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soy sauce

Happy belated new year? Welp, there are still 360 days left counting today, so it's not like I'm too late. LJ wouldn't open to me on the 31st and 1st, and I didn't want to post without a crosspost.

Two things, then. I've seen people still doing yearly scrapbooks and lists to keep track of what they'll check on 2013. I always do that kind of post and I forget to edit them later, and then at end of year memes I'm like WAIT WHAT BUT I WATCHED MORE SHIT so I'll do a new approach this year. I'm keeping track of progress on shows and books and stuff with cloud apps. And since it's easier to make it look pretty there, I'm making a log of finished stuff in a sideblog :D

The other one is the yeeeeeeear in reviewwwwwww meeeeeeeeme.

It's full of pain )

What am I looking forward to for 2013? Fuck if I know. There's Marvel stuff I'm interested in (and fearing it, in Young Avengers' case). Maybe I'll finish a video game or get a console; I think my brother is eying the Vita and P4G. There's a lot of stuff to catch up in my HDD and DVD collection too. So I have more to bite that I can chew, so it's just a matter of what and when to jump into. I need new fandoms urgently because I miss having an OTP.
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holiday love meme 2012
my thread here

I did take a screencap at 12:12, but I liked my 11/11/11 geekery better. I was out this morning so this was my best attempt.

Brrrr. it's getting so fucking cold. Speaking of which, I watched Rise of the Guardians and I wasn't expecting a deep plot so I enjoyed it a fucking lot. Too bad the books are expensive here and I can't find illegal copies, since they look pretty cool.

And so this doesn't look too empty and depressing, I'll take the chance to make a list of stuff I want/need to buy this holiday season or next year.

Falalalalalalalala )

I also should go to my uncle's place to get my LOTR books (I remember shit from The Hobbit) and my manga. I really wanted to reread/rewatch the Matantei Loki series... Incidentally, it's weird that my reaction to what's happening at the sequel is all "but I wanted the adult Loki for a but longer!!1" when in Marvel is the total opposite. The status quo in both fandoms with kid Lokis is always against what I want, LOL. Meanwhile, I'm rewatching Princess Tutu for a third time and I'll probably read the original short story of The Nutcracker around Christmas time. I planned that last year and then I forgot, so I have it ready.


Nov. 30th, 2012 06:34 pm
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It's been a while... ahem.

I think I've been more active in Plurk and Tumblr than here in the journals out of laziness. Plus, this month was a total festival of spammers in almost every post in every LJ community I've ever made, so that really threw me off.

I'll try to be more active. However, I'm going to try to think of the DW mirror as the main one from now on. Because of how gross LJ is (and will be) right now, I'll still crosspost and read my flist because of the comms and few people who aren't on DW; other than that, it's really hard for me to keep thinking about Livejournal as something serious anymore.

Anyway, I'm also:
taotrooper @ Plurk (there are a lot of Spanish posts because most of my friends there are my RP buddies.)
taotrooper @ Tumblr. That's the main one. I also have two fandom-centric blogs:
→→ celestialbrush (Okami)
→→ journey-into-mystery (Thor comics but mostly -obviously- Journey into Mystery)

I got really into the JiM fandom this year, which hangs out mostly at Tumblr. Hell, even the writer got really into the Tumblr JiM fandom and makes our lives miserable out of the pages. It's curious that there are fandoms now where the main thing is happening over there, while there's little to no presence on LJ/DW or AO3/FFnet/dA/Pixiv. Ghost Trick fandom was also like that, a lot of anime series and games and cartoons too. It seems, for obscure stories or little fandoms/subfandoms, it's just easier to hang around the tags and find coherent people there. Meanwhile, the huge fandoms are usually stupider on Tumblr. Just to keep in-topic, the comic!Loki fans (in either reincarnation, although I mostly chilled with the Kid Loki peeps) are most times much cooler than the majority of Hiddleston!Loki fanbrats on Tumblr (which tend to be noisy and sometimes cray-cray.) And you can say that about most fandoms that are big on Tumblr. And then there's the Percy Jackson fandom who isn't that huge but it's just mostly repulsive. So yeah... I think Tumblr fandoms works better, weirdly, with little stuff. I wish this wasn't the case because it's almost impossible to befriend and talk to these people normally in that site.

Anyway, some short reviews of stuff I've read and watched this Autumn.

Journey into Mystery, Doctor Who, The Mark of Athena, Wreck-it Ralph, Brave )
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Hi to everyone from the F!S friending meme! You can call me Kiri or Chris, let's get along.

I still haven't written the Ghost Trick spoilery post because I'm a lazy bastard. By the way, the lack of official art in the interwebs is appalling. No one has ripped the character mugshots...? Damn, now I'll have to do it myself to make icons.

Either way, went shopping today. Here, January is a sales month in retail, and it's really mean to pull this crap on people right after the Holidays. But yeah, it's the time of the month where I can buy stuff like DVDs or boots (I HAVE THREE, MOM, WHY MORE?) without worries.

Here's the loot:
→ Ghost Trick (yeah, I played it on emulator; let me tell you, it was an odyssey to find it in my city)
→ Pokémon Diamond (it was cheap, so yeah; of course, cue facepalm.gif when I saw Pearl in the rival game store even cheaper)
→ The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (I know I have a reader, but a friend recced it and the paperback was 10€)
→ How to Train Your Dragon (with the bonus DVD eeeeee)
→ Paprika (favorite Satoshi Kon movie, or the reason why Inception didn't impress me)
→ Ghostbusters (I blame an RP thread)
→ Big Fish (favorite Tim Burton movie)
→ Pushing Daisies season 2 (also blame RP, first season was nice anyway)
→ Primeval season 1 (it looks 100% lamesauce, but I blame using Andrew Lee-Potts as PB)
→ ETA: two coats (mom insisted, they look cool)

And I think I have to download some Spanish period novelas dramas, because seeing the DVD packs intrigued me. La Princesa de Éboli has a heroine with an eyepatch, while Águila Roja sounds like some old continent version of Zorro. We'll see.
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Because after Katanagatari, I wanted to cleanse my pallet with something non-Japanese and non-angsty. I think it was mission accomplished.

α Toy Story 3
Yeah, it took me a while. Pretty awesome and it has it all. I laughed, I cried, I flailed, I bit my nails. Like, three minutes after sobbing my eyes out in the ending, I was smiling, and then I was bursting in giggles. Yeah, that kind of film. And this is probably one of the rare trilogies where it's still amazing as movies pass by.
I had my doubts about the plot because it does sound like a douche move to the toys. But then it wasn't at all. It did remind me of Brave Little Toaster in some parts, but it's more lighthearted and the outcome is quite different. I approved of it, despite it all.
You know, this doesn't really mark the end of my childhood because I was a teenager when the first one came out. And Pixar movies are hit and miss to me. But it still moved me. It's hard not to watch this films and get attached to a lot of characters. I didn't ship toys before, why am I shipping toys now :|

β Megamind
This one was so much fun! A lot of meta jokes and philosophy about heroes and villains, plus the dorkiest main character you can imagine. And the roles kept changing around, which is something I loved about that. It did bother me a little that... cut for spoilers ) But regardless of my WTF over the latter, the film is so much fun and witty and full with LOLs.

γ Tangled
Quite adorable. And if you think about it, this is the first time Disney went with an ACTUAL pretty magical healer princess, which is the big princess archetype in RPG/fantasy. Rapunzel was like someone mixed a genki JRPG heroine with Anastasia and Giselle and then gave her Stockholm syndrome. She was also less sassy than she looked like in promos, more on the cutesy side sometimes, but on the other hand she had sympathetic flaws and was a brave girl regardless. So yeah, I liked her. The funny thing about Flynn is that after all the focus in trailers he had (and their respective wank), he was pretty much fail :'D I think I'm amused by this generation of Disney pairs: girl with a goal that is not finding twoo wub is stuck with useless but flirty guy. But he's cute in his dork, like he wants to be Tulio from El Dorado. Also, like [livejournal.com profile] mumumugen says, it's interesting how scarily well it portraits manipulating abusing parents and overprotected children.
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Guess who just caught motherfucking Lugia? That's right ♥
→ Oh shut up, it's the first time I catch a legendary. It is a big deal to me.
→ Flying water psychic FTW!
→ I didn't want to use the master ball. I tried with a dusk ball and nothing. However, my second or third heavy ball did the trick. But heh, the colors match.
→ God, it looks so ridiculous to have the fucking Guardian Lord of the Seas follow behind you through silly towns with a happy smiley. And Ethan calls me to go to the bug contest but NO, BITCH, today I had my ass handed by eeveelutions and I caught LUGIA, I'm not battling a caterpie.

I think I'll take a break from Pokémon for several days.

I said I was going to marathon the rest of Satoshi Kon's filmography, and I am.

Perfect Blue
WHAT THE HELL. I already knew it was going to be creepy and very mindfuck-y, but still. Actually, I thought it was going to be worse from its fame, fff. It's... cool, I guess, but I like his other movies better. Which brings me to...

Millennium Actress
AMAZING. It's full of imagination and heart. If I ever had to show an anime film to someone who's into drama movies and believes that all animation is childish, I'd shove this one. It's good storytelling without having to make everything too angsty (even if it's a sad story) and making it ~edgey~ with gore and sex (as this film has neither). I'll have to rewatch Paprika to decide which one I like the best, but this one is gold.

Random time

Aug. 9th, 2010 10:34 pm
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Um, so. I idled out LJ for some reason. Sorry for not commenting lately, I have been reading you guys regardless.

a) Oh, most of you have already heard about a Fullmetal Alchemist sidestory coming up next month ♥ I've seen idiots complaining about Arakawa milking the cow (pun probably not intended) but anyway, haters to the left. I'm so fucking excited! And I'll be agonizing over whom it will be about. I don't care as it's just more goodness, although I'd like to see minor characters or something in Xing. Or both.

b) With FMA and soon Ouran, I'm kind of lost. I need something to look forward to read every month. I mean sure, I have my historical Afternoon seinen, but both Historie and Vinland Saga are going slow and even boring lately...

c) ...So in an attempt to give more excitement to my months without resorting to the inconveniences of shounen, I just had an affair with some American comics. Needless to say, it backfired fiercely. From DC I'm only keeping Booster Gold, I love it and feel so alone in this. And I'm hoping to see Jaime Reyes and the rest of the Blue Beetle peeps one day in something non-Teen Titans (I tried, then got kicked in the balls when I felt safe.) From Marvel I, um, I'll probably finish the Siege event (shuddup, I like Asgard-in-Oklahoma), maybe keep Thor for the lulz, and read spoilers for the Young Avengers... but fuck me if I get more involved with that messy mindfuck 'verse. I just concluded Marvel is the manry, Western version of CLAMP and no one will convince me otherwise.

To show my point? Doctor Strange is a Clow descendant. HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS ARRAY I DON'T EVEN.

d) More news on Okamiden with a new trailer. trailer spoilers )

e) Is it me or Sherlock BBC and Inception have eaten the Internet?

e.1) I still haven't downloaded Sherlock, but I'm such a geek I've been reading Watson's blog and Sherlock's website. And I've taken pride on the fact I've solved the three hidden messages on the same day they are released. They're way too easy to me, but it might have to do with the fact I liked secret codes since I was little and I already knew the first and the third system. The second I figured out with Google. Sherlock is right, this stalker is BORING.

e.2) I did watch Inception (at the cinema, even) and it didn't leave me much of a impression. I even disliked the ending. I think I'll just quote what I said to my family yesterday at lunch: "Do you guys realize we're doing exactly what Nolan intended? He left all those vague threads and plotholes hanging so people wouldn't stop talking about his movie. And it IS working." I also believe he wrote Tom Hardy's dialogs with Joseph Gordon-Levitt all slashy on purpose so this would have a fandom. Again, apparently it is working too.
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I hadn't heard that Sean Bean (aka Boromir) did Zeus in the Percy Jackson movie until I watched it last night!

So it begged for this...

...I want a pair of Converse talaria. So cute.
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happy new year! ♥

I'll break the deredere to say thank you, for being around. I know I'm a lousy friend, but this was a shitty year and without you guys or fandom, it would've been even more sucktacular. You make me feel less lonelier, so gracias.

Now let's try to recap this past year a bit. This is completely subjective, of course.

Randomness )
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It's been days already, and I'm still hoping the Shadow of the Colossus Hollywood movie is a sick joke. Uuuuuugh WTF.

Animation movies meme, ganked from everyone )
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→ You know, I had completely forgotten that I had unreplied memes. I... wow. I suck. And I've been sucking at commenting in other journals, so I'm really sorry about that. I've read all posts, really.

You know what else I forgot? I had a hatchling. And it dies today D: Done, it's an adult now. His name shall be Keterburg.

→ Oh, and the other day I watched some animated movies, the most important being WALL·E for the first time (yeah, I know, shut up). Oh, man. It brought me such joy and sadness at the same time.

→ I have to wait for the Ainex subs for Natsume since I can't watch BSS' mkv files in my laptop or my DVD player, incidentally. All the snow bunny posts at the comm killed me with cute, and I still don't know the damn thing.

→ And for the most creative fanart media ever: this dad draws characters on his kids' brown paper lunch bags. Check it out! The bags are just gorgeous. The fact this family is into Okami makes them even cooler in my book.

→ Oh, and one thing I've noticed. Doesn't Apollo Justice's mom, in this photo (warning: fat case 4 spoilers), look like she has a large forehead? Either it's the hairstyle or we know already what he got from her besides her jewelry XD (hint: not her voice, obviously)
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1. Snakes on a Plane

This popped on TV while I was in the living room, and I was all "no, don't change the channel, I want to see how bad it is!" But yesss, finally watched it and let me tell you, in the end I was disappointed because the lulz were less than advertised. It can all be summed up in my family's conclusion, but sadly it's too Venezuelan to be translated while maintaining the pun:

Mom: ¿Ya se terminó tu culebrón?
Me: ...ahora que lo dices, esto tuvo más culebrón que culebras.

Meaning there was too much character drama and too little snake scenes. But eh, at least it was worth it just for the scene where the grumpy old man throws the valley girl's chihuahua to the anaconda's mouth, or when they break the windows and the snakes go flying. These will be printed in my mind forever! XD (what? it's a glorified B movie! I can spoil something like that, can't I?)

2. Lilo & Stitch

I knew I'd like it because of the quirky factor, and because I just can't resist stories with LOL ALIENS (and this was the whole point, mind you). What I didn't expect was this moving breaking my heart to the point of sobbing. I think this became one of my top favorite Disney movies.

Also, are the sequel and TV show too toxic? Because I want more, and I vaguely remember seeing some episodes like a year ago when I had the Disney channel combo, and didn't seem that bad by then.

ETA: Egg.

Adopt one today!
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[livejournal.com profile] iconzicons' Choose Your Own Adventure cover icons are hilarious XD In the end I chose this one because as you all know, I think aliens are LOL (when they're not predating my childhood traumas of abduction). So, GIP!

Speaking of LOLaliens, you know, the Tokyopop translation of Duklyon is still less gayer than the Norma one. I guess the Spanish translators were considerably more stoned/drunk when they did that manga.

Also, I watched The Girl Who Leaped Time. That movie is quite awesome. I love how the consequences to time traveling kept piling on, bringing new issues whenever she tried to fix her mistakes. Makoto was a very real teenager, cute and awkward. It's a pity about Chiaki/Makoto D:

The other day I watched Enchanted and it was fine, but I was more amused at the lampshading on the Disney clichés than the story itself. I almost peed myself at this part XDDD

Ah, I forgot to post a holidays wishlist D: And I was too shy to post at posts on my flist for presents. So I guess I'll only have my Yuletide piece this year because it's so late. Anyway, if you have posted a wishlist, pass me the link ^^ Maybe I can do something for you before new year's.

Wishlists are GO! )

Seeing my last year's list is hilarious, because I got several of that stuff but during the year instead. I did get the Zelda game for Christmas. The translations were actually done. I did get a NDS for my birthday. My FMA artbook is on the way. I bought a new mp3 player a while ago.
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Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away were caused by the people instead of the other animals. Kitty was behaving almost normally, except for sleeping over my legs which is a bad trait of mine, and chipmunk is semi-hibernating so he was kinda not there. Now, my uncle and my mom... okay, so it was my fault for being oversincere, but still.

Today, I found poop outside the sandbox, and the kitchen floor quite dusty; had to sweep twice. Chipmunk ate, which was a relief. Kitty went batshit when I wouldn't let him outdoors (not until my uncle comes for lunch, at least). He nearly made me drop a dish I was watching because he was rubbing on my legs. When tenderness didn't work, he took the John Lennon approach to protesting -except violent this time and annoying-, and jumped at the half-undone bed while I was making it. He wouldn't leave, and used the claws and teeth when possible. The sheets and my pajama pants are living proof, and so is my ankle in less degree.

Right now he's behaving, probably to make me look bad or something. Asshat.

1. Not exclusive to the Agatean empire...

I so didn't know the "May you live in interesting times" phrase was origined in China, and it's an actual curse. Hilarity will ensue in epic lulz next time I reread that Pratchett book.

2. Anyone can cook, but not me. I'm reheating pasta today, bitches.

Dude, I finally watched Ratatouille last night! It was an illegal rip, yeah, but my mom downloads movies like that with amazing frequency. She doesn't believe in buying DVDs or something, ever since she discovered eMule (which I HATE because it hates ME, like all non-BT P2P software). Eh, I took the chance anyway.

So damned CUTE. I was all awwwww at the ending. I'm looking forward to watch this on DVD quality -without random heads moving XD- and in English. The Mexican dub was good, though. It's funny I end up watching most Pixar movies out there in Mexican Spanish, LOL.

3. Speaking of eMule...

Looks like the only way to download any episode of Nintama Rantarou is with that. Or it would if it'd download already! After 12 hours of 0% progress, I gave up.
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So, what have I been doing this Holy Week break? Well, I played some Zelda yesterday, and now I finally have the Master Sword (shut up, I'm slow and lazy)

But also, I've been downloading movies I was meaning to watch for some time, be it because I never watched the whole thing on my childhood, or because I keep hearing about it. So it was:

  • Labyrinth (yeah, the one with David Bowie; my inner child approved, and now I have CCS plotbunnies, goddamit)

  • Dogma (which was amusing, kinda like Good Omens but more serious and with prettier people)

  • Clerks (since I was already checking Kevin Smith movies... *shrugs*)

  • Kiki's Delivery Service (so adorable! it was odd how I could relate with Kiki in some aspects, and the fact that city looked like a nicer version of Coruña didn't help. where can I find a cute nerd like Tombo to flirt with me? or my own Jiji? :3)

  • Nausicäa of the Valley of the Wind (because I want to watch as many GHIBLI movies as I can; I adored this one, old school Miyazawa is surely amazing)

Now for some meta, and I'll go to bed.

You know, when it comes to mythology and we talk about winged lions, there are only three things to come to mind. One is the lamassu, the Asirian creature who's a winged lion with a man's head. The second is the griffin, half an eagle and half a lion. Nonetheless, those two monsters are very different to Clow's very own Cerberus. So far, what I've seen as most similar is St. Mark's evangelist symbol, which is pretty much a lion with angel wings (and St. Matthew's fits Yue, kind of). I was forced to learn the Evangelists when I was in elementary school (lol nuns), you see.

But today I was googling aroung to see if I could find something interesting about winged lions, and I stumbled with St. Mark's Clowcktower or Torre Dell'orologio in Venice. Pictures and descriptions of that place set me aback.
The outermost displays the number 1 to 24 in Roman numerals, and a hand embellished with a depiction of the sun indicated the hour. The second dial depicts the twelve signs of the zodiac, picked out, like the inner dials, in gilt on an enamel blue background. The inner dials indicate the phases of the moon and sun.

...For something so Catholic, it gives me too many vibes about a fictional Chinese-English man who most probably didn't believe in this god. Oh CLAMP. Like British crown jewelry wasn't enough, now you have to bring Venice! Someone write Clow in Venice and writing down ideas right now.

And the worse part of the tower is, of course, the lion statue. With starry background. Yessss. And it's not the only winged lion in Venice, mind you.

And to wrap it up, the WTF link of the day, just for this paragraph:
The winged lion is a symbol of peace.
The lion with an open book is a symbol of peace,
with its book closed is a symbol of war.



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