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First things first. I revamped my domain despite the fact I haven't worked in any sites forever. Mostly because it had been so long with the same layout and most images were broken and that's sad. So here it is, a little dull but at least it's clean and a fairly good practice to some CSS3.


If I ever get less lazier, I'll make the avatar-ish image in the sidebar a random image of fandoms I like. And maybe make skins in different colors. But so far it's enough as it is.

Fandom-wise, I haven't been up to a lot of stuff. I've kind of been really active on plurk but mostly because a lot of friends from the RP are over there. I've been limiting my time on Tumblr because it's a fucking black hole for visual magpies, but I still check the dash and update my blogs at least twice a day.

New anime season, other shit I've watched, me failing as gamer forever )

ETA: I did buy a HDD in the end. It's a 1TB electric blue WD which I named TARDIS.
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I installed this blog in my barely used domain of mine:


It's about mythology nerdosity. Just because I felt like having a Wordpress, I'm not using my databases on anything ever since I abandoned fanlistings, and since I'm doing the Iliad MST thingie I do have some material to store in it. I'm still crossposting my easy summary here, so you're not missing anything. I do want to post something else over there, mostly tidbits of myths and legends that amuse or irk me. I'm also thinking about making short reviews of fandoms with mythology butchery, which should go fairly well (you wouldn't believe the weird stuff I check out for that ping).

But should I also post them here? Would you guys be interested?

[Poll #1579344]
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Anyway. I'm doing belate memes. Here are some words for that "I'll give you 5 words I associate you with" one I've been collecting. Explanations come now:

Apollo Justice, IJ RP's, Spain, Xing, tsundere, Jade Curtiss, rain, video games and gamming, web design, smart sparkly blonds, Fullmetal Alchemist )

You might notice I skipped ONE COMMON WORD I got from everyone. I get tl;dr about my love of Okami, so I'll try something new in a different post for that.
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Sooooooo, real life was sucktacular like always, but fandom was awesome this new year's. Let us count the ways:

  • Raw of Tsuioku no Jade #5. NEBILIM'S BACKSTORY HELL YEAH. And my God, is she hot in her Order of Lorelei uniform. I feel like doing a picspam of this chapter sometime this weekend.

  • For those interested, there are scans of that storybook in [livejournal.com profile] okamigame. It's so cute! It's so pretty! Great timing, since I much needed an icon with Waka drinking sake for RP. Him and the imps stole the show.

  • [livejournal.com profile] hiimdaisy does P3's December 31st 2009 and it's hilarious. Her Ryoji is comedy gold.

That's about it for my spazzing. Ah, I forgot to tell last month some bad news. I let my first domain, hiiragizawa.net, to expire. It's not so much for my issues with CLAMP, like what happened with kimihiro.net. The real reason is that two domains were a little too much for me. I'm planning to host all my sites on mercury retrograde from now on. However, I'm still deciding which of my old websites in H.net I'll re-upload.

Incidentally, many of my oldest icons are now broken images because they weren't with the others and I didn't notice. I guess I'll have to change the URLs, sigh.
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I thought I had enough time, but no. kimihiro.net expired yesterday, and I hadn't backed up anything. So I just lost all the shit I had uploaded in there, including fanlistings. Well, that's nice. And I can't ftp it since the domain/server is dead, and I refuse to buy another year -not that I can afford it anyway- just to get those files.


Oh well, I finished those icons from that meme, at least! For tohru_saien, shadow_and_veil, the_great_elk, solesakuma, ayasugi_san, csakuras )

Anyway, if any of you want the icon to be non-shareable let me know ASAP, since I'm planning to make an epic icon post tomorrow :D
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Because it was two days after Día de Reyes, meaning everything was sold out. I saw some 8GB models, but I wanted the 16MB one. And either in blue or purple. I reckon I'll wait one week or something till they're back in stock.

[Poll #1328101]

I think blue looks the coolest of the lot in person, to be honest, but I really wanted the purple one for my own geeky reasons.

Anyway, since I wanted to get me something nice for passing that exam, I got:
- FMA #18
- Mushishi #8
- Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Speaking of which, I'm starting to gather my info for the Mushishi fansite. My first problem, however, comes with the stories' titles. For instance, in the Spanish translations of both anime and manga, the titles are translated with different words as they were translated by different companies. And of course, they're in Spanish, and translating a translation is ridiculous. So I go online to hunt for the English titles, only to find that there's the same issue with Wikipedia and ANN. I might probably also have different names from the official releases (FUNimation and Del Rey), unless one of those is actually FUNi's.

So as weeaboo as it is, I'll use the Japanese titles with a translation next to it. I'll probably just either pick the nicest one from the two options or use the official FUNi one. The second problem is with the manga-only stories (which are the last five volumes), as I don't have the Japanese chapter titles at hand, plus waiting for Del Rey releases to get an official English title would be ENDLESS. The first part can be solved by downloading raws. Besides, I could recruit someone's collaboration to romanize (and perhaps translate) the titles.

Now I must check what can I do about the mushi's names. I bet that'll be the largest problem.
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Stream of Life: prototype

...yeah, yeah, I know I cropped my LJ layout's banner (I'm changing it ASAP for the record), but I liked that image's colors and can't install Photoshop yet anyway. I'll redo the banner in higher quality when I do, promise. I know it looks really simple, but I was aiming for a zen, soothing, clean style, because Mushishi is that kind of series. I might fancy it up with decorations on the subtitle or blockquote tags one day, when I get the resources.

My favorite thing is the wooden border. I remembered it was sort of trendy, and it just fitted the series terrifically.

I had forgotten how fun it was to code CSS.

ETA: BTW, can someone check this out in Opera and Chrome for me, please?
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Will be doing the memes during the day or something.

So I said I wouldn't be doing a long list of resolutions because I never do them they bring me down. Instead of that, I'm compiling a list of things I must do or I wish to do during the year. Something particular, certain goals, not abstract stuff like "lose weight" and "get out more".

Let's see if I do better by thinking in terms of goals )

The Mushishi fansite is for real. I'm almost convinced I can pull it off as soon as I can get OS2 out of my system. The Spanish manga will be done this year (two volumes left, #9 is out on February), I have my DVDs, so all the canon -but the Otomo movie- will be within my reach in a matter of months. And I plan to shamelessly reuse some CSS from previous layouts I've done before. I'm sure I can do this!
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[Poll #1251688]

Don't ask...

I'm having this... desire of retaking that idea of making an Okami fansite besides that shrine project. Please, someone shoot me in the face now. And it's not even the only idea I have. It's horrible, wanting to build websites without feeling the slightest sign of willpower.

Also, why isn't iTunes opening?!

Also, can anyone recommend me a good FTP software? Mine is getting too annoying and buggy right now.

And a tiny reflection. About the Gavinners being J-rock idols and Japan in the Ace Attorney context )
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This morning, I was considering to put Kimihiro.net in an official hiatus. Like, making a splash as the front page and announce it formally, as I haven't touched the fansite in over a year.

What I want to do (in theory) is waiting for the series to end, and THEN updating the character profiles and making full-length summaries. With all these pauses I can't recall most of the things they've said by now. Also, I get the feelings I must make sections with Tsubasa to explain WTF is happening, and I ain't touching that one-eyed (pun intended) monster until all the Watanuki-related TWISTS!1! are revealed throughout both series.

Yet now I see we're getting more Hiatus Of Doom in the magazine (you know the type: stopping it until they're caught up with TRC's current mindfuck in order to crossover) during most of July and possibly all of August. At this pace, I'll be pretty much forsaking the poor site for years if I wait for CLAMP.

There's also the fact I have to collect all information and download goodies about Kei. I never made an anime gallery, either. And to be honest, I'm dreading the whole thing because I'm not giving a damn. I'm not even looking forward to the OVA. I don't want my site to look so... with so many anime sections. Like, 1) movie, 2) first season, 3) second season, 4) OAD. But I have to make it complete or I'd feel bad about it. /thoughts on yaoi HOLiC anime

tl;dr: So, I don't know what to do about the fansite. With the anti-climatic way the serialization is going, I'm not feeling so enthusiastic about the series to have the website updated and complete, or at least not until the manga ends (which will be around when TRC ends, let's be honest). And I give a fuck about the anime. Any thoughts? What would you do? Should I just put a hiatus note to say all the info is obsolete until further notice?
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New layout /o/ This one IS weird, but I guess it's fine.
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Believe it or not, I HAVE been working on the Soel to Larg translation backup on my site.

Look! (it's only up until page 8, though)

I was taking it slowly because I'm not making it fit with the shrine's layout (who would read a book on bright green?). So obviously, I had to break some HTML and CSS from scratch. Also, there's a tiny amount of PHP coding -not only inclusions, but to make the previous/next navigation dynamic. I'm thinking of adding a "top" link in between to make it easier. Oh, and alt text on the sidebar, so when you hover on a link you get a description of the story. Because with those titles, there's almost no fucking way to tell which story is which.

Any thoughts? [livejournal.com profile] iamsocool12345, do you see anything wrong with it?
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Guys, thanks for the help last night ^^ Yeah, I wanted it to to look simple and legible on purpose, actually. My previous fic archive was like red background with big banner, and that's fucking distracting. The whole point of that web is reading huge chunks of text. I'm even using larger font size than usual, so it's all less painful.

What no one knows: the Soel image isn't from the manga. I scanned it from a notebook I got from [livejournal.com profile] hamsterfactor and edited it a lot. (Larg carries an eraser, BTW.)

I spent half the day fighting with templates, even with some basic PHP code. Good thing I know how to echo and concatenate strings...

Anyway, here is the final result, although incomplete:

Rapsodia magnolia, my fic archive

However, so far I only uploaded the fics in Spanish. Most categories are empty. I'll be uploading the rest slowly.

ETA: BTW, if you're friends with [livejournal.com profile] telrunya, she's fine~
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To make things short, I tried to upgrade ur RAM the eFiction installation on my domain, for my fanfic archive. I got tired halfway, so I reuploaded the old files. Except I deleted a folder I had no copy for, so I kinda lost the script.

I went nuts and uninstalled the whole thing to start from scratch.

Except I started thinking that maybe eFiction was too much for a one-man website. So I thought about it some more, and decided I'd just do version 2 with a Wordpress blog instead. Besides, it's just easier to customize the layout.

Then I wondered if it wouldn't suck too much space from my database (my host limits the MySQL space, so it's important to me). So I spent all afternoon checking plugins and additional scripts to have something similar to what I did with eFiction. Now I have it all done.

Anyway, I want opinions on the layout I'm working on :3

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I've been at my mom's until today. You know, it sucks a lot when there's only one computer in the house (I didn't bring the laptop as it was just a couple days), and it's so wanted there are timed turns for it. Blame it on World of fucking Warcraft. So, sorry I've been absent these days and forgot to post on your memes. I DID read my emails and flist, but since I resorted to surfing on the Wii to avoid queues, I passed on commenting D:

1. The console will get dusty again:
I just noticed I forgot my PS2's memory card in Ale's room x_x I'm not going over there until next Saturday. I guess I'll have to settle without rolling Katamaris this week and shit.

2. And I missed wank again:
a) Hahaha, MsScribe redux! I wonder if the troll at the wank report was truly her (I didn't check the whole thing because damn, that's long shit)
b) Honestly? I think GJ did well by limiting the icon limit. Those were way too much, and maybe if they stop deleting unused icons I might consider using my account.... some day.
c) I don't know what to say about the passive-agressive Pepsi v-gift attack towards LJ. That was weird stuff.

3. I'm so going to regret this website bunny:
You know, I've been thinking about opening a tiny Okami fansite. More than the gaming itself and cheats, I'm thinking about metainfo dumps and not-that-illegal media (like artbook scans and good screencaps, if my DVD fanbook arrived any day now) and a collection of links. Also, installing a fic archive. I've seen an eFiction plug-in with Coppermine that'd let the users to add fanart, too. I'm still dubious, though, because I so know people could upload other people's art, especially Japanese, and take praise for it without anyone noticing.

4. Speaking of fics, a meme:
1. Comment to this post with the name of a character that I have written in fic

2. I will comment telling you the following:
a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
b. One of his/her best traits.
c. One of his/her worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
e. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character.
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future (which may be more optimistic than realistic, but rousing old muses does sometimes gets work written).

My fics are at [livejournal.com profile] kitsune_epics, and checking the tags could be useful ^^
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1. Laziness: It feels it's been ages since I've done something productive. A fanfic, an icon, a website update, a cool journal post. I should probably revamp Mercury Retrograde, add real content, and upload my fanfics. Also, start with my Ushiwaka shrine, retake my Eriol shrine, update Kimihiro.net, revamp some things, add content to some fanlistings, so on. I wish I could pick up my CCS muse. I should translate that Okami fanfic to English. I really want to make icons. So many things, so (relatively) many time, so little willing to do anything.

2. Decisions, decisions: Speaking I changed my mind: now I want to rename my fanlisting collective as "Strawberry Samba" (or "Samba de fresa", I'm still not sure). And I'll eventually fuse my two collectives. The name I thought before, "Celestial Brush", I'll keep it for the possibility of making a general Okami mini-shrine in a far future. I think I'm batshit crazy.

3. Eyecandy: This post is kinda old, but I found a massive picspam for the male (adult) actors of Heroes. And not only the more 'mainstream' guys (like Milo, Adrian, Zachary, Sendhil), mind you, but almost EVERY man who acted there. Guaranteed to fry your ovaries/testicles. Warning: Not dialup friendly at all. I'm on broadband and my browser froze, but maybe it was the hotness.

4. Guilty pleasure: OMG, recently I was so stupidly happy because Nick Spain is broadcasting Nintama Rantarou. Around here it's kind of trendy these last years to import kiddie anime. They tried with Doraemon, and Crayon Shin-chan became a mass phenomenon some time ago.

But see, my favorite kodomo show is this one; I remember watching some episodes in Venezuela, before I even heard about Naruto (and mind you, the manga was older so maybe Kishimoto borrowed the idea). And even if it lacks plot, and it's childish and predictable and nothing new, it's just so silly and cute and cracky. And no, Rantarou isn't a redheaded Harry Potter or Nobita, as a matter of fact.

I tried to look for episodes online, but I failed. Oh well.

5. Meme:

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt 'guilty' asking an LJ friend a question that should be 'obvious'? Well, here's your chance. If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before. Even if there are things you don't think you've missed, but you're just curious about, go ahead and ask. I'll answer any questions, if you're curious about more than one thing or are new to my friends list.
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1. July project: Scan the rest of the text pages of the Soel to Larg book. Today I scanned 25 pages. Only 48 to go!

2. Speaking of which, uncle Paco? The scanner DOESN'T use ink, unless I'm making a Xerox copy of something. Which I totally wasn't. I was SCANNING. A. Book!

3. I read the first three volumes of After School Nightmare yesterday, a manga I know some of you were already following thanks to [livejournal.com profile] telrunya. Incidentally, I grew tired of both Ichijo/Kureha and Sou/Ichijo FAST. I think I keep reading it because the horror plot appeals to me a lot, since the love polygons aren't quite doing it for me.

4. Another thing I'm reading, and I'll probably get stoned by saying it aloud: Saint fucking Seiya XDDD I found scans in Spanish (I think Mexican Spanish) for it. Like the anime, I follow this exclusively for the LULZ. I swear this is the most ridiculous -or at least the most unintentionally ridiculous- shounen series ever created. It's impossible for me to take it seriously, and this is why it's perfect for mocking, besides the clichés. I even feel like sporking the whole thing sometimes, or rewriting the dialogues in LOLCATS.

5. I uploaded the Waka from Okami fanlisting. In the end, I haven't even started the shrine part. I feel so unaccomplished.

6. Speaking of which, please remind me it's a bad idea to register "celestial-brush.net" plz?
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1. Okay, this is how the fanlisting collective layout I was making last night will look like. It's a bit weird.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Incidentally, the original image was a sketch with some random red. I colored over most of it.

2. Why the hell did I start watching Lovely Complex, from all things? O_o I don't get myself.

3. This Discworld fanclip pwns. Run Rincewind run. Watch it till the very end. Ah, y si no hablan inglés no hay excusas porque tiene subtítulos. (You can turn the subs off clicking the CC button, by the way)

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1. Finished Twelve Kingdoms ;____; I really loved this anime, so it's time to hit the novels.

2. Mom and the brothers are nuts. They got me Big Brain Academy. However, we might change it back and get Brain Age 2 when it's out instead.

I wonder if I can hold back until mid-July and get Elite Beat Agents instead, though. Besides the Dr. Mario minigame, I don't see how different BA2 can be from the first one.

3. ...I just realized something extremely obvious, but didn't dawned on me until today. You know the little prince, from the Saint-Exupéry book? He was AN ALIEN. Duh, of course he was. But this was the first time I said it aloud using that term.

4. I have the new layout for my fanlisting collective almost done. Why am I doing this instead of doing the urgent codes that must be done ASAP? No idea, honestly.
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I do. Dammit. Where the fuck are they?! ARE THEY GETTING MY E-MAILS?! WHAT IF IT'S HOTMAIL'S FAULT?!

*breathes in and out*

Happier thoughts, happier thoughts. Yesssss.

*does a shy greeting for new people*

1. I think I finally managed to convince myself that, while it does sound pretty and spiffy, I have no reason or possible use to register celestial-brush.net. I really like my three domain names so I think it's settled then.

2. Tsubasa/HOLiC theories from the spoilers. They're making my head spin. CLAMP're making my head spin. I decided NOT to theorize and wait for them to fucking explain this shit regarding Watanuki, and Yuuko's shop, and their real relation with the Forlorn Four (more like five if you count clonie in pre-psycho age, but the alliteration still stands!). It's not as fun, but it's saner. And this way, rest assured that brain hemisphere can chill out and make crack theories about Ushiwaka from Okami instead. Dammit.

Kind in-topic, but I like the term epileptic trees for crack theories. The new 'favorite' one: Watanuki is an alter Fei Wang Reed. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat? DO NOT WANT. It's so WRYYYY I kinda almost forgot the "Clow country is like the Matrix, in a way" variations (because those have their own potential while this "Pawn to King Of Lame Bastards" thing... doesn't; even "Oruha is Edonis!Icchan's RP character" makes more sense).

3. There is no three. I still have memes to finish, though, so I'm not doing the fanon one until it gets recycled.

4. There is a four, nonethless, and it's not that forlorn. FMA fans, any suggestion for a title for the Ling Yao fanlisting? Brainstorm, please? D:


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