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Excuse the Spanish for a sec. Quería decir hola a la gente del friending meme de [livejournal.com profile] masquefandom, hola! Me llamo Christel pero también pueden llamarme Kiri, espero que nos llevemos bien.

I'm trying to be more productive this year, with miscellaneous results. I can't say it's working but at least I'm routing myself towards it? I don't even know.

α. I started rereading Lord of the Rings today. I'm getting ready to skip the forest descriptions. I've only read every book and watched every movie like once, so my mini-failgoal this year is going through them in both mediums. I dunno, Tumblr has been reblogging a lot of Tolkien stuff and I feel like doing it.

β. I finished the original novel of Seirei no Moribito. It's not bad at all, but I actually like the anime's pacing and changes better. The race/culture meta in it was interesting, though. I have the second book which wasn't adapted, let's see if with unknown material I can have wiser expectations.

γ. It's not like Pokémon X/Y isn't shiny, but I haven't played Black/White 2 yet so my body is not ready. In a "lol okay" sort of way instead of excitement, I mean.

δ. I came around to play the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss. I haven't touched the damn console since I got Kid Icarus and sucked enormously at it. And I'm in the mood for RPG yet not for a new game, so it's cool.
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Okay, so I got my Pottermore mail last night. I'm RainSilver82 in case someone wants to add me there. The important part about this thing is the wand and house, so let's go with that. My wand is cypress, 10 inches, phoenix feather core, slightly springy. Sounds neat. I got sorted to Honey Badger House! I like to think of myself as a Ravenpuff mix TBH, but a good amount of quizzes and LJ sorting comms have seen the Hufflepuff sometimes, so I was well prepared for this result. Recently I've felt that I've lost most of my Puff due to depression and being a selfish lazyass in my adult years, but okay. It's still cool. *insert Hufflepuff gif with that dancing guy with the chicken legs here*

The site itself... I did everything last night and now I don't know what else to do? I absolutely detest potions, only managed to brew 2 out of 5 -I've even lost a cauldron thanks to bottles being glitchy-, and I don't really want to experiment while there aren't means to gain new money. Duels are down right now, so fuck this shit. I feel kinda awful because we're last place, but I doubt 1pt per cooking disaster will help that much.

McGonagall's backstory is awesome. Sad, but awesome to know.

Ah, before I forget, [livejournal.com profile] insanepurin gave me 5 things to rant about like a week ago.

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Okay, hey!

I've just started a new SoulSilver game, after a whole day of transferring my old pokes to another name. I'm sentimental, okay? So far I have one badge and here is my party:

→ Quilava (m, Leo)
→ Mareep (f, Amparo)
→ Sentret (f, Samantha)
→ Hoothoot (m, Archimedes)
→ Bellsprout (m, Vittorino)
→ Wooper (f, Guadalupe)

It's very temporary, but yeah. Cyndaquil line because I have lousy luck with fire pokes in SS.

Lately I've been thinking about American comics a little and my tiny dabbles, maybe because of the DC bullshit going on. There was this one time where my brother asked me why I liked DC over Marvel, and in truth I... don't? He just caught me reading a DC series at the time. I think I like/dislike them equally, and I go through the following loop when I get into something comics:

a. Pick a series or two, maybe something you started long ago but never continued, and enjoy it
b. Something truly awful happens
b1. It got canceled/rebooted
b2. The one character(s) you like is(are) now fucked beyond repair
b3. b2, then b1 (yeah, it's happened)
c. Swore off the company (DC/Marvel) and drop anything else by them you were reading, in resentment or fear of what they might do to that too
d. Hey, what does the other company (Marvel/DC) has right now that I might like?
e. GOTO a

Which is incredibly bratty, I know. But I'm not a comics fan but a casual fan of very few titles that happen to be comics, so I don't give a shit.

But in short, when people ask me DC or Marvel, I feel like they're asking me Shounen Jump or CLAMP. They've both made series I've liked, but they're still pretty much awful people and I should know better.

Meanwhile, I soothe my pain over Booster Gold being canceled and Rip Hunter never existing by checking what kid!Loki is getting into at Journey into Mystery. My coping methods are just weird but I regret nothing... until something stupid happens and I do GOTO a.
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→ Randomly signed in for Pottermore this morning. I picked as username RainSilver82, and I'm forever amused that it follows my "theme" in nicknames related to raining.

→ I also "finished" Pokémon Black as I sat on my ass lately to grind, and I beat the Elite Four post-plot today. My E4 party was Krookodile, Swanna, Volcarona, Lilligant, Musharna, and Zebstrika.

I don't know, it's been quite the bizarre day. I should wrap it up by watching surreal Britcom or something.

Also, I'm testing the Dreamwidth crossoposting thing, as I'll try to make it a habit now.
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I think I've survived to at least 3 possible apocalypses in my lifetime. Bring it on, end of Mayan calendar! I dare you!

I had a fun Saturday last weekend. My brothers and I went to the local anime con. It's nothing extraordinary and the name is so embarrassing (really, Expotaku?!) but this year it was a large improvement compared to last year's. More people, more shops, more variety on cosplays, more events, more geekdom. I also tried Street Fighter on 3DS (the 3D actually looks okay, but I go cross-eyed XD) and archery (and I was TERRIBLE!).

Of course, more shops = compulsive buying like a boss.

→ two Suzumiya Haruhi novels, now I'm only missing one from the relased here
Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt (I'm madly in love with this book, you guys, it is witty and visually appealing)
Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey DVD boxset
→ three pins: the FMA cross-and-snake symbol, a pokéball, trollface
→ some fanart postcards for charity
→ a Fullmetal Alchemist T-shirt with Ed and Al which I'm still waiting to see if it shrinks in the drier (it was the smallest man size and I'm a petit woman but I dun curr)
→ a box of strawberry Pocky (tasted good, but wasn't as delicious as I thought)
→ a Boo Buddy-shaped rubber ball keychain (best thing I bought)
→ three cellphone charms: a red koopa shell, a Totodile, a Piplup
→ two Pokémon plushies: a Darumaka and a Sandile. Totally overpriced but I couldn't let them rot in a sea of kawaii blobs. The ones on my team are fierce.

As for my brothers, Ale spent his money on four new video games, but he's not playing them yet. Danny actually bought a fancy State Alchemist watch. As much as an asshole he is and as different as he is from me, I love that he likes FMA (he watched Brotherhood but one day I'll convince him to read the manga). The most amazing thing is that his favorite character is Alex Louis Armstrong. Goes to show that you can love a character who's the opposite of yourself!

Then I spent two days of extreme pain from carrying weight and wielding a bow. And that day of the month. And emotional exhaustion. Sunday sucked as much as Saturday ruled.

Oh, and my copy of Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero came on the mail today. Finally! Also, that bastard of a book is huge like a J.K. Rowling novel. Reading it on ebook first, I didn't realize how verbose Riordan has become.
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Maaaaaaaaaaan, our Internet connection suuuuuucks.

a) Persona 4 anime, which is almost old news by now. Honestly, I do understand why the mistrust because it's very easy to get it wrong. But it all looks and sounds SO SHINY. I don't care if it's bad or good, bring it on.

Too bad this came out the day before my trip. I missed a lot of Yu puns on Tumblr because of that. I don't mind the name that much although I like Souji Seta better. Yu is puntastic, so it's great. I do have a bone to pick with Narukami because in my heart of heart, I will always link it to Matantei Loki. *will use Thor in his roster the next time she plays P4*

b) OMG. Rurouni Kenshin anime project to be developed. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE, OR IT'S JUST FANTASY? PLEASE DO NOT SUCK, WHATEVER YOU ARE. I'm not sure I want a manga-compatible remake, unlike the rest of the fandom. I imagine it would be less Brotherhood and more DBZ Kai because shit is old-ish. The Jinchuu arc would be fucking excellent and I'll be sad if it has nothing to do with it. But you know, as long as it's not original garbage with crazy stuff (like fighting religious Mary Sue terrorists, German templars, or magical WTFeng Shui) I'm all for it.

c) Wow, the Kuragehime manga is being scanlated so fast! I love that.

d) The Dream World in PKMN sucks major balls. No, sorry, it's so boring it's a chore to do stuff there. Also, am I the only one who feels like it's a glorified Facebook flash game? You even play it online in a computer, FFS! I wanted to do that shit in my fucking NDS anywhere, you idiots! Not that it would be fun anyway, because one you're past the minigames and old pokes with new movesets/abilities? It's STILL a Facebook game! Like, you plant shit, you decorate your house, you visit your friends... it's fucking Pokéfarmville!! DW sickens me.
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1) RIP Diana Wynne Jones ;_; Thank you for filling my bookshelf with fantasy, fairytale deconstructions, and metrosexual wizards. I will miss you, magnificent lady. I should read more of her books, um.

2) I feel kind of bad because there are a lot of dragons in this gen, but I just fished a level 53 Dragonair and it's my favorite dragon and I want to try him out :| I wanted to use only Unova kids and I was doing so well... I don't know what to do. I still had to catch a Deino to try them out, actually.

3) Hey, guys?


I realized that lately all the games I've played recently have always some dark element that leaves angst and tragedy lingering, and my mind (and the fanworks) always returns to those. It's funny because they're all fluffy and for the NDS, LOL.

I don't mean games alone, though. Actually, anything but games is preferable. Books, manga, TV shows, movies. I have so much stuff to read/watch that I feel overwhelmed and this is why I've been gaming lately. I don't know what to jump into because there's so much to try and I'm eternally undecided.

Things I've read/watched and loved before are fair game too. And if you don't know me enough, then you could tell me what you've been enjoying lately. But no "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies" recs, please. INB4 people tossing Magical Madoka and Homestruck anyway.
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That awkward moment when you realize that the highlight of your night was discussing a Pokémon character at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets. I REGRET NOTHING.

And of course I already have crossover theories. See Yotsuba Kowai. See the Harmonias. Her biological family, y/n/WTF? It makes too much sense, if you ask me. She escapes, even to a non-Pokémon dimension, and finds a real loving father in Kowai. YOU GOT SO LUCKY, GIRL, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! ♥ Of course, being from another world plus being raised with Ghetsis' creepy parenthood skillz, you get a weird kid who knows nothing about how the world works or how to socialize normally with people.

And now, I can't see any cute official art of Yotsuba&! with animals and see the parallel with young N.
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Aaaaaand we're DONE with the main plot! I finished at 4:00 am because I wanted to do it while dusk balls are still working. Hopefully this is the last post about gameplay I'll do, but I can't promise I will shut up about the characters soon :D

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1) I can't recall which ones of you guys live in Japan, but I hope that everyone is fine :<

2) Some people in America are getting Okamiden a few days earlier. CLEARLY, THIS IS KARMA FOR ME GETTING PKMN BLACK SO SOON :| Can't I ever have something shiny first without being screwed somewhere else? *grumbles and waits until the 18th* Oh well, at least Game has a release date in their database so I know they won't pull a Ghost Trick on me.

3) No Korra until 2012? STOP COCKTEASING, DAMMIT!

4) And to feed my Norse mythology phase, I just got The Penguin Book of Norse Myths on the mail plus DWJ's Eight Days of Luke. Oh yeah!

5) The name Luke haunts me. Have I ever mentioned that? Because it does.

With that said, the usual reaction post. This will probably be the last but one post, since shit is getting real next time.

A biker gang now called the Black Munnas. That's both cute and creepy )
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Good thing that my uncle's trip to Caracas fucked up our plans to go to Madrid. I've had a cold for days and it's snowing over there, so... yeah. I'm still disappointed, but I'm used to never traveling anywhere because my life sucks. Anyway.

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Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:45 am
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OKAY, SO, EPILEPTIC TREE FOR POKÉMON B/W! I think I figured out why the letter N.

Spoilers. And chess allegories, apparently )
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Hi to everyone from the F!S friending meme! You can call me Kiri or Chris, let's get along.

I still haven't written the Ghost Trick spoilery post because I'm a lazy bastard. By the way, the lack of official art in the interwebs is appalling. No one has ripped the character mugshots...? Damn, now I'll have to do it myself to make icons.

Either way, went shopping today. Here, January is a sales month in retail, and it's really mean to pull this crap on people right after the Holidays. But yeah, it's the time of the month where I can buy stuff like DVDs or boots (I HAVE THREE, MOM, WHY MORE?) without worries.

Here's the loot:
→ Ghost Trick (yeah, I played it on emulator; let me tell you, it was an odyssey to find it in my city)
→ Pokémon Diamond (it was cheap, so yeah; of course, cue facepalm.gif when I saw Pearl in the rival game store even cheaper)
→ The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (I know I have a reader, but a friend recced it and the paperback was 10€)
→ How to Train Your Dragon (with the bonus DVD eeeeee)
→ Paprika (favorite Satoshi Kon movie, or the reason why Inception didn't impress me)
→ Ghostbusters (I blame an RP thread)
→ Big Fish (favorite Tim Burton movie)
→ Pushing Daisies season 2 (also blame RP, first season was nice anyway)
→ Primeval season 1 (it looks 100% lamesauce, but I blame using Andrew Lee-Potts as PB)
→ ETA: two coats (mom insisted, they look cool)

And I think I have to download some Spanish period novelas dramas, because seeing the DVD packs intrigued me. La Princesa de Éboli has a heroine with an eyepatch, while Águila Roja sounds like some old continent version of Zorro. We'll see.
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I actually don't hate the new starters' English names. Hell, I actually prefer Oshawott. The region's name, however, I don't understand why the name change. Andas if Unova wasn't ridiculous, the Spanish version has it as Teselia. THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE.


LJ comment ranking thing )

Huh, what

Nov. 13th, 2010 09:51 pm
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Remember when I thought that crushing on minor Pokémon characters was sort of low? After my, I don't know, fourth crush or something I was fine with it. I guess the shame just fades. BUT NOW I'M CRUSHING ON ALMOST EVERYONE IN BLACK/WHITE BECAUSE OF FANART. I HAVEN'T PLAYED THAT GAME. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME. NO, SELF, YOU'RE NOT SHIPPING MAIN GIRL WITH N JUST 'CAUSE IT'S SEXY AND A LESS JERKASS KIND OF FOEYAY. Uuuuuuuuugh.

What else? I don't know if I should sign up for Yuletide. On one hand, the weird parameters to decide "obscure" this year were so suspicious and I understand why the wank. There's going to be a lot of point missed this time. On the other, I like the signup form. There are some fandoms and characters I'd never offer because, for instance, I wouldn't like to get a request for slash or incest or porn in that fandom. So it's easier to cover my back this time. But yeah, I don't know if I'll be able to get inspired in time and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the weirdness going on.

So anyway, let's have a meme to add to the pile of unanswered stuff I have in my list :D

★ Reply with a fandom and I'll tell you the following:

▌ favorite character
▌ least favorite character
▌ prettiest character
▌ character I wanna marry
▌ favorite pairing
▌ favorite episode
▌ unpopular opinion


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