiari" and "objection" were different in size and the Western port would've been a bitch to animate. (Why do you even change that...? Let Phoenix throw kanji at people!)

Then I concluded it was a good thing he's not going to be in the roster: that's one more chance for Amaterasu as a West-only character. /asshole

4. I've been reading random manga. Now here are two titles I liked.

4.1 ½ Prince, a shoujo manhwa based in a Taiwanese light novel. It's silly and cracky and set in a virtual reality MMORPG. Nothing spectacular, but it amused me.

4.2 Tegaki Bachi, a shounen manga that I enjoyed for its lack of level-ups and original-ish premise. I think some of you would like it a lot. It feels very DGM at moments. I might watch the anime this fall.
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Changed the layout for my icon journal the other day: [livejournal.com profile] icondork [livejournal.com profile] icondork [livejournal.com profile] icondork

Apparently I was in the mood for action games lately, so I downloaded a couple to try them out. The names and the CAPCOMness were a fucking coincidence I didn't notice after today. I played one or two hours of each.

Devil May Cry. Okay, it wasn't bad, but the monsters that attack you, particularly the creepy giant marionettes, freaked me out a little because I'm such a pussy. I will admit I got this one because it was Hideki Kamiya's baby, and I kind of needed to hear the original "LET'S ROCK, BABY" line in all its cheesiness.

Weirdly enough, I do want to play Bayonetta more, when it comes out. Maybe because the title megane lady looks lots more badass than Dante. Though I guess it'll creep me out, too.

Devil Kings Sengoku Basara. I know it's a lousy localization and all, but guys. The button mashing. I LOVED THAT BUTTON MASHING. It was such no-brainer fun, just hacking and slashing nameless samurai cronies. I went with Azure Dragon lol Date Masamune because I figured using a swordsman in my first play would be easier and he had more HP than Scorpio lol Sanada Yukimura. But anyway, this looks great for when I need to release aggressiveness, as long as I don't develop Carpal Tunnel.

Then I wondered what kind of anime would come from this kind of game, because at least the American version lacked plot and shit. So since they are only 12 episodes, I went ahead and watched the Sengoku Basara anime.

SO. MUCH. FUN. It's silly, hammy, full of lovable characters with impressive seiyuus. I wasn't asking much to it and it was a pleasant surprise. My favorite characters were Sasuke and Keiji, but Masamune and Yukimura are also love. The Shingen-Yukimura relationship is soooo adorable in all its dorkiness (OYAKATA-SAMAAA! YUKIMURAAA!). All the punk Date clan devotion won me over, too. Oh, and it took me three seconds of the anime to realize I somehow managed to play with precisely the token CAPCOM Engrish character!

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Oh, the names of the Xing seiyuus came out! Let's see, we already know that Mamoru Miyano is Kira Tamaki Ling , and that will never stop being funny. EVER. Now, Lan Fan is Nana Mizuki, whom I know as Rue and Colette (...what a combo). But really, between that amazingly strange range and the fact she's done shy shounen females, I'm not concerned. Fu's voice I don't quite remember right now even though I've heard him. Mei's seiyuu's works are too moeblob so I don't know her at all; I sure hope she's fine.

And now, an important confession. I don't care if you judge me, because the plots were really good and the characters awesome. So after several months, 117 episodes, 4 OVAs, and a lot of fighting with megavideo, I finished this shit out of sheer stubbornness and I'm coming out of this closet. It's got skeletons. Winged skeletons. What I mean to say is:

I watched the entirety of Kyou Kara Maou, and I liked it.

I'd tell you to guess my favorite character, but it's way too obvious.

Good news: CAPCOM is releasing the Ace Attorney artbook in English! Yay!
Bad news: ...The publisher is Udon, aka the idiots who did the Okami artbook. Here's to months of delays!
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I cannot believe this game exists and the idiots at CAPCOM didn't realize that they do have a Tatsunoko-based character!

He's named Ushiwaka, bitches!

And I can't even assume they just forgot about the Hideki Kamiya/Clover Studio characters because dude, they have Viewtiful Joe -also very Tatsunoko-ish- in their roster. And have you even seen who the final boss is?! Ahasfgdaghahahahasob.

But guys, imagine the gloriousness of what it could've been. Waka vs. the Gatchamen. Waka vs. Yatterman. Waka vs. Viewtiful Joe. Waka vs. YAMI, THE REVENGE. THIS COULD'VE BEEN CANON. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE! Hell, they didn't even have to put him as a main guy; an unblockable extra character could work, too. And add Amaterasu as well, motherfuckers, because she would kick Ryu's overrated karate ass with just one hit/brush line.

If he's not in a sequel, I shall cry like a baby. It's sooooo not fair. He's fucking perfect for this game.


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